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Can John Mayer Handle The Truth???? About That Night We Spent With Him A Few Months Ago…

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Just a few months ago, in October of 2009, Perez was in New York City hosting an event. John Mayer obviously was aware of this, as he's repeatedly admitted in the past that he regularly reads our website, and he started blowing up our cell phone with texts.

The douchebag singer and Perez have had a secret (until now) text and email relationship (nothing sexual) for quite some time now.

Mayer invited us over to his NYC apartment - at 2 AM! - to "listen" to some tracks off his new album. We went - and arrived at 3 AM with three friends, who can verify that this indeed happened.

Over the course of the next five hours, Mayer and Perez pretty much ignored everyone else in the room and engaged in a heated non-stop conversation, the highlight of which was John confronting Perez about whether or not we really think he's gay.

It went like this:

John: "You think I'm gay don't you?"

Perez: "Yes."

John: "I'm not."

Perez: "Have you ever had a penis in your mouth?"

John: "Yes."

Perez: "Your'e gay!"

Mayer has already admitted to making out with Perez. Hopefully one day soon he will admit he's had a penis in his mouth too!

P.S. We'll happily take another lie detector test to prove all this is true!

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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312 comments to “Can John Mayer Handle The Truth???? About That Night We Spent With Him A Few Months Ago…”

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  1. 1

    John- it is cool that you speak your truth. Most of the people who comment are idiots and I am sure it must be hard to have everyone's opinions. I like that you say what you feel anyway.

  2. 2

    Team Mayer!

  3. 3

    so what perez!!!! pretty soon youre going to have no friends! i cant believe he trusted your fat ass

  4. 4

    He's full of shit, not dick lol He's probably teasing/lieing perez… you are so in love/hate with this dude it's sickening.

    I feel sorry for you

  5. 5

    Perez, you are a big-mouthed, attention-whore loser, and I feel really sorry for you (and not in a good way). You're just tragic. Have you ANY shred of self-respect or decency? No? Not surprised. What a sad, sad case you are.

  6. 6

    shut the fuck up perez. this is getting ridiculous

  7. 7

    hell hath no fury like a weaselly little bitch (like Perez) scorned. face it Mario - he's just not into you, and never has been.

  8. 8

    WHO CARES?!??!?! Perez, get over it. We don't care.

  9. 9

    You're just so shameless, aren't you?

  10. 10


  11. dal says – reply to this


    It seems like Perez can dish out the crap but can't take it when someone bashes him.

  12. 12

    Wat????? Perez, you definitely have a man-crush on him. Wat is all this obsession about?

  13. slite says – reply to this


    Get over yourself. You dont get it do you? You ARENT famous. you talk about other people who are famous. To them, you are a joke. Someone to use…and even now your effectiveness is less and less.

    Are newspaper reporters who write stories on famous people famous? No.

    These people laugh at you behind your back and when they are done with you…there will be a new flavor of the month.

    You believe your own press too much. You actually think for 1 single second that you could replace Simon on Idol, you think that you can be a music producer, you think that you can be a fashion writer, you think that you can use what fake celebrity you do have to have an acting career.

    Hell Gary Coleman is more famous than you…open your eyes.

  14. 14

    OMG you're so stupid Perez. Seriously you make the gay's look bad. Just STOP it!

  15. 15

    Stop calling him a douche already and admit you have a crush on him!!!!

  16. 16


  17. 17

    What a bad person you are.

  18. 18

    yummm my chances with mayer are more now yummmmmm i think hes hot and his vanity even hotter!!

  19. 19

    he will never be with you perez and you are the only one who cares, so give it up.

  20. 20

    No one really cares THAT MUCH, Perez

    Honestly, get over yourself

    (and OOOOBVIOUSLY the relationship wasn't SEXUAL with you LMAO!!!)

  21. 21

    perez, seriously? you're talking about this shit AGAIN?! it's old news… move on bud… love ya xo

  22. 22

    WTF cares? Just because you like to goobble goo and tell everyone doesn't mean everyone else does. Damn, you are an idiot, fatty.

  23. 23

    I don't think he's gay - I just think he will fuck anyone because he can't have his only true obsession, he can't sufficiently fuck the one person he desperately wants to be with totally, fully and in the most extreme intimate way - himself

  24. 24

    What did John do now to piss you off? You always go on a rampage like this whenever some celeb pisses you off. Why are you telling us now? Why are you even telling us in the first place?

  25. 25

    And if he is gay? Is that a bad thing? Maybe he doesn't want to come out with it, why are you outing him? Are you bitter that he doesn't call or text you anymore? You're taking the very, very low road. Fuck you Perez. I hope someone punches you (again).

  26. 26

    why are you posting all of this? Seems a little childish that you would share something that was obviously between just the two of you. I just lost my last ounce of respect for you.

  27. 27

    and so it begins…..

    you'll post about mayer 100 times a day now wont you?

  28. 28


  29. 29

    We know he's gay Perez. We also know that you're an idiot.

  30. 30

    What do you usually say perez??? Attention whore??

  31. 31

    perez i love you but i think that you can be attracted to the other sex and maybe experiment alittle and not be gay :) everyone is different..stay true to yourself john!

  32. 32

    So let me guess, that friend of yours was your dog right? I KNEW IT! Get a life, so far you have posted 3 things about John mayer almost back to back. Obsessive much? mmhmmm. Maybe he is gay, just not gay for you. Get over yourself, John Mayer is so much better than you!

  33. 33

    You're both fucking disgusting and deserve every negative comment you receive.

    Remember….AIDS KILLS!

  34. 34

    Well done perez. You are as much as a famewhore as any one else on your website. Let it go you loser. He will never do you,touch you ever again. Move on.

    Your obsessed with him.

  35. 35

    I hate a gay man that tries to pretend he is straight!! such a loser!!! why doesn't he just come out already!?!?

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Perez, you are the most pathetic human being ever.

  38. 38

    Girl in college, who experiment. . .Are they gay!?

    People who choose not to define themselves, and just enjoy the company of both sexes, Are they gay!?!?

    Why you have to label!?!?!


  39. 39

    you're so messed up, Perez!!! fuck you! John Mayer is fucking sexxxxyyy

  40. Leto says – reply to this


    Perezzelle, it depends if he had it in his mouth on his own accord or forced on him.

    If he asked for it or went for it on his own, then, yes, he definetely IS GAY (well, at LEAST BI).

    If he was forced down on it, he may not consider himself as gay, because he doesn't want that to ever happen again. Which would be a pity for him (in all meanings of it !)

  41. 41

    no one cares perez.

  42. 42

    oh and one more thing…congrats on your weight loss perez

  43. 43

    FIrst off, you picked and chose from that playboy interview what you wanted your readers to read! he was just being honest, you are obviously obsessed with him

  44. 44


  45. Bytch says – reply to this


    Perez, you're retarded. Everyone knows Mayer's humour and even if he is telling the truth, there's no way I'd ever believe it, because: A) You're an attention whore and B) You enjoy exploiting the hell out of the gay community you claim to so much support. If he's bisexual, he's BISEXUAL and that doesn't mean he is part of your fucked up world of gay rights.

  46. Bytch says – reply to this



  47. 47

    God, Perez…you are one loathesome, pathetic human being. When are you gonna stop.

  48. 48

    seriously WHO CARES ? if he's gay or not, WHO CARES ?
    you're always writing about your personal stories etc, WE DONT CARE !
    so what if the man had a dick in his mouth mouth ? it doesn't mean he is gay, maybe he was just trying like many girls do with other girls that doesn't mean they are gay. and what if he is gay ? good for him! if he doesn't want to come out let him be

    you're being ridiculous with your crusade about wanting everyone to be gay or assume in public.
    leave them alone, get a life.

  49. 49

    someone's crushing second grade style pretty hard methinks.

  50. 50

    BAHAHAHHAAAA…. your spin on this reaks of desperation!!!

  51. 51

    Ok, seriously–this is getting old. Can we please move on to another subject? At this point it's not just John Mayer who is old news…Perez, you're on the verge of joining him. Makes me want to stop visiting your site again.

  52. 52

    Y the hell is everyone hating on perez!!! If you dont like the shit then dont fucking read his website. GO get a life fuckers

  53. 53

    AND why the hell do you always insist on writing about yourself in third person? Who the fuck do you think you are?
    No one gives a shit if you kissed John Mayer, the fact is you call this man a douchebag and you probably wanted to kiss him.
    SHIT! You're just as egotistical as John Mayer himself.

  54. 54

    Perez just wants to stir some kind of controversy. Its funny though, but Mayer is way out of your league perezers. You cant compete with Jennifer or jessicas Double D's.

  55. 55


  56. 56

    Who gives a shit.

  57. 57

    That's really low Perez!

  58. 58

    YOU, Perez Hilton, YOU are the douche bag.
    You're just going to drive your readers away with all this bullshit about NOTHING.

  59. 59

    Jeez Perez, could you be anymore in love with this guy?! This is an unhealthy obsession!

  60. chewi says – reply to this


    Okay, folks - here we go! Perez is on the fucking rampage because someone called him on his bullshit and said something he didn't want to hear. Carrie Prejean #2!!! If you can dish it out, you better be able to take it, you fat fucking tool!

  61. 61

    are our comments getting under your skin Perez… are you listening to Continuum and crying into your Haagen Dazs?

  62. 62

    he'll never suck your dick Perez, get the hell over it!! talk about obsessed!!!

  63. 63

    Perez you are a big piece of dog crap - go take a lie detector, prove that you believe what you are saying - it doesn't actually prove that an event happened - only that you believe it happened, you are the biggest hypocrite and i hope someone kicks you're wide arse all over!

  64. 64

    Get over him, Perez. John is a douche but I'm on his side on this one… You of ALL people should know that it's okay to experiment.

    And, news flash? NOBODY CARES

  65. 65

    John Mayer has very very very bad taste if he would EVER want to be friends with Perez

  66. 66

    FUCKING LOVE IT PEREZ!!! Bring this ridiculous, closeted goon DOWN!

  67. YUCK says – reply to this


    the time john frenched you was probably the last time you thought you were going to get some dick. you keep waiting for him and thats why you hate maniston and jessica simpson, they had all his dick and mouth and asshole and time and love and you just got played for the fat desperate fuck you are. you lost all that weight and john would never fuck unless he needed money.

  68. 68

    I can't believe people are actually standing up for John Mayer. Hello, the guy is a womanizer, and he stands for a lot of things that are quite demeaning. I think Perez is doing his job, and clearly doing it well, because you may hate him, but you go on his site, and you talk about him and what you read, and in that way, he is successful. I do think that repeating something someone said to you in confidence is unfair, but you must remember, John's interview screwed up any chance of being treated fairly again. But people, stop saying how much of a loser Perez is, because he is the one with millions of hits, and you are the ones who are giving them to him.

  69. 69


  70. 70

    UGH this is so disgusting! It really pisses me off. What an asshole. AND I KNOW that Perez is reading every single one of these comments… So READ THIS PEREZ… You are a heartless asshole who is about to lose his 2 minutes. I can't believe you!!

  71. 71

    LMAO This is getting crazy

  72. 72

    why would perez post this? mayer obviously told him this in confidence, and if they were up at 2am, he had probably been drinking and might not have otherwise told him. weak, perez. where's your integrity? and just because someone has experimented sexually, doesn't mean they're gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).

  73. 73

    I am being serious when I say this…not mean or ugly…but why would you make this announcement now? Do you feel he hit below the belt with you? I have been a loyal fan of your blog for 3 years now…Maybe I am just getting older and appreciate a bit of privacy for others (especiallly when in a private conversation). I just feel this was rash and in poor taste. I feel like a nerve was hit and you had to react in a negative manner. I hope this made you feel better in some way…

  74. 74

    "You're The One For Me Fatty"

    I don't think John is singing that Morrissey song…..

  75. 75

    "Perez is to hating as Richard Simmons is to health and well-being. [laughs] You can print that. Perez is so authentically off his rocker he will not let you finish a sentence. I think he has some dark things in his past. I think he comes from a little bit of hurt, and I say that with an understated tone. At the end of the day I go to his site, but I don’t see him as a threat."

    I knew you reminded me of someone- richard simmons, only richard is halfway good looking.

  76. ainn says – reply to this


    Hi Mario, a la verdad q estas cab… Tu te dedicas tu vida a hablar mier.. de todo el mundo menos de Lady Gaga. Ahora a John le da por hablar de ti y mira como te pones. No seas tan pende… si tienes los cojones de hacerlor ahora aguanta cuando t lo hagan a ti.

    Hi Mario, truthfully your an hypocrite and an ass..You dedicate your time talking sh.. about celebrity's except Lady Gaga and now that John has decided to say things about you, that you obliviously don't like, look how you react.
    If you have the balls 2 to talk shit about every celebrity each day , well shut up when someone talks shit about you.

  77. 77

    Interesting you ONLY posted this after the other story. But since you want attention, Perez, I created my screen name especially for you! I bet you want to suck his, don't you?

  78. 78

    sounds like some bullshit

  79. 79

    Pig-boy Mario is hopping mad now. Look, see Mayer the organ-grinder and the filthy monkey dancing to the music.

  80. 80

    no one cares perez … you sound like a jealous school girl. Have you ever even been kissed?

  81. 81

    Wow, did John Mayer GET HIS POSSE ON THIS COMMENT BOARD BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE OR WHAT?!?! The last I checked, his integrity was ALREADY in big question, the first several comments sadly are NOT representin!

  82. 82

    Did you just OUT JM? Shameful.

  83. 83

    One needs to be careful not to insult the intelligence of ones audience when they are the very people that have placed yo in the fortunate position you are in John Mayer. You announced to a crowd of people in Jacksonville you are denouncing your media hogging, attention seeking ways to embrace your music and get back to reality. Then you verbally regurgitate private and personal details of fellow entertainers you once spent time with and prompt an "inevitable" (you are a smart guy) backlash from Perez Hilton with respect to other comments in said interview. Not defending anybody here but I love your music and cannot understand why you are conciously unintentionally but sub conciously intending to put a bullet in the temple of your career by not engaging your brain before you open your mouth. I bought a ticket to that concert, I dont like being humoured (and no I spelt that correctly I am Irish)

  84. 84

    So, someone trusts you enough that they confide in you PRIVATELY, and then you PUBLICLY out them.. That shows what a disgusting, attention seeking, low life, piece of shit YOU are !!!!

  85. 85

    John Mayer embarrasses himself. He has less tact than Perez!

  86. 86

    Someone's on the war path! I wonder what John's done to rile Perez up? Maybe the guy was just kidding, who knows?

  87. 87

    IF this is true why out him like that for everyone to see??? why would perez do that? and IF this is false then thats fucked up too. If it is true, then if anything hes BI, hes been with tons of hot celebs and dated jen aniston for christs sake. To perez everything is black and white , your either straight or gay. Which isnt the case, bi sexuality does exist and theres nothing wrong with it, perez is just bitter cause hes fully gay and cant be with women he wishes he could get with gaga…

  88. 88

    OMG perez you love him SOOOO much.
    also lie detector tests don't prove shit except that you BELIEVE what you're saying is true. what is with your constant insecure need to tear down and "out" everyone and everything?? it's like you're not even actually a gay man, you just find that the mask of "gay man" is most convenient for your constant spew of vitriol and hate, which is even worse than being homophobic. it's using a whole group of people for your petty catfights.
    you're scum, and not even a great gossip columnist, but keep on clawing your way to the top, because once you're there you'll be as lonely as you truly deserve to be.

  89. YUCK says – reply to this


    you probably lost all the weight because you thought it might increase your chances of getting some of that john mayer cock. LOL hilarious, no one will fuck you except the trannies on santa monica and western. LOL

  90. 90

    Who cares if he is or isn't? Based on today's explosion on your blog, it is clear that you are obviously the one with issues and are in love or infatuated with the guy and it is not reciprocal. I used to think you hated Jennifer Aniston so much because you were in Jolie's pocket, but it is now incredibly clear that it is because you are so into Mayer. If he did invite you to his house, maybe he was f “in with you, or maybe he just wanted to hang out or maybe use you. You criticize him for running his mouth, but isn’t this post just evidence that you do the same?
    BTW, this is the last day I will read your blog. Out of respect to your many readers over the years (which I am one of) you cannot even look at what Mayer said and really own it. Instead, you just scream like a little baby. I have been hoping for over a year this blog would improve but inert it will forever be. Adios Perez, was nice knowing you for a while.

  91. 91

    Who cares Perez? What do you think you are cool by saying this shit? Because you are nothing more than the biggest douche in america. You are a jealous hateful person. You must have been picked on alot in school by people who are cooler than you, and thats why you are such a loser today. Once a loser always a loser.

  92. 92

    The man is not stupid. You do not invite Perez Hilton over to your house and say "shocking" things to him unless you are looking for a little publicity and attention. And you gave him exactly what he wanted. Well done!

  93. 93

    wow, three Mayer stories in one morning - it's obvious he doesn't want to have anything to do with Fatboy anymore and Perez is pouting like a 12 yr old girl and lashing out
    Mayer likely is gay but he could do better than you, you ugly mongoloid. By your logic every female porn star who has licked rug is a "lesbian" and most of those girls seem to really, really like cock.

  94. 94

    Fucking prove it. OOOOHH 3 other people were there. Were the F is your proof???

    TEAM MAYER!!!!

  95. 95

    It's sad Perez that you feel the need to out someone just because they said something maybe not that nice about you. I'm a big fan but i can't believe you just did that. Too far.

  96. 96

    Perez, you SO deserve to be puched again. I hope the next person who punches you does some serious damage to that already hideous face !!!

  97. 97

    Omg Perez… obvi you are obsessed with him. This war is going to make him like you less… awww… maybe you should stop?

  98. 98

    Perez, what exactly is the point of this? You're so pathetic.

  99. 99

    and you bash Michael Lohan for leaking phonecalls … can't you see how hypocritical you are???

  100. 100

    lol, if you all claim to hate perez as much as you seem you do, then why the hell are you still reading his blog!? get over it.

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