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Mr. And Mrs. Smith Getting Remade?

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A remake of a remake?

And only FIVE years after Angelina Jolie's and Brad Pitt's take on Mr. and Mrs. Smith?

Hollywood is really running out of ideas.

Rumors has it that Fox is developing a new script for Mr. and Mrs. Jones, which wouldn't be a sequel to Mr. and Mrs. Smith but rather another story about two different people who are paired up as a fake married couple after leaving the spy academy.

But will anyone care if there's no Brad and Angie?

They would need to cast some serious names for this to work — the Brangelina HAWTness factor is a hard one to beat!

Who do U think should be cast as Mr. and Mrs. Jones?

Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Mr. And Mrs. Smith Getting Remade?”

  1. 1

    WTF seriously..

  2. 2

    haha they will not find anyone better than brangelina cuz their is no one better than brangelina

  3. 3

    make 'em black.

  4. 4

    megan fox and zac efron…then i'd watch it!

  5. 5

    haha that will be so lame! maybe they could jave jennifer anniston and . . . . any single man in hollywood she goes through them all anyway she may aswell get paid for it lol
    never beet the original though since Angelina is like the hottest woman on the planet :P . . . oh yeah and bar lol
    p.s follow me on t w i t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks x

  6. 6

    A new low in the Out of Ideas Department

  7. 7

    omg her leg looks so gross in this pic, too skinny!

  8. 8

    well if they go for a younger couple emma watson with rob pattinson (they have alot of chemistry) and ive always wanted to see how she would work with zac efron.

  9. 9

    Yeah..ok? They are not going to cast fucking ppl in there early 20's fake MARRIED Spies in Brangelinas place..BAHAH I think Leo and Alba! Or Damon and Megan fox! Hmm.!?

  10. 10

    HA- Brangelina CANNOT be topped!

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Is that a chicken leg? I thought chickens did not have lips.

  13. 13

    what do you know about class anyways?

  14. 14

    robert pattinson and megan fox. despite i hate megan she would really suit that role

  15. 15

    George Clooney & Jen Aniston should be the new Mr & Mrs. Jones

  16. 16

    George Clooney & Brad Pitt. They've got great chemistry in the Oceans series, and they're already 'good friends'. Call it Mr. & Mr. Jones.

    Or, GC & Jennifer Aniston. Actually: George Clooney & anyone. George Clooney & Angelina! That would finally put Brangelina to rest, once & for all.