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Real Housewife Sued!

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Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County is being sued by Jay Photoglou for libel and slander!

Gretchen denied that she was involved with Jay as she was portrayed as the fiance of now deceased Jeff Betzel. Photoglou is now charging Gretchen for damaging his reputation by calling him a liar, a drunk and a thief.

She also allegedly lied about Photoglou threatening her life, stalking her and stealing from her. He also says that she wasn't telling the truth about their relationship and it actually lasted over a year, even living together for several months!

He's seeking punitive damages from Rossi.

We knew she was with that old guy for his money — may he rest in peace!

[Image via FayesVision / WENN.]

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42 comments to “Real Housewife Sued!”

  1. 1

    he won't get anywhere with that. bullshit lawsuit if i've ever heard one. any judge in his right mind or any lawyer worth their salt on her side would get rid of it quickly

  2. 2

    I thought you were supposed to say those kinds of things to get ratings. But then I guess you're supposed to fume and sue for ratings too.

  3. 3

    Good for him. Of course she was lying, and having an affair with Jay. We all saw the pictures of her French kissing him, while at the same time, wearing her engagement ring from Jeff. I hope Tamra will feel vindicated.

  4. 4

    She put a smile on his face before he graduated plus his kids seem to like her,that's all that really matters when it comes to that relationship.

  5. 5

    It's super hard to prove libel and slander. Sounds like bullshit to me.
    Just leave the poor girl alone.

  6. 6

    Team Gretchen!!!

    Fuck Tamara!

  7. 7

    who the hell cares obviously that guy is a CRAZY ASS he is taking her to court. ugh I watch this show and I cant believe how 8th grade these middle aged women act. Leave whats her face alone. her bed her life like that old guy didnt know, im sure he was happy with his life.

  8. 8

    he's a liar. leave her alone. she's the only one of those broads with an IQ and no silicone poisoning. oh, and fuck Tamra!

  9. 9

    "We knew she was with that old guy for his money — may he rest in peace!"

    Typical Perez…believe everything you fucking read!

    Until PROVEN otherwise I will side with Gretchen.

  10. 10

    Maybe she was with the old guy for money and he didn't care? He had been married 5 times previously.. He was dying and wanted company. Why is it our business anyway..

  11. 11

    Team Gretchen!!!
    Fuck Tamara!

    Leave the girl alone. For real. Perez you suck.

  12. 12

    Too funny. In reality the only one that can afford the Orange County lifestyle is Vicki. Looks like she finally got her shit together.

  13. 13

    Gretchen is a total 'hobag. she and Slade are perfect together - two utterly superficial famewhores.

  14. 14

    Team Gretchen ALL THE WAY!!! Not only is she gorgeous and funny, but…
    Who cares: Jeff seemed to be happy with her during the last months of his life..why is that anyone's business???
    That Jay guy will not be able to prove his lawsuit whatsoever.
    Jeff's kids like her.
    Tamra is an insecure, jealous, mean-girl wannabe and karma's is just starting to bite her back.
    Gretchen is too adorable.
    She and Slade make a totally cute couple (Read his blogs on BravoTV…he's so dead on regarding "Two-Faced Barney" and "Ficky" (Fake + Icky)!!!..mind you, I used to like both Tamra and Vicki, and I'm glad Vicki has somewhat-kinda-sorta moved away from her evil/mean girl ways…)

  15. 15

    I like Gretchen but Slade is the scum of the Earth, ughhhh he gives me the creeps! So nasty.

  16. 16

    Saw this one coming a mile away - the lawsuit that is. It seems like you can file a lawsuit for libel/slander for anything. Who knows what really happened though…

  17. 17

    u can sue for that???

  18. 18

    come on perez who cares

  19. 19

    This guy is just bitter…how about him trying to ruin Gretchen….I bet Tamra is behind this.

  20. 20

    Team Gretchen!
    She's funny and fuck Tamra!

  21. 21

    Hell yeah, Tamra is behind this!!!

    That OLD cow is desperate. No money. Divorce. Meanest. Most Bitter.

    Gretchen took care of that Old Dying guy. Thats a fact. She's a gold digger with a heart of GOLD! She earned her money!!!

    Tamara is just pure evil!!!!

  22. 22

    Team Gretchen!!! Fuck Trailer park Tamara

  23. PAH says – reply to this


    What a douche bag, if he was any kind of man he would shut up and leave this woman alone… to me he comes off has a jealous man who is trying to destroy her for not wanting him!!!!!! I smell "BULLSHIT" a mile away!!!!!!!!!!

  24. 24

    Team Gretchen too
    Tamra sucks!

  25. 25


  26. 26

    team vicki!

  27. 27

    This guy is trash, team Gretchen!!

  28. 28

    well i know she didnt get a dime because if she did she wouldnt be having garage sales and buying cheap makeup. and obviously this losers ego was hurt. does he have nothing better to do with his time than drag this thing out? she doesnt even talk about it anymore. why should he? and i like gratchen. shes the only one with a likeable personality, no fake boobs and half a brain on that show

  29. 29

    I WAS on her side, but if you Google Jay Photoglou youll see MANY photos of them making out, and her wearing a different outfit each time, meaning they've been making out many times. Theres even a photo of his face in her Peeche on the dancefloor.

    photos dont lie Gretchen.

  30. 30

    Leave it to you Perez to automatically think she's the liar and not him. And if it is true what kind of man goes around bragging about a past relationship unless it was for his own personal gain. Definitely not a gentleman!

  31. 31

    Re: huesthatgirl – Actually she did get some money, she said so on the finale show, but she added that it wasn't millions like people think. I think the bulk went to his children. His daughter has already bought herself a fancy condo and doesn't want to work.

  32. 32

    This girl is such a bitch! She's a shit disturber…but a passive manipulative one,

  33. 33

    here's the deal… in south oc it is WELL KNOWN that gretchen and jay had a relationship the WHOLE TIME THAT JEFF WAS IN THE HOSPITAL. she would drive around in Jeff's car with jay, taking family vacations with jay, had jay's name tattooed on her left ring finger, and talked about the children she was going to have with jay at the SAME TIME jeff was in the hospital. she knows how to spin a story and is quite believable if you don't know the real story.

  34. disco says – reply to this


    she put her time in for the money she got or didnt get, but the real question is what is she on these days? I guess speed for sho but meth? really? She used to be so pretty and thin now she is skelator with acne statin gone wrong. Gretchen! get off the drugs get it together you have the most star potential out of the whole crazy bunch.

  35. 35

    Sooooo annoying! Lolol I so stood up for that girl against everyone I talked to about the show. She was visibly upset during the reunion show, but I wrote it off as her just getting nervous since it had nothing to do with her story, and perhaps she'd breach her contract. But wow, Tamra was right! And I hated Tamra because of what she did at the reunion show, glad I found this out now, tsk tsk gretchen!

  36. 36

    Re: NancyOttawa – she said that she got 2 million, but his estate was in debt for more than that, so she ended up with nothing.

  37. 37

    She is so boring looking. Like every other cookie cutter So.Cal chick. Bleck…

  38. 38

    If she has anything to hide she's really stupid for going on TV, but I guess that proves how much of a WHORE she truly is.

  39. 39

    What a ass. Also, her fiancee knew she got with him for money. That didn't matter to him. She made him happy and that is what mattered to him. That is why his kids love her and care for her to this day. I do believe she loved him however.

  40. 40

    Everyone knows that "HorseFace Bitch" is a lying skank!! She may have a good body, but her face is a triple bagger!! And her new "bofriend" slade is nothing but a white trash wanna-be star fucker….he's sooooooo disgusting!! I was glad when his other "girlfriend" that used to be on the show dumped his pathetic ass. I can't even stand to look at his face either…these two slimeballs totally deserve eachother. They're disgusting friggen losers!!

  41. 41

    Who knows what the real deal is with this chick?! Now she's dating that guy Slade who has bagged other housewives…gross!!

  42. 42

    Re: Shorty140 – Where? What picture? I want proof!