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Like A Vacation! La Loca Talks Rehab

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This is getting insane - even for her!

Lindsay Lohan gave another exclusive interview and this time it was for OK! Magazine. The wacktress discusses her three rehab stints, social drinking and writing a book.


Here are some HIGHlights:

On rehab:
Well, the second two times I went into rehab, to be honest with you, I had to go because it was a court thing. It was an obligation. I had to do it to stay out of getting any jail time. And I took responsibility for that. And it was like a vacation.
I love meeting new people and seeing what they’ve been experiencing. That’s what I go through in different characters. And I met some great people.

On why it was a vacation:
“It was a nice time to shut everyone off for a while because there was so much noise. There were some things I had done… I had put myself in situations which I probably should have thought through. But it was a positive experience. When I was there it was like, there’s a lot of people that I know who should really be here now, not for drugs or alcohol abuse - just to learn about life. The world is nuts.”

On whether she still drinks:
“It depends on the situation. I mean, yes…”

On why her drinking wasn't a problem:
“Yeah. I mean, mind you, my drinking was never more than… I mean, here’s the thing, I have friends who would get so wasted at college. I have never been one to get drunk and act like that, that’s not who I am. When I was in school I didn’t drink, or even try one, until I was probably 18. Literally, and I’m not lying about that. I’m just some sort of a target for some reason! I’m made out all the time to be the bad guy!”

On becoming an author:
“I write a lot and it’s very therapeutic for me because then I can see what’s happening on paper. I’ve started writing a book. It’s going to take a while, all my life experiences. I started writing it a year ago. There’s a lot to put down, you know."


She is just so far gone, we wonder if she'll ever come back! We look forward to her tell-all.


[Image via WENN.]


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27 comments to “Like A Vacation! La Loca Talks Rehab”

  1. 1

    So once again, it's deny deny deny. Her line about college is the same line her mother used years ago when she was attacked because Lindsay was out getting drunk while she was underaged. This girl needs to admit she is a big addicted mess.

  2. 2

    Alot to write down? Copy and paste, same sh*t different day, dummy.

  3. 3

    Poor Girl. She is definitely in denial. I hope she gets help before it is to late.

  4. 4

    the more she speaks the bigger hole she digs

  5. 5

    What a shallow idiot.

  6. 6

    I find this interview to be refreshing, at least she is being candid or attempting to, mind you this girl has had a pretty unstable life with parents and a family life she could never depend on.

    I think looking at pictures as of late, she does look better(the pictures with Cavalli in Milan and in London), she has gained some weight and looks to be in good spirits. There are a lot of people who hate her but there are also a lot of us who want to see her make a comeback and succeed in life.

    Mind you she is in Robert Rodriguez's(Sin City) new film called Machete with Robert De Niro and Jessica Alba. I really hope she succeeds in getting her life back on track!

    As far as people always calling her a bitch, it is just not true, I have acquaintances that have known Lindsay for years and while she can be a mess, all I have ever heard is how sweet she is, how she goes out of her way to please everyone (which is not the greatest quality to have if you want to be stable).

  7. 7

    bitch is delusional. the end is probably pretty near.

  8. 8

    so delusional

  9. 9

    "It is better to remain silent and let people think you're stupid than to open your mouth and confirm it". So much denial, so sad.

  10. 10

    What she says is perfectly sane. Don't let Perez, the woman-hater, brainwash you into thinking differently.

  11. 11

    And by the way the people calling her out on her drinking, drugs, etc., Should know that most of the entertainment world including the Gaga's, Rihanna's, Jay Z's, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and everyone else they probably worship are actively using all sorts of drugs. They are just better at hiding it and have money for the best PR teams in the industry.

  12. 12

    Truth is people love to built celebrities up and than tear them down, it makes for good entertainment. Example being Tom Cruise who was once the poster child and now he is a wierdo(yet he has been a practicing Scientology for years, way back when he was everyone's Hollywood poster boy. Celebrities are regular people with every day problems who do not belong on pedestals.

  13. Heh says – reply to this


    Yeah there's a reason you didnt drink in school and its because you were 11 years old you fucking waste of a life

  14. 14

    denial is one of the biggest signs of an addiction problem.

  15. 15

    Re: curiousred – what she said may have been perfectly sane, but the girl is in serious denial about her drinking problem and that is not ok.

  16. 16

    she doesnt sound whacked out to me just honest…
    at that time she didnt want to be in rehab so its not gonna help only if you wanna be there… its ok that gaga admitted snorting a ton of crack though right? shes a big hero to get through that but you hate on lindsay lol
    i'd buy the book she has been through a lot and seen a lot, go lilo!
    p.s follow me on t wi t t e r my names FUTURESTARdelux thanks x

  17. 17

    She needs to revisit Singapore. A caning might do her some good.

  18. 18

    Puhlease. She isn't being honest with herself. If she was she would not be drinking. She has a problem with drugs and most of the time that means you cannot drink either. She has an addictive personality, which means she is going to do anything to excess - partying, drinking, shopping, etc.

  19. 19

    leave her the fuck alone, Perez! It's like you won't quit until she totally loses it or dies - you're such a mean, awful, NEGATIVE and bitter presence in this world. I feel so sorry for all the people you rip to shreds all the fucking time - you should really try looking in a mirror some time… see where all this HATE and bitterness stems from. And in the meantime? FUCK. YOU.

  20. 20

    Maybe instead of giving interviews, this stupid bitch should go home and clean up her pack rat house!

  21. 21

    she's comparing her addiction to others to make her self feel better! maybe she should actually pay attention to what they are teaching her in rehab??

  22. 22

    "Well, the SECOND two times I went into rehab….", UGH!! This ignorant, spoiled SNOT has got to GO, not have a "comeback"!! Wait, 'second two times…', does that mean she's been in rehab FOUR times?? Lindsay Lohan has never had an education past a third-grade level, (homeschooling my eye, too busy paying Momma's bills!), I think rather than deferring her PUNISHMENT FOR BREAKING LAWS WE WOULD BE CANED FOR, the judge should have sent her back to HIGH SCHOOL with the contingency that she MUST earn straight A's & pass urinalysis once a week, or go work at a .99 store, forever. But, instead, she is now a RICH whore, instead of a poor one. Why do you think the varnish is so worn off on her knees all the time? Self-delusion is NOT an acting skill. She is horrid.

  23. 23

    Yeah, OK, so writing a book is all about personal therapy. That's what all the greats in literature have done, drone on endlessly about what fuck-ups they are. Should sell millions, which it probably will.

  24. 24

    I actually feel sorry for her. Look at her family & what she's had to deal with her whole life! She sounds perfectly sane to me-just a mixed up little girl with a lot of problems…

  25. 25

    Re: anttnoni – you are brilliant. love the .99 cent store idea.

  26. 26

    Boy, i wish we could trade you in and get michael jackson back

  27. 27

    waste of print