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You Don't Fall In Love At The Jersey Shore

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You venture out into other MTV reality show territory!

Jersey Shore star Pauly D Delvecchio is rumored to be dating Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham. The two were spotted at a club in Houston, TX where Pauly D was spinning. Spies saw Farrah staying very close to the DJ's side all night long.

Could you just imagine if they ACTUALLY get together?!?! The possibilities for more crappy TV are endless.

There could be special cross-over shows of Teen Mom and Jersey Shore!

They could get their own show called I'm Dating a Gorilla!

They could break-up and Farrah's kid could become traumatized and get her own show called Sophia's Choice: Guido Edition.

Dig deep into those pockets MTV and pay for them to play nice for about six months to a year!

Then, you've hit gold!

[Image via WENN/MTV.]

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126 comments to “You Don't Fall In Love At The Jersey Shore…”

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  1. 101

    Re: BritneyLuvah – Umm you don't know why people don't like Farrah??? Do you not watch the show??????? Farrah is a man hungry bitch that only cares about guys, guys & more guys she can careless about her baby..she cant even get up in the morning to feed Sofia!!! did you not watch the episode when Sophia wakes up and wants a bottle and she tries to grab the empty bottle on the crib rail and it falls ..poor Sophia…and another thing Farrahs mother is not crazy..she just tells Farrah the truth and Farrah gets all mad because the truth hurts baby..Farrahs mom should take custody of the baby and kick Farrahs ass out…no never mind she'll just end up pregnant again…DO you not see how she treats her parents??? they're there helping that ungreatful bitch out and she treats them with no kind of respect…If this is true about Pauly and Farrah..someone needs to warn the guy or show him an episode of Teen Mom…because he doesnt need this crap!

  2. 102

    shittttt I love Pauly D but Farrah? Are you fucking kidding me? I fucking hate that girl!! COME ON PAULY YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!!!!

  3. 103

    SAD JUST SAD…Spoiled little girl who gets to do whatever she wants… Unbelievable what her parents do to kiss her ass!!

  4. 104

    Ive lived at the Jersey shore my whole life. These trashy guido people are from nyc, the heart and soul of rude cocky douchebags. No comparison. What a joke.

  5. 105


  6. 106

    Farrah is my least favorite mom. I don't even think she could be called that. She is the worst mom ever. All she does is yell at her parents, who btw do everything for her. They could kick her ass out, then she would really be screwed. Pathetic. She is so ungrateful and dumb.

  7. 107

    Omigod noooo. Farrah finally started to take care of Sophia and accept her responsiblity as a mom and now this? Pray God it isn't true.

  8. 108

    I see Farrah still hasn't caught on.., poor Sophia. I bet she misses her mom.

  9. 109

    Re: Sunshine805 – Very well said! I totally agree w u. I saw that episode of her sleeping while poor sophia is trying to reach for her bottle early in the morning. Its funny how in that episode Farrah made a big deal and cussed at her mom and told her NOT to feed Sophia in the morning, but good thing her Mom did otherwise poor Sophia would continue crying and trying to get out of bed. It amazes me that Farrah has the nerve to scream and cuss at her parents when they are the only ones there for her. Like I said before, shes a spoiled brat.

  10. 110

    I call bullshit on you once again, Perez. Bullshit.

    and what is with this glorifying being a teenage mom? dont give me any shit its supposed to be educational. kids these days are fucked in the head. they'll do anything to be on tv, and if they think having a kid at 16 will do it, they'll do it. MTV has ruined society, which is sad, me being part of the "MTV Generation".

  11. 111

    this doesn't mean they're dating & besides how old is this girl?! if she's under 18 it'd be illegal…creep.

  12. 112

    Ha-ha-ha =D That`s so funny..

  13. 113

    wowww, perez. this is so old..

  14. 114

    this is SOOO random

  15. 115

    Re: ..Sandra=]] – couldnt have said it better!!

  16. Eve29 says – reply to this


    I hate that bitch,she needs 2 realize she has a child and can never be a regular teenager anymore!And should close her legs slut!

  17. 117

    I feel so bad for Sophia.

  18. 118

    what!!!! omg no Pauly no!!!!

  19. 119

    Wait a minute isnt this bratty ass girl like 17 or 18??? and DJ Paulie Degenerate isnt this dude like 28 going on 32??? if you were to ask me there isnt anything correct about these two airheads being together…but then again i guess with all of the experience Paulie has he can teach immature farrah a thing or two….

  20. 120

    I guess her mom beating the crap out of her didn't change her thoughts on motherhood either.. still out partying while I'm guessing the grandparents are still playing babysitters!

  21. 121

    Re: boxergal – Actually, you would think Farrah would consider herself lucky to not have a boy in her life right now seeing how her "co-stars" have had to deal with the boys in their lives and how stressed out the mothers have been because of them. Tyler excluded of course, he's actually the most mature guy on the show. And I also side with Gary most of the time b/c Amber comes in very close second to worst on the show (due to her attitude), Farrah being the absolute worst.

  22. 122

    Re: Linznj – Wow you're just showing what "class" some from NJ actually have. I happen to be from NY and most of my family is from NJ and none of us have this much "hate" toward each other's home states. Grow up and stop assuming because you see SOME people act a certain way, that EVERYONE from that same state or city must act the same.

  23. 123

    Re: Linznj – Also, you should get your facts straight as not all of the people on Jersey Shore are from NYC. Actually only one is. TWO are actually from NJ, so I guess that disproves your criticism since I would assume you dislike Mike aka The Situation the most who is a native of NJ.

  24. 124


  25. 125

    why the fuck did my comment never show

    dudddde fuck this whore stop whorrring around so much and go take care of your baby.

  26. 126

    She seems to like to party a lot, she must have a full time babysitter in order to do it!

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