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Jennifer Love Desperate Celebrates Valentine's Day With One True Love!!

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Oh no! Where's your has-been of a boyfriend, Jennifer Love Desperate?!!!

The Ghost Whisperer was photographed ALONE and shiteously festively dressed on Valentine's Day having an INTENSE conversation on her phone while ordering some Taco Bell.

We bet Jamie Kennedy made a crack about her pear ass and she stormed off for some comfort food!!

Nothing numbs the pain of being irrelevant like a crunch wrap supreme, right DESPERATE?!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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88 comments to “Jennifer Love Desperate Celebrates Valentine's Day With One True Love!!”

  1. 1

    Honestly… I wouldn't mind a cheesy gordita crunch or two for my Valentine's Day dinner. Some of the stuff on their menu has to taste better than that stuff at those 5 star restaurants.I would definitely rather eat one a cheesy gordita crunches than *~* EsCaRgO *~* But seriously.. If I was stuck on a desert island and could only eat one thing, Taco Bells cheesy gordita crunches would definitely be that thing! You do yo' thaaangg Ms. Pear Butt!!

  2. 2

    Okay, so who were YOU with on V-Day? Since apparently it's okay to mock people who aren't with their significant others? I'm sure had a date with a very hot, successful, young thing, right?

    Didn't think so.

    Also, she's thin. Let her eat as much damn Taco Bell as she wants!

  3. 3

    How is she being desperate? He might be busy or they have plans later. Some couple just think of Valentines day is another day and just love eachother everyday. I love Jennifer!!

  4. slite says – reply to this


    so basically if she is ever spotted alone…she is a loser who was broken up with? I never see your fat ass with anyone, and you are a loser, who is alone…

    Way to manufacture nothing. dumbass.

    BTW: how does it feel that she has been more sucessful by the time she was 20 than you will ever be in your whole life. Loser.

  5. 5

    geez - she does have her own tv show, so she's not that irrelevant. she looks cute.

  6. 6


  7. 7

    I bet Jamie Kennedy made a crack about your sorry tushy.

  8. 8

    you guys are incredibly mean…..
    And BTW, you are not exactly "svelte" yourself PEREZ!!!

  9. 9

    wow… you really assumed a lot there didn't you

  10. 10

    I really don't get it!!! Why do you people that write for Perez always bash Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is such a nice change from the Trashy Paris, Gaga and whatever else is floating your boat this week. You people need a serious life!!! I guess to a point I do as well cause I read your frap…but hey…I would never bash someone for the fun of it…Come to Austin so I can tell you how lame you are to your faces!!

  11. 11

    Big whoop. She's getting Taco Bell like any normal person, instead of making rude remarks about her maybe you should actually try complimenting her for not being too big of a star to still do normal things. I don't get how you could even know who she is talking to on the phone and that they were having an "intense" conversation. Are you a mind reader now? Getting all knowing visions from behind your computer screen? Not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day by flying their girlfriend off to Paris. Please, you're pathetic and like to insult people because you have no one. You're biased as well, if Lady GaGa was doing this, you would be applauding her for staying down to earth. Your laaame.

  12. lobri says – reply to this


    Jeez, that was kind of a mean post. Boo.

  13. 13

    I think Jennifer looks really cute:) and she is THIN! Shut up Perez.

  14. Shark says – reply to this


    you are a hateful pig who one day will kill someone as they read one too many fat comments………i was taught if you try to stay in decent shape you can treat yourself once in awhile with what some consider fast food…as long as its not too often…
    ..but in your world the moment a celebrity is shown grabbing some taco bell…you comment as if they are in there every day…..you are a hateful pig.

  15. 15

    What a mean and stupid post!! Sounds like YOU'RE the desperate one!!

  16. 16

    Who is the loser?

  17. 17

    Why so mean to her?

  18. 18

    You know what amazes me? Perez fawns over Lady Gaga, let's face it….she's a modern day Madonna but with jackass outifts. He has this general policy of never ripping on Paris Hilton, who all but begs for it. Has Hilton EVER had sex and not videotaped and released it? What does she do fatboy? Send you a check every month to take it easy on her? Then you have Love Hewitt, who seems to be classy, not a whore, still working, and to be honest…hot! She looks like a woman should, and you still feel the need to trash her at every chance you get.

    You might want to take a good look in the mirror before you trash someone like her. She's way out of your league!

  19. 19

    Also……….Perez? How did your tour end up going? Did you manage to give away enough tickets to make it look like anyone gave a damn about you?

  20. 20

    I don't understand why you are so awful to Jennifer Love Hewitt? Seriously, what is up with that?

  21. 21

    at least she doesnt post videos of herself complainging about how hard it is to date. your the desperate one u fucking douchebag!!!!

  22. 22


  23. 23

    You're desperate Perez "Choose ME for American Idol! Perez! Me! Perez!!" I think they got the hint and they're extremely uninterested

  24. 24

    Why do you hate her so much? Did she do something to you? That was completely ass-tastic.

  25. Laura says – reply to this


    Dude, come on. she's just having some tacos, which is kinda making me hungry now - she's got a BF, so…. she's just not with him at that moment. Not everyone needs to feed into Valentine's Day, and not everyone needs a boyfriend!! right?!

  26. 26

    Re: gimlet123 – Perez? He is some fat ass that runs this website…….Or did you mean Jennifer?

  27. 27

    Seriously… after reading this I just had to get me some of those CHEESY GORDITA CRUNCHES!!! numnumnumnumnum

  28. 28

    Are you kidding me dickhead? So what she wasent with her boyfriend that means she's desperate. My husband and I went to a nice dinner Saturday night and had breakfast with the kids Valentine's morning but in the afternoon I did go to the mall for some shopping and picked up takeout for the night. I guess I must be desperate. Coming from the person who will never find anyone to love him and is so bitter and jealous of everyone, you should really shut your ugly, negative mouth. No good will ever come to you the way you talk!

  29. 29

    Let's see: misogyny, a swipe at her boyfriend/fiance, sexual harassment, gratuitous insults.

    What has she ever done to deserve your wrath? Or, do you just hate all girls named Jennifer?

  30. 30

    She's cute and normal….While you should be praising her sweater and cute sunglasses you are hating her b/c YOU are the DESPERATE loser NOT HER…

  31. Pam says – reply to this


    J Love-

    You look spectacular. I can't believe how many close ups she gets in her TV show. Girl has an incredibly beautiful face…natural. She's my favorite girl in Hwood.

    Rock on J!

  32. 32

    The five buck box it rocks it rocks it rocks for a meal with lots and lots.
    It rocks for a jock it rocks for a fox it rocks block and shots on guys with dread locks.
    What comes in this box this box that rocks?
    A cheesey gordita crunch to much.
    Now we all see the you eat supreme!
    A crunchy taco and cinnimon twists.
    Both on a list
    Oh wait let me think… an ice cold drink
    That is lots and lot in just one box
    And its only five buck and that's why it rocks.

  33. 33

    Jamie Kennedy is a hideous scam artist who's current "big thing" is being the spokesman for a pyramid scheme company that sells energy drinks by promising big money if you buy a ton of their drinks and then get your friends to buy and sell them too.

    That being said, he has the fattest, longest, hottest cock in Hollywood. Did you see him in the movie "Finding Bliss"? That think should have a mouth on it 24/7.

  34. 34

    Yo. Whats up Stephanie? How ya doin' today?
    89 cents is what we're gonna pay, say hello to bobby he's in the back seat.
    gimme something big. WITH A BUNCH A BEEF!
    89 cent double cheesy beef burito.
    why pay more, thas big and cheap.
    so heres what we do.
    i want one, you want one too?

  35. 35

    I hate that you are always trashing on her.. She is adorable and happy with who she is. What is it that you have against her? It seems personal the way you always have something ignorant and bitchy to say when ever she crosses your path.

  36. 36

    Cash strapped
    A little short on the greenbacks
    Thats what its like
    Growin up in the cul de sacs

    Mobbin’ to the bell, we’re gettin something to eat
    Have my shorties countin’ dimes ’cause todays my treat
    I’m a big dog, my pockets full of change
    Throw the dimes in the air, kid, I’m makin’ it rain

    It’s all about the Roosevelts, baby
    Flash them dimes, 79, 89, 99
    It’s all about the Roosevelts, baby
    Give me tacos and nachos and what’s yours

    Pockets empty, wallets looking lean
    Paper money’s out, silvers our new green.
    Cruisin’ to the bell, we’re rolling cars three deep
    Coinage in the glove box, dimes under the seat
    I’m like a banker, always rollin’ with change
    I ain’t a player, I’m just playing the game.

    It’s all about the Roosevelts, baby
    Flash them dimes, 79, 89, 99

  37. 37

    Woder why Perez hates her? so much?

  38. 38

    And you know what else is nice? They have that new Fresco menu with a lot of delicious, healthy choices!

  39. 39

    I Love Taco Bell!!! 5 layer borrito changed my life =)

  40. 40

    And who could forget

    iYo Quiero Taco Bell!

    Whats your favorite Taco Bell menu item??

  41. 41

    I hate it when you give people flack for nothing. J.Love is getting something to eat, since when is that a crime?

  42. 42


  43. 43

    Do you even have the right to file this under Z list? Your the most irrelevant Z lister out there. She has her own show and is quite famous for doing something genuine with her God given talent. You're a bitter lonely guy who I truly feel bad for, because you're so jealous of these others people's talents that you don't have. It's sad…

  44. 44

    Your bitterness towards couples only spells out one statement.

    P E R E Z I S A L O N E.

  45. 45

    i love jennifer!

  46. 46

    Perez is the desperate, irrelevant, fatass loser who spent V-day with his fap.

  47. 47

    Perez, who the hell would spend valentines day with a nasty, mean, cold hearted fat slob like you? Jennifer is hot, she can get with any man you CANT! Thank god your dog loves you.

  48. 48

    I spent my Valentine's Day at an emergency veterinary clinic - my dog was hit by a car on Tujunga. I would much rather be eating Taco Bell, hanging out on a beautiful day than weeping my eyes out over a loved one.
    Jennifer looks lovely. Leave her alone. Please. There's a difference between snarkiness and sheer viciousness - you or your writers are pushing it to become just as horrid and jaded as the next 'industry' type.
    Happy Belated Valentine's Day.

  49. 49

    Did she take someone you wanted Perez? Piss on your sad attempts to pull her into one of your irrelevant events? Why do you seem to hate on her so much?? Do you seem to forget that she still has a very successful TV show going strong? Oh … my bad. You only report on the "facts" (as you invent them) to suit your own ends. Fat shit.

  50. 50

    That's mean Perez, c'mon!!!

  51. 51

    P.S She's obviously still significant if people are still taking photos of her doing something so mundane like getting food. =/ When was the last time someone photographed you getting food? NEVER. And lord knows there are A LOT of opportunities to photograph your fat ass getting food.

  52. 52

    Irrelevant? Uh…she's on a TV show that gets 10 million viewers a week on FRIDAYS.

  53. Sonsu says – reply to this


    You know what, Perez? You're like Elton John without the talent—a little tubby with a head that's just a little too big for your body, not an attractive sight. Jealousy doesn't become you.

  54. 54

    Wow, what did she do to you? Can't people go for take-out?

  55. YUCK says – reply to this


    Im not a fan of the jlove but damn! you sound like you speak from experience everytime you start talking about overeating over emotional issues.

  56. 56

    No one knows DESPERATE the way YOU do, loser. And no one knows ALONE better than YOU do. Why? Because you're a pathetic lard ass who has no one in his life. Stop projecting your own problems onto other people; it's pitiful and transparent.

  57. YUCK says – reply to this


    Re: Bella02 – thank you, the only people who make a big deal of valentines day are those that 1. arent in a relationship 2. are in a relationship that seems to almost be kaput 3. if its your first valentines day with your mate.
    pigs, clearly you have never been in a "real" relationship. good luck loser.

  58. 58

    Sounds better than yours. She probably got laid, you didn't.

  59. 59

    Perez, where's your boyfriend? That's right, you probably haven't been sucked off by another pillow biter in years!

  60. JoeyW says – reply to this


    Are you fucking kidding me? I went into the city for some shopping without my significant other..BIG FUCKING DEAL! Just because you seem to think Valentine's day is a big deal, doesn't mean the rest of all fall for this shallow, mainly made up by Hallmark, fake love day!! Get a life Mario, you're pretty pathetic! And on a side note, Jen is skinnier then you! So go suck a lemon!

  61. 61

    Re: ohforealtho? – Ummmmm yea, saw the movie and you are soooooooo right!

  62. 62

    Why do you hate this woman? What did she do to you to ellicit all the endless vitriol you spew in her direction? You are going to fall so hard and everyone will cheer.

  63. 63

    Mario is such a prick leave the thin, hot talented women alone. Karma is coming and you already got hit with the ugly stick, it must suck to be you since so many people wish bad things for you. I hope you suffer.

  64. FunMe says – reply to this


    Come on, leave alone. Why so much hate.

    If she were to die, you would then be so sympathetic.

    Seriously, I don't understand your hate for this gurl.

    I'm all for her and her Ghost Whisperer Show!

  65. 65

    Is a woman in her 30's really wearing heart shaped glasses. Wow, someone needs to tell her she's not cute, not at all. She's probably going to be a spokesperson for the Taco Bell diet, because it will give you a twig sized upper body and a giant rice and beans cellulitey @$$.

  66. 66

    i dont understand why you dont liek her ashes awsome.

  67. 67

    Okay where is all this hate for JLH coming from? It seems unwarranted?!

  68. 68

    You obviously have a major vendetta regarding this girl. I guess she didn't kiss your ass at some point & that got her on your shit list. Grow up, Perez. She's a low key celeb with a successful show who doesn't act a fool. There's nothing wrong with her.

  69. barb says – reply to this


    she is just a little hottie. not like a little homey

  70. barb says – reply to this


    she is just a little hottie. not like you a little homey

  71. 71


  72. 72

    Ha ha ha . Perez is the crazy gay cat man!!

  73. 73

    Mario this girl produces her own show. The Ghost Whispers which is also shown on other channels and still in the top shows on TV. She must be doing something right. Oh, I thought douche John Mayer wrote her body is a wonderland. Hmm…

  74. 74

    leave her alone!!!! she is NOT desperate. so she went to Taco Bell to get something to eat, who cares?! what's so desperate about that? at least she isnt a diva who hires someone to go into taco bell to get her food. shes down to earth. quit talking so much trash about her.
    i've actually met her before and she was gorgeous and sweet.

  75. 75

    WTF Perez??? Seriously tho!! I don't get it, what did she do to you? I guess cause she's been consistenly GREAT at what she's done for over a decade people can bash her!!!???? Grow up!!

  76. 76

    Re: boozette – Valentine's Day! She was being cute and festive! Are her sunglasses harming anyone? No. I think she looks super cute and suitably dressed for a young and hot star!

  77. 77

    okay slightly too far she is a good actress and you kind of pick on her a lot prez , love you blog , think you really funny but on this occasion too far as people have said her outfit is not harming anyone and she deserves a little less slack and again she can eat whatever she wants to eat this is how women get a complex about there appearance.

  78. 78

    perez, at least she has a boyfriend, do you???
    i thought so..
    haven´t you thought she mas plasn for later?!?!?!?!
    you are soooo stupid..

  79. 79

    a bit mean for my taste

  80. 80

    * Jennifer Love Hewitt is a decent actress.
    * Her ghost show isn't that great.
    * She can do better than Jaime Kennedy. He is ridiculous evidenced by that documentary he made about hecklers.

  81. 81

    I like her.

  82. 82

    if gaga was wearing that same outfit or glasses youd be creamin your jeans P

  83. 83

    Yeah and when was the last time you had a date? I bet any of your ex's would have rather gone straight than Perez.

  84. 84

    you spent the day with mickey mouse

  85. 85

    That's more venom than necessary PH.
    She's an actress that's talking on the phone, that's all.
    Hey and she isn't driving like the dangerous phone talkers.

  86. brock says – reply to this


    You are hateful and jealous Perez. You wish you were were a hot young woman so men would pay attention to you. Bitter much?

  87. 87

    Such a shame that people can't go to Taco Bell in a simple jeans and sweatshirt anymore without getting harassed for not looking glam. I think she looks cute dressed down. For all we know, she had plans with Jamie later in the evening or celebrated another night to avoid crowds.

  88. 88

    Awww Don't hate on the Ghost Whisper I love her its ok Jen Keep your head up and call the other Jen when your feeling down and out!!!!