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Bieber Fever!!!!

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So grown up!

We hear you swooning, girls! Loud and clear!

Justin Bieber is in next months issue of VMAN Magazine. The issue is dubbed the "How To" issue and is featuring Justin as the "How To Be A Pop Star" poster child.

We think he's looking good!

How about U?

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280 comments to “Bieber Fever!!!!”

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  1. 201

    Pedophiles are hearing Bieber loud and clear, too! Poor kid is being steered by queers! It's obvious from these pics.

  2. 202

    Re: BTW ~ STFU – Exactly. Blame it solely on the 'parents'! Sacrificing their son for money…

  3. 203

    Re: buzzcut – EXACTLY!

  4. 204


  5. 205

    justiinz name shud be shexiii'Ox lol

  6. 206

    she's pretty

  7. 207

    they have tried to make him waaaaaaaay to mature but no matter how you portray it.. he is absolutly GORGEOUS.
    everybody is saying he's like 10 and 12. he's 15 get over it! he may look young to the older ones but to teenagers like myself he looks like a regular teenage guy!

  8. 208


  9. 209

    No! He does NOT look good!…Especially in the last one! What the hell!Thats jus wrong! I have nothing against Justin Bieber,infact,I like him…But there is No way I can even call this cute! I hope this is the last time he poses like that for anythinngg!!!

  10. 210

    Twelve years old and looking OH so gay and of course… airbrushed.

  11. 211

    He is a very talented kid musically he can sing and play drums guitar and piano give him a few years and he'll be making fab music. But he is still a kid so shouldnt try to seem older.

  12. 212

    I'm going to puke. You've hit a new low you disgusting pedo!!!! Why do you never feature real men on your website?

  13. 213

    i love justin bieber i absolutely do but, the 3rd pic like i'm giving him bj. its a bit to mature

  14. 214

    Are any of the girls that would find this pre-pubescent boy attractive, able to go on the net without their parents permission?

  15. 215

    He's shoo cute!!

  16. 216

    he is ugly and i hate is big dumb nose
    thanks to photoshop his skin has a nice color now

  17. 217

    Yea,your all right.It is kid porn.Thats why hes naked and having sex.Vote this kid to be the best porn person.Hes sure doing a good job in the pics.You guys are making this a big deal.Leave the kid alone.Theres no reason to hate!

  18. 218

    anyone who says hes not fit is mad or jealous :)
    he is so hot and i love him..

  19. 219

    I love Perez and think a lot of his stuff is funny. However, this is really out there. This kid (I know he's a singer but I have no idea what he sings) is really not good looking at all. He resembles Hilary Swank about 10 years ago. People have really got to stop making celebrities out of a nothing. Honestly, who else can we make into a star? My cat's butt? Oh…she's a long haired cat. That means she can sing. Oh and she's got green eyes. That means she's hot. Seriously!

  20. 220

    Oh lawdy Mario he's just a child!

  21. 221

    Wow, those pictures are just amazing! He's gorgeaus:) xo

  22. 222

    seriously?? this guy looks like a girl!!

  23. 223

    Perez what is with you and your love of young boys! Perv

  24. 224

    i love this boy so much

  25. 225

    luv the pic xxxxx

  26. 226

    These are disgusting! For one, he looks like a very pretty girl, with a haircut. For two, he should be ashamed of himself. What? He's 15, and selling himself as sexy, and wanting it? No wonder kids like himself, end up being kidnapped or victimized. He has no clue, what his behaviour will get him. He needs to grow up, and get some respect.

  27. 227

    Perez-aren't you a lil too old to be saying 15 yr old boys look good? Perv!

  28. 228

    how old is he? 10?

  29. 229

    SHE LOOKS A BIT LIKE blake lively:

  30. 230

    this is some sick shit, Perez is a pedo!

  31. 231

    awww so cute/hot !
    he's definitaly gonna keep getting bigger !
    lol - thats one of his songs ;P
    I love him !

  32. 232

    ow ow!!!! hotty rite here!!!!!!!! lmfao!!!

  33. 233

    Re: unklekarl – okay 1st of all hes 15 get yur facts straight second hes drop dead gorgeous nd yur a mother fucker whos jealous thridly his new single is #2 on itunes okay !! fourth he sings about past experiences finally all jobros fans arent going to justin b'cuz dey are tired of jobors they're qoinqq 2 him b'cuz hes effin awsome nd always will be better then YOU!!!
    which other bielieber agrees??

  34. 234

    i agree with BieberGirl830!!!! hes amazing at singing!.. and dnt try say hes nt cus hes doin so well and hes only 15! and he is soooooo HOT! I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!

  35. 235

    oh my god…hahaha! no..just no.

  36. 236

    id feel like a right perv if i say he was "fit" and im only 14!

  37. 237

    Who's this kid?

  38. 238

    He is so cute!

  39. 239

    ughh the third pic is so annoying. i luv the rest though hes beautiful

  40. 240

    Justin Bieber is the BEST and the
    HOTTEST guy on the planet

  41. 241

    Mhmmm Love it

  42. 242

    hes a hottie

  43. 243

    How is this kiddie porn?? so what he has a kiss on his cheek tht he gt frm a crush of his.. nd the othr pic his head is leaned back..so freakn what…obviously its okay cuz his parents didnt stop it..n his mom would have if it was tht progative cuz shes a devoted christian.. so jus fall back and let him make his money!!

  44. 244

    Awehh cute.
    The last picture i say is the best, shows his features the best!
    But i'm not into younger boys haha.

  45. 245


  46. 246

    I hope everyone knows that once he hits puberty he'll lose that voice

  47. 247

    i absolutely adore justin, he looks amazing…. i have bieber fever and im proud

  48. 248

    Re: Laurie-br – i totally agree with u! if u hate him soooo much, y r u wastin time commentin on here?!?! another example of a bunch of low life losers!

  49. 249

    This creeps me out. He will be forgotten in about 3 years…you know when he hits puberty! Same with Aaron carter. can't stand this kid really.

  50. 250

    omg he iss sooo cute i LUV him!!!!!

  51. 251

    Re: biebergirl830 – I agree bout everythin u said!!
    justin bieber is the best singer ever and will stay that way!!!

  52. 252

    Re: nikki zee – ok, do u ppl have any sense of humor?!?! maybe he was just jokin around?! and how do u know he didnt get that kiss from rihanna? Y?! cant u guys just grow up?! and i dont get it! bieberhaters know almost EVERYTHIN bout justin! wats up with that?! ugh if u hate justin, than get a life! no one1 here wants to hear u guys negitive comments. i just hope that 1 day, u would accept the fact how ppl have different opinions!

  53. 253

    Re: CandyEyes – get your facts straight! his b day is march 14, idiot!

  54. 254

    I LOVE THESE PICS… i am his BIGGEST fan EVER i LOVVVEEE him SOOOOOOOOOOO much i wish i could meet him one day…

  55. 255


  56. 256

    Dude, he's like 12. C'mon now.

  57. 257

    GROSS!!!!! fuck justin bieber and his fucking face!!!!!!

  58. 258

    Another child for you to jack off too. You are really disgusting.

  59. 259

    He's still a teenager from a town I consider a really extended suburb of Toronto made famous by Youtube & noticed by Usher( a music version of these child actors)

  60. 260


  61. 261

    wow, justin bieber has his head tilted back. such a whore :P yeah right. this is not child pornography. his mom would not let him do that in the first place,& on top of that they have MORALS. theyre good christian people. open your eyes. theres nothing wrong with these pics.

  62. 262

    this is all wrong. the kid looks 12 yet hes posing like an adult. seems to sexual for his age. its wrong that perez thinks that that kid is "looking good". what a pediphile.

  63. 263

    Re: GOSSIP HOG – couldnt have said better myself.

  64. 264

    ui love it

  65. 265

    Smh at all ya hatersss ! thisz ; child porn ? NO ;
    UGLY ? NO ;
    GAY ? NO ;
    you are all mad that justin bieber is famous ; & qetsz more anythinq then ya EVER would in your life.

    BTW ; love these pics ; SO cute :)

  66. 266

    bieber come out of the closet, everyone knows ur gay and im fifteen alll my friends r we say to u stop trying ur not hot and even canadians hate u get off our radio stations!!!!!!!!!

  67. 267

    He's like 10 years old!!!!!

  68. 268

    You are the biggest hypocritical bastard in the business Perez! This little talentless shit is only 15, but you jerk over him every time you post. Miley wears a pair of shorts, ay age 17 and you instantly post "whore" and "appropriate?" Where is the "appropriate" comment on this?? F@ck you

  69. 269


  70. 270

    LOVE IT!

  71. 271

    hes past good looking hes sexy

  72. 272

    These pictures are so sexy

  73. 273

    I Think youve done a amazing job JUSTIN BIEBER looks brilliant and i think you should do some more beacuse i know loads of us beliebers are LOVINGG these picss wooo gooo perez, and i think you should make me meet him as ive just said like the only nice thing on here xx

  74. 274

    He looks like a little girl…

  75. 275

    omg..u peeps r such h8rs! i personally dont c how ne of these pics r sex related..sum of u hav sum effn dirty minds

  76. 276

    I said it: He looks like a girl…

  77. 277

    Who like him? I can´t understand this kid! He´s so… shit…

  78. 278

    i wanna have sex with him

  79. 279

    Re: PinkyGirl – So what's black to you…and whats white? I love it when people classify certains types of dress or style as though they belong to a particular race of people. Better to be racist (like your comment) than dress in a way you think isn't a appropriate for his color??

    I'm mixed - so what am I allowed to wear?? Please do tell. LOL

  80. 280

    So totally hot. Justin you look ah-mazin'!

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