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Black Eyed Peas Sued AGAIN For Plagiarism

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This shiz has got to stop — or are they just going to pay off everyone for using their ideas?

The Black Eyed Peas are being sued for plagiarism again! A copyright infrigement lawsuit has been filed by Ebony Latrice Batts aka Phoenix Phenom and Manfred Mohr against each of the Peas individually and collectively.

Phoenix and Manfred claim that their song "Boom Dynamite" is incredibly similar to BEP's "Boom Boom Pow." Their attorney states:

“My clients submitted their copyrighted song “Boom Dynamite” to Interscope Records after Interscope had shown interest in some of their music, and the Black Eyed Peas later copied the song when they wrote “Boom Boom Pow.” A simple listening of the two songs will tell you that the songs are substantially similar, and that the hooks of the two songs are virtually identical in rhythm and lyrics.”

Phoenix and Manfred are seeking unspecified damages, disgorgement of profits and punitive damages.

The songs sound A LOT alike and the Peas are probably going to have to pay up big time! Listen for yourself above!

What do U think?

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247 comments to “Black Eyed Peas Sued AGAIN For Plagiarism”

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  1. 201

    I really hate the Black Eyed Peas…almost as much as I hate Perez…but they sounded nothing similar so I'd have to side with them on this one.

  2. 202

    Doesn't sound anything like The Pea's song. Sorry Perez. You may be getting another punch for this one.

  3. 203

    i hope the BLP beat you ass good next time they BUMP into you

  4. 204

    they sound NOTHING alike! do they think they own the word BOOM?!

  5. 205

    and the pancake sued french toast

  6. Peeka says – reply to this


    I am not surprised! Hope they lose!

  7. 207

    It's the same beat, people!! Listen to the beatz. Do you not know a beat when you hear it? Change up any side percussion you want, play a little with the bass to try to disguise it, but it's the same stuff.

    Now trade "I've got that Boom Boom POW" for "I've got that Boom Boom Boom". Same.

  8. M-Jo says – reply to this


    Like Paul used to say : "Take a bad sooooong, and make it betteeeeer…"

  9. 209

    More like Black-eyed Poo. Total rip-off even though the Black-eyed Poo version is better. The girls in the first video have that boom dynamite and want to bang all night? Yikes!!!! Their parents must be proud of them.

  10. 210

    That song sounds more like that stupid Milkshake song than Boom Boom Pow. Stupid lil girl.

  11. 211

    the difference is that black eyed peas are bad

  12. 212

    its sounds vaguely, vaguely alike, but you look at their history and while it was probably influenced by her song its way to different to sue them, she just wants some money.

  13. 213

    I hear it, even the breakdown is similar to Fergie's. I'm tired of BEP's bs they've been putting out they call music this album… they don't have the neptunes this time so they got to steal other people's ideas. It's all just trash… like "Boom Dynamite" way better… its ridiculous what people will accept nowadays from the music industry. Y'all know you're going to forget this shiz in a year or so!

  14. 214

    Y'all don't like Phoenix Phenom's version because they don't use Autotone…. sad but true… tired of all this robot music.

  15. 215

    really perez? these songs have no similarity, just because you have your issues with Will.I.AM. doesn't mean this lawsuit has any ground to stand on. They don't sound similar at all, because who in this world hasn't used the word boom before? This will be thrown out before I can finish saying Boom, Boom, Pow!

  16. 216

    Besides the word boom, the sounds sound nothing alike and I doubt the black eyed peas google youtube videos for song ideas, really come on

  17. 217

    Not that similar, just the boom part, and even that's different. Interscope's to blame, if anyone is.

  18. 218

    it doesnt really sound that similar? not even the bridge?

  19. 219

    they dont sound alike so i think this Phoenix group just came out with this lawsuit to draw attention to their music.

  20. 220

    WHATEVER PEREZ! You are just still pissed he punched you in the face. The two songs are SIMILAR in some parts like the "Boom Boom" part…But come on. They have no case against the Black Eyed Peas. So what…Is Madonna gonna sue hundreds of artists for ripping off the synths from "Holiday"? No way. There a millions of songs throughout history that sound similar. These girls have no chance.

  21. 221

    other than the word boom they have nothing in common lmao this is ridiculous the beat is completely different

  22. 222

    I think will.i.am should punch both your eyes off

  23. 223

    i heard many similarities. some blatant, and some subtle. the "boom dynamite" song is so much better, which is hilarious. i know there isn't a 2 minute complete rip-off, but i hear enough to definitely sue over.

  24. 224

    To all of you who said the B*om word are getting sued!!!

    Two totally different songs!

    And Perez wants to be a judge on American Idol….he cant even tell there's a difference to these two songs! LOL!! JOKE!!

  25. 225

    I don't see ANYTHING similar except the word "boom". this was just pointless and unnecessary. nice try. you FAIL.

  26. 226

    The girls manager is just after the Money Money Money !

    And is sounds like you face is still a bit sore , maybe nose is still out of joint!.

    Keep up the fine work Perez !

  27. 227

    well theres not much talent in that whole group
    they have to get there songs from somewhere

  28. 228

    I dont really see a similarity…? Ne 1 else??

  29. 229

    Sounds nothing alike other than the word 'boom' . .

    Although the other songs they apparently stole are clearly similar. And Will.I.Am was accused of stealing material when making Cheryl Coles album!

  30. 230

    What the he'll I'm sorry but boom boom pow sound nothing like that it's also a lot better! Those people were just jealous of how popular the black eyed peas were with boom boom pow! Patheic sueing them if u ask me !!!!!

  31. 231

    similar lyrics at the chorus but beyond that no resemblance

  32. kkro says – reply to this


    right… like the BEP are gonna copy that crappy song from… who is she anyway??

  33. 233

    ah for fuck sake, they're completly different!! what next…u gonna say its similar to boombastic?

  34. 234

    Whatever, the only thing similar about it is the dumbass repetition of the onamonapea "boom." I think both songs suck and that people need to fucking start singing about things that matter or that at least have nothing to do with going to the club or wanting to fuck someone.

  35. 235

    They're just trying to sue them for money. The songs don't sound anything alike.

  36. 236

    They sound nothing alike, please do not use your bias opinion anymore, it's obvious and nobody gives a shit what YOU personally think. I come here to see celeb news, all the other SHIT you add in is ignored, I wish someone would come up with a site formatted like this one minus you and you cronies! Oh but I suppose you would have a lawsuit over that now wouldn't you@@

  37. 237

    Folks that say the songs don't sound alike know nothing about rhythm, timing & melody. The songs are very much similar. I hope the BEP's have to pay out their ass. They copy everything & everyone. Hell Fergie even has to copy the REAL Duchess of York all the time.

  38. 238

    Eh, I don't see it, besides the obviously similar boom boom, there is really not much other similiarty. BEP FTW.

  39. 239

    I think that Will.I.AM needs to seriously punch the shit out of you. Man, I wish he did.

  40. 240

    eh, it's not that much of a bite… but she can get money from that cause the boom means the same thing. lol

  41. 241

    I dont think it sounds anything like BEP version?? At all!

  42. 242

    Guess he forgot the story about how they had the #1 SINGLE OF THE YEAR! lmao

  43. 243

    what a fucking RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!! They TOTALLY COPIED it… BULLSHIT!!!!!!! and the original song is WAY BETTER.

  44. 244

    that doesnt sound the same!!?? they say boom dynamite and the black eyed peas say boom boom pow. way completly different

  45. 245

    similar because they both have the word BOOM? fuck off

  46. 246

    so..if I'm guessin i'm gonna get sued if i write a song that has the words "I got that boom" in it then lol they sound nothing alike and in al fairness the BEP's version is a hellova lot better

  47. 247

    omg perez get the fuck over it,why do you keep hating on BEP? they are the shitt. These songs sound NOTHING alike other than the fact that they say Boom? WOw yeah i count that as plagiarism.YOu shouldnt be talking either practically copying paris hilton's name? yeah what about that.You desrve another black eye. You suck,BEP rocks :)

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