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49 comments to “More On Kevin Smith VS. Southwest!!!”

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    Kevin Smith is huge and I doubt he fit in the seat - I saw him at the Grove and gasped, he must be 400 pounds. I think he's humiliated and lashing out. The guy broke a toilet by sitting on it, his own admission - he said he was going on a "fat sabbatical" after last movie, seems to have forgotten that. He's going to die and wants to blame everyone else for his problem.

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    shouldn't his fat ass loose weight? just like you fat azz mario , if your big ass does not fit on a normal seat you need to purchase another tkt'

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    He's a fatass. Lose some weight and stop whining! I sure as hell wouldn't want to sit with his arm on my thigh.

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    what a load of bullshit. And what the fuck is up with the weird capitalization going on in SW's blog? Fire that writer and hire me, I know my AP Style and Strunk & White. SW sucks.

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    it seems like someone paid good money to get him kicked off that flight and southwest airlines is trying to repair their image. How small was this plane? I mean he's not that fat

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    I have been a vicitim of sitting next to someone like Kevin Smith on Southwest. It is a very uncomfortable experience to be sitting next to someone that claims that they "fit" into their sit, meanwhile they are pouring over into your seat. If you have every worn a girdle before just because
    you "suck it in somewhere" it has to come out somewhere. My experience involved just that, the side arm going down and the "extra person" spilling out onto my seat. After my experience I called Southwest to complain, because its an embarrassing situation to discuss and I certainly would not have done it in front of this person. They issued me a credit for $50, but they are right they do have a policy and it is available on line. Frankly when you pay the money for your seat, you pay to use the whole seat not have someone else using as well!

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    Lose some fucking weight and stop bitching lard ass.

  9. 9

    Kevin, Get the fuck over it…you are TOO FAT to fly in 1 seat….get on a DIET> Geez give me an f'ing break you selfish slob

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    This is a stupid nonstory. He's heavy. He's overweight. He's a big guy. WHATEVER. SW seats are narrow. They are a cattle call. The flight was sold out, so there was no way they could accommodate him to have an empty seat next to him. Would you want to be seated next to an overweight person spilling over into your already cramped seat, brushing up against you for however long you are stuck?! Yeah, he's Kevin Smith, so maybe it doesn't seem that offensive, but have you ever sat next to an overweight person on a flight?? It's HORRIBLE; they practically SIT on you. Take the armrest, spill over, touch you the entire time. It's totally an invasion of acceptable personal space and incredibly uncomfortable. I'm sorry Kevin was embarrassed, that sucks. But, he went standby and they realized they were going to use the seat next to him, so he couldn't be accommodated after all. Grow up and accept the facts that you are overweight and would have to go back to your original itinerary.

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    They removed him because he created a hazard for all the passengers on the plane with his fat ass - there's no way he was strapped in and sitting comfortable before they removed him - did he have an extension on? Lose the weight lard ass so that you can avoid problems with the airlines!

  12. 12

    Re: sleezy*e – - the capitalization is used to denote a defined term. "Customer" has a particular meaning which might not be encompassed by the uncapitalized term "customer." You may know your AP Style, but are evidently unfamiliar with business and legal documents.

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    NO…..It's all about money…..not his weight….they want his money.

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    I'm thin and fit in those airplane seats with little room to spare. There's NO WAY Kevin Smith fit into that seat without spilling over big time, he's three times my width. Southwest was in the right and Kevin should be embarrassed about the way he abuses his body, not fuming at a company for doing the right thing. Americans in particular need to confront obesity in a non-delusional way.

  16. chlyn says – reply to this


    The problem is not Mr. Smith's or anyone else's weight. The problem is that the airlines seek to maximize revenue by cramming all of us into seats that are too narrow and too closely spaced front and back. If you drop something, for example, you will not be able to bend forward far enough to pick it up or even see it. (At least, this has been my experience on international flights - which I assumed would have MORE room because the flight is +/- 10 hours long.) While this cramming enables us to afford an airplane ticket, it makes for an uncomfortable trip. Why not just knock us all out with Protoprofol and stack us like wood inside the cabin?

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    Kev is NOT that big. He's a big guy, sure, but not big enough to warrant being denied a seat. SWA was not in the right in throwing him off, as he did pass their armrest test. I'm not a big girl, but that doesn't mean I don't have empathy. Fat people have every right to fly, the same as anyone. And if, like Kev, the person fits in the seat, they should be able to fly with one seat.

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    "comfortably" is relative. It's the airline's decision, not his. If he has such a good case, sue them and STFU. He'll lose though. Obviously, his career is in its nadir never to recover and this is the best PR he can get.

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    I'll run that lard off his Ass!

  20. 20

    maybe he was comfortable but the person next to him would be covered in his fat.. they were thinking in the other costumer as well :O

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    I fully support SW's decision - I have had to sit by a heavy person who obviously didn't ad hear to the 2-ticket rule and it was the most uncomfortable flight of my life. Airlines not only have that rule for comfort, but to also help determine the weight of the flight - if the flight was full of 300 lb people, it's gonna take a little more fuel than a flight of average weight people.

    On another note - if you are so heavy you need two seats - go on a diet. Yes it sucks, I've been there, done that. But not only will you save money on airline tickets, but your insurance will go down as well as your grocery bills.

  22. 22

    Keep in mind, this was Oakland to Burbank. Read: Regional Jet. They are inherently small, probably only seating about 48 flyers with no first class. I'm sure we could look up the exact plane and passenger count. M point is, a 400 pound person is enough to tip the weight of a plane that size, and when the safety of everyone is important, it's probably best they put him on the next flight. They also publicly apologized very graciously, and gave him vouchers, etc. He should accept the apology and move on. He's got a lot better things to do than attention whore himself out by belaboring this issue with SouthWest. The matter is closed.

  23. 23

    I am on Team SouthWest. If this was any other airline, I will tend to lean on Kevin's side. It's just that SouthWest has a reputation for excellent customer service and it's the most successfully run airline in America today. If they had a problem with Kevin Smith, I am sure it is a legitimate problem and it is for his safety.

  24. 24

    you seem like an interesting buy kevin
    but i really wouldnt want to sit next to you on a plane

  25. 25

    They shouldn't be asking if HE is comfortable but rather how the two people either side of this guy like being wedged next to such a fatty - I am betting they were more than happy to see him removed. Why should another passenger be disadvantaged because he can't stop stuffing food in his mouth?

    And to those saying the seats are too small - well airlines are running a business. They put bigger seats in, they lose money. Those wanting more space should pay for it. Its that simple.

  26. 26

    So he wanted an earlier flight, was put on standby, when the airplane did not have two seats to accommodate him for that certain flight they not only put him on a later one that would fit his needs but gave him a $100 voucher for his troubles. What did he want them to do for him? Give him a personal jet? Southwest is cheap. You get what you pay for.

    Team Southwest here. If he wanted five-star accommodations then he should have bought his own jet.

  27. 27

    Fuck Southwest and their SAFETY issues. Fat is not catching. Maybe they should escort away the thousand smoking pukes standing outside the terminal that everyone has to walk through.

  28. 28

    fatfucks should have to 3 seats, so no one has to smell their stinky stench

  29. 29

    "uh, sir we've decided that you need more than one seat to complete your flight, thank you" WTF?

  30. 30

    do they have a "no assholes" policy?

    I can't believe they apologized to him. He's a twit. not a tweet but a TWIT

  31. 31

    coward: posts a photo of his FACE rather than his stomach, hips, rear, showing how it/they all fit/fits into the seat.

  32. 32

    his ugly fant and no wonder nobody took him seriously his face and how he is dressed

  33. 33

    What a fat whiny fuck.

  34. 34

    You big fat fucking pig- why should the world accomodate your fat ass like it's a disability? I'm sick of porkers complaining that they need special treatment because they choose to stuff their pieholes with lard instead of salad. I don't want your blubber touching me on a plane or anywhere else. These fat fucks should be forced to ride in cargo so nobody else has to look at their disgusting bodies.

  35. 35

    Re: sleezy*e

    Southwest Airlines utilizes a unique style guide (e.g., always capitalizing Safety, Customer, LUV).

  36. 36

    Ok I am CERTAIN Kevin Smith's ass is over 17 inches so the burden of proof is on him not the airline. If that is there policy, deal. I pay the same price u do to fly but because I am thin I am suppose to effin' share a seat with your ass? Sounds like Kevin has a case of fattitude. It is a safety factor and good customer service for the OTHER PEOPLE on the plane to require fair seating arrangements. Stop drawing attention to yourself dumb ass.

  37. 37

    To me it sounds like they didn't even put him on the plane. I've flown standby about a trillion times working for an airline and most likely they realized he had purchased overflow seating on his other flight and wouldn't let him on the plane due to his size. He even admits in his quote that he has purchased oversized seating before! Like everyone has said…this is NOT just a Southwest type policy…it is all airlines. They need to take care of the other passengers, and it just isn't safe if someone can't get out of their seat if there is a fire or plane emergency.

    I am surprised he has taken it this far. Southwest is being slandered by his comments as a "public figure" (uh huh!)They really don't owe him an apology!!!!

  38. 38

    I'm going to have to side with SW too. I'm thinking Kevin is in denial about his size. Being "famous" does not make you have a smaller ass.

  39. 39

    THEY REMOVED HIM BECAUSE HE WAS TOO FAT! Have you EVER had an obese person sit on you during a several-hours flight? I have and it was NOT comfortable.

  40. 40

    This guy is a total moron and a douchebag! He's fat and takes up more room than he should! It's not Soutwest's fault he's fat! Selling seats is how they make their money! Instead of whining and blaming others how about he loses the weight? Oh, and the people at Southwest are idiots for apologizing!

  41. 41

    And, too, how do they explain the fact that my daughter had to share her seat with half of the man sitting next to her? How are they picking and choosing?

  42. 42

    He's chubby not fat. I'm bigger too and fit in one of those seats…you have to be like 350+lbs to not be able to fit and he's not that. Something sketchy is going on here….
    I havea very big 6'6 brother who just boarded a flight paid for one seat and was never asked to leave. Bizarre things going on!

  43. 43

    People over 300lbs should pay for two seats… It's too much weight for the planes and for the poor person next to them !!!!!

  44. 44

    i agree with SW's decision. i've had to sit next to a big lady before on the plane. there were 3 seats on my row — i had the aisle seat, the big lady had the middle seat, and a skinny teenage boy had the window seat. when she sat down, she had to lift the arms from both sides to fit. it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. my shoulder was pretty much in the aisle, and every time someone walks by, they would bump into my shoulder. before that experience, i thought it was mean of the airlines to make big ppl pay for 2 seats, but AFTER that experience, i was ALL FOR IT!

  45. 45

    Everyone that is saying Kevin Smith "is not THAT fat. He's chubby NOT fat"…have not seen him in recent years…because this dude is FAT x 2! He used to be chubby but he's really let him self go. I saw him about a year ago, maybe 2 and I was completely floored at how HUGE he's gotten, and of course you can't tell by the head shot he posted of himself on the plane. Kevin, sit in the airline seat and take a FULL body shot, yep I doubt we'll see that pic. Lastly, it's not even about squeezing yourself in the seat, there are weight restrictions to a flight and what about emergency exit procedures. If you want to live your life as a fat slob Kevin, that's YOUR right; however, don't impose your unhealthy lifestyle on the people around you because of your sense of entitlement!

  46. 46

    i think airlines have gotten shittier since 9/11… the cost of flying has risen and customer service has fallen. i'm not fat… i weigh 110lbs, but i think that overweight people shouldn't be burden with paying for two seats. the airlines need to make a section for bigger people and charge for one ticket even if it means it is a little higher than a "normal" seat. another thing… just like they have a business class and first class they should keep an area for "families" because it's really annoying flying 7 hours to say europe with a bratty crying kid. o_O

  47. 47

    bet he farts and pretends it isn't him.

  48. 48

    Just because HE was 'comfortable' doesn't mean the people next to him were! I wish the seats were bigger, too, but they just aren't. Surely he can afford to fly first class?!?!?!

  49. 49

    Southwest the WORST airline EVEEEEERRRRRRRRRR!!!