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Black Eyed Peas Sued AGAIN For Plagiarism

| Filed under: Music MinuteLegal MattersFergie

This shiz has got to stop — or are they just going to pay off everyone for using their ideas?

The Black Eyed Peas are being sued for plagiarism again! A copyright infrigement lawsuit has been filed by Ebony Latrice Batts aka Phoenix Phenom and Manfred Mohr against each of the Peas individually and collectively.

Phoenix and Manfred claim that their song "Boom Dynamite" is incredibly similar to BEP's "Boom Boom Pow." Their attorney states:

“My clients submitted their copyrighted song “Boom Dynamite” to Interscope Records after Interscope had shown interest in some of their music, and the Black Eyed Peas later copied the song when they wrote “Boom Boom Pow.” A simple listening of the two songs will tell you that the songs are substantially similar, and that the hooks of the two songs are virtually identical in rhythm and lyrics.”

Phoenix and Manfred are seeking unspecified damages, disgorgement of profits and punitive damages.

The songs sound A LOT alike and the Peas are probably going to have to pay up big time! Listen for yourself above!

What do U think?

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247 comments to “Black Eyed Peas Sued AGAIN For Plagiarism”

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  1. 101

    I dislike BEP but the songs do not sound alike. Seriously, all that's alike is "BOOM". So what? Just another useless group trying to get attention off someone else's fame… sounds familiar…. hmmm…. Someone who rides celebs coattails for fame… Seems like the name is just at the tip of my tongue… Oh well at any rate, it still… the Truth.

  2. 102

    i like the girls version better ! dang im shocked that that one is not famouse @

  3. 103

    this is stupid.. are we not allowed to use the word boom now

  4. 104

    well i think both songs are different and really thing somebody's just mad cuz there boom song didn't make it

  5. 105

    Re: Saga777 – thank you! I can hear the similarities easily, i guess all the others are just dumbasses :)

  6. 106

    They TOTALLY sound the same!

  7. 107

    So, is "Boom, boom" copyrighted now? They don't sound similar.

  8. 108

    Perez stop the hating! It sounds nothing alike, Please.

  9. 109

    I don't think they sound anything alike…..

  10. 110

    omg both have " i got that boom" in them fuck, whateva, i hope this gets you punched in your fat ugly face again

  11. 111

    I don't think they sound alike at all.
    And why would the peas steal from some no-name youtuber?
    Not to be rude, but it looks like the music video was shot on a hand-held camera from home.

  12. 112

    The only thing in common with the two songs is the word boom and if she hasn't copywritted the word boom she is waisting time and money on suing!!!

  13. 113

    no one is original any more what the hell it doesnt even matter and sorry…but i think this two songs sound completely different the only thing i find it similar at is at the boom boom part thats it i dont care anyways

  14. 114

    Re: Saga777 – Actually I play violin, have since I was seven years old. I participate and orchestra and have a very diverse taste in music. I know song plagiarism when I hear it, and this is NOT it.

  15. 115

    Um, first the tempo is exactly the same. And it isn't the WORDS everyone, its the notes. "Gotta get that Boom, Boom…" are the same notes.
    You have to understand the precedent. Go listen to My Sweet Lord/He's So Fine? Sound alike? I don't think so, but the Courts disagreed. Guilty of plagiarism.
    Go listen to Ghostbusters/I Want A New Drug. Sound alike? Guilty!
    Or try "Sweet Little Sixteen/Surfin' USA….Guilty!
    The BEP's are going to have to pay…a lot.

  16. 116

    Neeeext …. mediocre talent looking to sue the BEP…

  17. 117

    the only similarity is the use of the word "boom"….but the beat is sooo not the same at all.

  18. 118

    Sorry……I dont think it sounds at all the same….go black eyed peas!!!

  19. 119

    I do see some similiarity in the hook, but nothing major to warrant plagarism.

  20. 120

    Pheonix Phenom should be the one paying B.E.P, the courts and all of us for this horrific waste of time.

  21. Shark says – reply to this


    these two songs sound absolutely nothing alike…literally the only connection is the word boom used twice, all the lyrics are different, the melody and the background music and vocals…all are different. what a lame post mario..and you actually said it sounds alike?
    You would mistake shit on a bun for steak wouldnt you? your taste buds are off..your brain is off.

  22. 122

    it doesn't sound anything alike. they both just say boom…

    they sound NOTHING alike.
    other than the use of the word boom
    they arent that similar,
    i failed to hear any resemblance

  23. 123

    the only thing that's the same is the 'boom' part. and let me remind you. perez, that this is not the first song to use that word in it… try again.

  24. 124

    i can hear some similarities in rhythm and obviously the wording but i dont know if they're going to go for this one, its not a super obvious ripoff

  25. 125

    ummmmmmm kinda pointless, no case here

  26. 126

    wow, two very different songs, BEP all the way!!

  27. 127

    Looks like BOOM BOOM POW is still bothering you!

  28. 128

    doesn't sound alike to me…except for the boom word…Perez…youre not being very objective here!

  29. 129

    lol really??? these two songs sound nothing alike. The beat, the tune, the singing is all totally different. Just because they use "boom" in the song means its been plagiarized? I mean if I remember correctly there was a song back in the day called "boom boom boom" by the vengaboys, should they sue both these band because their song was called boom boom boom first??? lol come on now!! they absolutely sound nothing alike.

  30. 130

    wtf why are the comments saying that perez is suing bep hes not even.
    and also the sounds dont sound alike to me at first but if you think about it the beat and the rhythm are kinda the same

    but still i have to really think about it for them to sound really alike. not enough for plagiarism though

  31. 131

    i won't be surprised if you get another black eye soon. and also, Boom Boom Pow is so much better than this shiteous song.

  32. 132

    They sound nothing a like at all. I think GAGA's crap clogged your ears. Maybe their manager needs to punch you in the face again.

  33. 133


  34. 134

    Perez obviously didn't go to a black college or lived in a black populated high-school…

    I got that boom boom dynamite is really old stuff and isn't very original at all so really no one should be claiming copyright of it. It's a very common fight-chant in pep-rallies in a lot of different high schools and colleges and has been around for years. that's a stupid lawsuit if you ask me.

  35. Low says – reply to this


    I don't see it…. I think people have been singing "BOOM" in songs for awhile…….

  36. 136

    I think you should go to the Grammies and confront Will.I.Am for being a thief. HAHAHAHAHA.

  37. 137

    Does anyone else think that Perez really shouldn't really be commenting on the BEP after the incident with Will I Am?

  38. 138

    What a good way too make money… the only thing that look the same its the "Boom" come on!

  39. 139

    I don't see the connection

  40. 140

    That does not sound similar at all!! Is that actually considered a song?? Its a school cheer every school has done!! Once again, team Black Eyed Peas!!

  41. 141

    they don't really sound the same at all. wtf dumbb hoes.

  42. 142

    Wow. I know many of you think there are few similarities in these songs, but there are quite a few. Plagairism isn't limited to words. The tempo changes in these songs are far too similar. The vocals and overall rhythm of the songs are alike. If you break the songs down into individual components that are put together to create the overall sound, you will isolate far too many similarities to be coincidental. They have a good case.

  43. 143

    Since when does an "idea" turn into a law suit?

    If they did in fact use this bands material for inspiration, then that's as far as it can go; if anything, simple 'credit' is due - not the financial backing either.

    What it boils down is creativity is RARELY, if EVER pulled out of thin air. We utilizalize (artists alike) our environments for ideas, much the same as one would try to understand how a business environment operates for construct "smoother" running operations.

    Do you see managers, directors and CEO's being sued for plagerising management techniques? Of course not! Things are just done differently; how the idea to change, in the first place, is the only thing that can be analyzed as a potential error in one?

    That is confusing? Is it not? I hope I confused 100% of the people who read the last paragraph as that paragraphs conception is about as understandable as a law suit against the BEP commenced by this group.

  44. 144

    besides the boom boom part of course, as soon as fergie starts singing it does kinda sound like the other girl. the melodie is not the same but the message of the song. both songs are about how great the singer is and that they have the boom boom whatever.

  45. 145

    Re: Selecious
    You lived in a black populated high school?

  46. 146

    innane, talentless & derivative yes. plagarism, no.

  47. 147

    What?? Are you serious? It doesn't sound anything alike. Except for Boom! It sounds like the girls are just trying to make a buck.

  48. 148

    Just because they both have Boom in their songs, does not mean that it is similar!
    Not at all…

  49. 149


  50. 150

    That will be a tough case. I don't think they sound the same at all.

  51. 151

    Urrr, No it doesnt, It doesn't sound anything a fucking like, the music and the fucking lyrics are even completely different aside from "Boom Boom Boom" and if thats the case they as fucking well sue every fucking dance hiphop and rap like song in the fucking mid to late 90s because alot of them had the boom boom shit in it. stop trying to fuckin call BEP out because their manager punched you in the face. Maybe stop being a hypocritical fuckwad so damn much stop inciting angry in people to punch your dumb face.

  52. 152

    I really dont think they sound alike at all. Just the word boom.. honestly the first song is a peice of shit.

  53. 153

    Doesnt sound anything like that song. Peas song is Peas.

  54. 154

    You are a vindictive piss-ant aren't ya?

  55. 155

    oh so now when a song has " boom boom " they copied other artists or whatever?

  56. 156

    Similar…but hardly grounds for a lawsuit.

  57. 157

    You guys are boom boom dumb. They are going boom boom down.
    Songs are virtually identical musically. Court will undoubtedly agree.

  58. 158

    These songs are nothing alike, except in that they use the word 'boom' and have heavy thumpin bass. In fact, the woman steals a little from Tony Basil…remember "you're so fine, you blow my mind" from "Hey, Mickey"? She lifted it right out along with the cheerleader theme, if she wants to get picky about it. Why not just sue the movie Napoleon Dynamite for using the word 'dynamite'?
    I agree with the folks on here who said that the first song sounds exactly like a hundred different cheerleading routines and high school pep rallys, which incidently she is way too old to try to be pulling off in a video, unless it is one of the teachers or a cheerleader's mom. She sure can't dance half as well as she thinks she can and her voice is grating and has no musicality.
    But if that is what she loves to do, then good on her for getting out there and daring to dream. BUT NO WAY did the Peas rip her off like she claims.
    (What took her so long to file the suit? Song's been out for a while now.)

  59. 159


  60. 160

    Re: pammy51788 – She lifted "you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind" straight out of "Mickey" by Toni Basil. I hope the Peas' lawyer catches this.

  61. 161

    I dont think they should be sued, sounds absolutly nothing alike!

  62. 162

    good lord, are you people crazy? it sounds SO similar
    the lawyer says the hooks are almost identical, not the full song, and he's right, the hook in each is basically the same thing
    BEP's version sucks too

  63. 163

    I'm not listening to it b/c I don't give a damn. But I will say, I highly doubt the Black Eyed Peas even make their own music… someone probably tells them what to sing.. so it's really plagiarism they should sue the people who tell the Black Eyed Peas what to do.

  64. 164

    both songs are trashy

  65. 165

    I don't see it, just because her song has the word ”boom” in it? Ridiculous!

  66. 166

    It looks like they're suing them just for fame and money, because up until this day, i havent heard of the boom dynamite song, but boom boom pow has made it to number one. SO FACE IT. Black Eyed Peas WIN :)

  67. 167

    I called it. I knew that there was something going on with the BEP.

  68. 168

    sounds like someone is bitter that her song wasn't as successful as she'd anticipated it to be, so is trying to bump up some publicity for her non-existent career.

  69. Hoof says – reply to this


    I guess they both have to pay up big to Will Smith. Because he said BOOM as well, with a beat. And he shook the room as well.

  70. 170


  71. 171

    music phrasing and structure similar enuff to merit lawsuit IMO - totally agree w/SAGA777 - and "wannabehack" I hope u knock up the first sad skank that lets u inside her, have twins, stay unemployed and LIVE LIVE LIVE!

  72. 172

    perez you need to fuckin quit you don't say anything about beyonce when she do that stuped shit your only saying that cus your still ass hurt about what happend to you the last time with them.

  73. 173

    they dont sound that much alike. some lyrics maybe

  74. 174

    Using the same word is NOT plagiarism.
    You will found a lot of song with the same title
    or words.

  75. 175

    With your hate on BEP you make them more famous!!!

  76. 176

    nothing alike to me

  77. 177

    Anyone ever notice that "My Humps" sounds almost identical to South Park Mexican's "I Need a Sweet?"

  78. 178

    its difficult today when youre creating music not to sound like someone else, it is not intentional, it might be some tune you heard years ago that comes to mind and you create a beat to it.

  79. 179

    I agree they sound different, but at 2:12 they definitely were influenced by this song…"make the beat like" "yeah let's party like"…hrmmmm…

  80. 180

    I guess every high school in the country could sue each other too, because as far back as I can remember, cheerleaders everywhere do the, "I got that BOOM, dynamite" cheer.

    I'll agree that lots of the other cases against the Black Eyed Peas were legit, but this is stupid.

  81. 181

    ya cause cant' use boom boom boom in a song cause already used guess but cut dont the dictionary LAWSUIT GAY!!!

  82. 182

    Songs not alike exceptt boom booom boom part but do want to say do like they other song too

  83. 183

    THE BEP might not be the nicest people out there but they indeed have talent. to me it doesn't seem like the songs are similar at all, that girl is probably trying to get some of their money since her song didn't become as famous (she probably thinks it should of since they both say Boo Boom)

  84. 184

    duuuuuuh after Coldplay now it's BEP geeez NEXT who is gonna be . many artist have copied so why just the two of them and not sued the other that have the same song

  85. 185

    Okay, the songs do sound a lot alike. I think the most notable similarity is the rap Fergie sings, "I got that boom boom pow dem chickens jackin my style…" Really, the melodies are very close and Will.i.am is pretty well known at this point for being a thief. "Boom Boom Pow" is a lot better though.

  86. 186

    Just Because They Both Use The Word Boom Doesn't Mean It's Plagiarism, The Probably Just Didn't Get Signed And Are Mad.

  87. 187

    They sound completely different!The only thing what is similar is the word Boom.
    Law suit…pfffhaaaaa

  88. 188

    these songs do not sounds similar at all :_D perez, check your ears ;)

  89. 189

    You betta be careful Perez!! I'll protect you from big bad Will.I.Am! lol

  90. 190

    The concept is similar(singing/rapping/warped robotic vocals), but you can here 2 parts in the Boom Dynamite that are EXACTLY the same sounds as Boom Boom Pow. funny. I don't have too much respect for them recently, they seem too excited about putting out something that the club scene will eat up instead of coming out with quality and the odd tracks that do sound good, sadly aren't good enough to make up for all they lack - dressing in a cat suit and pretending you're a lesbian isn't going to make you seem younger. /vent.

  91. 191

    They got no case, not even close to similar

  92. 192

    That first song is actually pretty good

  93. 193

    They do NOT sound alike. The lyrics aren't similar. The word BOOM??? Seriously? I didn't see anything else that was similar. BEP should not be paying anything out on this. These girls lawsuit is garbage. Why didn't they file a suit MUCH MUCH sooner??? Like when the song first came out…

  94. 194

    Oh come on. They don't sound enough alike @ all. Someone is just trying to make some money of the Black Eyed Peas. Get a life!

  95. 195

    the only thing they have in common is the word "boom".

    it's cute how badly you want them to get slammed, though. you're not quite an old dog yet…are you SURE you can't learn some new tricks?

  96. 196

    Nah… Ain't hearin' it.
    Anyways, Phoenix Phenom's joint is waaaay su.peer.i.uh!

  97. 197

    Ugh… why all the hate? How about something positive today, like checking out new artist FARRAD???

  98. 198

    sue the fuck outof em…they are the grimiest peeps i know I cant belive they gave up on writing their own music…

  99. 199

    They really don't sound alike at all, except that they both say boom.

  100. 200


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