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Rosario Dawson And Wilmer Valderrama Promote The Census!

| Filed under: LatinoliciousPolitikRosario Dawson

Rosario Dawson and Wilmer Valderrama are among the celebrities associated with Voto Latino promoting Latino participation in the 2010 Census and teaming up with MTV Tr3s!

The two of them are starring in PSAs encouraging their fellow Latinos "to make it count." Rosario, co-founder of Voto Latino, says:

“By partnering with MTV Tr3s, who are at the forefront of Latino youth culture, we seek to reach and empower our audience, who are the gatekeepers in most Latino immigrant households. They open the mail, pay the bills and make key household decisions.

"Participation is crucial, and the act of not participating translates to an estimated loss of 10K per person in federal funds until the next census. I encourage everyone to watch these PSAs and then take the census pledge!"

The results of the 2010 Census are extremely important and we have to ensure we're represented!

Make it count!

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14 comments to “Rosario Dawson And Wilmer Valderrama Promote The Census!”

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    Nobody cares about Latinos.

  3. 3

    Why are people PROMOTING a census??!??!! I don't get the need for promotion… the census is mailed to your address, by the government, and to every registered household. It's been the exact same way for years… so why do people need to be urged to do it? This sounds like government propaganda to me… who is funding this?

    I don't believe that "the act of not participating translates to an ESTIMATED loss of 10k per person in federal funds until the next census." How did they come up with that figure? And how literal is ESTIMATED?

  4. 4

    I loved this chick in Death Proof…

  5. 5

    Perez forgot to include the Voto Latino link where you can get 25 FREE songs (from Pitbull, Mos Def, Morrissey, Ozomatli and more) for taking the Census pledge. Just go to www.BeCountedRepresent.com

    The Census is very important because the federal government allocates funding based on the population of each town/city. For every person not counted, the community loses over $10,000 in federal funding over ten years for education, health care and transportation. So go get your free music and be counted, represent!

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    Re: liltrix09 – The reason it needs to be promoted is that people like Rep. Michelle Bachman are telling people NOT to take the census (they are anti-anything related to this administration, even a census). If you aren't counted, you don't have anyone representing you.

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    Re: Last Days For MarioRe: Last Days For Mario – Get used to it Latinos/Latinas are here to stay!!!

  8. 8

    The census is just a way for big brother to keep an eye on you.
    Most of the questions they ask are are NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS.
    Don't let them scare you into filling it out with threats you won't be represented, etc. They just want to get more and more info on you they don't need.

  9. 9

    All part of the Left WIng Agenda…they'll even make up numbers if that's what it takes to get the numbers they need to realign the districts to change the dynamic of Congress. If they can register dead people to vote for Obama….you can bet they'll milk the census to get their way…That's what this is all about. Make no mistake

  10. 10

    This is all about getting illegal aliens to take part in the census. Those states that harbor more illegal aliens want more federal money and more representation in Congress. States like CA need more federal funds because illegal aliens cost those states billions of dollars. Of course the problem could be solved if all employers had to verify that employees were in this country legally. If we did that, the work would dry up and millions of those here illegally would self deport. My uncle worked construction. He was laid off in favor of an illegal alien. Maybe if we got rid of some of them he could get back one of those jobs that Americans supposedly don't want. The problem isn't getting Latinos to take the census, the problem is getting illegals to do it….Unless of course, you're suggesting that Latinos are mostly criminals. They support criminals, obviously, but they're not all criminals. Breeders, yes, criminals, no.

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    arent censuses compulsary anyway?

  13. 13

    Census- too personal!

  14. 14

    Re: Last Days For Mario – It doesn't matter if you care for them or not,hate all you want, but we arn't going anywhere!Latinos are here to stay!! :D