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Anne Flips Off The Paparazzi

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Things seem to be getting pretty serious between Anne Hathaway and her boyfriend Adam Shulman.

The Hasty Pudding's Woman of the Year was spotted with her beau earlier this morning in West Hollywood.

The two were out furniture shopping for their place but weren't very thrilled once they spotted the paparazzi.

At one point after entering a store, Hathaway even gave a discreet "hand gesture" to the paps waiting outside.

The finger from such a classy lady? Hah, we love it!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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45 comments to “Anne Flips Off The Paparazzi”

  1. 1

    Ha! Loves it! She's so AWESOME!

  2. 2

    she is clearly pushing her glasses up but ok…

  3. 3

    Ha! Ha! Gotta luv Anne! She would be the last person you would think would use the bird! lol Love it!

  4. 4

    yeah but she purposely does so with her middle finger. it's the classy way to flip the bird, since it's not as obvious

  5. 5

    it looks like she is pushing up her glasses.

  6. 6

    how popular would she be without the paps?

  7. 7

    haha i love her!

  8. 8

    How original.

  9. 9

    Erm it looks like she's simply pushing her glasses up, which ive done with any of my fingers.

  10. 10

    Ugh, I thought she was better than that.

  11. 11

    thought it was ashely simpson

  12. 12

    Another one who thinks her shit don't stink. A 'Gwyneth' in the making … ? When is she going to start up a dreadful web-site promoting 'high' living. Mem'ba Hun, ya wipe yer arse just like everyone else !

  13. 13

    She is quite not as ugly as Ashley … at least not yer .

  14. 14

    She is quite not as ugly as Ashley … at least not yet .

  15. 15

    she is ugly bitch she is annoying

  16. 16

    …yeah, I know this is the only pic you could afford Perez so you blew it up.
    She's pushing her glasses up. Sorry.

  17. 17

    She is obviously pushing her glasses up.

  18. d912m says – reply to this


    I am fucking over this broad. Really, how many times is she going to whine about being "the biggest girl in Hollywood"? You are a fucking size 6 tops. Get over yourself. Stop whining. You look great, you are making tons of money doing awful acting, and getting honors you don't deserve. Way to go.

  19. 19

    I like her so much better now!

  20. 20

    i always pull up my glasses with my middle finger. kinda stupid u assume shes flipping the bird. she might be. but how the fuck do u know

  21. 21




    The whole celebs, especially D-lister celebs, flippin' people off, the papas, and fans and whomevere, has been done to death. It's boring, trite and lame.


    Same with them doing the peace sign. Means nothing coming form the likes of a Lindsay Lohan or what ever other dimbulb celeb does it. It doesn't look cool. Only looks lame as they try to seem "hip". But they ain't hip no matter how many times they flip the bird or wave the peace sign.


  22. YUCK says – reply to this


    not to be mean but anne is kind of ugly she looks like she is montgomery burns long lost niece.

  23. 23

    I push up my glasses with my middle finger sometimes. doesn't mean i'm giving anyone the finger.

  24. 24

    turning nothing into something -.-

  25. 25

    thinks her bf has gayface

  26. 26

    and i wish men would stop with the skinny jeans….

  27. 27

    bitch bitch bitch

  28. 28

    i really dislike this bitch for some reason.

    perez always seems to have a thing for the weirdos.

  29. 29

    They were only making a picrture, not bothering me………….why would you give them the finger……………….and, I thought she was classy…..but what do I know?

  30. 30

    So what. Fuck perez you are so boring in the most dumbass of ways.

  31. 31

    Re: babydoLL69 – Amen!

  32. 32

    Meryl Streep in the She-Devil.

  33. 33

    u guys r what jealous????????shes cool!!!!ever seen her drunk or stoned??????at least she isn't giving a bad example 2 people who r watching her

  34. 34

    Good for you Anne, who wants a camera in their face 24/7?
    She is STYLISH.

  35. 35

    fuck u whore if ur an A list celeb deal with the paps bitch

    its part of the job

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Hee hee, it looks more like she's pushing her glasses up, but she does it in a very sneaky way. Lol! Love her!

  38. 38

    What a bitch!!She won't mind the attention when she has a movie coming out.

  39. 39

    Good for her! lol I love Anne!

  40. 40

    haha SO her

  41. 41

    She's great. hahahaha.

  42. 42

    well then why don't you turn in your SAG card and get a job at burger king, you little bitch? you wanted to be a big, famous actress and have all the money and perks and attention and breathe that rarified air. now that you've got it you are mad that you have to pay for all that by losing your privacy. waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! overpaid little brat. fuck you right back.

  43. 43

    lol i think it might be a coincidence that people use the middle finger to push up glasses… or if anyone watched the golden globes, other celebs who won came up and held their winning envelope with the middle finger just glaring at the audience XD… but it'd be cool too if she did flip off those papas fritas because they are clearly invading in her personal romance

  44. 44

    Normally you rant and rave about how you think that famous people have absolutely no right to try to avoid paparazzi, but because it's Anne Hathaway it's OK? NOBODY should have to put up with any paparazzi.

  45. 45