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Southwest Speaks Again!

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They're really trying to cover their asses!

After director Kevin Smith was booted from a Southwest Airlines flight, there has been a lot of back and forth about what really went on.

Here's Southwest's latest response from Linda Rutherford on the Southwest blog:

"I had the chance this afternoon to speak directly with director Kevin Smith. I let him know that in my 18 years here at Southwest, I have never dealt with a situation like what has been unfolding in the last 48 hours. I let Kevin know we have refunded his airfare. I told him we made a mistake in trying to board him as a standby passenger and then remove him. And I told him we were sorry.

Now, 48 hours later, after talking to many involved, we know there were several things going on that day and that our Employees were doing their best to get his flight out safely and on time, including finding seats for everyone and trying to accommodate standby passengers. The Captain did not single Kevin out to be removed, but he did ask that the boarding be completed quickly. At that time, our Employees made the decision to remove Kevin after a quick judgment call that he might have needed more than one seat for his comfort and those seated next to him.

Although I’m not here to debate the decision our Employees made, I can tell you that I for one have learned a lot today. The communication among our Employees was not as sharp as it should have been and, it’s apparent that Southwest could have handled this situation differently. Thanks, Kevin, for your passion around this topic. You were a reasonable guy during our conversation.

Southwest, like most carriers, has a policy to assist passengers who need two seats onboard an aircraft. The policy is an important one for the comfort and safety of all passengers aboard a plane, and we stand by that 25-year-old policy. This has our attention, and we will be reviewing how and when this delicate policy is implemented."

Sounds like the policy needs some MAYJAH reviewing.

How humiliating for Kev!

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88 comments to “Southwest Speaks Again!”

  1. noob says – reply to this


    They're missing one key fact that Kevin Smith has been trying to point out from the very beginning: He fit in the seat, was able to buckle his seatbelt and put the armrests down! Those are their very own guidelines to decide if someone needs to buy a second seat!

  2. 2

    Mario probably needs three seats! I don't want some Fat Bastard sitting next to me on a plane. Should measure the girth of the passenger like they do with luggage.

  3. 3

    It's a customer service issue. To call it humiliating just adds unnecessary, negative connotations to the situation.

  4. 4

    Kevin Smith needs to shut the fuck up. Why should I have to pay more to carry on a little extra hand luggage, when he expects to carry on shit loads of extra weight round his waist… This goes for all fatties.

  5. 5

    I have been flying all my life (28 years) and through the years airplane seats are so much smaller and not just becoz I have grown up and for people who are not even considered fat can barely fit in the seats and if they do, they are not comfortable.

  6. Opie says – reply to this


    Humiliating for Kevin?? The dude is a fat fuck who needs to lose weight. And not for vanity but for HEALTH reasons! Have you ever sat next to an obese person on a small plane? Not fun.

    He has admitted to making poor choices in his diet. He might want to seek professional help. Get well, Kevin. Stop blaming others for your problems.

  7. 7

    Fat pigs like him should be required to buy two seats! I am tired of sitting by fat cows on planes. Go on a diet or don't fly!

  8. 8

    I'd like to know when they will start charging less for smaller people- we don't take up the whole seat! Fair is fair! Just sayin'………

  9. 9

    where are all the commentors? site dying.. but i was right about gaga wasnt i?

  10. G-Guy says – reply to this


    As someone who often has not been able to enjoy whatever little bit of seat my ticket entitles me because the person next to me was spilling over into my seat, I can see both sides to this scenario. It's just not fair to those of us who aren't overweight that we don't get the full enjoyment of our seats because the people next to us are too wide for theirs. The airlines should make some sort of accommodation for larger people, but that commodation should stop short of impinging on my freedom to enjoy what little they give us these days in the way of seating area.

  11. 11

    Obese people make flying uncomfortable for the majority of normal-sized passengers who are unfortunate enough to sit by them. When you have a mountain of flesh spilling over into your lap because a hugely fat individual is next to you, it makes the hours one is trapped on a plane MISERABLE. And while I don't give a shit whether or not the fatties fly, they don't have the right to infringe on MY rights by making the journey a nightmare.
    If Kevin Smith is such a lard-ass that he spilled out of his seat, or couldn't buckle his seat belt, then the airline did the right thing. I understand that some folks out there have conditions that make them obese, but the gluttonous fat-asses are a different story. And I have NO sympathy for them. At all. Ever.

  12. Opie says – reply to this


    Re: noobRe: noob – So if Kevin fit in the seat how did it become an issue about his weight? Did Kevin make it an issue? Sounds like he needs an intervention.

  13. 13

    WhatEVER! This guy is just doing this to get attention and free publicity on his upcoming movie which, will no doubt, be a flop. Its not the airline's fault that he can't push away from the gravy bowl. They made the right decision to yank him given the fact that his fat ASS was on stand-by, so its not like he missed his flight, and its not fair to the two people sitting on either side of him to experience his 'overflow'. Southwest is a GREAT airlines and is handling this far better than American would. If it were me, I'd tell fatty to quit bitching and take to hiking.

  14. 14

    Amen, Opie! Its insufferable to sit next to a fat person on a plane, with them spilling over onto you. He should buy 2 tickets to accomodate his large self. He gets no sympathy from me!

  15. 15

    I love how the shit hits the fan when they piss off a famous writer! Imagine the scramble to find somebody to write this press release. "Oh shit, we better bring our game. Somebody who can spell. How were we supposed to know some fat guy named Kevin Smith is famous and wrote all those funny movies? He acted so low key like the rest of the herd!"

  16. 16

    Kevin is as fat as. The airline removed him so that poor bastard sat next to him wouldnt be pushed out of his seat everytime kevin went to scratch under one of his fat fold. Just because he managed to jam his ass into a seat doesnt mean it makes sense to pay for a ticket and have to sit next to him and his stink. Put as much effort into exercize as you do bitching about Southwest and you can board a flight buying only one seat. If you routinely buy two seats to fly the issue isnt with the airline. End of deal with it and stop crying. S/w suck too but quit shifting blame for eating too many candy bars.

  17. 17

    Southwest, Kiss My Ass.
    You will not see my or my family's business again.

  18. Harv says – reply to this


    Perhaps the fat fucking pig should lose some weight then he wouldn't have these issues.
    Also, if he'd shut his fucking mouth and not drag this through the public it would be less humiliating.

  19. 19

    Grow a pair Kevin. The truth is he is overweight and its not a pleasure to sit next to someone who is large on any flight, no matter how cheap the seat is or how long the flight might be.

  20. 20

    I would have hated to be the person in the seat next to him.

  21. 21


  22. YUCK says – reply to this


    kevin is a big fatso, I would like to know how much he weighs and how tall he is, also his body fat percentage. I know I wouldnt want that lard ass sitting next to me on a flight.

  23. 23

    Smith's humilation ws brought on by…Smith!
    Unless there are other genetic health issues involved, LOSE WEIGHT!.
    And for those overweight, think about extending the courtesy to the airline telling them you may not fit in a chair and if they can make arrangements for a comfortable flight.

  24. 24

    Airlines should require the passenger to state the circumference of their butt before the purchase of tickets :-) That would be so much easier wouldn't it? There's no need to talk about weight. People put their weight on their breasts, arms, neck, face or anywhere.

  25. 25

    Maybe he should live a healthy lifestayle and lose some weight and it wouldn't be an issue!

  26. 26

    This fat pig and all other fat pigs should pay for 2-seats. I hate it when I have to be squeezed beside a fat pig.

  27. 27

    Southwest is lying. They were going to boot a friend of mine who incidently is not a fat ass. They made her buy another seat!!!!!! The SUCK!

  28. 28

    southwest is the best airlines out there and this whiny bitch fat ass director needs to stand the fuck down and quit crying for attention.

  29. 29

    Southwest acted unreasonably here. If he fit ok in the seat, they should have left him alone.

  30. 30

    I bet Kevin is thinking… "whoa is me" "everyone is making fun of me for being fat, I am going to say this is discrimination so I can keep on stuffing my face!" …I wasn't on that plane that day but fat people do not have the right to spill over onto other passangers seats. Fat people need to buy two seats or sit in first class (obviously not on Southwest) Kevin - focus your efforts on weight loss…

  31. 31

    KS humiliated himself. He is the one who made this incident public. Does he have a movie coming out? I had never heard of him before this happened. SW is at fault for one thing, they should have known (and probably did) that he purchased 2 seats for his scheduled flight. When he chose to fly standby, they should have warned him that it would be very difficult to get him on earlier flight that had 2 seats together. If it was so important for him to leave earlier than scheduled, he should have offered to upgrade to first class on standby. Problem solved. KS knew the reality of the situation of accommodating "people of size" and that was why he bought 2 seats to start out with. Being able to bring the arm down between seats does not mean anything. If you are large, you are going to spill over into your seatmate's space regardless of the arm being down. It comes down to this: he either bought 2 seats because of SW's policy or he did it for his own comfort because he didn't like being squashed either and he is too cheap to pay for first class. Either way, he knew the 2 seat thing was an issue but he didn't care because he wanted an earlier flight and decided to take a chance. It backfired on him. Man up KS and quit whining about an incident you created.

  32. 32

    Do people get two seats for being fat?? That's nuts, I'd have moved him too and I'm no slim Jim by any means. I couldn't imagine the humiliation of being told you need two seats on a plane.

  33. 33

    Re: Harv – yes, mario, it is humiliating for him because he took it to the internet, the press and every outlet he could. Humiliating because he is fat? is that Southwest's fault? NO. Southwest admits that they made a mistake in the way that they handled it. They even called Kevin reasonable. Southwest, if you BOTHERED READING (which you normally do not do not do) the whole article, will be reviewing the policy. I am overweight myself, so yes, I would be humiliated if I was told to exit the plane, but then again, I would be embarrassed if my 'fat' overflowed onto the next seat like some morbidly obese people's body's do. I thought some airlines had seats out by the ticket counter -like if you don't fit in, you buy 2? saw it on airline on cable, but don't remember what airline it was. It's a good idea-no arguements, cause if your fat flows, you don't go. NOW, for the other matter at hand. Again, if you are trying to sound ghetto with MAYJAH, you're not, you sound like an uneducated 30 yo white doughboy.

  34. 34

    Actually- I have a bigger gripe about smelly people. Why do people feel the need to douse themselves in perfume, then get on a plane. (or leave their house, for that matter!) For me, it's a health issue, instant migraine. I'd rather have a biggie next to me (I'm small, I could scooch over and still have room) then a migraine that will take me down for a day or two even after I rush to my hotel and shower and change to get the stink off me. Some "choose" to be fat, some "choose" to stink- I have never once "Chosen" to be subjected to days of pain because people are stupid and selfish. Back to Kevin- from what I've read, he bought two tickets for himself for his original flight, but then chose to go stand-by. Why did they let him on knowing this?

  35. 35

    ENOUGH of this guy! Yes, he's FAT and bleeding this for publicity. He's been off the Hollywood radar for a bit and wants back in. He's probably been depressed about his career and has eaten his way to an extra 50-75 lbs in the past year……a shame.

  36. 36

    U know people aren't going to stop flying just because some fat guy got kicked off the plane.

  37. 37

    Didn't anyone watch Southwest's TV show. They did this to big people all the time. They would single them out and ask them for double fare every time. They all quoted their company policy. After watching their show, big or small I would never fly Southwest. That is how people are made. Some are big and some are small. Some are short and some are tall. Crowding people in some sort of clown car type seating should be against the law, no matter your size.

  38. kis95 says – reply to this


  39. 39

    BULLSHIT!! This pisses me off sooo much!! I HAATE HAAAATE HAAAAAATE when a fatty sits next to me and smells of fat sweat and pushes me over with his fat ass body. It is beyond rude and selfish to invade MY space with your overindulgence and then expect ME to hold my tongue about it!!! Quit crying and lose the weight you fat shit!!!!!!

  40. 40

    Re: AliciaMay – Right on! Fat asses…..lose weight!

  41. 41

    Kevin Smith really needs to get over it already. I mean it's obvious he's just carrying this out because he's embarrassed. He's a fucking ass. He got vouchers, he got a refund. They were doing their job. He "claims" he fit in the seat and was buckled in. Obviously it wasn't to the point that the employees felt were acceptable.Whether it was a mistake on their part to let him board or give him those accomodations before deciding whether they could or not, idk. Whether he truly was a flight risk or not. According to him saying he wasn't, or according to them saying he was. He got all they could to rectify the situation except glue his bruised ego back together. He needs to let it go. Now he's just looking like a whiny child.

  42. 42

    Re: melissamomof2
    Oh come on, It's not fair, you're not taking up the "whole" seat, and you wanna pay less? Yes, but you still have access to all of the seat to do with how you choose. Would you be okay if someone said okay, since you're not using all of the seat and therefore paying less, we're gonna let someone use the part you're not using and paying less for. Would you like that? No? Then stfu with less shit you moron.

  43. 43

    Wow what a bunch of stupid comments. Has any of you bothered to go read Southwest's policy on what they call "customers of size"? It is extremely vague. The girl at the counter who agreed to put him on standby saw him, she was aware there was one seat left on the plane, yet she did not say anything? Southwest is in the wrong because they waited until he was seated on the plane and then yanked him off the plane in front of everyone. One of their employees made a bad judgment call and nobody at southwest will own up to it. If you listen to his smodcast, he asked both ladies who were sitting next to him if he was bothering them and neither one of them said he was. On his next flight, he booked two seats, a girl was sitting in the 3rd, next to the empty seat and the stewardess pulled her aside to tell her to buy two seats next time, was that necessary ? Hell no, it seems southwest makes a point to humiliate passengers just because they can.

  44. 44

    Kevin Smith is not the first person to fall victim to southwest's bad customer service and I doubt he will be the last. Sure you all seem to like to enjoy complaining about having someone who's overweight sitting next to you on a plane, but what about screaming kids? What about kids sitting behind you kicking your seat throughout the entire flight? What about people who smell like they've taken a bath in perfume/cologne? The fact is, most flights are uncomfortable. Why is it that airlines are not removing those people for the plane as well ?

    Unless you're willing to request that southwest removes every possible source of discomfort from a plane, you might as well just shut up. I really hate hypocrites.

  45. 45

    I sincerely hope that all of you who are making hurtful comments towards bigger people someday grow older and gain weight, as you probably will, once your metabolisms slow down. Karma's a bitch, and if you continue like this, you'll be eating your fucking words someday.
    That being said, Kevin is not even that big of a person. There's no reason to make him buy two seats. Did anyone think that maybe he bought two seats on the other flight because he could and he wanted some privacy, as he is a fairly recognizable person if you've seen any of his films?

    I guess my point here is that you all were clearly raised wrong, thinking it's okay to call other people "fat-asses" and whatnot. Grow up, learn some manners, or shut the fuck up. I hope someday someone calls you a fat-ass and you know how it feels, fuckers.

  46. 46

    What about the lady that sat next to me who smelled like rotten eggs and smudgie. She was never asked to leave the plane.

  47. 47

    Re: jessicatandyismyhero – Yikes, JEALOUS MUCH???

  48. 48

    Kevin, you are fat! Now go drink a large Malta with condensed milk! Cheers!!!

  49. 49

    Re: awesomejenna – Clearly you're a fatty or have family members who are fatties and you are too sensitive when someone calls them FATTIES! Shut it. Fat people suck!

  50. 50

    Re: MissTake
    This situation wasn't about screaming kids kicking the back of someone's seat or smelly people…..sooooo… yea. I'm sure if it were people would comment. Why can't people fucking stay on topic anymore. Comparing Apples and Oranges doesn't prove your point.Staying on topic does.

  51. 51

    Re: G-Guy – I completely agree with you– however it was the way everything was handled. SWA has always had terrible work ethic. Search the show 'Airline'…some flight attendants think the plane is their stage and have zero respect for the people they are serving.
    Plus, there is an episode where a girl is flying to Vegas to audition to be a dancer and she does flips in the aisles. Tell me THAT'S not a saftey hazard!! LOL

  52. 52

    Next time Kevin,take a bus or better yet why don't you work a little harder at making a good movie.Yea,I know Orson Wells was fat but he made Citizen Kane before he lost control!

  53. 53

    Airlines are so greedy. Their goal is to squeeze as many people as possible into their tiny cabins until everybody suffocate and step on each other. I used to work with airlines and they spend loads of money on the most useless things!

  54. 54

    Re: sweptaway – AMEN!!!!!!! Couldn't have said it better myself!!!

  55. 55

    Re: jessicatandyismyhero – I guess stating other things that make people just as uncomfortable is off topic, my bad, I'm sorry I'm smarter than you. I'll stop here before I make your brain work too hard.

  56. 56

    I watched the debate over this on AC360 last night. I do agree that if he fit in the seat, they should have let him be. However, why the hell do the rest of us need to make special accomadations for obese people? Obesity is (mostly) due to poor food and health choices. It not only costs the airlines in gas, it presents safety concerns (if you are blocking an exit or people from reaching an exit), comfort issues, and beyond airlines, it costs us all in health care costs!

    I don't mean to sound cruel. I had previously struggled with my weight due to thyroid issues, so I know as well as the next how hard it can be. I am not telling anyone to be stick thin or develop an eating disorder….just get HEALTHY! Get off your rumps, don't eat 3,000 calories per day. And do not expect to be treated as a person with a disability when your weight is a TREATABLE and PREVENTABLE issue!

    If you are obese and I pissed you off-too freakin bad!!!

  57. 57

    Someone tell me how long the flight between oakland and burbank is?
    It cant be more than an hour right?
    What I dont understand is how they where worried about the other passengers comfort on such a short flight especially since he could buckle up and lower the arm rests. I can guarantee I will no longer be using southwest again.

  58. 58

    no offense but if your fat and you cant fit in a fucking airplane seat then you need TWO SEATS. i dont want to sit 5 hours next to some fat ass whose spilling over into my seat. wtf is wrong with people these days. IF….IF he could infact buckle his seatbelt and put down the arm rests and sit comfortably in his seat than i take back what i said. but he looks a little chub a dub dub to me

  59. 59

    I'm sure if it was anyone else, who wasn't a celebrity, the response would be:

  60. 60

    Not only do I think this is ridiculous (as he is not large enough for 2 seats) but I also think the size of the seats on plane are shit anyways. I am a skinny woman and I can barely move around for fuck sakes!

  61. 61

    I love how everyone wants to make this out to be an issue of discrimination of obese people. It's not about being obese, it's about being larger then average and being able to fit in a seat. That means that if I got put in a seat next to Shaquille Oneil and his legs spilled into the space I essentially rented for the flight, I'd be really pissed off. If I got sat next to Siamese twins who tried to sit in just 1 seat, I'd be pissed. If an Olympic Bodybuilder sat next to me and forced me to forfeit part of my seat so that he could fit his muscles in, I WOULD BE PISSED. Not because I hate fat people, but because I dont want anyone who takes up my space sitting next to me. I paid for a whole seat. Not part of a seat.

  62. 62

    Its strange how Perez is all for defending FAT Kevin Smith yet always makes fun of Mischa and other women for gaining two pounds.

  63. 63

    How is it okay for most of you to belittle and badger people for their size but then hop on the closest soapbox to defend people for reasons such as race, sexuality, religion, etc.? This whole Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines situation aside, I’m just curious as to why so many of you have hypocritical views.

  64. 64

    I think Southwest is bullshit and in the end they're just trying to back track and make themselves not look like total jerks. I am a fat person. I have no problems with saying it, I see it everyday when I look in the mirror, I come from a family of fat people. It is a well known fact that if you can buckle your seat belt in the seat provided by the airline, you're good to fly, let's not forget that Southwest also offers a seat belt extender, I know this because on occasion, when my weight fluctuates, I have used their seat belt extender. What probably happened is it was a booked flight and of course society thinks that all fat people are sweaty slobs that stink and fart, so then no one wants to sit next to the fat person. It's Kevin Smith people, I totally would've squeezed my fat ass next to him for a flight and totally picked his brain about various topics.

  65. 65

    Re: WillowWynde – You can't choose what race you were born into, but you CAN CHOOSE what you put in your mouth to eat. You can buy a mirror, because then you might say- wow, I ought to lay off the cheesecake for a while, I've gotten bigger (or in some cases- wow, I'm morbidly obese)- and CHOOSE to lose weight. You can choose to visit the fresh fruit and veggie aisles of the grocery store, instead of heading straight for the twinkies. I have to say- KS did buy two seats to begin with, so at least he either wanted to be more comfortable or wanted to do the right thing for other flyers.

  66. 66

    This probably happens to REGULAR people every day… now that they have been busted by a celebrity… they plead for forgiveness. I can't imagine what it's like to be overweight and be subjected to the "fat police".

  67. 67

    Re: melissamomof2 – I understand your point of view and I thank you for responding. However, it doesn’t answer my question.

  68. 68

    The only news here is that Kevin Smith's career is dead, and this is the only way he can get into the media!!

  69. 69

    oh please- this fat little bi tch is complaining because hes stuffed too many ho-ho's down his mouth and is fu cking MORBIDLY OBESE and he still wants to only buy one seat and sit next to some poor soul who wont be able to breathe properly with kevins massive fat rolls suffocating him to death??

  70. 70


  71. 71

    Give me a fucking break! GET ON A DIET KEVIN SMITH, YOU FAT ASS!

  72. 72

    Re: WillowWynde – Actually it addressed you charactarizing "us" as hypocrites.

  73. 73

    Re: melissamomof2
    Just because I point out the stupidity and lack of logic behind your comment doesn't equate jealousy darling.

  74. Cass says – reply to this


    Where Southwest really fucked up wasn't in giving bad service to Kevin Smith and applying their policies arbitrarily (dude was in his seat, armrests down, buckling up - which meets their requirements for safety). Where they totally fucked up was in treating another passenger the same way on Kevin's eventual flight. He had two seats booked since his wife was supposed to be on that trip, and had an empty seat between himself and another passenger. Airline personnel took that woman aside and tried to get her to purchase another seat, despite the fact that she also met the size safety requirements, and the fact that the seat beside her was empty. When he realized that he wasn't the only one getting screwed and humiliated by the airline, it was on.

  75. 75

    Re: MissTake
    "I'm starter than you?" is a retort that proves you are infact not smarter than me. Sorry, you're an idiot and therefore will be made fun of like the stupid bitch who thinks she should pay less for not using the "whole seat." The topic was him being kicked off for being too big. The fact of the matter is he nor one of the officials for SW made a comment about screaming kids or smelly passengers. The most that was mentioned was infact another passenger (mentioned by kevin) who needed to be accomodated with an extra seat that caused the confusion. So please, as i said, stick to the topic idiot.

  76. 76

    Re: MissTake
    And additional information on the story can be found on other websites, And Kevin Smith basically said he was letting it go BECAUSE EVERYONE SIDES WITH THE PLANE COMPANY! I guess smelly passengers and badass kids don't annoy people half as much as overweight passengers. Ha! which was the topic in the first place.

  77. 77

    Re: melissamomof2 – Actually, it didn’t do that either. Your response addressed making fun of others based on their “choices” as acceptable by you.

  78. 78

    Oh Bullshit. Not only is Scott fat but he's rude as well. There is no need for SW to apologize for refusing to allow one obese person to squeeze into a too-small seat, thereby squashing his neighbors. If you infringe upon another's space, then you need to buy enough space to fit you. Stop apologizing to this jerk and let him realize that he's really, actually too big for a single seat.

  79. 79

    with all the fucked up people in the world…should they really be worried about how quick they board people?? safety first assholes

  80. 80

    The problem with their policy is the same as the one for people who are suspected of drinking alcohol before a flight. It's left up to the judgement of a typical power hungry employee who gets their rocks off embarrassing and humiliating people because it's the only time in their life they can get away ordering people around.
    If you get one of these types of employees it doesn't matter whether they're wrong or not. They've decided to pick on you that day and there's nothing you can do about it.
    And that's why people get so pissed off at stuff like this… because we've all been subjected to disgruntled, mean spirited employees like that in the airline industry.

  81. 81

    The airline needs to shut up and stop putting fuel on the fire. They suck. they were wrong. They need to admit that and say nothing else. they screwed up and discriminated against him. They need to stop stating policies that do not apply to him. He could sit in the seat comfortably!

  82. 82

    Humilliating?? I weight 110 pounds and I always get seated next to large men that take up some of my space with their shoulders, arms and legs. I end up curling up in my seat with my legs crossed. These kind of larger people travel with their legs spread and never try to cross them to provide comfort for their unfortunate neighbors. Thank God the airlines are considerate enough to let slim people like me keep the space they payed for. If large people will use more than their assigned single space, then they need to recognize the necessity to buy an extra seat for everyone´s safety and comfort.

  83. 83

    Put a solid seat (solid under the arm rests, so no fat leaks into the next seat) at the boarding gate. If the person can't sit in it, they don't get on the flight, or have to buy two seats. Convert some rows of three seats into two. Each gets a seat and a half. Charge for a half seat. I'd buy that, just so I don't have to sit so fucking close to people. I hate people leaning on me during the flight.

  84. 84

    I fly Southwest all the time. Please continue to keep all the fatties off.

  85. 85

    Kevin Smith usually buys two seats anyway and I doubt he's doing this fro publicity, he's a great director, so he has no reason to, and I see no point in attacking fat people. Most of America is at least a little overweight, so unless the person you are bitching about is actually obese and not just overweight, get over it. They have as much of a right to fly as the rest of us. If you don't like the fact that airlines allow people larger than you on, then exercise your rights and don't fly. Bitching about it will not change anything.

  86. 86

    They messed with the wrong Man!

  87. 87

    Southwest needs to change how treat customers because this situation is not the first time it happens. A think this is happening because they are trying to accommodate the maximum passengers in there planes, making the sits smaller!! This is not gonna be the last time we're gonna hear about problems on how they treat customers !!

  88. 88

    Was Kevin in 1st class or coach ??? I would have thought 1st class but then I can't imagine Southwest telling a 1st class passenger to get off because they are too fat. Whatever, Kevin has now made this incident a "too fat to fly controversy" as evidenced by The insider, Extra, the late night shows & I'm sure if the Daily Show had not been repeats this week, Jon Stewart would have had a field day with it.
    I'm sure we will be hearing about it for a while longer.