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Mucca Is Broke!!

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Heather Mills has apparently done the impossible and used up the entire $50 million she was awarded in her divorce settlement with Paul McCartney!!

WTF?? It's been TWO YEARS - how can someone possibly blow through that much money?

According to Mucca, it's her sincere efforts as a humanitarian that cost her the cash.

"Most of it's been given to charity, gone into ethical businesses or paid for a couple of properties for my daughter's future security. I could never sit with millions of pounds in the bank that could make matters change."

Yeah, we're sure, Mucca. You are the most thoughtful, selfless, gold-digging whore to grace the Earth.

How is she going to get her fortune back??

We can't wait to see what reality show she embarrasses herself on next!! Or maybe she'll just go back to her first trick and leech on to some old money bags!!!

Happy hunting, you worthless bag of skank!!

[Image via WENN.]

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58 comments to “Mucca Is Broke!!”

  1. 1

    HAHAHA!! As if anyone would really believe she spent all that money on "good works" Guess What Mucca, You didn't make a difference. Have fun being homeless!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    perez, you're such an idiot! You call someone a "worthless bag of skank" because she donated her money to charities to help others? not to mention, she also put that money towards investment properties for her daughter? yeah, you're right, what a bitch!

    Seriously, perez, you're worthless for making that comment. Oh, and by the way…no where in her statement does she claim to be "broke". So, way to spin it into a lie.

  4. 4

    that was one of the complaints that paul had, she was spending his money non stop. she is nothing short of a moron…. Yes, it is great to be charitable, but I guess, she never heard of setting up trusts, foundations and giving out the money over time, being chosey? You throw millions at a charity, legally, they are not suppose to hold on to it, as they are a not for profit, so they have to spend it. So they are used to for that year spending big bucks on their projects. next year comes along and they have NOTHING. People get laid off, projects get cut. Far better to set up trusts like legit rich people like Gates and feed these charities certain amounts each year.

  5. 5


  6. eewww says – reply to this


    Looks like she may have spent a considerable chunk of that money on some really bad plastic surgery. She wasn't pretty to begin with, but all that work hasn't done much to help her looks@|!

  7. 7


  8. 8

    BAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Douche Bagette! Charities my ass! If you are worried about your daughter's future, give Paul full custody! Laurel-I'm sure you're a very nice person, but you clearly don't know what this gold digger is all about. If an investigation was launched today, we would see that her charitable donations were minimal, and the charities she used to represent have folded.

  9. gnuts says – reply to this


    "Most of it's been given to charity, gone into ethical businesses or paid for a couple of properties for my daughter's future security. I could never sit with millions of pounds in the bank that could make matters change

    first off hoow much to charity. she could have given 5 dollars to charity and the rest spent on whatever else and her statement would stand true. pr tatics
    ethical businesses means business that again a pr spin could say were ethical businesses but still were just business ventures she wanted to make money in just she isnt smart and/or has no business talents. donald trump has ethical businesses too but we all know its just so he can make money not because he truly believes in the ethical side of it. pr pr pr
    and properties for my daughter which i will currently reside in and own until i die and then pass it along to her. like 50 cent who invested in a couple of privet jets mansions and atv's for his daughters security of course oh no not for him to enjoy.
    this lady did the same thing when she took the intial bad press in divorcing paul. she spins everything to make her look better but at the heart of it all its just self serving materialistics desires she wants for herself. she wants her cake and to eat it too.

  10. gnuts says – reply to this


    this is also what happens when people don't earn there moeny they dont respect it because they put no blood swet and tears into getting it. like a littel kid. the parent knows the value of a dollar because they had to earn it while the kid spends it without care because they dont realize moeny doesnt grow on trees. she really is scum ………..one evil vain materialistic heartless souless lying piece of trash. paul what were you thinking

  11. gnuts says – reply to this


    and my goodness she looks like a haggered old annie lennox. for the younger posters in here an old lady gaga..so like in years when the meth morphs her face into that of a fat anoying fame hungry talentless gossip blogger.

  12. 12

    dumb slut. she needs to look to madonna the queen for money advice. like buying those african nig homes for cheap. jajajaja! madonna is the queen of smart. madonna will take from the poor and give to herself. the way god intended it to be. portugal loves madonna. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!

  13. gnuts says – reply to this


    snookie, gagga, britney, spencer and that thing formerly known as human, mariah and madona etc………..they do all pay perez for posting stuff about them. this site is nothing more than just a digital pr person for celebrities. while it is entertaining hey im reading it and posting i know i have to stop if i want any change in todays pop culture

  14. 14

    Guess she could become a spokesperson for the seal hunt and make a few bucks. Let's not forget that this is where her troubles started. lol

  15. 15

    You're an asshole, Perez. You wouldn't know the truth if it bit you in the nuts (which it wouldn't; you're too icky). Mills could probably buy and sell you several times a day and not even notice; we'll never know because she surely knows that you're not worth the purchase and she'd never find a buyer because you're completely without worth and/or merit.

  16. 16

    Is it just me or does she look amazingly like Paul McCartney in this picture? It's the eyebrows.

  17. 17

    I'm no fan of Heather Mills myself, but I am a fan of equality- something you speak very highly and often of Mario. With a few clicks of my mouse I was able to find out that yes, Heather Mills DID donate nearly 60% of what she got to charities. As shitty of a person as she is that is VERY generous and doesnt deserve the flack that you give her. As someone who strongly believes in equality for all I find your charade so annoying. You tote equal rights and treatment for all yet incessently bash those you dislike. The internet is a powerful tool, why dont you put some effort into your posts? A little edumacation goes a long way Mario…your bloggin' gig aint going to last forever you know…

  18. 18

    Re: MadonnaMania – Shut up there…..quit making white people look bad…….even though you seem FATINA…..with your fake jajaja…….shut up bitch.

  19. 19

    Re: Revolennon – I thought the same thing!!!

  20. 20

    Happy she is broke. Karma is a bitch.

  21. 21


  22. 22

    Great…it could not have happened to a biiger bitch. I hope she goes to hell

  23. 23

    Re: BITCH PLEASE!!! – your jealous of madonna. she is beautiful and powerful. she takes what she wants and you are ugly and poor. dumb bitch. have you taken land in africa. have you sold bottled coconut milk. have you had #1 concert in history. shut up bitch. madonna is the QUEEN!

  24. 24

    Gnuts-for such a hater, you sure spent an awful lot of time to comment.
    Glass houses and rocks dont mix baby

  25. 25

    Well, is anyone really surprised?
    What a stupid ass bitch! Do ya think she's figured out why everyone hates her so much?
    There are so many reasons, so she should just crawl in a hole and shut up and hide.
    What a horrible embarrassment to Sir Paul!
    He obviously was thinking below the belt.
    She's looking shittier every time I see a picture of her.

  26. gnuts says – reply to this


    60 percent of money she 100 percent didnt earn is not all that generous. if i stole 10 million but then donated half that to cahrity what does that make me. a thief who gave money that wasnt mine to gain popularity and good press (which is why i made it known that i did so, so people could look it up and know how good i am) truly selfless people dont advertise there good deads, and i still have 5 million dollars i didnt earn. after her charitable donations, she still blew threw roughly 20 mill on herself. plus i bet she posted the previous supportive comments.

  27. gnuts says – reply to this


    everythin she has done has been dispicable. gold digging, lying, prostitution fame whoring and what about her condisending attitude with her comments like " i need the money to fly first class, and go on vacations" fuck her and anyone who feels she has any redeemable qualities.

  28. 28

    …how do you know she's broke?…was she commenting that she's broke and explaining how she spent the money?…or, was she merely explaining what she's spent so far?

  29. 29

    What about her enormous monthly child support checks?

  30. 30

    She looks old and ugly with her short hair!

  31. 31

    it's karma,baby….

  32. 32

    how long til she goes back to the well (Sir Paul)….she is a piece of work!

  33. 33

    you know.. she really is retarded.. i really really hope paul doesnt come to her rescue. …and like hell she set some of that money away for B. like paul wouldnt give his daughter every cent of his money!! god… what a… ughhh! i hate heather mills with a firey passion.

  34. 34

    Re: gnuts – Divorce is a bitch that knows no justice. There is little fair with divorce. She didnt steal- it was done in court so how could she steal? Dont get me wrong here- I am not a fan of hers. Know very little besides the negative though. I just dont think someone who is that generous, yes I do think giving 60% of your moola is generous, to charities that need the money deserves to be blasted for it.

  35. 35

    what a nut case!

  36. 36

    Paul must be thrilled…

  37. 37

    SHAME! It couldn't have happened to a more desrving person. Maybe shell be able to start earning money by reverting to her previous 'profession'?
    Ho! Ho! Ho!

  38. 38

    You have to give Heather some credit. What she has done for amputees by appearing on Dancing with the Stars and Dancing on Ice is amazing. She sets a great example of what one can do with a disability. And she brings awareness to animal abuse and has opened vegan restaurants. She does have a good side. I really doubt she is broke….

  39. 39

    Love it!! I do not believe she donated any significant amout of money to charity. I would love to see her try to marry a rich man again hahahaa

  40. 40

    Let me get this straight. She invested money for the 'future security' of her daughter. Her daughter's father is SIR PAUL FREAKING MCCARTNEY - do you really think there is any doubt about her daughter's future security? Does she actually believe that without her Paul would let Beatrice become a homeless, penniless waif? Sounds like a lame excuse - when asked blame it on trying to do the right thing for you kid. Way to throw Beatrice under the bus Heather.

  41. 41

    What an idiot you are. She is so far from homeless it's crazy. She gave a lot of that money away - and she has millions upon millions to fall back on. This chick is loaded.

    Perez, when will you grow up. High school ended.

  42. 42

    …………….she ain't gettin' any younger !

  43. 43

    nice eyebrows lol

  44. 44

    She deserves to be broke if she doesn't take care of her own interests first.

    Like on a plane…secure your oxygen mask first before you help others!

  45. 45


  46. @v@ says – reply to this


    Cliche alert:
    A fool and his/her money are soon parted.

  47. 47

    Wot the HELL has happened to her face? She's starting to look like Sir Paul (and I like Sir Paul.)

  48. 48

    ok, Im going to double dip here..I thought it might be interesting to put some new perspective on this spending thing Mills did. I'm no fan of hers, I truly believe in giving credit where it's due. McCartney is one of the most talented men in the music industry. His taste in women went awry after Linda died. They were soul mates, no doubt. But Mills, well, I'm still scratching my head. Lets do some math. Lets see 50 mil over two years…uumm divided by 730 days….carry the 2.. uumm.. ok, yeah that would be $68,493.15 each day. Na, she's not broke…I'd be willin to bet you'd find a good chunk of it in a Swiss bank or burried in a shoebox somewhere. It just doesnt add up… (no pun intended). pr stunt, yeah pr stunt. The truth always comes out…stay tuned..

  49. 49

    I've read the press about her and I've seen her on Larry King and some other interviews. She comes off as VERY disingenuous, very self-serving. I believe at the heart of it all is her belief that she is somehow superior to others, somehow special, and thus DESERVES more money and more fame and more status than others. I believe she is some type of narcissist (whether malignant or whatever) and feel very sorry for her daughter who will suffer b/c of it. * If this woman gives to charity, it's for selfish purposes only. Many people with money buy property in their kids and even in their dogs names for tax purposes. She's a HUGE opportunist plain and simple and married cheap, stingy Paul solely for his money. LOL - Paul with that gold digger is beyond hilarious as he is infamous for being frugal. I believe he was a shit to her, but I also believe she deserved it.

  50. 50

    Re: gnuts – that would make you Robin Hood, FYI.

  51. 51

    her poor child will soon find out the skank that she is ,and giving her money to supposed charities is just her guilt manifesting itself for ripping off a BEATLE. She deserves to be broke

  52. 52

    Wow Perez, when you get really mean like this it gets me hard.

  53. 53

    What the fuck happened to her face? Looks like a drag queen without a wig!

  54. 54

    "Worthless bag of skank"??? You know she is someone's mother & someone's daughter!!!!!!

  55. 55

    She should've seeked financial helpers to split up the money so she would at least have enough to live by…. Love the Beatles!!! :D

  56. 56

    Property for her daughters future security! Her father is Paul McCartney FFS, I don't think she has to worry about her future security!!

  57. 57

    Hahahahah Perez said Skank

  58. 58

    Would love to see the entire list of what she spent the money on!! Somehow I doubt it's all on charities and good causes!!