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Wayne Newton Abandoned His Plane!

| Filed under: Super Seniors


Wayne Newton owes a Detroit-area airport over $60,000 after abandoning his plane more than three years ago!

The plane was at one time worth close to $2 million and it was flown in for interior work that was scheduled to take up to a year to finish.

Newton started out paying the storage fees, but he stopped and now the plane is collecting mold!

Moving the plane would cost an estimated $30,000.

Sounds like Mr. Las Vegas himself must be running short on cash if he's abandoning planes!

[Image via Chris Connor / WENN.]

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19 comments to “Wayne Newton Abandoned His Plane!”

  1. 1

    Is that lipstick he's wearing???

  2. 2

    Man oh man this clown looks creepy

  3. 3

    Dude needs to ease up on the make-up!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4

    Um, looks like he went to the same plastic surgeon as Kenny Rogers (creepy eyes!).

  5. 5

    He's looking very womanly.. o_O

  6. 6

    Cover that shit up dude

  7. 7

    Maybe you should have posted the actual WHOLE article that stated how much he had spent to have it fixed and it was still broken. There is always a reason why people do that, but it's always much more fun for you to make shit up or talk bad about them. Suck it Perez.

  8. 8

    That's not the story I read elsewhere. It said he paid mechanics to fix it, and it was still broken so he parked it. Sounds like nothing more than a dispute to me.

  9. 9

    Your story is less than factual. You either need to rip off the whole story, or not tell it at all.

  10. 10

    Is it just me or is the jacket with no shirt look a bit freaky?

  11. 11

    he looks like one of those creepy dolls that marie osmond sells on QVC lol

  12. 12

    leave bruce jenner alone

  13. 13

    He looks like a circus freak. Your dish seems a little thin today.

  14. 14

    note to self….get double chin reduced……..dramatically……no use for all that plastic surgery if you are going to walk around with jowls and a double chin like that

  15. 15

    I'm not 100%, but I think he might have had a little work done :)

  16. 16

    Has there ever been a bigger ratio of the little talent well paid kind. This guy makes so much money for being so untalented, and I might add so smarmy looking.

  17. 17

    It's so sad when filthy rich people have problems. The fact that he abandoned his own plane makes me want to cry.

  18. 18

    Pure creepery!

  19. 19

    wayne needs to ease up on the foundation and lipstick!! give it up baby ur time was over years ago.