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saMAN Beats Lindsanity?!

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Somebody help this poor girl!!

It's getting to the point where we can't even crack jokes - Lindsanity, get out before it's too late.

Lindsay Lohan and SaMANtha Ronson are trapped in a nightmarish, ugly on/off relationship that is reportedly becoming abusive.

A source claims,

“One time I saw her [Lindsay] and she had a large welt on her head. She told me that Sam beat the (bleep) out of her. She also said that Sam even punched and choked her one time. It’s so twisted. They’re not together, but they are. I never thought I’d ever say this, but I really do feel sorry for Lindsay. She is just lost. She’s alone. She has no friends to turn to.”

The two, who have been photographed together recently, are also living in the same West Hollywood building and Samantha, who has a key, regularly lets herself into Lohan's apartment.

Lindsay, if there is any truth to this, here is some honest, serious advice: Whatever you think the two of you had or have, it has turned into something very bad and very toxic, and you two need to get out of each other's lives for a long time if you're ever going to see things rationally again. The best thing you can do sometimes is know when something has run its course and let it go. Even you deserve better.

So sad.

[Image via WENN.]

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45 comments to “saMAN Beats Lindsanity?!”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    "Even you deserve better." Wow, you sound like you really care about her. You guys are assholes.

  3. snit says – reply to this


    mario, your sentiments were kind until the "even you" crack. Can't you ever ease up on the snark?

  4. jCase says – reply to this


    LOL ~ Like she's gonna listen to advice from the 1 person who's dogged her the most. Perez is dumb. LOL

  5. 5

    Perez, that was vile. You pretend concern and give the poor woman advice, only to finish with a passive-aggressive "Even you deserve better". Disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. 6

    it's a fucking lie

  7. 7

    You pick on Lindsay constantly. And now you want to support her, but in the same breath, have her name as "Lindsanity??"

  8. 8

    her blanket reminds me of a cheeseburger wrapper.

  9. 9

    This reminds me of when I was screwing Maury from "The Wiggles" and he would bend me over and ram me hard. Then I would have bruises all over my bum. Everyone was so worried. Even Lindsey deserves better…but you don't Mario. You deserve a bruised bum too…but you probably have one–from your dildo.

  10. 10

    Sam Ronson is going to come after you mario and beat your ass. Make another weepy video will ya.

  11. 11

    um, who are you to comment on any persons relationship? You've never been in one that did not involve a negotiated exchange of money for services rendered - why don't you leave the advice on relationships to those who have actually had at least one relationship of the non-prostitute variety and aren't so fantastically ugly they stand a chance of having realtionships in the future

  12. 12

    Mario likes it rough too. No lube and a John Holmes dildo while Teddy chews his nuts.

  13. 13

    I hope you treat her like Chris Brown….abuse is abuse wouldn't you say? Its obvious that this abuse goes both ways, but since its woman to woman there isn't going to be an uproar like you did with Breezy smh

  14. 14

    Wow, I hope this is not true. Abuse is nothing to joke about. People who get beat by "loved ones" or people they would usually trust often don't do anything about it right away because they think it's something "normal" or simply an isolated incident. I don't know Lindsay personally but no one deserved to be hit. If she does get "beaten up" again, she should really press charges and even move far far away from LA.

  15. 15

    How anyone could believe ANYTHING that Linsdey says about another person is beyond me. She is a habitual LIAR. Spreading these claims about Sam with out anything to back them up lacks integrity. Lindsey is the one who threw things at Sam the other night. She is also fall down drunk/high quite a bit. Just because she has injuries doesn't mean Sam is guilty of anything.

  16. 16

    "if there is any truth to this," he says. HA!

    love how even PEREZ knows his gossip and the stuff he posts is bullsh*t. Ted Casablanca's column is SO much better. at least sources are credible, and he never posts stuff that he hasn't checked.

  17. 17

    I am amazed at how many comments seem to believe that Sam would do this. How can you believe ANYTHING that Lindsey says? You trust someone who would do or say anything for attention?

  18. 18

    IF it's true its wrong, of course.
    BUT if its not true, Lindsay is such a mess, she would spread those rumors, thats so wrong too!! So dont judge about Sam if you don't know the truth..

  19. 19

    @Chandler - i don't believe anything Perez posts, unless he cites another columnist i trust, like Ted Casablanca or Lainey. that's all Perez does — rip other columnists' stuff — and half the time he plagiarizes without even CITING! he has very few sources of his own, and the sources he has (Heidi, Spencer, Lindsay Lohan's friends) aren't sources i really trust.

  20. 20

    for the first time ever Perez way to fukin go!!! She really needs help, I feel so sorry for this girl I hope she doesn't do something stupid to herself..

  21. 21

    OMG! "Even you deserve better"…Now you know her REALLY cares. That made my day. But Lindsay is just plain DUMB. She doesn't know what she wants/doesn't want. I feel bad for her but at the same time, I don't. She won't learn until something really bad happens…I just hope she doesn't end up in a Hollywood ravine with her rented lambourguini.

  22. 22

    I know for a fact that this is TRUE. What you omitted was the fact that she likes being slapped around. Her daddy used to fuck her then slap her around and now she can't get enough. This girl is really sick and we should all pray she dies soon so her soul can be free of the body she hates so much… so sad

  23. 23

    "Even you deserve better"??

    Nobody deserves to be in an abusive relationship - whether verbal, emotional, psychological or physical. NOBODY.

  24. kay d says – reply to this


    I've been in an almost identical relationship. Of course except for the fame. My ex and I couldn't stay away from each other and we were on and off for 2 years. As the time went on I developed resentment and it got abusive. Not because either of us were violent, but we had brought ourselves to a point of no return and it just made us violent. I got out, so could you Lindsay.

  25. 25

    the other bonus to eonline gossip columnists, besides no ridiculous, unverified speculation (anything like this that actually CAN be verified comes out as a Blind Item) is that the entire site has banned any mention of Heidi and Spencer. so many people complained about them that eonline put it to a vote, and like, 80% of of respondents voted to boot them off the site, so there is NO Speidi coverage. that's seriously why i almost never read this site anymore. WOOT.

  26. 26

    so sad :P i think its true that the reason Lindsay keeps going back to sam is because she has nobody else in her life . . . no real friends and no family who are worth anything :P
    i hope she ditches sam for good and sorts herself out because shes a sweet girl really :(
    p.s follow me on t w i t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks x

  27. 27

    Oh shut up, Perez. You don't give a damn about her, stop pretending you do. Someone needs to bitch slap YOU!

  28. 28

    I have known both women for a long time, one for a couple of decades. There is no truth to this.

  29. 29

    I agree with the others here. First, you insult the poor girl ("Lindsanity?!", then you offer up support advise. Why should Lohan ever read your biased BS? You're a fugging callous a-hole with no heart. You're a two bit nobody seriously in need of morals.

  30. 30

    "The best thing you can do sometimes is know when something has run its course and let it go." I could say the same for this dying web site. And why, in your unfounded "care" for Lindsay, did you have to say "even you." Yes, Lindsay has a ton of problems, but nowhere near as many as you. At least she was in a good movie or two… you've given the world a lame, hate-filled, spelling error-filled, old-news, plagiarizing, insulting, pointless web site. But hey, I guess its the only place where you can see sperm and weenies drawn so beautifully onto shitty paparazzi pics

  31. 31

    I wish they'd beat each other to death.

  32. 32

    If It's True It's Pretty Sad…
    But We Don't Know

  33. 33

    Totally thought you were sincere until the "even you deserve better." Mario, go die.

  34. 34

    Sad. I never thought I'd see miss. lohan in such a mess of a life. I hate to ssee her like this.

  35. 35

    Re: katiep23 – Are you Katie Perry?

  36. 36

    Perez you dumbass. Gossipcop already popped this. ITS FAKE. NEVER HAPPEND. Get your stories straight.

  37. 37

    telhia tequela gone rong

  38. 38

    This article is ridiculous. Sam beats Lindsay? Oh please… You must be desperate for stories today. Do you believe anything a source tells you? This website is fail.

  39. 39

    Re: You are so dumb – well said! this website is going down the shitter fast!

  40. 40

    Re: PEREZmakesME-WET – should not be saying these things if it's not true there are people out there who actually experience these things. it's not something to lie or joke about. i feel sorry for lindsay, and she obviously got all the signs of borderline personality disorder, but the reason why, exept from the fact that she's got to highly disturbed parents, i do not know.

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    I call bullsh*t. Didn't she just have a public relations empathy run by purposely appearing as a hoarder? Poor her. This doesn't seem at all like Sam's style, but slander and messing with Sam's reputation if Sam dared to reject her could def. be Lohan style, in my opinion.

  42. 42

    Re: Brides – Do you like anime :D ?

  43. 43

    I hope she gets your advice.

  44. 44

    Re: Fuddawudda – Could not agree more. Such a jackass.

  45. 45

    perez ure a fucking lier!!!