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Jay-Z Bash Reportedly Refuses White Folks Admittance!!

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Uh-oh!! This is NOT cool.

Jay-Z is in the middle of some shizzzz because security at his BRIT Awards after party reportedly BANNED white people from going in the VIP area!


After winning a BRIT for Best International Male Solo, the rap megastar and Mr. Beyowulf threw a rager at the Merah nightclub in London, and while African Americans were reportedly let through to VIP no questions asked, white people were refused admittance.

Britain's Daily Star Music Reporter Kim Dawson says:

"I've been to countless showbiz bashes but never have I met meatheads like those at the Jay-Z do (party). Jay-Z is a megastar and yet it was clear white people were not welcome in his VIP area. While the red rope was lifted for black guests to breeze through, let's just say it stayed down if your face didn't fit. I have never felt so intimidated. It left me feeling like a mauled dog."

Jay-Z's reps are reportedly claiming that security was hired by the club, but Merah's owners are claiming they had no idea of any issues.


What do U think??

[Image via WENN.]

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423 comments to “Jay-Z Bash Reportedly Refuses White Folks Admittance!!”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    That's some bullshit. Jay-Z camp better come up with a better excuse. Idiots.

  3. 3


  4. 4

    OOO MMM GGG ; i dont have a problem with Jay Z or anything but not allowing white people into an after party? seriouslyyyy?! im white and like…that really ticksss me off. i dont hate on black people … i love black people; my boyfriends black; but like, thats not right to judge whites. i thought our country was getting over the whole racist thing … disappointing

  5. 5

    Ive never like this guy,he looks pissed off all the time Besides his mouth looks like my dogs asshole,

  6. 6

    i think i will reserve judgement until he releases a statement on this incident.

  7. 7

    That kind of racism is allowed, if he were white and refused admission to blacks the good ol Reverend Al would be on a plane to London already.

  8. YUCK says – reply to this


    are blacks from europe called african americans. that is a term we need to do away with. I have never heard a black person refer to themselves as african american unless it was on some sort of application or for work purposes. everyone black just calls themselves black. fuck jesse jackson for pushing this stupid term down americas throat. that fa* *ot

  9. 9

    He is a racist. Plain and simple. I am done buying any of his music or Beyonces and I have deleted all of their music off of my IPOD. It is such a double standard. Everybody has a problem with John Mayer but JayZ gets off scott free. Total BS!!!

  10. 10

    Same old story, blacks hate whites, whites hate blacks. So what's new?

  11. 11

    I think this is the problem with America, not just Jay-Z-. Suprise, suprise, white people were not let in a black persons party, and vice versa. As much African Americans call white people racist, they certaily act the same way. I I don't hate the race, i don't respect the culture….

  12. 12

    haha.. i kinda hope this is true

  13. 13

    If it was intentional, shame on him! No excuses for it!

  14. 14

    what a racist…it works both ways imagine if it had been the other way around!

  15. 15

    Obviously this particular white person wasn't cool enough to get in.. so instead of realizing that maybe they don't belong in a VIP area with Jay Z becuase they're not that cool they applied reverse racism because they're the real racist. Give me a break, not to mention any African Americans probably got in because they know Jay considering it's LONDON WHERE THEY HAVE BLACK PEOPLE THAT AREN'T CALLED AFRICAN AMERICANS.

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Wow. Racist. That's disgusting. He has no talent anyway, why is he famous again?

  18. 18

    How dare they just wash their hands and try to blame it on someone else. If it were a white only party it would be such a major issue.

  19. 19

    erm hi, i'm white and i was at Jay Z's afterparty at Merah on tuesday night and i was let into VIP no problem.

    Jay Z's not racist. fuck sakes. who cares if the majority of his entourage is black? that doesnt mean anything racist!

  20. 20

    First of all Perez, Black people in ENGLAND are NOT African American. Get your terminology straight. They are black British, black or just British.

    2. Jay-z is the same dude who hangs out with Gweneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, two of the WHITEST people of the planet. Their kids even call him 'Uncle Jay.'

    3. This story sounds shady. Likely made up by bitter nobodies at the door who were rejected.

    4. Jay-z is someone who carefully guards his image, so there's no way he'd allow something that could reflect on him so badly to happen, unless he had nothing to do with it.

  21. 21

    I think his reps are full of crap, they banned white people and as usual, there is a HUGE double standard. If a white person did this, it would be the end of his/her career. Same old story.

  22. 22

    well, is it true or a lie of reverse discrimination? if he is a racist, he will do it again.. and people can decide whether to buy his and HIS WIFE'S MUSIC… If he think's he is getting back for years of racism, he is going about it the wrong way, if it is true. He and beyonce and all of his little prodigys (rhianna) can be shut out by a white world who still has the majority of the population and money. Again, IF he did it, he will pay for it. and his people too.

  23. 23

    HA! NOW Y'ALL KNOW HOW WE FELT ALL THEM YEARS!!!! Just kidding, I'm an old white lady, don't get so bent out of shape

  24. 24

    Do you realize what sort of chaos would transpire if a white artist didn't let black people into an event? It would be all over the news/media by now.

  25. 25

    ya just no hes a racist and wat a shit excuse fk j shouldnt have even been at the britz!

  26. Wheel says – reply to this


    Hey, there is a total double standard when it comes to Black & White. There is Black Entertainment Television (BET), Ebony magazine, All black music awards why should us white folks complain about not being let in to Jay Z's party?

  27. 27

    oh, yeah, he is an idiot, why he can't admit to being married to beyonce, I don't know. people know it, why the grimace at the grammys? 'wait, if we don't say it, people will think she is single and will buy more. and I can continue my affair with rhianna. (check other sites, the rumor is going around).

  28. Dawo says – reply to this


    OMG this is SOOOOO UNCOOL JAY-Forget my SUPPORT Jigga-YOU are OUT

  29. 29

    What a douche.

  30. 30

    Jesus, Perez - I thought you were smarter than that. Okay, there might have been some African Americians in his crew and reporting on the Brits, etc, but the majority of black people in LONDON trying to get in to the party would be black BRITISH people ie Afro-Caribbeans. I really thought you were smarter adn more worldly to make that dumb hick American mistake of ”all black people are African Americans”. Reminds me of the time Jesse Jackson came to London and laughably talked about the plight of the African Americans in the London ghettos. Talk about a laughing stock.

  31. 31

    Wow…so I guess he doesn't want the whites to go to his concert either or buy his music? Ok, well I was planning on seeing him in Atlanta next week, not anymore. I was also planning on downloading his new cd, not anymore.

  32. 32

    um. what the fuck. who cares? it's his preference. if he wants to be surrounded by all blacks, that's his weird business. get over it. he's nothing special. lets not make this bigger than it is. welcome to the world of unfair treatment. everyone is guilty of excluding people for some prejudice or simple dislike at some point in their lives. just sayin..

  33. 33

    This guy and Beyonce are shameful and the most un-American hyporcitical jerks in entertainment today. Remember when Beyonce performed for Qadafi's son?? A known proponent of terrorism? They really are hateful ill-informed people.

  34. 34

    So lame! He has just as many white fans as he does black. If this is true, his career will suffer. Horrible!

  35. 35

    He looks like a slave right off of the plantation. I would blow my head off before I let if be exposed to his gutter trash music or his ghetto trash lifestyle. He's revolting.

  36. 36

    what an asshole.. I bet if this was the other way around with a rock musican it would break headlines.. Just sad people are still racist whether it was Jay-z's fault or not!!

  37. 37

    Re: YUCK – Of course they're not!!!! Think about it!!! Why would they be? They are British people of African descent, usually coming from the Caribbean.

  38. 38

    Here goes all the white people spitting crap about 'blacks being more racist than whites' yada.

    You don't know what happened. Jay-z would likely never do that.

    Once again, Perez, black people in Britain are NOT African American. The term only applies to blacks in the U.S. whose ancestry goes back to slavery.

  39. 39

    This is probably someone pissed they couldn't get into the party so they printed bullshit. Jay-Z is a businessman and deals with people of different races and genders every day, somehow I find this hard to believe.

  40. Dawo says – reply to this


    p.s Jay should not forget he has to owe his career linken park and many others, earlier or later everybody gets what he earns,like Janet shes on the same trip.lol

  41. 41

    Oh please we live in a world where racism against African Americans is just a part of life very hush hush but it's still very much there. I find it interesting when white people get a chance to see how it feels. Not a very good feeling at all… learn something from it.

  42. 42

    Black people in England are not african americans you idiot!!!

  43. 43

    i think jay z and beyonce are two of the most boring effing entertainers out there

  44. 44

    where is the video Perez?

  45. 45

    No one will make a big deal out of this, but John Meyer saying what he said was something that was reported EVERYWHERE

  46. 46

    if jay z knew about this, thats so not cool. i start hating on him if he's an ass
    i know some white people has been racist to him like since he was famous, but that doesn't mean that she can do the same thing the all white people like wtf?

  47. 47

    Since when are european blacks refered to as "African Americans"?

  48. 48

    Ethnic minorities are - even if the law is on their side - continually discriminated against today. The one second a white person experience this situation, they all of a sudden start caring about racism and collectively raise their voices as if the greatest injustice in the history of forever has been brought upon them.

  49. 49

    If he did do that, he's only been doing what the white people have done since the begining of time…so WHITe PEOPLE PLEASE dont be offened.

  50. 50

    I've been around the entertainment industry for about 21 years now. It has always been gut-wrenching to hear idiots like Kanye, et al. cry "Racism" when some of the most flagrant "Racists" are BLACK. Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall were secretly known industry wide for their "color preferences". Heard about Jay-Z but thought he was smarter than to allow this (Believe me, he allowed it).

    I'm sick of all of this. EBONY magazine? Black History Month? Can you IMAGINE what Jackson, Sharpton, etc. would scream if there was a IVORY magazine? White History Month?

  51. 51

    What a scumbag. And to think that Beyonce spreads her legs for that man.

  52. 52

    I call BS. I don't think this is true at all. I think that the person who wrote the story was just scorned because they didn't get in and wanted to get revenge. Any party w/ a VIP section has a guest list of who comes through or the host hand selects who get past. Jay z clearly didnt know you or your other white friends, back off and go party in the common area.

  53. 53

    african americans in london…hmmmmmmmmmm
    wth? you do know thats really "stoopid" sounding (as you say)

  54. 54

    Re: Wheel – You are retarded. BET is more ethnically diverse than CBS and NBC. Maybe when blacks and Asians and others start frequently appearing on white magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar, then you can bitch.

    ’til then, shut up. You're retarded or just dumb.

  55. 55

    clearly jayz's ppl did not know this BRITISH member of the press who just happened to be white. If it were american press duh theyd have gotten in cause the knowles -carters love them some publicity. Jayz wasnnt at the gate letting them in he prob was in the back getting a lapdance with a bottle of merlot in hand. This member of press was slapped in the face cause she realized she's a noboddy

  56. 56

    Re: PICASIO – Of course you were there….. Ummm , I don't think so. VIP"S aren't on Perez Hilton's website leaving comments. Get over yourself.

  57. Dawo says – reply to this


    Re: Dawo – KANYE & JD as well

  58. 58

    eww, i wouldn't want to party with them, you could get shot or wake up the next day saying 'i need to AKS you somethun'.
    he's old/ugly and hasn't produced any work that comes close to being original in a very long time.

  59. 59

    Re: hateliars
    a white world?you really just said that huh..

    where do you live? because on Earth i'm pretty sure there are approx. one billion white people in the world and 5 billion people of color.

    go ahead and keep your head under the rock that is America and then your comment has validity.

    ps- I wonder if mulattos got in.. ?! that probably would have caused some confusion. .. ;)

  60. 60

    people who are black in america are not african american, because they are from america, they were not born in africa. Charlize Theron is technically an African American because she is from South Africa and then came to America and wasn't born here. Unless you were born in Africa and then moved here and became a citizen, you are not African American. You don't see people calling themselves, Irish American, German American, etc……everyone's a mutt anyway…..we are all from America, we just have a different color skin.

  61. 61

    I knew there was something "off" about that nukkah, he's such an a-hole! He needs to remember that he'd be nothing without white folks…he'd still be working on a plantation somewhere or rotting in jail if it weren't for white people. I don't get why he's so rich and famous anyway; his "music" sucks, he's ugly and completely untalented.

  62. 62

    I've got to agree with MattMatt's comments. I highly doubt this is a case of racism. Jay-Z throws COUNTLESS parties/after parties home and abroad and if this so called "no whites past the velvet rope" was standard Hollywood would have got wind of it WAY before. To me it just sounds like some nobody reporter seeing a bunch of black people, who she assumed were nobody's also, being let through to the VIP area, she tried getting past the guards and was flat out denied because they didn't know who the two-bit reporter was. She needs to get over herself. Also, living in London, i've noticed that there is a bit of a journalist/socialite culture, where people that work in the media industry as writers or hosts (esp music/fashion) automatically think their red carpet royalty. It's bizarre.

    p.s. Whoever wrote this post referring to black's as African-Americans (even though this happened in the UK) is beyond moronic.

  63. 63

    Re: Not my gumdrop buttons! – Remember when Jay-z wrote a song "empire state of mind" and dedicated it to the victims of 9/11 as well as the proceeds from it?

  64. 64

    i didn't like jay-Z anyhoo and here's just another reason not to. racist….

  65. 65

    BFD!!! I am mixed beautifully with black and white - do you not remember that black people were not admitted into various places for years - or had to eat in ally ways with the rats and such. Does no one remember that when Dorothy Dandridge swam in a "white" pool at a hotel - they drained it simply because she was "black and dirty". White people cry over the stupidest things. Its not necessarily racism - sometimes you just want to party with your own. STFU andget a life. I think there should be more parties like this - black people earned it with all of the shiz you white people put them through. This is hilarious. White people whine like bitches!!

  66. 66

    black people are some of the most racist people out there

  67. 67

    Re: mattmatt – What is reverse racism?
    Racism is NOT just white people against black people.
    Racism is ANY race against another.

  68. Shaun says – reply to this


    lets see how the media handles this? im sure we wont hear anything about it but if it had been the other way around oh boy rev al and Jesse would have been all over it.

  69. 69

    Re: smellyourbum – It has been the other way around you stupid moron!!

  70. 70

    Re: bring it – Maybe its because we can still feel our ancestors pain from getting whipped by ya'll…stupid moronic bastard.

  71. 71

    Re: Orator – Thanks for being smart!! The rest of these people are hella stupid!!

  72. 72


  73. 73

    Re: Orator – i agree. everyone getting upset about something that sounds very unlikely. i highly doubt jay-z would participate in anything like that.

  74. 74

    What do I think? I think that Jay Z and P-Diddy and Kanye and all the other assholes that that think they are so fantastic are racists jerks (although Diddy does have some class). The arrogance that IS Jay Z and IS his wife annoys me, and I wouldn't buy anything they produce EVER!!. When you start being too important for the people who put you on top….I'm so over it. Racist Ass who needs to learn how to smile. He's not edgy. He's just a jerk.

  75. 75

    WTF! Since when do white people notice that blacks aren't allowed at parties. That shit happens all the time. White people don't notice cause it doesn't affect them!
    AND BTW blacks in England aren't called AFRICAN AMERICANS. (only in America) LOL

  76. 76

    The Daily Star is a British tabloid rag so I woldn't put too much credence by anything it publishes. Jay-Z has always struck me as a really decent man for whom colour doesn't matter. Most likely it's his security who made the decisions and fucked up - I just can't see Jay-Z as a racist. By the way, check out the great interview Andrew Marr did with Jay-Z for the BBC, last year I think it was. That's proper journalism.

  77. 77

    RACIST BASTARD and I totally believe it. They are all racist but if a white celeb did it hell would break lose. I don't like him anyways. I'll stick to my white folk music few blacks like it anyways.

  78. 78

    Re: Orator – and the sky is falling. Yeah, I believe that one too.

  79. 79

    lol OMG puhlezz this story is bullshit really jay z racist???

    with all the many white artist he works with but yet he is racist

    i mean even his video features nothing but white people somtimes. so fuckin what if paris hilton had VIP do you think they would allow some damn black thug in the room to party with her uhh NO maybe the white person trying to get in just didnt fit in with the crowd or maybe it was the fuckin security guard but honestly JAY Z is the onyy rapper that has done the most with collaborating with white people this is bullshit

    side note :i notice white people always wanna fuckin reason to call racism get real bitches america was made for you.yall dont get followed around the fuckin store because someone thinks your gonna steal something,the police are not constantly on TV for shooting killing an unarmed white man you wont get passed over for a fucking job because your white,

    its like you bitches really wanna experience racism, i mean are you jelous you didnt have to go through slavery and the civil right movement are you upset there was no black KKK to kill off whites??? you motherfucker look for anything to cry REVERSE RACISM go threw some real racist shit then we can talk until then GTFO of here with that bullshit crying i dont wanna hear it

  80. LCFB says – reply to this


    it's a lie. jay-z, coldplay and other groups. it's a lie. but i am intersted to see how many stupid comments will appear on this appalling site.

    blacks can't be racist. like irish can't be racist. like women can be rapists. and like gays can't fraternal.

    for every comment that's dumb, i will ignore it. you're just not cool.

  81. 81

    i think jay z is 100% right!! separate but equal!!! return to segragation now!! Black power!!!!!

  82. 82

    Congratulations, Libs. This is what your "tolerance" has wrought.

  83. 83

    I hope its not true, very shady!

  84. 84

    And another thing for all those people saying "oh if this were to happen to a black person blaa blaa blaa" uhh… are y'all living in la la land this type of shit still does happens to black people!

  85. 85

    We've got a gorilla for sale
    Magilla Gorilla for sale.
    Won't you buy him,
    Take him home and try him,
    Gorilla for sale.

  86. 86

    Just another rapper with an attitude? I don't know how anybody stands that type or would buy their shiz.

  87. 87

    better yet maybe he was only allowing people in that he knew and they happen to be black…i just wonder how many white celebs be in the VIP section with a bunch of black people around them

    im sure they wouldn't have stopped travis parker(white man) or justin timberlake(also a white man) from coming through.those people were prolly nobody's most celebritys wouldn't wanna party with its called VIP for a reason

    you guys sound like some spoiled bitches crying because you cant get your way all the time

    racism ha! please you wouldnt know a damn thing about it,sorry if i cant take that shit serious

  88. 88

    Re: KayKayx2
    Reverse racism is the concept of a minority group discriminating against the majority group. It is a particular form of racism. It is ignorant and short sighted to such a thing does not exist. It's not a matter of opinion.

  89. 89

    what bullshit maybe in the VIP were people Jay-Z actually knew

  90. 90

    Re: teedeeone – Yeah!!! I agree…Black Power lol!!

  91. 91

    Re: bellalad
    You did not personally suffer through any of the things you just mentioned. That is the past. I am Irish American, and my relatives suffered tremendously under the hands of the English (millions died = potato famine). I don't dwell on it, and the English don't "owe" me anything. Also, your reasoning is because there was segregation, blacks can segregate now? Lol.

  92. 92

    I always thought he was a racist and now he has been caught.

    In the past he has made vague and not so vague (while rapping) statements which showed his leaning but now he goose is cooked

  93. 93

    Perez should stick with calling whites Caucasoids, blacks Negroids and Asians as Mongoloids. And screw Jay-Z, it's no surprise he's racist after his antics following Obama's inauguration.

  94. 94

    It's "Roots" in reverse. REV-OOTS!
    Just imagine how many parties he just f'd up for HIS camp now.

  95. 95

    Maybe he only wanted close friends and family at the VIP area, and they just happen to be black?? How many parties are thrown by White people and you only see White people in the VIP area???!! It's funny to hear the "Whities" get their little panties up in a bunch when, for the first time in THEIR LIVES, they are told NO. WOW! Welcome to the real world, bitches! Those of us of other races are used to it. Time for you losers to join reality. The era of White supremacy is slowly coming to an end. Deal with it!!!!

  96. 96

    AHAHAHAH blacks, latinos, & aisians have delt with way worse shit then this for years, but when white people get a little taste, they lose their ever lasting minds LOL :-)

  97. 97

    Re: bellalad – Honey you are racist against white people. Only now you do not realize that what you are doing is racism. At least white people acknowledged they did do it.
    In today's world there is more racism against white people than black. Only it is not acknowledged. I grew up in a black neighborhood and I am a white girl. I can't say that I didn't feel prejudice.

  98. 98

    Re: Sick of Perez – sorry but to you think i feel the need to prove to you that i was there? i don't care if you don't believe me. i was just showing that the daily mirror or what ever tabliod it was that printed this is wrong, Jay Z isnt a racist.

    i think thats the most important part. no one wants to be labelled a racist dumbass

  99. 99


  100. 100

    He is a racist. I'm from Toronto and in July 2009 when his wifey was in town he was hosting an afterparty at the club i used to work at. The deal there was also no whites! Douche!!

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