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J.K. Rowling Sued For Stealing Ideas!

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Everyone is always trying to get a piece of this woman's fortune!

J.K. Rowling is being sued by the estate of the late Adrian Jacobs for allegedly stealing ideas from another British author.

The lawsuit claims that J.K. ripped off parts of Jacobs' 1987 book The Adventures of Willy the Wizard - No. 1 Livid Land for her book Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Jacobs' estate originally named Bloomsbury Publishing PLC for copyright infringement as the defendant in the suit but Sydney agent Max Markson revealed that Rowling was also added as a defendant when he learned that the statute of limitations to sue her was still applicable.

Trustee of Jacobs' estate Paul Allen is also looking into whether or not the Harry Potter films and soon-to-be-opened theme park are breaching copyright law as well.

Markson says he estimates the lawsuit is "a billion-dollar case," but we have a feeling J.K. will still come out on top.

What do U think?

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40 comments to “J.K. Rowling Sued For Stealing Ideas!”

  1. 1

    This suit is not with out merit. Just like Twilight is a rip off of other books so is the Harry Potter series.

  2. 2

    All of a sudden after more then 10 yrs, 7 books, 8 movies (almost), a theme park, and a museum exhibit… It just seems a little fishy for lack of a better word…

  3. 3

    More money for better lawyers = a win for her.

  4. 4

    Well, they didn't know the statute of limitations could still be applied so that's why they didn't sue earlier. I don't think they will win but hey it's their money..

  5. 5

    that dress makes her boobs look weird. not flattering.

  6. 6

    i personally dont wana believe it but when i went to check out these willy the wizard books they do share many resembalance to harry potter e.g wizard college where every wizard attends at 11,train that takes wizaeds there a triwizard type tournament and a chapter about a wizard sweet store called sweet honey bay and duke check out the website www.willythewizard.com p.s hope its not true but its freaky as they were written in 1987

  7. 7

    another book shes ripped off? is that all harry potter is? just a big mashup of various kids books?

  8. 8

    Why didn't these people sue beforehand? Why now?

    I am not saying they don't have a case, because Rowling is hardly original, though her story is well-executed.

    They may be right. But why wait to so long?

  9. 9

    The same estate tried to sue her in 2004. The court asked "where are the copied passages?" The estate could not find even ONE passage that was the same. And whoever claims they went and checked out the books is an idiot. It's a whopping 36 page BOOK(just one)-NOT books. Not much to check out. The Harry Potter books don't even have 36 page chapters (they are typically much longer). Could it REALLY be that she took 36 pages and made a several hundred page book out of it? DOUBT IT. Learn your facts, people. This is a dead man's family trying to make quick cash. They WILL lose.

  10. 10

    Although I appreciate the whole series, there isnt an ounce of originality whatsoever. Take just about everything and you can compare it to something else. She was there at the right time and the right place.

  11. 11

    nothing, NOTHING is totally original. how do people get ideas? by looking at things, seeing things, hearing things, THEN USING THEIR MINDS AND PUTTING THEM TOGETHER. This other author's work obviously did not merit a multi million dollar franchise. If you look at any book, movie, art work, you see something in it that is familiar to something else. people are jealous, greedy. If you get down to it, after the first wizard, I don't know, Merlin, and even he is like one of the greek gods, roman gods or even God himself, Then every wizard story is now a ripoff. After the first story of a blood drinking person, back in the old country, every other story, from dracula, ann rice's and down is a ripoff. what about pictures? let's start with ones Jesus. most look alike-bring lawsuits against all the relatives of the greats. (since they are dead) ripoffs ripoffs ripoffs. EVERYTHING WE THINK TAKES FROM SOMETHING ELSE, DOES NOT MEAN WE ARE STEALING. UNLESS WE COPY AND PASTE WITHOUT CREDIT….

  12. 12

    okay this is a bunch of crap. of course there's gonna be another book that's a lot like another book. half the books i own are all the same except with different names and locations. and i really don't think that willy wizard book would make me cry or gasp at how amazing the story line and writing are. just let j.k rowling hang out in her castle and be life changing.

  13. 13

    Willy the Wizard sounds far to light and happy — people have been writing about wizards and vampires and the like forever and ever — and will continue to do so — yawn

  14. 14

    Please let her go for the Harry Potter theme park it would be awesome to see her get destroyed by Universal Theme Parks lawyers they'll probably laugh. I'm sure JK will be okay hell didn't people say she stole ideas from the bible, but I think the popularity of the franchise did it….I mean there are a million different published books out there with the same themes and ideas, but it takes it to become popular for someone to want to sue. LAME.

  15. 15

    titayssssssssssssss or are they tatas in the UK?

  16. 16

    Ahh…that is somewhat sad. I'm an avid Potter fan, but if copyright infringement is found, I will be disappointed…..gahh. :(

  17. 17

    I don't think this case will ever see the light of day. It's retardly stupid and the Judge will see that and throw it out.

  18. 18

    These people approached the publisher in 2004 and couldn't find a single passage from Willy the Wizard in Harry Potter and were laughed out of the room. So now they come back again. *** holes.

  19. 19

    GOF was published 10 years ago. Why the lawsuit now?

  20. 20

    This story is SO OLD and this case will NO DOUBT be dismissed just like all the others who try to attack JKR just because she's successful. LAME!!!!

  21. 21

    This is absolute bullshit. Why is this person all the sudden speaking out telling everyone that Jk stole their ideas, she's been writing these books for YEARS, and if she did plagiarizer someone would have spoke out sooner.??? This person obviously thinks they can get money out of her !

  22. 22

    Re: djspelbound

    NOT one once of originality! LMFAO! That's the funniest thing I've heard all year! Love it!

    JKR is a genius. The actual author of that so-called book didn't even sue himself, it's his GREEDY grandchildren who are suing because he didn't leave them enough money.

  23. 23

    Re: kitty9

    Because the author who actually WROTE the book DIED and his grandchildren were not pleased with what he left them, so they decided to sue one of the most successful authors in the world just because a little pamphlet their grandfather wrote also had a wizarding school in it! I'm trying to figure out why they're only suing over ONE book aka Goblet of Fire and not the whole series if the only similarity they can find is a wizarding school??! That fucking school is in ALL the motherfucking books! These idiots need to DIE!

  24. 24

    shes got some nice titties

  25. 25

    Pulleeez you have got to be kidding! This is what like the 2nd or 3rd time these people have tried to sue her. Their silly book is what all of 40 pages if you incvlude the title page. I do not see the resemblance at all….What nonesense…Now if Charlaine Harris were to sue Stephanie Meyers that would be interesting. Meyers definately ripped off Harris that is quite obvious

  26. 26

    Meyer did NOT copy Harris! Im a big fan of both and have read all of their books…they are nothing alike. And yeah this law suit is b.s.

  27. 27

    NOOOOOOO! I love HP! It can't be true!

  28. 28

    You know, it really doesn't matter if J.K. Rowling stole her ideas from something else. She's one of the most famous authors/people of all time with a billion dollar franchise. She's untouchable.

  29. 29

    everybody steals, so now you are going to tell me that twilight is a rip off dracula just because there are vampires?? he is just jelous because his book is shit and nobody read that, proably not even Rowling and he just needs money, and why didn't he sued when the book came out?? why now?? get the fuck out of this case adrian jacobs or whatever your name is

  30. 30

    harry potter fans will get angry with you adrian jacobs, and trust me we are craaaaazy!! so get the fuck out of our way, for your own safety

  31. 31

    Snape is totally checking out her ass!

  32. 32

    why has it taken him this long to come forward about it then? How long ago was goblet of fire released?? 9 years? 10 years? i smell a rat

  33. 33

    Re: achemg – AHH!! I thought this sounded familiar. They did try to sue her before, and it was only a 30 something page book.

    She will come up on top, like before. these money hungry idiots, never learn.

  34. 34

    Yawn… I don't care that woman has more money than god and less than oprah. I don't care and dare I say it, i prefur twilight.

  35. 35

    Re: megg1507 – obviously they will attend it at 11, thats ehen high school starts and look at the worst witch, wizard/witch school is hardly a new thing

  36. 36

    uh-huh….yeah, he comes forth NOW after the books have been published for over 10 years and almost all the books were made into movies!?
    I think This so called author just wants money because thier book didn't become famous. ALL the famouse Writers are sued for stealing…but did they really? NO! People are just jealous.

  37. 37

    Besides, there are over 7 billion people in the world, is it all that weird that TWO people had the same idea!?

  38. 38

    Oh come on I have read Harris and Meyers
    Vampire mind reading thing- Harris was first
    Vampire+Were+human romance- Harris first again
    Vampires glow slightly irridescent- Harris versus Meyers glittery vamps
    (Harris first again).
    Whole scenes from the first movie were ripped off from Harris (cafe scene! HELLOOO)…

    Besides Harris never claims total originality she even openly acknowledges Anne Rice as a major influencer of her writing…Meyers camp is silent…Harris refuses to even comment on Meyers…can you smell a payoff…I can…LOL

  39. 39

    O and BTW
    In England certain themes are considered public domain. Wizards, witchcraft, mythological characters that date back before the Druids, and boarding school at the age of 11 or 12. These ideas in any and all combinations simply do not constitute plagiarism. There are so many books children and otherwise that use these ideas in any number of combinations….SO no J.K.'s core stories are not all that original by those standards…but neither are they stolen…

    What JK does do very well is create a very believeable fantasy world that the readers can access. That is what makes her books so popular!

  40. 40

    poorlittleritchiegirl has it in one. That is exactly what the Harry Potter series is - a gluttonous ransacking of the work of others without regard to rights, morals or conscience. Rowling and her agent Little are the "brains' behind it all and I seriously doubt if either of them came up with a single original idea between them. What they are good at is hiding, silencing critics and reporters, manipulating the media and the internet and separating the gullible from their pocket-money. Lampooning the Willy the Wizard people is what they are currently engaged in to damage their case even before it gets to court. I say let us hear what these people have to say because they have a right to say it!