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Oliver Stone Releases Wall Street Sequel's Trailer, World Groans

| Filed under: Film FlickersShia LaBeouf

The trailer for Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps was released, and we think it SUCKS.

Bad music, tired characters, just… watch the trailer above.

What do U think? This shiz flick worth watching?

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91 comments to “Oliver Stone Releases Wall Street Sequel's Trailer, World Groans”

  1. 1

    You thought Avatar was a flop dingle berry brain —

  2. 2

    You didn't mention the worst part: SHIA LEBOUF… major groan.

  3. babyg says – reply to this


    first !

  4. 4

    Ya gotta admit, the thing with the mobile phone was pretty funny.

  5. 5

    Dude, you are an idiot… you also thought that Avatar was going to suck, even after opening weekend you kept saying it was a bomb and that James Cameron was going to go broke. Lets face it you don't know anything about film… you just run your mouth about celebrities because you are a gossip queen. Stick to what your good at. Most things you talk about you don't need to share your opinion because you are not qualified to. Tell us some more propaganda about Spencer and Hiedi but no one wants to here you talk about films. . . because you are retarded.

  6. 6

    why did they have to title it "wall street 2? lame. i like all of the actors but it is a boring trailer.

  7. 7

    It looks great! I could use a piece of that Michael Dougles.

  8. 8

    Looks okay to me. I'll probably watch it when it comes out on dvd. I never saw the first Wallstreet, so I don't really have a major interest in this one.

  9. 9

    Fuck off, your opinion means nothing. Judging by your book, tour, record label, acting, clothing line and boy band failures, you have no idea what the public likes.

  10. 10

    I think it looks awesome! Might be because I'm an Economics major in college. I can't wait to see it.

  11. 11

    the phone thing was hilarious.. but the rest of the movie looks really lame.. Nothing can touch the original!

  12. 12

    Probably funnier than "Assisted Living".


  13. 13

    But seriously, I had extremely low hopes for the movie, and it actually looks like it could be pretty decent. I mean, Oliver Stone has never made an out-and-out horrible film. At the very least, this'll be entertaining as long as Douglas goes for broke.

    Maybe this'll be the next "Color of Money" to "The Hustler". Or it could be "so bad it's awesome" like "Basic Instinct 2". Either way, I'm down.

  14. 14

    looks good to me. i love me some shia.

  15. 15

    I can't wait for it to come out!!!!!

  16. 16

    The trailer looks good (LOL at that phone joke), but I do have to say, while it's just a teaser trailer, the trailer looks like it was rushed while being put together, and music sucks.

  17. 17

    looks pretty cool to me, the first one is classic

  18. 18

    but yeah shia lebouf sucks :\

  19. party says – reply to this



  20. 20

    With Shia, yes.

  21. 21

    I think it looks pretty good. What do you know anyway?

  22. 22

    mario trippin. i dug this teaser trailer. could be a good one, i remember my folks watching the old one a lot on the old vhs

  23. YUCK says – reply to this


    I like it fuck you

  24. 24

    actually, before I saw the trailer, I had no plans on watching this.. but now I for sure will. SO THANKS

  25. Mr. W says – reply to this


    You are clueless. Did you even see the 1st one? BTW I fell asleep in Avatard.

  26. 26

    ha, i thought it was a good trailer.

  27. 27

    This from the tard who said the highest grossing film of all time was a flop. Why don't you just give up now and go back to what you know best. Cocknobbling

  28. 28

    Um Wall Street was a great anti-capitalist movie. This looks like a decent sequel— especially given the recent craziness of wall st. greed. Only thing that makes me want to watch it less is LeBeouf. Otherwise, I hope it does well and people watch and learn how evil greed is.

  29. 29

    aerglbnm s'aqeiorgjkfnkldfnb

  30. hem says – reply to this


    This trailer has been getting rave reviews! How is Gordon Gekko a tired character??

  31. Eggs says – reply to this


    They should make Moonstruck 2: Yeast Infection

  32. 32

    EEk looks like a trailer for a dodgy porn movie!!!!!!

  33. 33

    The movie is being released in April, hence the Oscars seem to be the last thing on the producers' minds. The original was quite average in every way, including Michael Douglas' awful JR Ewing imitation.

  34. 34

    The trailer is not great but it's good enough that I wanna see the movie…

  35. 35

    What do you know, fuck-face.

  36. 36

    I never saw the first one so I really care about this one but I think Shia is a hottie so it might be worth watching.

    But to all of you people hating on Perez, why bother reading his site and commenting if you think he's retarded or an idiot or as Honk_if_you_hate_perez says you think his "opinion means nothing"? I think you people's opinion means nothing and if you only have negative things to say about it then go get your celebrity gossip elsewhere and leave Perez alone! and as for HIYHP- why, if you hate him, do you spend time coming to his site, commenting on things, spreading your so called hate? I think someone is jealous!

  37. 37

    I don't think it looks bad at all.

  38. 38

    i dont think you get it because you dont know the first film. it was good. this will be decent, oliver stone baby. the dude knows how to make a movie. i know you think it wont be as good as POOSY the movie but i think youre dead wrong.

  39. 39

    This Looks pretty KICKASS. Perez, after knowing ur taste in music, I Had to watch this, even though I've been looking forward to this teaser. God DaYum Shia's breaking my hotness radar!

  40. 40

    This is going to be a GREAT movie! And why the hating on Shia? He's really a good actor (not to mention funny as hell). Just wait, Perez, you'll be sending apology notes to everyone involved in this movie before you know it :-)

  41. 41

    Don't think this Trailer is a good indicator. Seems to be put together to sell the movie to a younger audience. Actual movie will probably be a lot different

  42. 42

    I think you're way off on this one. It actually looks like it has some potential. And we all know Douglas is a major badass.
    You clearly don't call the movies very well considering your comments on Avatar. perhaps wait it out before you go and influence thousands of people with your judgements.
    Your celebrity gossip however, will always reign supreme.

  43. 43

    do not care. Josh Brolin. yes.

  44. 44

    Wall Street was a film; this looks like a movie. Oliver Stone once told Tarrantino what the difference was. It seems like he's forgotten.

  45. 45

    Okay it really doesn't look that bad, the actors don't look tired. Except the older guy but that's probably because he is old!

  46. 46

    Hmm. not sure about that. I'd certainly rent it but just because Michael Douglas is a stellar actor and I know I won't be totally disappointed with it. If he weren't in it then I'd have to say I probably wouldn't bother watching it.

  47. 47


  48. 48

    Once again you have no idea what you're talking about. You probs haven't even seen the first one. plus Michael Douglas is uber rad; love his films. you're so shallow and have TERRIBLE taste.

  49. 49

    Welp…You've been wrong before. Mark my words: "surprise smash hit"

  50. 50

    That looks incredibly lame…and who came up with that title??? Money never sleeps IS LAMEEEEE

  51. 51

    I think it looks kinda cool

  52. vas says – reply to this


    it suckssssssssssss!!!

  53. 53

    Your opinion is moot, fat neck.
    As in…irrelevant.

    Yeah, it's BOLD….and I like it like that!

  54. Genn says – reply to this


    It'd be pretty funny if the movie turned out to get good reviews, and be real successful. Remember what you said about Avatar?

    I think it looks pretty cool.

  55. 55

    oh when did u become a film critic?? i think its a great trailer, let's wait until it comes out shall we?? so please shut up

  56. 56

    Perez, I concur! It looks ridiculous, and the whole 'Money never sleeps' thing is so pathetic. I wouldn't bother.

  57. 57

    I can't wait to see Gordon Gekko back in action!!!

  58. 58

    your assessments on MOST things lack credibility. your form of 'journalism' and i use that term loosely, is crass, hateful, impulsive, and ignorant. Occasionally, you are on point but mostly a BIG FAIL

  59. 59

    looks good to me

  60. 60

    there are some pretty amazing actors in this. they can't put on a bad show. oliver stone doesn't make bad films. give it a try

  61. 61

    You said Eagle Of The Ninth with channing tatum looked like a good film. You think the Twilight films are good. And as music goes your a fan of Mika so yeah… You have pathetic taste in films and music and are in no way qualified to say what is or is not a good film. Stick to being jealous of 17 yr old girls boyfriends.

  62. 62

    I will go and watch it. :)

  63. 63

    I think its going to be good…. and I enjoyed the trailer…

  64. 64

    It looks okay
    Love Shia LeBoeuf

  65. 65

    I actually think it looks really good…

  66. 66

    If you had any taste, class, brains, or any influence whatsoever, your opinion might be worth something. You do not, however, and the majority of posts on your site also indicate that you have very little respect. You may laugh now because you think you're a success. But we've all seen enough wannabes fall hard, and that's your future, girlie.

  67. 67

    Sorry Perez- I can't wait for this flick! LOVED the first one…only wish Charlie was in it too…

  68. 68

    What is up with you PH? This looks HOT!! I'm no longer respecting your opinion. Stop the hate.

  69. 69

    Movie-makers are either too lazy or too cheap to invest in good scripts so they do these horrid sequels and remakes. No wonder studios like Miramax are closing, the movie-going public isn't as stupid as they think.

  70. 70

    it looks soooo boring!! the music makes it seem really anti-climactic!!

  71. Payen says – reply to this


    I think they should have focused on Gekko getting out of jail and getting revenge on Bud Fox. Charlie Sheen has a cameo .. I'm sure they could have gotten him to do the whole film. They didn't need to create a whole new story line about Gekko's kids and Shai LeBouef. Why do they always have to ruin sequels?

  72. 72

    EXCELLENTE! You fuck Perez. Of course it looks like Suck to you! That is all you ever think of is sucking something or someone. Can't wait for the flick and it looks interesting the way they lead into it. BRad and Jen rock!!!!!!!!

  73. 73

    Re: CessnaDriver – That was friggin Hilarious!!!

  74. 74

    i didn't care for the music, but this trailer actually made me interested in seeing the movie. have you ever seen Wall Street? i'd like to see the continuation of Gordon Gekko's story.

  75. 75

    Perez doesn't like it because there aren't any adrogynous pre teen boys prancing around.

  76. 76

    I think it looks good. You're way off on this one Perez.

  77. 77

    Film's a winner…Michael Douglas still has it!

  78. 78

    why are you such a contrary douchebag? i am so seeing that movie. stick to your knitting perez.

  79. 79

    what the fuck do you know fatboy stick to ogling underage boys.

  80. 80

    That is the worst trailer i have ever seen. The music is straight out of the 80s and not in a good way. Doesnt make me want to see it in the least

  81. 81

    This movie will at least be decent. There is no way this can be a flop with Josh Brolin, Michael Douglas, and Oliver Stone involved. Josh Brolin is an amazing actor. Michael Douglas is always a natural in being a suave well liked villain. Shia needs to surprise me in this role considering I have not been impressed with his acting in his previous works especially in the Indiana Jones movie. Shia's role in this movie could have been casted better. I wish there was a young Sean Penn to fulfill this role. Charlie Sheen would make a cameo in this movie to finish his story from the first film. I am definitely seeing this movie. Greed is good…just not in excess, but supposedly nothing is good in excess.

  82. 82

    Hate to agree w/ Mario, but it did seem very dry and contrived.

  83. 83

    Definitely looking forward to it. Gordon Gekko was iconic — I hope Stone hasn't ruined it.

  84. 84

    Of course you don't like it, Oliver Stone's to controversial for sissies like you. You only like things that are accepted by TPTB! Like the Gates and Oprah and other eugenics. You're so daft! You really have no clue.
    And what you do here with this blog is mindnumbing and introvert and absolutely of no importance what so ever.

  85. 85

    wow, that was bad…. doesn't make me have any interest in seeing the movie.

  86. 86

    perfect I can watch this after I watch Basic Instinct 2!!! LOL!!!!

  87. 87

    You came to this conclusion after this trailer? Can,t imagine which part of this trailer gave you that impression. Maybe because GaGa was not in the film?

  88. 88

    Perez, let's face it…you might have some kind of taste for music…But when it comes to movies, please, do everybody a favour and do not give your opinion, just let those who are smart and educated enough to predict which movie is gonna bomb and which isn t…You always have an opinion about everything…Sometimes it s just better to keep it to yourself and keep your mouth shut…Yes you have a sucessful website and managed to discover some talents in the music industry…But yo have to face it, you can t be talented for everything…and when it comes to movies, clearly you are not.

  89. 89

    YESS but just because i lovee shia!

  90. 90

    The phone and limo gags were lol funny! Let hope the rest is as good.

  91. 91

    Looks awesome! Nothing is hotter than clean shaven, silk suit wearing Shia….Oh Perez you know you want him ;)