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We Can See Right Through You, Lindsanity!

| Filed under: Lindsay Lohan


As if Atlantic City couldn't get any trashier, Lindsay Lohan threw a pool party at the Harrah's Resort yesterday.

A pool party, in February, on the East Coast. That would be the kind of party Lindsanity would be apart of!

And what a revealing outfit she chose to wear! Did they make it out of a screen door for you, Lilo?

Not the best choice, considering you seriously needed to be wearing a bra. Your lopsided lumps don't help you any!

Maybe she should have consulted Snooki on proper Jersey Shore attire!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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57 comments to “We Can See Right Through You, Lindsanity!”

  1. 1

    Dude, why are you so hard on Linds? I think her boobies like fine…I'd lick'em.

  2. 2

    Nothing says sexy like freckled, flabby fun bags. Nasty whore.

  3. 3

    Um, I actually think Lindsay looks SEXY! Love the makeup, hair.. Her breasts look GORGEOUS!

  4. 4

    the only thing that bothers you about her "lopsided lumps" is that gorgeous men would rather be with her than you!!!!!

  5. 5

    You fucking assholes, Perez&Co, saying Lindsay's breasts are lopsided!!!! She does NOT need a fucking bra… but Perez does to pour his fleshy man bags in.

  6. BChac says – reply to this


    Hey Stupid, don't comment on what you don't know about. Harrah's has a very cool indoor/tropical pool. They have parties there all the time. Idiot.

  7. 7

    oh please perez. she looks good here and i'm sure ur moobies are more "lopsided" than hers.

  8. 8

    Ok, so let me get this straight. Perez will rag on Heidi for having huge fake boobs and he'll also rag on Lindsay for having real boobs? God, such a hypocrite!

  9. Harv says – reply to this


    Nice jars !! Anymore pictures ?

  10. 10

    nothing is wrong with her boobs. They are awesome. Stop hating and leave her alone, ass munch!!!!!!!!

  11. 11

    she's sagging too much for a woman in her twenties, bitch needs to hit the gym

  12. 12

    If Lady Gaga… [Im not going to even finish my sentance] ;)

  13. 13

    I'd eat that for lunch…and still have her ready to go drugging at night!!!

  14. 14

    eww she is so fucking gross….makes me sick….ew ew ew…. aaagghh.

  15. 15

    I actually thinks she looks pretty cute. I mean all that really needs to go is that hat ’cause she's starting to dress like saMAN

  16. Ju Ju says – reply to this


    P, lighten up. If she's getting her shit together and still acting young, what's it to you? I mean, what exactly have you done with your life that you get to be the moral compass for the rest of the world?

  17. 17

    Have to disagree, Perez. I think she looks great here!

  18. 18

    Lay off her

  19. 19

    it's not a "pool party"…it's a party at THE POOL. it's an awesome club. come to the east coast and check it out.

  20. 20

    Re: dreaming_aloud – LOL. & im no LiLo fan but her boobs are fine. wtf is up with her face now, the coke effed her up.

  21. 21

    you really have to stop the hate on lindsay, back to the same old crap. pick one or two people and just hate. used to be miley. now, since lindsay is low, kick, kick, kick. yes, mario, or whoever the hell you are, HARRAHS HAS A GREAT INSIDE POOL FOR YEAR ROUND PARTIES. We hicks in the northeast thought of those things cause we remembered that it gets toooo cold to go out to our above ground pools in the winter, took a while, but we got it down. WHat the hell did you think harrah's was doing you moron? having a beach party out on the ocean after having a blizzard 2 weeks ago???? Yes, lets serve alot of ice cream, it won't melt. ?????

  22. 22

    I can't wait until the day when this worthless skank OD's and dies. I'm sick and tired of her and her drama-filled antics.

  23. 23

    Give lindsay a break !, its not like anyone from hollywood is calling her anytime soon…And hell she looks good still, atleast she is trying to do something with
    herself I can't say the same for some other people…

  24. 24

    Who cares. Sounds to me like you're jealous of Linds. She has everything you don't.

  25. 25

    she's looking better. keep it up lindsay!

  26. 26

    Re: Brainbug

    this girl has been used her whole life, first by her crazy parents and then by Disney, the evil of all evil corporations. society is as much to blame for this poor girls' condition than herself.

  27. 27

    Re: dreaming_aloud

    haha, i knew when i read this, someone was going to bring up lady gaga.

  28. 28

    Why don't you just STFU about this woman? You praise ugly GaGa like she's the second coming of Christ,yet you constantly rip Lindsay to shreds.
    The more I read what you write,the more I hate you!
    Karma is a bitch and I know you'll get yours,someday. You can't just be the mean asshole you are without some shit coming back and hitting you in the face!

  29. 29

    That looks like one of those dance skins that the dancers wear under their real outfits. Additionally, it's fucking freezing out here in the east right now….I think you SAID pool party but what you MEANT was shoveling coke up her nose party.

  30. 30

    seriously? you know majority of ALL WOMEN have uneven or lopsided breasts, miniscule people are born with perfect breast.

  31. 31

    fyi, that party was on saturday
    not yesterday

  32. 32

    Oh, please. She's not saggy, she just has REAL BOOBS. Everyone is so used to seeing fake tits that no one knows what a real pair is supposed to look like anymore.

  33. 33

    perez don't be silly, Atlantic City is once of the least trashy places in jersey. and harrahs pool is awesome– its an indoor pool bar. get your facts right before u start bashing on jersey- as always.

  34. 34

    never mind her outfit…..whats up with her hair? its red at the top and the ponytail is black …. wtf, roots much?!

  35. 35

    funny you have alot to say about Atlantic City being trashy and a "pool party" in winter…you know exactly what it is you hosted two parties at the Pool at Harrahs …didnt have anything but good things to say about it than…stupid fucking hypocrite

  36. 36

    Atlantic City. That's funny. My girlfriends and me went there once and it was trashy even for us. Vegas baby!

  37. 37

    Why are you hating on The Pool At Night club, especially since YOU YOURSELF have partied there, Perez! And you looked like you were having a damn good time.

  38. 38

    Well I don't think this is a wise choice but she hasn't gone the plastic boob route, which I think is better…why pick on her…so harsh!

  39. barny says – reply to this


    There is nothing wrong with her boobs,they look great.Because they are real and there size (36D) they are going to droop a little.I doubt there is any woman making negative comments here that would'nt love to have her boobs.They look better then fake firm ones.

  40. 40

    get off her already! she looks fine.

  41. 41

    Criminal Sentence 94: "A part" vs. "Apart"

    "Ensure your guests are able to share and be apart of the activities."

    This sentence suggests the guests be "apart" (from) the activities, which is the opposite of what the writer intended ("a part"). "Apart" with no space means away from. "A part of" means included in.

    I am glad you are a part of this blog audience.
    I hate it when we're apart.

  42. 42

    i was at this party!!!!!!!! the party it self was amazing even though it was a pool party alot of people showed up and the dj was great. but for lindsay she showed up around one with greasy hair and it pulled back in a messy bun her mother looked fabulous and her sister was there also and im pretty sure jared leto was there with her also i now understand why perez is so hard on her because i have always been a fan of lindsay and wanted her to do great but when i was at this party me and my two friends sat around her table waiting 3 hours for her to show up and as soon as she does she goes right into her cube and shut the curtains !!!! she doesnt say anything to the club or the people or her fans and i thought it was really rude being a huge fan who waited all this time for her and then she cont even wash her hair and i didnt even know her dress was see through that goes to show how much and how long i got to see her. i have pictures of her just sitting there with her back to everyone and not even looking at us

  43. 43


  44. 44

    So it's okay for tranny gaga to wear see thru stuff but heaven forbid anyone else! FYI perez, women naturally have one breast larger than the other. So really all REAL women do have "lopsided lumps" as you put….

  45. 45

    Honestly she looks great! She's come a long way from her troubled days, and that's a hot outfit! Yay Linds.

  46. 46

    she looks like a pig!

  47. 47

    Is she up for the main role in Showgirls 2???Rock them breasts Lindsey you paid enough for em!!It's your right to show them to everyone on the PLANET!!!

  48. 48

    so.. lindsay wearing something revealing is slutty and gross…
    Lady Gaga posing on a magazine either completely naked or just covered her breasts is totally sexy…
    Um hypocrite much?
    I agree that Linds has some issues, but she is a pretty girl… I am also a fan of Lady GaGa… but your posts are starting to disgusts me and make no sense.

  49. 49

    Re: Brainbug

    I can't wait to you OD and die so that I don't have to read your pathetic posts scumbag you are worthless just like that fat douche bag, Perez Hilton who will never amount to anything in life besides writing a blog(misspelling half of it) and eating donuts. Lindsay Lohan looks beautiful by the way. Perez is jealous because he could never take of his shirt, all that flab, people would die from puking.

  50. 50

    lop sided lumps? That's a horrible thing to say. I think she has a fabulous rack to be honest. Great tits. The girl may be a little loopy but call it for what it is, its a magnificent rack. You suck Perez.

  51. 51

    YOU shouldn't talk about how anyone looks—have you looked at your own photos. you goofy queer—LL looks GOOD!!

  52. 52

    Her boobs are no more lop sidded than Gaga's. GaGa's look saggy and nasty.

  53. 53

    yeah, whatever. lindsay looks awesome.

  54. 54

    want to view a major fug? look at poopez's before and after photos on rumermill

  55. 55

    Re: lovebug2234 – wow, so how was the rest of the night? anyone else go? how was it?

  56. 56

    have you ever even been to Atlantic City? No? So shut the fuck up you dumb shit

  57. 57

    Yeah… her cesspool party =P