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Jillian Michaels Sued AGAIN!

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These "supplements" sound pretty suspicious!

Jillian Michaels is being sued once again this time by Stephanie Creer who is alleging that the product in question Calorie Control is "worthless" and she only purchased it because Jill was endorsing it.

Creer didn't lose any weight so now she is suing which is very similar to the suit filed against Michaels yesterday.

We're not saying the supplement isn't bogus, BUT we're pretty sure you can't just take any kind of pill and expect to lose weight without healthy diet and exercise. We wonder what Stephanie was expecting?

Jillian's rep has stated that Calorie Control was tested by experts before the fitness guru slapped her name on it so she's not worried about how her case will hold up in court.

We just don't know who to believe!

[Image via WENN.]

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36 comments to “Jillian Michaels Sued AGAIN!”

  1. 1

    I think its pretty ridiculous that a trainer from the Biggest Loser, a show that promotes healthy diet and exercise to lose weight NOT diet pills, would endorse a pill………if there was a pill that actually helped you lose weight, nobody would be fat!!!!

  2. 2

    She is a fraud and a sell out.

  3. PinHk says – reply to this


    lol So she is a fitness Guru now LOL PLEASE she is a big ol Lesbian who screams at people. lol a fitness Guru lol

  4. 4

    North Americans need to learn that there is no magic pill that will make you lose weight. The only thing that'll make you lose weight is to get off your fat asses and start moving, stop supersizing your orders and eat less processed food. Learn how to cook and eat real food.

  5. 5

    She's a nasty mean bitch and makes people feel bad.

  6. 6

    Pills don't make you lose weight Diet and Excercise do - I'm shocked she's endorse any kind of pill and a calorie control pill? WTF no such think don't eat crap that's how you control calories!

  7. 7

    I actually agree with Perez this tim (or his ghost writer, whoever wrote this) There are disclaimers for weight loss supplements (including this one) that state that taking that with a healthy diet and exercise will help with weight loss. Even in her commercials she says it is to be used with healthy diet and exercise. NEVER has she claimed it is a magic pill that you can take and magically be thin. What fat lazy sows. Why the hell is it so hard to get off your fat ass and TRY to be thin. She did, she used to be a fatty and look at her now…and she did it with hard work. Also, Re: akatrene – AMEN!!! That is what I hate about being in North America (specifically America) - we are stamped as being fat and lazy because the majority of the country is. It is sad.

  8. 8

    WHat a joke. This woman is never gonna win this lawsuit. THe directions say "with proper diet and exercise". It doesnt say you can have a Big Mac and Macaroni and Cheese and you will lose weight. II highly doubt she used any portion control. It's called taking the fork out of your mouth. People think you can eat and eat, not exercise, pop a pill and you'll lose weight. If it was that easy we would all be a size 2. It's not Jillian's fault at all. They should of took a blood test on this woman to see how much food she consumed before she decided to sue.

  9. 9

    Okay… There is NO MAGIC PILL for losing weight! And as someone has already pointed out, its strange that a fitness expert in Biggest Loser would actually come up with a PILL!!??? MOVE YOUR FAT ASSES AND STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE!

  10. Celt says – reply to this


    There are definitely pills you can take in accordance with eating healthy and exercising that can help with fat absorption but there are some serious side effects to those. I love Jillian, I love her methods, I love the way she screams at people who need to be pushed, I have all her workout DVD's and they've changed my body dramatically. She's really good but I am surprised that she would endorse this kind of product.
    As for the two women suing, I think they should be counter sued for being stupid. If all your doing is washing down these pills and eating the same, than you deserve to be fat! Weight loss is not brain surgery…it's logically simple. Eat healthy portions, and exercise. It's a lifestyle not a quick fix.

  11. 11


  12. 12

    Re: Slutstick Actually, it was exactly that she said "all you have to do is take them before you eat and THAT'S IT". SHE said that's it, therefore it IS false advertising if to get them to work you have to diet and exercise. It's what she said verbatim that makes this false advertising.

  13. 13

    The magic pill is called, eat like a normal person and run down the street. Nothing is going to save your fat asses except the gym.

  14. 14

    This are prime examples of frivolous lawsuits — and a waste of the courts' time and resources. Jillian has helped countless people regain health through fitness. Maybe the FATTIES should just put their forks down and stop shoveling food into their FAT faces.

  15. Celt says – reply to this


    Re: imsoregistered
    Actually it does say "Use in conjunction with any sensible diet and exercise program."
    They won't win the lawsuit. Not to mention $5 million dollars in damages?? You can't tell me this is not a get rich quick scheme and it's unfortunate that people like this exist. It's like saying McDonald's made me fat! Well Ronald McDonald didn't force that supersized meal down your throat did he?! Nope, these women will not win.

  16. 16

    Diet pills aren't magic weight loss pills. You still NEED to exercise and have a healthy diet. They help but you also need to help yourself. I hate that shit. Want to lose weight? Have a heavy raw vegan diet. The pounds would drop faster because the enzymes in raw foods gets all that junk out of the colon. And do some colonics too.

  17. 17

    Re: The Eyes Have It – Jesus, people. Learn some grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Some of the people who post on this site need to go back to 1st grade. It's not "they should of took." It's "they should have taken." Nobody will take you or your comments seriously if you can't even form a sentence properly. Spend less time on gossip websites and study up on your English usage.

  18. 18

    Re: DrinkYourKoolaid – Really? If you were such a brain you would not be on gossip sites either. So what my grammer is not up to par. I didnt realize these are my SAT's not a gossip site. Sorry Ms. Perfect, I just came off an 18 hour shift at Beth Israel Hospital in NYC and is finally sitting back, relaxing and trying to get my mind off of deaths, gun shots and other horrible events that I witness daily as a Nurse so if my grammer is not suitable to you, well than I apologize. We should all be so perfect as you!

  19. 19

    Good. I can't stand here and her horse nostrils

  20. 20

    Fatties are disgusting. They smell, they're repulsive to look at, they have lower IQs than fit people, they always have food slopped on their faces or clothing. They need to MOVE, not sit around and hire lawyers for B.S. lawsuits. Ever have to sit next to a FATTIE in a theater or on a plane? It's one of life's grossest experiences. Fatties victimize everyone they come in contact with.

  21. 21

    Jillian has always advocated clean supplementation- and these are not just something she"endorsed". She helped to create them so they would be clean and safe.

    Anyone who thinks they can take a pill and lose weight, without monitoring how and what they eat, as well as exercising…is pretty ignorant.

  22. 22

    Re: Celt That's what disclosures said NOT what Michaels said. Huge difference.

  23. 23

    Re: Celt Oh and if McDonald's said a meal was 200 calories and you ate it based on that information but it was actually 2000 calories and it made you fat, YES you can sue and win. False advertisement is false advertisement regardless of what product it is for. Michaels touted it in a line in a commercial that you DIDN'T have to work because the pills regulated your intake. The disclosure was NOT aired during her statements either.

  24. 24

    Re: mountainqueenAccording to Michaels rep - these pills were on the market AND the tests were done before Michaels joined on, but that Michaels was informed of the studies.

  25. 25

    Does no one see the irony when you sell a pill and say, will produce results with diet and exercise, when diet and exercise alone produce results…
    The lawsuit is over the language on the packaging which says it is like an automatic diet. What could be easier? and that it will restrict your caloric intake automatically. That sounds like she is saying you don't need diet and exercise to lose weight.
    What is making me laugh about Jillian's defense is that she is saying that her product has been tested by experts. The last time she commented on her experts, it turned out that she may not have even been aware of who was making her product… You can read about it by looking up Dr. Nathalie Chevreau her nutrition expert.

  26. 26

    All of this finger-pointing is extraneous information. Any FATTIE who thinks they can melt away their SUET by gulping a pill has FAT on their (small) brains. FATTIES need to stop filling their pie-holes, not casting aspersions on a successful businesswoman and proven fitness expert whose advice leads to success when followed correctly. For a real treat, attend the 2010 FATTIE ACCEPTANCE conference in San Francisco. I predict a sourdough bread shortage!

  27. 27

    Re: mountainqueen – She says she made these products, have you not looking into who really makes these pills. Look up Basic Research and Jillian Michaels… I don't trust what she says at all anymore.

  28. 28

    Re: Celt – Actually it is a little more complicated than that. Government would normally file claims for false advertising, but government pressure, specifically out of Utah, the 'silicone valley of supplements', has create the DSHEA, and limited the FTC's actions with regards to supplements. So, only private litigation can stop false advertising, which leads to these horrible class action suits.
    So, just because you put a disclaimer on your product, doesn't allow you to put false advertising on your product. On the surface, this lawsuit looks very likely to be won by the plaintiff, but don't worry, they will probably settle long before.

  29. 29

    Caveat emptor - FATTIES! Why should Jillian Michaels or anyone else settle with a bunch of FATTIES? They will just use the money to by macaroni and cheese, ice cream and pizza to stuff in their pie-holes.

  30. 30

    Maybe it has a little amino acids and caffeine to boost energy, but you always do have to watch what you eat and work out. There is no magic pill. I love Jillian! I bought her DVDs and am on day 2 of her "30 Day Shred". It's awesome; I burn 300 in 20 minutes because she works you so hard. Anyone who has ever paid attention to what she says would know you have to work to get results.

  31. naima says – reply to this


    The woman is a fucking joke and a phony, she doesnt care that people are losing weight or not, she's in it for her personal gain to make money. Her website claims free this and that but its actually not fucking free, you have to suscribe and pay for the shit she said was free. I cant stand her becaus if it wasnt for Biggest loser she would be nothing and she's not helping people at all.

  32. 32

    Here is my take on the matter
    Fatty Mcfatterson was NOT exercising and/or eating properly all the while taking these pills, hoping that they would speed up her metabolism enough to make a difference. Well it obviously didn't make a difference and now she's pissed!
    She's pissed because everything she ever heard about weight loss is true. Pills alone don't work and diet and exercise are essential for weight loss. Some people WANT to believe against everything else that a pill will perform a miracle rather than doing the hard work required.

  33. 33

    I tried Jillian's detox and cleanse product and got a really bad pain after a couple of days, felt like a very bad backache that really didn't seem normal, which went away as soon as I stopped the program. So I dunno, I'm a fan of Jillian's and applaud Biggest Loser's efforts to get people off their butts and into the gym, but it seems like she's not being too selective about stuff she endorses…

  34. 34

    Re: frenchisbest Sure, because it has to do with weight - it's okay to lie to someone to have them spend money.

  35. 35

    Why not just return the bottle for a full refund…suing is a little over the top. Any diet pill you take is only meant to give you a spurt of energy-like a cup of coffee, or fill you up with fiber so you stop stuffing your face. If you sit on your ass in front of the TV it's not going to do anything but make you nervous.

  36. 36

    I can't stand this lezbo fraud! Diet pills!! Are you kidding me? What kind of personal trainer pushes diet pills? She knows full well the only thing that works is watching the diet & working out like a maniac at the gym!