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Intervention For…Robsten???

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There are far more celebrities in need of an actual intervention, but anything that helps put some distance between these two works for us!

No one has seen much of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together since the end of their New Moon promotional orgy, but sources did catch a glimpse of the two spending time together in England right around New Years.

But that's it. There has been nothing since then and now we know why: They've been told not to!

According to sources, each of the actor's camps has approached them about cutting back on the time spent with the other. Rob has big budget movies to focus on and KStew has indie flicks to sell. Their people believe neither has time to focus on anything else but their work, so for the time being, they are going to have to quit one another.

Can R-Patz handle that? (We're not too worried about KStew. She's black-hearted. She'll be fine)

Guess they'll just have to hold on until Eclipse comes out. Then, the world can see it's favorite vampire and sour pussy frolicking about again.

[Image via WENN.]

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81 comments to “Intervention For…Robsten???”

  1. 1

    "it doesnt matter what you do in life, it matters who you are with when you are doing it" Friend ship or love comes first.. Careers are second to the people that you love because the people you love wont be around forever.. I just learned that the hard way.

  2. 2

    They're prob super sick of each other, and if they were dating (prob just sleeping together).. I doubt they'll be dating again anytime soon.

  3. 3

    If Kristen's hot little ass was mine, I'd say fuck off and jump back into bed with her for another month

  4. 4

    Dude, I love how one blog entry about nothing at all on eonline has snowballed in a matter of hours into they are having a relationship interventionship. It's so hilarious how online rumors spread and mutate into something totally different within a 12 hour period.

  5. 5

    and BWAHAHAHAH….. you called kristen black hearted…as in joan jett of the black hearts…..

  6. 6

    Whatever….this is not news, obviously their publicists paid you to write this so that it keeps their names in the news. They don't want the hype over Twilight to die down too much for when Eclipse comes out.

  7. 7

    I don't understand why they can't continue to date and have career's at the same time. People do it all the time in hollywood and in real life. And what's up with their production team or whatever telling them how to live their life. I thought they were grown ups if it were me I would tell them to F-off I will date who I want, when I want and how I want. Am not even a Robsten lover or hater but this is just stupid.

  8. 8

    I'll tell ya one thing. They better worry about getting these 2 back together to film the last book. The movies(as much as I love them) are going to lose momentum when this relationship goes bad. It's gonna be hard to buy into Edward and Bella when the 2 stars are exes in real life.

  9. 9

    Re: mlu007 – Its the same reason he hates Vanessa Hudgens & every other girl with a hot boyfriend HE WANTS HER MAN!!! Perez is the high school geek who hates the prom queen, he's always a bridesmaid and never a bride

  10. 10

    1. F-k off Perez.
    2. That's stupid & something I'd never do.

  11. 11

    People wouldn't speculate so much if they just told the truth

  12. 12

    TRY THAT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. DUMB ASS! They where forced to act like a couple to promote their film.

  13. 13

    What in the world has she ever done to you to make you hate her so much? Beside being arm candy to someone who would never have anything to do with you?

  14. 14

    Isn't this whole Kristen and Rob thing a publicity stunt? I guess it worked on you huh Perez?

  15. 15

    You see Perez is a hardcore Straight-Edge. He hates anyone who smokes or drinks or does drugs. He's kind of like Hitler.

  16. 16

    BS.. They are both adults and I doubt they would cut off their personal life just to push their films.

  17. 17

    Kristen doesn't need a limp dick like this dude, she needs a man.

  18. 18

    perez is talking out his ass again, he can't even relay the rumor correctly. He stole this from Ted Casablanca, who merely mentioned that they are both working hard in different places and they will probablyh focus on their current projects instead of worrying about flying out to see achother. Every other hollywood couple does this too, where they have long distance relationships while working. Don't know why people find this shocking with these two.

  19. 19

    THey look so good together

  20. hugo says – reply to this


    They are REALLY UGLY. I can't believe they were chosen for the leading roles till now. There are many more beautiful and talented young actors. Let alone the fact they are smokers and boringggggggggggggggggggggggg

  21. 21

    They obviously needed space between each other! The Chemistry between them in NEW MOON was so ODD Because they are constantly trying to prove to the world they are not together it actually portrayed onto the film also. So obviously cut back time on them ! That way when they go to film Breaking Dawn and such they will be more eager to see each other and looser in front of the camera. ESPECIALLY SINCE ALL THE GOSSIP APPARENTLY DIED DOWN! I seem to think they were hiding out and ARE still hiding out with each other that is WHY we dont see them together allot ! I mean come on if two people have feelings for each other nothing stops THEM ! I Just hope they CAN ACT MORE LIKE A COUPLE in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn ! I didnt like the feeling at all between them in New Moon. I only felt as if Kristen was acting when she was with Jacob actually she was more relaxed and at ease. But , whatever ! Who cares really they can do what they want ! WHY SHOULD ANYONE REALLY HAVE A SAY IN IT! Ya know ! Whatever! Nice Gossip but seriously they take it to SERIOUS ! :(

  22. janj says – reply to this


    i don't know why everyone is always trying to make these a couple. it is so obvious to me that KStew is butch. i can't believe no one sees her butch mannerisms. watch years down the road when she's secure w/her career and doesn't care what people think anymore, she's going to admit to being gay.

  23. 23


  24. 24

    This story is bullshit. It's just made up fodder for the rags.

  25. 25

    actually, your theory is INCORRECT fatso.. Kristen doesnt have anything to film for some time now, her mom's movie has been put on hold and the movie James Woods is set to direct that he wants Kristen to star in has no set date to start.. so she is free to go with Rob as he films his next few movies till they film Breaking Dawn together, which in my opinion is going to be HOT seeing those sex scenes!!

  26. 26

    Fuck that shit, I don't care what you think of her as a person or him as a person, how people have a right to think they can tell whomever who to date and who not to date? Or they that big of a drone they would listen? Let them have their shiteous hollywood relationship till it fizzles out like everyone elses.

  27. 27

    god Perez, nobody really gives a shit what you say. I really really really dislike you and your stupid blogs.

  28. 28

    Fuck Perez!!! Is this the studios way of doing market research through you while you get paid to hear what we have to say cause this shit is getting RIDICULOUS~~~~!!!

  29. 29

    Re: MRBIGDICK – Actually, Kristen needs a WOMAN! She's a freakin' LESBIAN!!!!

  30. 30

    so much bullshit…. You bore me, Perez.

  31. 31

    I highly doubt they are going to listen to the media. They'll just sneak around time to time.

  32. 32

    I never believed they were a true, real couple. I think they were Friends, who went thru the Twilight excitement together, and they're still friends, but never a couple. I also don't think anyone has the right to tell a person who they can be with in their private life. If anyone told them that they shoulda said, "eff off!"

  33. 33

    It's not a serious relationship then.

  34. 34

    OMG you just can say that you don't like Kristen Stewart … How do YOU know that she's black-hearted !!!!
    you're an idiot !!!
    if you would leave this people alone … they maybe would be together !!!
    you really don't have to be jealous !!!

  35. 35

    what a stupid story

  36. 36

    …this doesn't even qualify as celebrity news…who cares?…

  37. 37

    Re: Hillary.Clampet – i totally agree with you. i did the same mistake in the past, never again…

  38. 38

    Dear Mario, do you ahte her because she's sleeping with him or because she's hot?

  39. 39

    Uhhhm… KStew is obviously a lesbian –NOT that there is anything wrong with that.

  40. 40

    um i've seen some black-hearted people in this world and kirsten stewart is NOT one of them

  41. 41

    that sucks rob will not be able to handle it at all i know that cause one of my friends are very close with him!

  42. 42

    that vampire is one lucky dude. she is so hot. unfffff

  43. 43

    Re: lilnino – amazing isn't it. I bet there are some blogs out there, made up by some 60yo unemployed unmarried guy in his mother's basement where he just makes rumors up all day long and these big sites just run with them all day. Wait, if we just change the age….. why can't these 2, if they are dating, just not doing the hollywood thing? if they are out of hollywood, out of ny, they can go about their lives without being photographed 24/7. yes, some pics will be taken, but the average person will not recognize them or will not care.

  44. 44

    Robert and Kristen both have the great opportunity to become really STYLE icons if they paid more attention to detail.

  45. 45

    to the person who "knows someone who says they are together" same here, but i heard 2 diff stories from 2 diff people
    1. friend had internship at EW-said played it up for the movies
    2- another friend said they are together.. its just not serious

    take it with a grain of salt… both are close friends, but i still dont trust it

  46. 46

    That would be my dream coming true! Never wanted to see them together. At all! They may have on screen chemistry but they have zip in real life. Screen smoke and mirrors!! My RPattz can do better than that! KStew is nothing but a cu*t!!! GTFO KStew!

  47. cdv says – reply to this


    The hating on this girl….
    Its beyond getting old.

  48. 48

    Oh please……this is a made up piece of crap to keep them in the "news". You also have yet to come up with a good reason to hate Kristen Stewart.

  49. 49

    Perez, you are just harshing on KStew bcz U R jealous! You have been crushing on RPatz all along! I don't understand it. He doesn't bathe and he smokes. Ewww! Stinky, stinky!

  50. 50

    Twilight Sucks.

  51. 51

    You fucking idiots, she's not a lesbian. You just call her that cause she's fucking someone you wish you could but your fat and ugly, so you can't and you take it out on a girl whose hot and doesn't eat cupcakes for breakfast.

  52. 52

    Who in their right mind allows someone from their work environment dictate how they live their personal life? I'm calling bullshit on this one. There are too many stars dating or married to other stars for this silly rumour to hold water. Mario needs to take a step back from his obsession with these two people.

  53. 53

    Well they aren't promoting New Moon anymore. And it's too soon to be out there for Eclipse..but i give it about 2 more months, and then they'll be everywhere together again…they're will more pregnancy and marriage rumors in the works all in time to be out there for Eclipse…its all FAKE anyway….damn, dont u ppl know nothing about the shadey ways of Hollywood?…DANG!!!!…lol

  54. 54

    fingers crossed he takes this time to realise what an idiot she is!

  55. 55

    She's so grumpy looking, and not pretty in the least.

  56. 56

    Just wondering, what did kristen stewart do to piss you off so much? (besides getting robert pattinson). it's one thing to be envious of a person and it's another to be obnoxious and annoying about it. I go on this site for the good gossip but i think what you're forgetting is that these celebrities are people too. Unless you've actually had a face to face encounter with kristen stewart and she was rude to you, then you shouldn't have a reason to be so nasty to her. I think this world is going down the crapper with the way people get treated. People are forgetting to carry themselves with class and dignity, it's time to show some kindness rather than bitter jealousy and nasty comments. grow up people

  57. 57

    because of tween girls like you!!!

    who gives a shit. this is like when they told all those teeny boppers in the 70s not to talk about any girls friends cuase it breaks the fantasy and they LOSE money. GET A LIFE PEREZ.

  58. 58

    Is this TigerBeat's blog? COME ON

  59. 59

    This sounds like a load of B.S. Both of them are smart enough to do what they want anyways.

  60. 60

    Isle of man isnt in England you fucking uneducated idiot. get back to school.

  61. 61

    I Have family friend that knows rob and says they are, but its irrelevant,i reckon after breaking dawn wraps, he'll move to back to london, marry some hot young british blonde, she'll stay in LA. whatever happens it wont last, apparently she's very boring. just hope it happens soon :)

  62. 62

    Re: Perez_is_a_fat_bastard – It was the isle of wight , mong, if you hate perez , get the fuck off the website. DUH

  63. 63

    Jealous much Perez?
    Your really kind of disgusting.
    I honestly think that R-patz and K-stew are not together, but that their relationship is made up by the media and the Twilight people to promote those horrible movies. Nothing makes little girls and middle aged women more happy than thinking that the couple on screen is a couple in real life.
    Plus, media whores lie Perez talk about them all year round, hence promoting the movies. Their actors, its not hard for them to go out and pretend to be together.

  64. w00t says – reply to this


    Kristen is a bitch. You have to be an idiot if you cant see shes a lesbian. For gods sakes the girl looks, dresses, talks, acts, and has manners like a boy. Rob can get a hot model and live his life. Don't know why hes wasting his time.

  65. 65

    well in my opinion id never let anyone tell me who to date or be with that is bull as far as them being a couple if they fit together good if not it should be their decision to part not ours or anyone elses well thats all

  66. 66

    Mayja Lesbo needs to find a hole somewhere and live out the rest of her days with cats.. SuBo styles.. let the man live for pets sake!!!!

  67. 67

    BTW, this is the best news ive heard all day even if it is all shit!

  68. 68

    Intervention makes me think of crack…

  69. 69

    Who cares if they are dating, as long as they both are happy.

  70. 70

    Re: w00t – Kristen is not a bitch. You don't know her so you don't know if she is a bitch. f you look at all of the nice thing she has done you will see she is not a bitch, you will see that she is a nice person.
    She is not a lesbian and she can dress and have her hair however, she wants too. It's nothing wrong with being a lesbian and if you want to insult her you should say something ells. Girls should be allowed to dress however, they want to without being called a lesbian, so should guys without being called gay.
    Robert is not wasting his time because they maybe are just friends. It's nothing wrong with Kristen. I don't think that Robert takes girls how they look. I think that he is nice person that care more about the inside than the outside.

  71. 71

    kristen ya no me cae bien, es una Tonta :P

  72. 72

    I have been with around enough lesbian women, entrenched in the gay community, and read and experienced enough to know a lesbian when I see one. At the very least, she could be a bisexual who favours women over men.

  73. 73

    F U C K K R I S T E N S T E W A R T.

  74. 74

    there's one problem with the pick that okay used to "prove" they were together over new years. IT WASN'T SUNNY HERE IN ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. 75

    Re: chloecullenswan – thats actually a valid point. i live in the south and it definitely wasnt great weather over new years, so god knows when the 'sunny' pics were taken

  76. 76

    why do you bash kristen? its not like they are a couple. she is a really good actress. lay off

  77. 77

    Robert's team should be telling him to stay away from Kristen. She is not good for his image. Men are judged by the women (or in this case girl) they date. If a man dates an ugly girl, he is not as desirable to other women and they wont go see his movies. An actor is only as good as his marketability.

  78. 78

    Re: Ellapax – Then he should stay with Kristen because she is not ugly. Even tho I don't think that they are dating they maybe are really good friends. I don't think Robert would like it if anyone said something like that about Kristen if they wear dating.
    Girls that’s just seeing a movie because the actor is hot and don't have a girlfriend are pathetic, it's not like they would date you.
    The men are not the only ones with a carrier.
    They have the right to have a private life without anyone decide whom they should date and whom they should not date. People will never be happy.
    Robert fans should thank her instead of hating her.

  79. 79

    Y does everyone hate K.Stew for her age she is very mature and is perfect for Rob. It certainly seems like she can keep him under control when required. Leave her alone. If they want to be together letthem cos it's certainly none of our business if they are.

  80. 80

    plz go to www.twistronomy.ning.com its all bout twilight believe me

  81. 81

    i swear mad dumb. i think that rob and kristen shoudnt have to not see each other because of careers . that utterly retarted. I know that if i had a job and they told me i couldnt be with the one i like i wouldnt really listen to them!