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41 comments to “Courtney Love Goes On The Twitterttack Against Ed Norton”

  1. 1

    She is a bottom of the barrel maggot.

  2. 2

    I am far more interested in investigating this hags involvement in the "suicide" of Kurt Cobain

  3. 3

    courtney get the F off the internet. you just keep digging a bigger and bigger hole for yourself. unplug and move to france.

  4. 4

    we live in a wirld where you can kill your husband and be famous. tired of looking at the skank

  5. 5

    Crazy Bitch

  6. 6

    Re: genisus5519 – oh come on now! She did NOT kill Kurt! Were you there?????????????

  7. 7

    This hot mess of a crack monster needs to go away. Sersiously. Stfu. what do you have left?

  8. 8

    Oh yes but she's TOTALLY sober… riiiiiight i'm sure she is. *rolls eyes*
    It's no wonder Francis Bean got a restraining order against her.

  9. 9

    Ewww…I can't believe that Edouard Norton used to date this ugly cow!!

    I'm sure she has given him tons of diseases! Yuuuuck!

  10. 10

    jesus shes such a bitch! shed do anything now!
    Ed Norton is an amazing actor and she can burn in hell.

  11. 11

    real juicy stuff perez im wondering who the english "mean girls" are

    remeber people if u sleep with dogs u get fleas …

    i added edward ages ago hes HOT HOT HOT shes not not not

  12. 12

    Courtney's a great artist and a beautiful intelligent woman. She knows what she's saying and she's doesn't hesitate to say it.

  13. 13

    Oh, let's all poke the crazy lady with sticks, cuz we're so PERFECT! This woman is deteriorating before our eyes, and somehow it's AMUSING? All the dough in the world won't bring back her husband, or give her the coping skills to be any kind of decent parent. Heard about her life? She had no love in it at all until she met her soulmate, and neither did he. Then he destroyed himself. Now it's SPORT to rank on her? How nice. What an overflowing font of compassion for someone who was left not able to cope, yet still managed to survive. So she tweets poorly? The fact that she sets herself up for these public stonings is sad, but she's as entitled as anyone else to put her shit on front street.

  14. 14

    God Courtney, you are white trash! How the hell did you EVER get someone as good as Ed Norton? Bitch you probably owe him half a million alone for the STD's you gave him…..

  15. 6one9 says – reply to this


    Now that C. LOVE can't “steal “` from her daughter ““ whom she lost custody of “` by the way ““` is trying to collect “` from another source.. Maybe Miss Love should focus on mending fences with her kid, instead!!

  16. 16

    Re: anttnoni – You said it….better than I could.

  17. 17

    wtf that bitch dated EDWARD NORTON?

  18. 18

    Hey Perez, what happened to "Team Courtney"?? Or is that only when Lily Allen is involved? All of a sudden that it involves a big Hollywood star, it's "Bless her heart"? Pathetic.

  19. 19

    Re: LusciousLiz – I agree that she didn't kill Kurt. She was so stoned at that time she couldn't have figured out how to pull the trigger. Unfortunately in a moment of clarity of mind Kurt probably realized he was stuck with this bitch and killed himself because of it. No wonder he was depressed.

  20. 20

    This is the type of personality you would never want as a friend. I wish she could see this about herself.

  21. Folle says – reply to this


    che cazzo vuole questo gremlins da Edward Norton? ! ?

  22. 22

    Re: anttnoni – Real victims aren't allways those who scream louder. Her ”deterioration" is allways for show and seems endless so everybody is supposed to pity her forever . she makes profit out of it.
    Looks like Courtney is really frightened , so she's playing "crazy" again. Her stealing her daughters money can come to light ,cause her own co-trustee sued her, the same is with the death of her husband, cause she can't control her daughter anymore. Sounds really scary? So time for ” insanity plea”.

  23. 23

    Can't believe Ed Norton went THERE.

  24. 24

    Courtney seems to think everyone owes her money. She's paranoid, fact-challenged and semi-illiterate. She once at least had some talent. How sad is this?

  25. 25

    this girl is very entertaining………….

  26. 26

    Crazy ass bitch,…..when you gonna drop dead ??… and take linsanity with you

  27. 27

    Re: COURTNEY MURDER – That isn't even a DECENT conspiracy theory! You are emotional about it over a dead rock star who LOVED THIS WOMAN & probably wouldn't appreciate people like you shitting on her in his name. Her parenting? Again, grief doesn't take a vacation, or have an expiration date. Yes, it IS very, very sad. Guess what? IT'S ALSO NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! The money? She's ENTITLED to it, legally! What, she's supposed to sit back & let bottomfeeders STEAL it? And if she protects it, she didn't love her husband? She isn't PLAYING victim, she's angry because she, and her daughter, are being RIPPED OFF! Jealous people, conspiracy theorists, paparazzi, people NOT entitled to anything of his trying to make money off him PRAY this woman is crazy, but it seems obvious she's woken up screaming. Loudly, indeed, wouldn't YOU? It certainly wouldn't make YOU any less of a victim. BANG! Now, go judge somebody else, Judy.

  28. 28

    Has she managed to steal her daughter's trust fund yet? This is how bag ladies are made.

  29. 29

    Bitch needs cornholed

  30. 30

    Re: anttnoni – The one emotional here is you,Beavis. If you ever educate yourself, you'll see its not just a conspiracy theory. Oh, wait! Your probably a diehard fan, its no chance. You'll justify her anyway. Is her being robbed a decent conspiracy theory ? Its just her claims that people steal from her. By the way , shes not legally entitled to all Cobain fortune.)))If you read some good psychiatry books carefully , being neutral, you'll see SH@TLOADS of typical sociopathic features.
    P.S I go where i want. And you- would you like if somebody offed you , got away with it and lived fancy life, spreading lies about you. where is YOUR compassion.

  31. 31

    He could have done SO much better!

  32. 32

    Now you know how most people look at YOU.

  33. 33

    Re: COURTNEY MURDER – Oh, you are just PRECIOUS! In your imaginary world, he'd still be alive, left her, and be sipping coffee with you, right? HE ADORED HER! I'm not even a FAN, but the man made that blatantly obvious, all the time! Really. Good, bad or ugly, he loved her just as she was. A lot of people couldn't handle that. They wanted the money machine to keep churning. Tore him up inside, and the drugs drove him mad. IT HAPPENS. Being so blatantly rejected by an idol, I could see how you would be so desperate to find another answer, but this isn't the one. Rest your mind, for pity's sake.

  34. 34


  35. 35

    Re: anttnoni – ))))))))) God, you're so melodramatic, you should write soap opera scenarios. I see- critical myth overdose. Great love, you say .What about that :their own layer(Rosemary Carroll) said Kurt Cobain wanted divorce, and his wife out of his will just before death , even her friend True admitted it publicly, what about Steve Albini ,Kim Gordon opinion , they knew Kurt well. Murder happens and its easy to stage a suicide, especially when victim is loaded with drugs(3x lethal for HARDCORE addict) and coroner(Nicolas Hartshorne),detective(Terry) is killer's longtime friends, and dont forget: no legible fingerprints on the gun, the pen ,the used shell, the box with shells.(see police reports). Its only a little part of all stuff. Educate your mind, not just rest it.

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: COURTNEY MURDER – You poor creature! No matter what propaganda you choose to waste your time believing, it doesn't change the fact that the whole world was jealous of Courtney, because SHE was THE ONE. Not you. Not his fans. Not his band. It was all about the two of them, and people ALWAYS talked shit on her, and he ALWAYS defended her, and she him. Like I said before, a lot of people couldn't handle her spoiling the fantasy, but she made him as happy as he was capable of being. Yeah, yeah, being from Seattle, and actually being AROUND when all that went down, it is SO funny to hear the sad people (who he never would have talked to anyway) go ON and ON about this bullshit! A LOT of vultures had a feeding frenzy pandering to the kiddies who were tearing out their hair, making up a bunch of shit to suit the "Oh, he really HATED her & loved US" faction who just couldn't deal, but here you go: maybe it was a JEALOUS OBSESSED FAN WHO WANTED HIM ALL TO THEMSELVES!! More plausible than the Courtney Theory, but guess what, HE killed HIMSELF. At this point, out of respect for his wife and daughter, I am not going to engage in this shit conversation anymore. It's bad enough, what a tragedy it was, people like you scrub salt on the heart of Mrs. Cobain, and their lovely daughter. Shame on you.

  38. 38

    I like Ed Norton but he obviously has horrible taste in women to have ever dated and fucked this nasty piece of shit.

  39. 39

    Re: truefact

    She's a no-talent slut.

  40. 40

    Well, when I asked her a few months ago who she was seeing, she said that she's "far from celibate!" I wonder what THAT means! Her and her vibrator or ??? :-D She's very talkative these days.

  41. 41

    Re: anttnoni – ))))))))LOL