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Model Slashes Leo's Precious Face, Goes To Trial 5 Years Later!

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And it's surprisingly NOT Naomi Campbell!

Former model Aretha Wilson, 39, apparently went apeshit on Leonardo DiCaprio five years ago at a house party hosted by Brenda Walsh's ex Rick Solomon in the Hollywood Hills, slashing his face open with a drinking glass so badly that he required 17 STITCHES!!


In case that's not crazy enough, girlfriend was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and then FLED THE COUNTRY, only to smash a glass bottle over her boyfriend's head a year later.

We're thinking this bitch needs to switch to plastic.

Thankfully for William Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and men everywhere, Wilson has been taken into custody in Ontario and is being extradited back to the US. Leo is expected to testify against her in court.

It's about time!!

[Image via WENN.]

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31 comments to “Model Slashes Leo's Precious Face, Goes To Trial 5 Years Later!”

  1. 1

    LOL im on her side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    yea these cheating addicted to numerous women manipulating cheating USING men are driving some females to this. why dont these bitches treat women right?! wtf!!!!!!!

  3. 3

    Yea!! These cheating, manipulating, USING WOMEN like meat deserve it! No woman treated right would be driven to such craziness. Some woman wont put up with it. I dont blame her. Keep USING women and see what may come your way mother fuckers. Elin did right and so did she!

  4. 4

    I wonder what he did to make her flip out like that.

  5. 5

    I'M glad she only cut his face, and not his dick

  6. 6

    "We're thinking this bitch needs to switch to plastic."

    LMFAO! Perez, I love you.

  7. 7

    "Thankfully for William & Sonoma, Crate & Barrel, and men everywhere…" haha

  8. 8

    Not sure what Naomi Campbell has to do with this story. Was that a lame attempt at humor! I never hear about this incident.

  9. 9

    This story is soo twisted to make it more controversial…
    Aretha is not a model. She did not flee the country. She is Canadian and left when her visa expired and they charged her months after because Leo didnt press charges…
    She did not hit her boyfriend over the head with a glass
    Leo knew this girl very well and would be surprised if he testified against her. There are always 2 sides to a story and he is not that innocent in this case….

  10. 10

    hmm the comment above me is interesting. "?" Why would this just come out NOW?? Something doesn't smell right!

  11. 11


  12. doc says – reply to this


    This story is so far from actual events and the truth…Aretha is far from crazy and I doubt that Leo wants the truth to come out so the odds of him testifying are slim to none…He does not want the public to know what an ass he is…The sad thing is she kept quiet about the whole incident at his request! She never went to the media because he begged her not too! It will be interesting to see how this all goes down, but even better when Aretha can put this madness behind her…

  13. 13

    omg! no1 hurts Arnie!

    what a crazy crazster!

  14. 14


  15. elo says – reply to this



  16. 16

    How dare that bitch mess with the most perfect face in Hollywood. Leo is the shit. I hope she goes away for a long time, violence against n e one is horrible, no matter the rational behind it…tho how a person could ever be mad at Leo is far beyond me!!!!!!! Love thy neighbor, especially if that neighbor is Leonardo fuckin DiCaprio!!!!

  17. 17

    You forgot to mention that her boyfriend fell 8 stories to his death after her assault and died!!

  18. 18

    What took you so long Perez to publish this story???? We knew about this in Canada for years!! You are losing your touch Bitch!

  19. 19

    There was totally a Lifetime Original Movie about this in the 90's.

  20. 20

    "We're thinking this bitch needs to switch to plastic."

    AHAHAHA! Made my day.

  21. 21

    Urrrrgh-hand that bitch over to me.

  22. 22

    WHAT? OMG, I never heard this story before. Damn!

  23. 23

    He is an amazing actor! Shutter island will get him the Oscar next year. Not only that but he is freaking Hottt!

  24. 24

    Re: poosie – It's psychos like you that this world is going to shit.

    There really is no justification for violence in that manner.

    Come on, have some common sense.

    Women, like men, can just be crazy and blaming it on someone else just makes you sound ignorant.

  25. 25

    Damn Leo I never knew!!!! Your still looking good Boo!!!! yummy!!!!

  26. 26

    Re: claudia V

    There are two sides the problem here is your side is totally wrong.
    Whats shocking is just how wrong you got it.

    First she did flee and leo did press charges. (skipping out before court date and visa expired)
    She has a past history of violence and is suspected in the death of a past boyfriend.
    She did hit her boyfriend over the head with a bottle thats both in public and criminal record.
    In this case what you see is what you get and she not a good person.
    In fact the only thing you got correct was that she is from canada.

  27. doc says – reply to this


    Re: Magnus33 – ANd you sir are wrong again…and your obviously one of Leos little yes men that follow him around hollywood answering to his beck and call so you can cut the line at the clubs…B$%&CY Please none of his crew could even get there story straight from that night, yall all got 10 versions of what happened LMAO! trying to cover up the fact that LEO has harassed her since she dated his boy because she never kissed his. But I dont have to tell the story here she'll tell it in court…I just hope the fact that Leo likes boys doesnt get out…ooops did I say that…And she is not suspected in her ex bfs death he committed suicide while under the influence…he obviously had serious issues which no one here has the slightest insight or right t speak about…Leo if your friends can get this back to you…my advice is to get the DA to drop this shit…just saying you do have a reputation that would be a shame to be ruined…then again pal they build you up to tear you down..Welcome to hollywood…

  28. 28

    Re: JayRock – JROCK, just stick to your world of internet porn and jerking yourself off… a world where you can objectify and use images to your liking without someone ringing the loud bell of reality in your ear. what do you know?! you think its ok for sasha grey to have stds and do wacked out porn as a lost and abused young girl you useless freak. you are the the type that preys on the weak and vunerable… prey on my fist bitch. i will knock your coward, objectifying woman, internet perv ass out… choke on that bitch. your type infests the world. you have nothing to offer… YOU ARE A LEACH.

  29. 29

    Re: doc – Wrong again !! This crazy bitch is guilty as charged ! She didn't like the fact that leo snubbed her at the party, so her reaction was to act out in violence. Aretha has a history of violent behaviour resonating back years. She did hit her boyfriend over the head with a bottle and slashed his face wide open, and my friend died as a result of the factors surrounding this assault similar to what happened to leo, but circumstances were different. What she did is just plain inexcusable, and will be dealt with according to the process of justice. The only issues my friend had, was that he got mixed up with the wrong bitch !! So save your inconsistencies and bullsh** for another story pal. BTW…she was charged in Canada with the assault, and served some mickey mouse sentence. Damn shame they couldn't hold her responsible for my friends untimely death. However, she's still gonna feel it, they're gonna lock her up in the states and i hope to hell she's handed a stiff sentence, and someone introduces her to a shank in the face. R.I.P. WC.

  30. 30

    The bitch is messed up, and my friend paid the ultimate price. He fell 8 stories after the bitch slashed him with a bottle upside his face, after an argument Only 3 people know exactley what happened that night, and one of em is dead. So i hope to hell she gets handed a serious sentence in the US, and someone in prison cuts her like she likes to cut people…just so she knows how it feels. This just completely wrong on so many levels. R.I.P., WC.

  31. 31

    no one hurts arnie!!!