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Introducing… The iPad!

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The iPad!

(The name needs some work, Steve Jobs!)

Today, Apple unveiled it's newest technological creation that is sure to be in the hands of every hipster Mac lover within moments of its availability.

The new device fills the void between the iPhone and laptop, with the design of the iPhone, but the functionality of a handheld computer. Insiders at the demonstration tweeted out the stats about the new device and quoted CEO Steve Jobs as he explained all it's features.

The 9.7 inch screen device will be available in 16GB and 64 GB versions, making it ideal to watch video, read newspapers and browse photos on. The more "intimate" device, as Jobs describes it, is a "dream" to type on with full-size touch-screen keyboard, similar to the iPhone interface. The Apple iPad will have 10 hours of battery life and also have Wi-Fi capability, but no mobile contract announced as of yet.

Those fans of their beloved Apps will be happy to know that all their existing Apps are easily transferable to the iPad and many more exciting ones are on the way to be fully enjoyed on the bigger screen. And for e-readers, The New York Times has already signed on with Apple to create exclusive content, including articles with a newspaper look and play-in-page video.

They also announced the iBook Store, a digital bookstore for the new Apple iPad, which has already partnered with five major book publishers: Penguin, Macmillan, Simon & Schuster, Harper Collins and Hachette.

This thing is going to be HUGE!

Don't U already want one???

[Image via Getty Images.]

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87 comments to “Introducing… The iPad!”

  1. 1

    yes. Yes! YES!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2

    i want one!! but i will continue to read books the old fashion way.

  3. YUCK says – reply to this


    I want it!

  4. 4

    I want one and can really use one in my business but I want to know how much it will cost!

  5. 5

    Someone said they wanted this earlier today, and I was like… "Did they just make a period joke?"

    LOL! I agree. The name needs work.

  6. 6

    Honestly, not really.
    It does sound cool though.

  7. 7

    The iBook thing is intriguing, since it's basically taking on the functionality of a Kindle or Nook but it's not the proprietary job of the iPad.

    With that said, it's kinda dumb. It's not much than a bigger version of an iPhone/iPod Touch, and I'm sure that it'll be more effective to get yourself an iPhone & a normal netbook if not cheaper as well.

  8. 8

    Yawn……this is just another laptop. It has a touch screen? Big whoop! Why is this product necessary? So you can "do work" on the go? I thought everyone was complaining about being overworked with little vacation time?

  9. 9

    not at $500 it won't sell like hotcakes!

  10. 10

    iPad…huh…This will be easy to carry around and hide if necessary? C'mon guys we need to rethink the name…and I do mean GUYS!

  11. 11

    it's = it is

  12. 12

    If Steve Jobs says that is is going to be huge, then it will be!

  13. 13


  14. 14

    Don't need that.

  15. 15

    i want one but I REFUSE TO CALL IT THAT!

  16. 16

    I predict massive failure. People won't want to lug this around, and for home use, the computer is fine… especially if the thing costs $800 or more.

  17. 17

    Anyone want to buy me a present??

  18. 18

    Go to YouTube and search iPad + MadTv! MadTv called it out 4 years ago! LOL

  19. 19


  20. 20

    it's just a giant iphone you guys.

  21. YUCK says – reply to this


    I dont mind iPad. what else could you call it? iSlab, iBook, iStation, iDontknow

  22. 22

    I'm sorry, but it sounds like a feminine hygiene product. I'll pass.

  23. 23

    looks like the ipod touch but for people that need a bigger screen and can't see the small one like the big ass novelty remote controls. it's bad enough we see a butch of idiots out in public glued to their iphones disconnected from the world now this.

  24. 24

    It would be cool if you could be able to write on it like paper. I've always wanted that feature on my mac for my science courses where typing isn't really and option.

  25. 25

    I don't like it :/

  26. 26

    does it come in MAXI size?

  27. 27

    mmmm. the small screen kinda reduces its appeal for me - i like my big screen laptops. does it come with a stand or do you have to hold it? its difficult to type like that and it looks too wide to hold like a phone when you'r texting.

  28. 28

    Steve Jobs looks good. I wish him good heath. I think I will wait to see what other people think before I decide to buy one.

  29. 29

    Give me, buy me, get me. I want, I want, I want!

  30. 30

    You fucking idiots…it's not an oversized ipod (marymeass), or iphone (oliviabolivia) and it's not just another laptop (Cheezees). Why don't you actually read what it does before you post sophomoric comments? Do you even know what Apple has accomplished and what today's announcement means for technology, the economy and society? Get a clue.

  31. 31

    I'm getting one!!!

  32. 32

    I really-really do! But here in Russia it'll appear not so soon, I guess, and at much higher price as usual :(

  33. 33

    I like it and it is not insanely priced like most of Apple's stuff.
    I will buy one.

  34. 34

    Adding to my wish list..the price is the best part…and hopefully no cell contracts!!!!!! keep them out !

  35. 35

    YES! I am such a technology whore.

  36. 36

    for a couple dollars more, i can get a laptop and ACTUALLY WATCH VIDEO CONTENT ON THE internet, Multi-task (which this doesnt do)

    I believe this is a waste….. who is gonna lug this around, when they can lug around a thin ass laptop that actually does a world more than this piece of machinery does? This might be cute to use in your kitchen with a wireless router. But its just a more powerful itouch…… And in coming months im sure it will be tweaked to a point where it a totally different or better piece of work. People who go out and buy this obviously dont think before they leap……
    Impulse shoppers….. use your brains before you purchase! :)

  37. 37

    well now.. very odd looking but however I REALLY WANT ONE LOL!

  38. 38

    I'd love to get one.

    In theory it would reduce so much waste around the house although I am not sure how much non-recyclable waste it creates as it is made. Although it is pricey I will consider it as a family purchase this year. I will probably wait until the first errors surface (as with any new high-tech toy) and are tackled.

    By the way, Perez, you are looking better and healthier than ever. KEEP IT UP!!!! (That's what s/he said).

  39. 39

    No, I don't want one. Why? Because I can wait 2 years for a similar device that doesn't cost a ridiculous amount of money. Apple is a fad.

  40. 40

    normally, i'm a die-hard PC user, even tho i have an iPhone and iPod…but this iPad I WANT IT! i might have to switch to Mac now. my boss will be happy he's a Mac and hates it when we have trouble working b/c I'm a PC.

  41. 41

    I'm getting one. Prices start at $499, btw

  42. 42

    Re: liltrix09 – Oh yea, and the internet is a fad too!

  43. 43

    This will be very popular with the Baby Boomers. They can trade up from their "Jitter-Bugs"! LOL.

  44. 44

    hahahah…the name reminds me of the skit on madtv about another thing also called the iPad for menstrual purposes. XD

  45. 45

    It sounds like a new feminine hygene product.

  46. 46

    16GB and 64 GB??? Bullshit!!

  47. 47

    Stupid! Is there really a void between an IPhone and Laptop? LAME!!!! IPad? What? Why not call it the Maxi Pad. Steve, I hope that the cancer has not gone to your brain.

  48. 48

    stupid as hell…

  49. 49

    I liked the suggested name Canvas, but it's still very cool.

  50. 50

    Re: Dick Gozinya

    You can't even compare the two, at all. Apple is a company in a market with hundreds of other companies; the Internet isn't a company and is, literally, everywhere (and free in a lot of places).

  51. 51

    not for me.

  52. 52

    sounds like a tampon this name "iPad"

  53. 53

    Awesome. The name fits too. What else would you call it?

  54. 54

    …iPad…. ._____.
    I want one, but that name has to be changed.

    I can't wait to play Tap Tap Revenge on this o w o

  55. 55

    no thanks, i'll stick to using the desktop computer in front of me. how much does that thing way? cuz there is no way someone is just going to walk around the stores all day caring such a big device, that would get tiring and they might drop or lose it. I mean think about it. It's too big for a purse and it doesn't fold up easily like a laptop does in a carry case. and those apple screens are very easily breakable. Sorry people but i don't need the internet with me 247!!!! whatever happened to going out and just relaxing without having to chekc your emails? As for the books, how comfortable is it to read a book on a glass screen? i'd rather have the physical book in my hands-much funner.

  56. 56

    ….How much does it cost?

  57. 57

    Its HUGE!! Is it just me or does the name IPad suck??!!

  58. slite says – reply to this


    This has been pretty universally panned. No camera, no Flash support (the demo didnt even work because all the flash controls on the apple homepage didnt work), no multi-tasking (you cant do 2 things at once, you cant listen to music and surf the web, you can have 2 browsers open, you cant stream music from Pandora and work on anything else), no phone. This doesnt use OSX it uses iPhone OS, so those that think they can switch to this from a PC, it wont run any really applications, just the ones made for the iPhone.

    For a multimedia machine, 16GB isnt large enough…at $499. For $900 it will come with 64GB and 3G…news flash…that still isnt big enough to watch and store alot of movies.

    This really is a souped up iTouch, and its incredibly expensive. Anyone wanting to run out and buy one of these is just because they want to be seen with one. This is not high-tech, its high-toy…and an expensive one.

  59. 59

    So this id the "Mac's I-Pad" LOVE IT lol

  60. 60

    uhhhhhhh its just a big ipod touch.
    cant even do anything on it like a laptop…whats the point?

  61. 61

    wow. it's just like in the movies.

  62. 62

    hmmm….interesting….techonlogy is amazing aint it!!!!

  63. 63

    the dumbest thing i have ever seen/read about. wow. fail

  64. 64

    great product and I'm already on the "notify me" list. Apple does it again.

  65. 65

    Um copy of the Kindle or Sony EReader anyone?
    Sorry Steve you're late and boring and unoriginal.. next.

  66. 66

    when i first read this i thought this was a feminine hygiene product

  67. 67


  68. 68

    That is the WORST NAME EVER. Who wants to say they have an "iPad"? Don't they have advertising teams for this? They should all be fired.

  69. 69


    I don't think so.

    Also, you have to hold it all the time. Watch the video on the apple website. It always shows people holding it with one hand or leaning it on a lap while the person is laying down.

    I think it has ergonomic issues. I won't buy it.

  70. 70

    It's a giant I-PHONE. Nothing else.

  71. 71

    Buy the iPad at 500 with it's limited capabilities… or buy a Dell Mini at 200… which is an ACTUAL computer.

    You're payin' for the brand, you numb-skulls.

  72. 72

  73. 73

    sounds overrated

  74. 74

    yesssss i love apple. & it was announced, its AT & T

  75. 75

    somewhat disappointed, many features that people were expecting are not there. I'm still gonna get it probably

  76. 76

    Just another expensive toy for adults that nobody needs. What is happening to this fucking country?

  77. 77

    uhhh i thought that was a new feminine product…. LOL

  78. 78

    I already signed up for advanced email to be notified as to when you can get one. Our whole family has mac products and so yes we will wait in line as long as necessary. Nothing better than Apple.

  79. 79

    Um, am I the only one that realizes that they just made a larger iphone? Not exactly ground breaking!

  80. mayi says – reply to this


    yay a graphic tablet for everyone that doesn't need it. " Oh it's trendy, i want one"

  81. 81

    i though it would be iPad as in time of the month pads =P

  82. 82

    Just another $$$ maker and next couple of yrs. there will be something else for all these rich bastards to make $$$ off of.

  83. 83

    $500 for some 1/2 inch thick pad to carry around. seems a little desperate to me. why not just get a macbook? or even better the macbook air???

  84. 84

    Ooh, a big iPod. I'll get right on that… :\

  85. 85

    Mmm, nah not really

  86. 86

    i dont understand the point of this.. if its already way to big to fit in your pocket or even a medium sized purse then why not just get a small laptop?

  87. 87

    Others seem to agree with you about the name of the thing. Check out the joke advertisement at www.mrcreative.com

    Pretty funny! I thought the same thing the first time I heard the name.