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Raptor Mascot Eats Cheerleader!

| Filed under: Zportz

During the half-time show at the Raptors vs. Nets game, the mascot got a little out of hand with a cheerleader, which led to her untimely demise.

Watch the HIGHlarious clip (above) to see the raptor devour the lady!


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37 comments to “Raptor Mascot Eats Cheerleader!”

  1. 1

    Hahahaha i vomited a little because i had to laugh out loud!

  2. 2

    I saw this two days ago. Old news Barbara.

  3. 3

    lol..where'd she go? hahaha

  4. 4

    aww poor girl. hopefully he poops her out safe and whole

  5. 5

    HAHAHA, i LOVE our mascot. theres never a dull moment with him.

  6. 6

    Was that real? Because few seconds before it happened, the video shook like it was altered. If it is real, it's funny and wierd but I am not sure it is real.

  7. 7

    Okay, it looks real. WOW

  8. 8

    Pretty old news in Internet Time.

  9. 9

    haaa good one!

  10. 10

    OMG, I laughed out really loud too. hahahahaha!

  11. 11

    Omg I think I peed my pants a lil bit! lmao that was too good. Way way way to good! Death to all cheerleaders! lmaooooo

  12. 12

    In his defense, she did look delicious…

  13. 13

    Good luck shitting that bitch out!!! LMAOOO

  14. 14

    This gag is done better by the Rockets' mascot Clutch. He eats the dancer & then gets beat up by other dancers until the 1st dancer crawls out of his mouth & he lays on the floor "dying."

  15. 15

    hahahahahahahhahahahahahahah enough said.

  16. 16

    OMG that was the best ever.

  17. 17

    he does that all the time!

  18. 18

    I hope she sucked him off while she was in that costume. That would be something.

  19. 19

    ew they could be making out or doing it in the mascot

  20. 20

    That was hilarious, I wonder how they did that. The mascot must have been holding her inside. The best part was the commentators.

  21. 21

    Re: STFUalready – fuk u. raptor does it better than everyone

  22. 22

    hahahaha…. that was pretty funny!

  23. 23

    LOL what the hahahaa

  24. 24

    om nom nom.

  25. 25

    That was pretty freaking funny! it would have been truly HIGHlarious if it had thrown her back up!

  26. 26

    Love this Mascot. Love my city. Love Canada!!!

  27. 27

    i work at the ACC..where the raptors play. the inflatable mascot does this all the time..its even had little kids before ..its all planned out dont worry

  28. 28

    Rofl, wow.
    Good stuff.

  29. 29

    Madonna's vogue playing at a b-ball game?? LMAO!!

  30. 30

    LOL LOVE him, he is honestly the best mascot in the NBA! I got season tix! The raptors are doing a hellofa lot better than them damn leafs eh

  31. 31

    What guy has not fantasized about eating a cheerleader?

  32. 32

    LOL. I hope he doesnt get constipated

  33. 33

    lmaoo that was hilarious!!!!!!!

  34. 34

    hahah this was great!

  35. 35

    what the wtf

  36. 36

    Re: meekss – oh thank goodness, i thought a real dinosaur went to a basketball game and ate a cheerleader…

  37. 37

    there clearly humping you can see it as he walks off!!