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Jon Gosselin Attracts The Female Demographic?!

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Yeah, if females want to vomit profusely while they're watching TV!

Jon Gosselin's stoopid lawyer Mark Heller is running his mouth again, saying that his client was the star of Jon and Kate Plus 8 and NOT Kate Gosselin.

"The show is based on female demographics. You have housewives watching. They want to see what Jon Gosselin is going to do next. They don't care about Kate that much. She is not the ratings draw he is."

Actually we think people liked to watch for the cute kids, NOT their douchey parents!

Heller also addressed Jon now allowing TLC to film the kids again as long as it's a modified schedule with fewer hours and fewer days (and obviously a big paycheck for him)! "It shocks me that they don't try and get this thing back on the air."

It shocks us that Heller legitimately thinks women watched the show for Jon Gosselin!

And we really don't think it's a good idea to revive Jon and Kate Plus 8 — and not just because we like seeing Jon broke and desperate! While it might bring some more juicy dramz, it sure as hell isn't good for those kids after all that's happened.

Do U want to see Jon and Kate Plus 8 back on the air?

[Image via AP Images.]

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61 comments to “Jon Gosselin Attracts The Female Demographic?!”

  1. 1

    Nooo we finally got rid of them! I only watched to see what crazy shit kate would do to him anyway…

  2. 2

    this guys 15 minutes ended a long time ago

  3. 3

    Yes, I loved watching it.

  4. 4

    No fricken way! I certainly don't want to see Kate at all - she's 10 times more distgusting than Jon.

  5. 5

    jon and kate who? Please Perez ENOUGH with these two fuckin idiots! DO YOU HEAR ME EEEENNNNOOOUUUUUGGGGHHHHHH

  6. 6

    uhm… has heller tuned in to TLC… there are other multiples in the USA… not lots, but enough that TLC has their choice, and they chose. and as for housewives watching the show, yes we do watch TLC and we do not watch it for the MEN, Mr. Heller, we watch it to see how other PARENTS, normally MOTHERS are coping and THEIR KIDS…. douchebag was the last reason that I ever turned the show on for. Mr. Heller, your 'client' was a lazy bum back then and was an asshole for doing what he did. the show maybe, MAYBE had another 'season or two' left in it. should have banked what was coming in (which most of us know he was getting paid for it even though he was not appearing in it). The gosselins are old news. TLC was not going to wait around. They have 2 families on with septuplets, one of them, a family of 12, with a disabled child. (hits all the markets does it). sorry he never paid your bills. wait, no, I am not. hahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahah

  7. 7

    Look, I used to watch his stupid show because his kids a Effing CUTE AS HELL. If the show comes back, I want it to be Plus 8 MINUS Jon and Kate!!!

  8. 8

    "Do U want to see Jon and Kate Plus 8 back on the air?"


  9. 9

    in two words- FUCK NO!

  10. njlou says – reply to this


    I would watch, but only for the kids. Don't care about the parents.

  11. 11

    his lawyer is crazy.. and everyone is over john&kate.. why can't the media be?

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yes, and people craned their necks today, too, as I drove by an auto accident.

  13. 13

    um, no.

  14. 14

    You boast your demographic is 15-24 year old females so all it proves is douchebags attract the female audience.

  15. 15

    Wow… I don't think I'd want to employ such a delusional attorney. Jon was not the attraction, even when I thought he was a good guy. Now, that we know what a nullard he is, he would be a detraction to his own family. Bring back Kate Plus Eight, but pay Jon to get lost.

  16. 16

    couldn't call it Jon and anything since he never seems to be with kids — and, actually, i'd be much more inclined to watch without him

  17. 17

    Nooo way!! Those poor kids have been through enough for a lifetime!

  18. 18


    i don't think anyone watched for him.

  19. 19


  20. 20

    At the beginning the show was marketed as warm and fuzzy. It didn't take long to realize that Kate was a raging bitch like constantly on the rag and John was just a beat down moron. The kids were cute except for that one twin who needed a serious attitude ajustment. Jon looks really bad since he started being an alcoholic and Kate is still a frigging bitch. World without end Amen.

  21. 21

    I am disgusted with narcissistic Kate, dumb Jon, and thos brats.

  22. 22

    Uhhh …DID JOHN AND HIS LAWYER MISS WHERE THEY STATED they were DROPPING JON ONLY and changing it to KATE PLUS 8 Because she is the one WITH and RAISING the MONEY Kids and it would be only natural to FILM HER and HER CHILDREN. WTF are they going to follow JON around Park City with his UNDERAGE (well close to it ) GF I think not. Fuck off JON NO ONE LIKES you NOR HAVE WE EVER!

  23. 23

    What an eff'd up way to raise kids. The only reason I watched, which wasn't very often, was to see the kids. I thought both parents were slimy and it was painful to see them trying to interact with each other when clearly all they had was contempt for each other. It's time to get those poor kids out of the limelight so they can hopefully live normally for the first time in their lives. I wish the parents would both step out of the limelight and get real jobs to support their kids, instead of looking at them like cash cows.

  24. naima says – reply to this


    I used to watch the show and used to think damn Kate Gosselin's bitch and fucking wears the pants and the dresses in their household. I would always question how could he stay with such a psychotic and disrespectful wife. But after he started having affairs and parading all over town with his ugly ass hoes and proving that he's just a punk bitch thirsty of fame and money, i changed my mind and i find him even more annoying than Kate

  25. 25

    Oh hell no! No one wants to see Jon and Kate back on TV again except Jon and Kate!! GO AWAY JON AND KATE!!

  26. 26

    Really Perez, to call Kate douchey? To put her in the same company as Jon? And hey, why attack her. She figured out a way to feed 8 kids. Why not? If yuo had 8 mouths to feed and no way of making enough funds to feed them, and this came along, please do not tell me you would not take the chance Perez?? And also, you mentioned in another article that Survivor contestants are fame seeking whores.. Well, is that not what you did to get where you are at today? Reality and legitimate actors are what got you where you are at today.. Love your site Perez but you need to think before you judge others. If you did it, do not throw stones brother.. From un latino a otro latino..

  27. 27

    i liked the show - and before he started acting like a d-bag liked to watch him. he was cute. now would just watch for the train wreck, seeing kate's hysteria, and the cute kids.

  28. 28

    I think it is a safe bet to say you Perez and most on this site never watched the show anyways, so asking them is pointless. I enjoyed the show for the kids and Kate…

  29. 29

    This is so efn ridiculous he is so gross and disgusting next thing will be how woman want Heller cause he is a chick magnet.

  30. 30

    HE"S SOOOOOOOOOO HAWT! I'd do him in a NY minute!!! I agree, he draws attention, but I think the KIDDIES brought the ratings!

  31. 31


  32. 32

    I think Kate should get her own talk show or become a permanent fixture on The View. The children have been exploited enough and should be left alone to grow up in somewhat normalcy. If the children were included in a show it would only line Jon's pockets for selling out his own kids and doing absolutely nothing to deserve it. The only place I want to see Jon is on the cover of a tabloid rolling in the gutter without a dime to his name.

  33. 33

    John gosselin..not just no but hell no, he is clearly using his children for a paycheck, he should not be allowed to do it. I feel differently about Kate, she has physical custody, and is a nurse, she will make about 60K per year, not enough to support 8 kids. I would maybe watch Kate and the kids, but only if there were absolutely no mention of douche-bag John

  34. 34

    love the 8, hate jon and kate

  35. 35

    As a woman I say: Heck noooo I did not and would not watch that show for Jon Gosselin. no no no no no!

  36. 36

    Most of us started watching for the kids and then we started noticing how horrible Kate was to Jon - and the little boys. The, we cheered Jon on, because HE was the one who actually took care of the kids. HE bathed them every night and put them to bed. HE played with them. All Kate did was 1. whine 2. Bitch at Jon 3. Stand at the kitchen counter and order everyone out of "her" kitchen and 4. Complain how hard it was to have 8 kids. I would watch a show with Jon and the kids, but NEVER will I watch Kate and her abusive, dysfunctional, controlling, obsessive/compulsive bullshit.

  37. 37

    i dont know anyone who ever watched it to begin with, including myself, or gave two shits about it.

  38. 38

    I would love to watch Kate Plus 8, but not this no talent ass clown! I watched it for the kids, and for the way they survive having so many and to learn the good and bad techniques in parenting to get a bit of a heads up with my little girl. I NEVER watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 for Jon, his fat nasty ass can go else where…like the gutter…where he gets his dates from.

  39. 39

    I love the kids… specially Aaden he is sooo cute!!!!!

  40. 40

    Gag me! I didn't watch it for Jon Gosselin. Ick! He's not even attractive.

  41. 41

    A message for Jon…..GO AWAY!!!!!!!

  42. Hey! says – reply to this


    I think Jon is a douche bag and fool, he is only made bad decisions I don't think he knows how to make any good ones. The show should not be more than once a month - maybe this way it won't damage the children.

  43. 43

    Re: Bluebonnet – One problem with that 'plan'. The beyatch has no talent, is not interesting, has no personality, and is totally ordinary and boring.

  44. 44

    Re: cheesecake

  45. 45

    Jon attracts the female demographic in the same way that car accidents attract rubber-necking. The man is a train wreck.

  46. 46

    No! He ruined it. It's over!!! And I think his lawyer is a super mega douche too.

  47. 47

    No, I watched it because I liked the little kids and they were so cute and innocent. But with all that has happened over the last 8 months I really don't want to see the show come back..We all can do without Kate bashing Jon and of course all of his stupidity!

  48. 48


  49. 49

    I used to watch every new episode and let this homemaker, full-time worker and step mother of 2 rank what I was watching for:
    1. sextuplets
    2. Kate
    3. twins
    4. dogs
    5. neighbors/friends/babysitters
    999. Jon

    He was as worthless for entertainment as he was as a husband!!! And nothing much to look at, either!!

  50. 50

    Lawyer is a riot! SNL should do a skit on him alone advising all the loser z-list..
    He could stand on court house steps and pitch….
    Michael Lohan for a show "saving" Haitian kids…
    Chris Brown for a starring role in a SVU show as a women's advocate….
    Charlie Sheene as a Sit Com marriage counselor….
    You get the idea, this guy is BEYOND hysterical!!!
    And NO, NO Jon Plus ANYTHING let alone those precious kids, too heartbreaking to see him be a crappy father…:-(

  51. 51

    yes, I love the kids… Especially Aidden. I would love to see him again & watch him grow up, Couldn't care less about the parents.

  52. 52

    NOoooo.. This show should of been gone along time before it actually ended. Kate did nothing but pretty much put Jon down on a continuous basis. I see why he wanted out of the marriage. However, what I don't see is why he went off the deep end like he did making himself look horrible to the public. They could of split in a better way then they did and both come out looking good……. instead of the way it is now.

  53. 53

    To be honest, I loved watching those little kids. They were so cute and I did like Kate because I could always see right through Jon. He just turned out to be worse than what I thought he was. He is a terrible person. I don't want Jon to be able to make one dime off of TLC. Nothing like bitting the hand that has fed you and your family, now you are going broke, but Kate isn't! Thank about that Pal !

  54. 54

    It was always about watching the kids. Jon and Kate need to get their overblown egos in check and get over it. Glad they are off the air!!

  55. 55

    hahahahaha what a deluded lawyer and an even more deluded client. Jon Gosslein honestly makes me want to puke in my mouth…I would rather eat feces or cow balls more than him. And I really don't wanna eat those. PLEASE stop publishing blurbs about him. Of all the celebrity gossip people come to this site for (which isn't even good anymore) THIS SHIT is the worst….probably because he's NOT A CELEBRITY.

  56. 56

    is his lawyer fucking insane or just really needs the cash??!!!?!?!?
    and the douche only wants to be back on tv and get money. thought he hated his kids being on tv!!

  57. 57

    He is trying to make a living off his kids again. I don't think it will happen .TLC and Kate have moved on. The kids need normalacy in their lives now it won't happen. Not a big fan of TLC or Kate but at least they are doing something .Kate writes books to exploit her kids in that way so yes she is using the kids to make a living in-directly and TLC will have another show with another un-educated family to make a buck off of exploiting them. Jon all he has done is dated and gone skiing and trying to jet set all over the place. Kate & Jon sooner or later you have to come back to the real world and support and take care of your children. Surprised that DCFS is'nt keeping a close eye on this family.

  58. 58

    doesnt attract me…. hes so completely gross

  59. 59

    I wanna see Jons 8 inches, lol

  60. 60

    this guy is such a douche. i think we need a perez ban on this fucktard.

  61. 61

    Awwww shuddap Perez!
    Talk trash about trashy kHate!