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Madge's Nuts For Coconuts

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Madge's latest business venture?

The Material Girl is braving the world of coconut water!

Madge is so addicted to the water from green coconuts that she's invested $1.5 million in NYC-based coconut water distributer, Vita Coco.

She's even convinced her manager, Guy Oseary, as well as Demi Moore, Matthew Mcconaughey and Anthony Kiedis to invest their funds in the low-cal, fat-free beverage!

Madge, who guzzled down Vita Coco daily while overseas for the Sticky & Sweet Tour, is hoping to take her involvement with the company to the next level - already making suggestions for the company to manufacture "coconut water popsicles."

Could coconut water be the new Vitamin Water??

What do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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76 comments to “Madge's Nuts For Coconuts”

  1. 1

    Coconut water is a GREAT way to recharge after a vigorous workout! They serve it after a lot of 1/2 marathons I've run!

  2. 2

    Ever the bussines woman she knows when something will give tons of money. No wonder she is one of the richest women in the world.

  3. 3

    well, coconut water is good for your health, for real, so I guess this can steal some of vitamin water's thunder

  4. Cutie says – reply to this


    woohoo I work for vita coco! love the product–its so yummy and so good for you!!

  5. 5

    I hope when she and the rest invested their money they researched and found out that there is a company already selling coconut water here in America.
    The company is called FOCO and the product comes in a nice tall 17.6 fl oz can and sells for about $1.29 each.

    I have several in my fridge right now.

    Toodles Madge.

  6. 6

    We sell at where I work…coconut water is kind of gross. That's my own opinion though. Some of the yoga instructors love it & swear by it.

  7. Phaze says – reply to this


    I love coconut water. I'm eating a coconut popsicle now.

  8. 8

    Get ready for a whole slew of overpriced coconut water products now that it has Madge's stamp of approval -

  9. mw says – reply to this


    sound good!

  10. Cutie says – reply to this


    Re: Angus8 – actually angus, vita coco is already sold in the US and has 60 percent market share. It is the largest coconut water provider in the US. Plus they have yummy flavors, with added fruit puree, like pineapple coconut water. my favorite!

  11. 11

    I love coconut water!

  12. Vita says – reply to this


    my name is Vita ;D

  13. 13

    More money the brains, here we go again coconut water will fly you to the moon and and and

  14. 14

    Sorry "It" you will will die of old age just like the rest of us, coco water or not

  15. 15

    Rich people getting richer. And because dumb celebrities endorse it, it will make money ! There is no justice !

  16. 16

    Funny how much like a coconut she is…hoary old husk, thin layer of flesh but otherwise completly hollow

  17. imj says – reply to this


    F Coconut water, drink aloe vera juice. Thats really good for you.

  18. 18

    #16 - Best comment ever.

  19. 19

    Madonna is the Queen, she can do no wrong. She's also a great bussiness woman and she knows what she's doing. I'm going to start buying coconut water now.

  20. 20

    I love coconut water.

  21. 21




    …maybe it's all that guzzlin' of the coconut juice that's making her look elderly these days. Look at them old woman's claws she has for hands.


    See, just lookin' at the old hag just proves that Haysoos Looze(r) is a beard for her. He's as limpwristed as they cum.


    As for Hagdonna, I wouldn't touch it even with that shitbag Dick Cheney's Li'l Dubya!


  22. bXc says – reply to this


    I've tried coconut water wasn't very taste when I tried it but I saw some flavored ones that I might try jsut because I know it's super good for you!

  23. 23

    Madonna normally has good taste- but i have to disagree here.
    I love coconut water but my favorite is ZICO by far. I've tried both brands and ZICO tastes a ton better than vita coco or any of the other brands….

  24. 24

    $1.5 million for her is like $15 for you and me.

  25. 25

    The thing that's best if you're feelin' glum
    Is coconut water with a little rum
    It could make you very tipsy,
    Make you feel like a gypsy,
    Coco got a lotta iron,
    Make you strong like a lion!

  26. 26

    If she wants coconut water so bad then why doesnt she invest in it all herself, instead of asking other celebs for their money? Besides, she has 10 times more money than all of them.

  27. 27

    Remember the movie "Castaway" where Tom Hanks' character talks about coconut water being a laxative?! Hahahahahahaha. Poo poo poo poo

  28. 28

    Got some at a Sundance lounge and it is so disgusting!

  29. 29

    umm i'm pretty sure that coconut is a natural laxative… i hesitate to think what drinking too much of it does

  30. 30

    Re: zach swan – Bahahahahaha…Malibu flows like water at our family 'gatherings'

  31. 31

    coconut water is one of the most effective natural products to strengthen the immune system and raise the defenses. People suffering from cancer, mononucleosis, dengue, etc. consume it to improve. It is also refreshing and has good taste.

  32. Cutie says – reply to this


    ok, coconut water is not a laxative people!!

  33. 33

    i loove coconut water..i used to have it straight out of the coconut growing up in india

  34. 34

    YES M YES! She succeeds at everything she does!

  35. 35

    They sell this stuff in Washington, DC at a tanning salon in Dupont called Tanning by Tan Line. It is amazing!! Every time I go in there I buy one.

  36. 36

    i drank tons of coconut water while vacationing in Costa Rica. i think it would be a great business venture as long as they keep it pure… no sugar!!

  37. 37

    Madge the Vagisil had to leech onto some other squalid business venture ever since she was DUMPED as the face of Louis Vuitton. It's true, and all the wire services have the story. Marc Jacobs had to move swiftly once demographics revealed that people associated their products with LEATHERY OLD BAGS that smell of cat urine. IT'S TRUE!

  38. 38

    pahleeeze. enough with this coconut water crapola. ZINGWater is where its at. this stuff is awsome! you gotta check it out at zingwater.com

  39. 39

    Oh god whatever… I've been drinking coconut water for years…. Everyone in Mexico and Latin America drinks coconut water because it's very hydrating, isotonic and low fat. Really good for your skin and overall health. I LOVE the ONE brand… Too bad she didn't invest in that coconut water otherwise i'd be supporting her new business venture. But I'm likely to stick with ONE…

  40. 40

    Coconut water is nothing new. Most cultures and latin america drink coconut water. as a jamaican I used to drink it straight from the coconut. and if you blend it, you can take the white trash left over and add brown sugar to it and eat.

    So for the juice, I buy mines from Grace.

  41. 41

    I love drinking it straight outta coconut, had it all the time when I was in Thailand, so this might be great.

  42. 42

    Love that Woman! Such a smart business woman, writer, performer, producer, the list goes on. She's not the Top Selling Female & Touring Artist for no reason…the girl knows what she's doing!

  43. 43

    Great. Now her mindless followers will follow suit and drink this crap just because she does, just like they sported red Kaballah bracelets not knowing what the fuck it meant, just because she did.

  44. 44

    Intelligent readers need to know that when Manlydonna was married to Sean (the pig) Penn there was much domestic abuse. But Sean (the pig) Penn wised up and got out of the relationship as he just couldn't take the beatings any longer. IT'S TRUE, OH IT'S TRUE!

  45. 45

    ok im going to get my hands on this shit just to see…

  46. 46

    Re: Angus8 – is it 100 percent natural coco?

  47. 47

    She'll invest 1.4 mill for coconut water but only 250K to Haiti. What a bitch!

  48. 48

    Re: Madonna_#1fan_4ever! – She far from the richest woman in the world. For being her #1 fan then you don't know your facts. She's far from the richest woman.

  49. 49

    i dont know why u heard that about her MADGESTy but coconuts water is a special juice from brazil. full of colories. its SPECIAL JUICE FROM BRAZIL EVERYBODY DRINKS COCONUTS WATER

  50. 50

    Coconut water is great when it's natural, when it's drunken directly from the coconut itself. Otherwise it tastes like shit…

  51. 51

    i lurve anything coconut! thumbs up Madonna!

  52. 52

    I heard that coconuts are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo healthy
    i want drink one right now

  53. 53

    Madonna is a beautiful woman, but the last couple of years she's nuts!!!
    But the quastion is who is more nuts Madonna ore coconut

  54. 54

    Re: tick_tock_tick_tock
    YES M YES! She succeeds at everything she does!

    YES M YES! i also loved her wonderfull tribute to THE KING!!!

  55. 55

    Well I guess I will never purchase Vita Coco since she is now an investor. I will buy Foco or whatever other brand there is OTHER THAN Vita Coco. If it means less money for this leacherous sea hag, the better. Nasty old cun*t.

  56. 56

    So lets get this straight - she donated $250,000.00 to Haiti and she invested
    1.5 million for flavored water —Mmmmmmmmm shows her true colors ….

  57. 57

    Coconut water is awesome for people on a low carb diet…

  58. 58

    apparently coconut water is more important than the ppl in Haiti. she gave them what like $500,000.

  59. 59

    Oh great, why didn't I think of that? I've been enjoying it since the day I was born. I love it so much, that I hardly drink H2O when I go home, and I'm constantly badgering the gardener to climb the trees. So now, if they know I'm coming home, they go ahead and strip the trees, and even refrigerate some of them (stripping some of the outer shell of course before refrigeration), because I like drinking it on the beach. Matter of fact, it's the only liquid, aside from coffee and maybe a beer or 3, that I consume when I go home. It's the best thirst quencher next to H20, and it's great for the kidneys.

  60. 60

    She discovers it and all hell breaks loose. It's like with the Evian water thing, she starts toting around those bottles and everyone followed suit. She starts doing yoga..now there are yoga studios on evey block in every metropolitan city in the world. And btw Madge, that stuff in the cans, are not 100%, they put additives for shelf life. The water spoils quickly if it's not refrigerated, or even refrigerated for a long time. Even the ones that come with bits of coconut in them, fake coconut bits also. To actually get the full benefit of the water, you MUST break the coconut open and drink the content. FYI, Ms. Madge "come lately"..you would have benefited more health wise if you been drinking it from a babe. But better late than never I guess. Funny, I used to get laughed and received a lot of "eeeewww's" when I told people that I consumed coconuts. What a world.

  61. 61

    Re: MJ ROCKS!!! – No I did not love Madonna for that MJ tribute, and thought she referred to herself a bit too much. But I did lmao, when that Schmuley book came out after her "tribute" , and MJ dissed her ass saying how "she's not nice"..etc. But MJ didn't have to tell us that..we knew all along that she's a natsy heifer. And you know what tic toc..she'd probably spit on you.

  62. 62

    I LOVE coconut water! And if Madge swears by it, then it must be good. She knows a good business deal when she sees it.

  63. 63

    Madonna = success and she got this one right. Coconut Water tastes great and Vita Coco comes in how many awesome flavors???

  64. 64

    Re: BlahBlah24 – She wanted people to join her and help too! She said she'd donate $250,000 up front, and then match whatever donations she gets dollar for dollar. BTW, how do you know that Madonna doesn't already spend million of dollars on other causes such as cancer, aids research, biotechnology, green energy and of course Raising Malawi and other children's organization? She's not a total heartless bitch (though she can be, I'm sure).

  65. 65

    I've been a big fan of coconut water for awhile now. This isn't my favorite brand as they don't offer an option of "with coconut" and I like that mix the best. Coconut milk ice cream is super good as well.

  66. 66

    Im talking about extra virgin coconut oil though.

  67. 67

    Re: goodtasteishardtofind – everyone can be ehartless at time but yeah i recieved that email too she gets it going and the everyone odnates and she matche sit which im sure she ended up donating more than $250,000 and her cause probably is still generating money i think she is amazing and im gonna buy some of vito coco online i love madonna and its no sectret plus whats up with people talking trash about her an dher hands pelease my hands look like that sometimes and im 15 no not 50 15 i love her so much

  68. 68

    Coconut water sounds too pricey but I am sure it would do well like the vitamin waters, I personally wouldn't waste my money on this scam. Invest in good vitamins . But many idiots that worship her would buy or one of the fat ass kardashians who are famous for being whores.

  69. 69

    Madonna looks so plastic, if she is so healthy why does she pump toxin in her to look younger. Vanity at its best.

  70. 70

    um as far as gimmicky products go, this sounds really STUPID. coconut is a food allergen for almost as many people as peanuts/nuts are. why put it in WATER, which should be the least likely product to come into contact or remotely "be prepared in the same facility" as severe allergens…?

  71. 71

    I love coconut meat too! I think it makes my skin look great. I buy fresh young green coconuts from this site, www.florida-coconuts.com. They ship all over and there are no chemicals on their coconuts.

  72. 72

    She has way too much money and free time.

  73. 73

    Re: Starlit – Read you retard i said one of the richest.

  74. 74

    Re: BlahBlah24 – Madonna has donated over $50 Million dollars to children all over the world, she is building a Hospital, an Orphanage, and a school in Malawi, not to mention adopting two children. What have you donated?

  75. BMary says – reply to this


    MADONNA invested how much into Vita Coco?? Guaranteed success!! Vita Coco is wayyyy better than old vitamin water, I mean, that's my opinion…and Madonna has my back by investing in it. Haha.

  76. 76

    madonna is the queen