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WTF??? Bling Ring Claiming Not Guilty In Celebrity Robberies!!!

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The idiot teens of the so-called "Bling Ring," who burglarized the homes of Paris Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, Audrina Partridge, Paris Hilton, and Megan Fox are pretty effed, so now that they're headed back to court, they're batting their eyelashes as if they didn't realize stealing is a CRIME and soaking up the spotlight before their asses are hauled to prison.

The group of teens, Nick Prugo, Alexis Neiers, Diana Tamayo, Courtney Ames, all 19, and Roy Lopez, 27, were led by Rachel Lee, 19, and have all entered not-guilty pleas to the courts.

Prugo said:

"There was a definite thrill to it. I don't think any of us realized how severe it was until we actually got caught. It didn't seem as bad as it was. Now that I look back, I realize how serious it was … It scares me to death."

You didn't realize how serious it was? You stole $500,000 worth of shiz from Orlando Bloom's house and $43,000 from Audrina Partridge!!

The Hills star watched the footage of her home's robbery and said:

"They took bags and bags of stuff. They took my great-grandma's jewelry, my passport, my laptop, jeans made to fit my body to my perfect shape."


Her perfect shape? Maybe Ceiling Eyes isn't the best bitch to talk to when trying to garner sympathy, but still, that is seriously effed up!!

The leader, Rachel Lee, apparently had some sort of bizarre admiration complex and started stealing so she could mimic the stars she obsessed over by wearing their clothes!! Okay, so she's a crazy person, but that doesn't explain how she convinced four 19 year olds and a 27 year old man to go along with it!!!

These people are morons if they think they're getting out of this mess. We hope you enjoy prison!!

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “WTF??? Bling Ring Claiming Not Guilty In Celebrity Robberies!!!”

  1. YUCK says – reply to this


    throw that ugly chink away for life.

  2. 2

    she meant jeans that fit her shape perfectly. duh!

  3. 3

    didn't i see on VHI or E or somewhere they have a show coming out about them

  4. chiro says – reply to this


    Ummmmmm, what an idiot! He pleads not guilty but then admits to the crime on national TV?! All they have to do is play the interview at trial!

  5. 5

    pretty fucked up.

  6. 6

    How does she know she has a perfect shape if she is always looking up? Does she have mirrors on her ceiling? And even then, all you would see is a birds eye view.

  7. 7

    I'm pretty sure she meant jeans custom made to fit her shape perfectly-still those are hardly as important as the others she mentioned
    …but I was wondering the same thing as truth in life is tht e! Show about those girls? And if so whyyyy??

  8. YUCK says – reply to this


    throw the chink in the clink

  9. 9

    wow! . and by the way hun u said paris hilton twice

  10. 10

    Are Audrina's eyes looking straight forward?!?

  11. 11

    but that doesn't explain how she convinced four 19 year olds and a 27 year old man to go along with it!!! ..maybe a smoke of CRYSTAL METH ???

  12. 12

    someone should've stayed in school.

  13. @v@ says – reply to this


    They can think about it while they perfect their latrine scrubbing technique. Thieving little something for nothing sh*ts.

  14. 14

    I would most certainly watch that show I think it would make a better movie though teens stealing from idiotic celebs they would have to make the teens cooler and less retarded but I'd tune in.

  15. 15

    LOL "ceiling eyes" … yea i was noticing that in the hills… i was like what is she looking at? cuecards lol… but she's a doll… those girls should be punished because come-on stealing is stealing… where are those parents, just cuz they are over 18 :P ..

  16. 16

    Perez, I wonder if you realize that a lot of people plead not guilty even if they are obviously guilty. There is always a slim chance that there will not be enough evidence against the criminals and that they will walk free. The thieves know that they are guilty, they are just hoping that there isn't enough evidence to prove it.