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What Do U Think???

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Which diva ruled the Grammys???

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Which diva ruled the Grammys???

  • Taylor (14%)
  • Pink (34%)
  • GaGa (33%)
  • Beyonce (19%)

Total Votes: 133,934

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114 comments to “What Do U Think???”

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  1. Low says – reply to this


    Taylor got the big one…….

  2. 102

    p!nk was just amazing as always! i have been a pink fan for along time! She doesn't get the respect she deserves in America as she gets in Australia. I'm an American and i have always stuck by her side. I think pink may have recruited more fans from her grammy performance ♥ She's just so breath-taking and gives 100% into everything! i'm happy she got a standing ovation last night. SHE IS SO FEARLESS, SHE WAS 40 FT. IN THE AIR WITH NO HARNESS OR NET! SHE CAN SING & PERFORM AT THE SAME TIME! SO REFRESHING! LOVE HER & I'M SO PROUD OF HER! ♥

  3. 103

    btw, i am a Lady gaga fan but more a pink fan,of course, from my avatar. Honestly, Miss P's performance was unforgettable and she stole the whole show! Did you see all her peers gasping in amazement! That's what a great performance should do! leaving you speachless! Lady gaga was good & i love her too. Taylor Swift really can't sing but she's a cute girl. She belongs with all the Disney Stars.

  4. 104

    Gaga got robbed!!! Beyonce had the same old crap we've heard for years! Gaga is new, unique, totlally refreshing! She has more talent in her pinky toe than Beyonce has in her whole body!!!

  5. 105

    Pink, or maybe beyonce, but I voted Pink! I didn't really notice lady gaga during the show to be honest and Taylor was the worst performer of the night plain and simple.

  6. 106

    Re: LearnNotToLie09 – ha, I know right?! It's amazing to me that she has gotten anywhere in the biz. She probably wouldnt even pass the first auditions of american Idol.

  7. 107

    Haha, i would say Beyonce!
    I mean the girl has been around for so long, as can still go toe-to-toe with the big new artists coming through! She DID win the most that night.

  8. 108

    Re: LadyGagaQueenOfMusic

    i never saw gaga in the silks..
    gaga's performance was great, but who got the standing ovation???
    oh, yeah… it was P!NK!!!!

    they're all talented, but the standing ovation says it all..

    and if you're only here to diss other artists, get back to your lady gaga altar… or get a life…

  9. 109

    taylor who??? why is she on the list? perez, it's a huge insult to Pink and Gaga. I wish you'll see Kanye West in your dreams.

  10. 110

    Beyonce's performance was pretty crappy… we have all seen her act like a ho and shake her weave around many times already

    and the Taylor Swift with Stevie Nicks performance was just embarrassing… hearing stevie nicks sing those stupid taylor swift lyrics was just so beneath her

  11. china says – reply to this


    caca a diva? biggest moron of all times more likely.

  12. 112

    Re: LadyGagaQueenOfMusic
    lady gaga is bigger than michael jackson and britney spears?

    someone's delusional and trying to convince everyone else so desperately that they need to speak in ALL CAPS to get their bullshit point across.

    if you like gaga, good for you, nobody has to agree with your opinion so get over it already.

    as for my opinion;

    talent = pink, beyonce, mj, britney….all these people made it big for being original without overdoing it and having musical TALENT.

    gaga is famous for dressing like a confused crackwhore and screaming out made up words in her disgusting man voice. she is nothing but a wannabe trying to be different to make up for her lack of being able to do anything else.

    you cannot compare gaga to MJ for shit. that's just so ridiculously stupid, i can't believe you would even say something like that.
    MJ never tried to write a song and came up with some "raahh gagaga" crap lyrics and tried to pass that off as music.

    you're annoying.
    gaga will be forgotten soon enough. you'll see.

  13. 113

    the answer is clear: P!nk

  14. 114

    Why the counter is always stuck on 126,301 ?!?!

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