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AI Producer Discusses Ailing Contestant

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Last night, the guys took to the American Idol stage instead of the ladies, who were scheduled to perform, but were pushed back to tonight after one of the girls got sick.

Details are emerging from one of the producers of the show about the girl's condition and her future with the show. The producer explained that semifinalist Crystal Bowersox was rushed to the hospital early yesterday morning with suffering from a previous condition the show was aware, but had gotten worse. The producer still would not go into detail about what was wrong with Crystal, but he explained that it was serious enough to keep her in the hospital for 24 hours.

As for her future for the show, only time will tell, but as of this morning, there was no news from the hospital about her condition. If she cannot perform tonight, there is a very good possibility that she will be eliminated.

Poor thing! To come this far and to watch it slip away so quickly. That really sucks.

[Image via FOX.]

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29 comments to “AI Producer Discusses Ailing Contestant”

  1. 1

    That's too bad!
    She is a really good singer.
    Hopefully she's alright.

  2. 2

    It doesn't take a genius to go to her myspace page to find that she has Type I diabetes. Wow.

  3. 3

    Her rancid dreadlocks made her sick.

  4. 4

    Health is much more important than fame and wealth…..hope she gets well.

  5. 5

    nooooo! she is my favorite! the ONLY one i like actually. i hope she stays she is beautiful!

  6. 6

    that just plain sucks

  7. 7

    girlfriend looks like she has Aids. Her teeth are disgustingly brown. Ewww that's why I can't watch this show…too much trailer trash and too much crying everyone is a damn drama queen. boo hoo she needs to leave fame alone so she doesn't end of up like casey johnson

  8. 8

    I hope she's alright. She is one of my top 3 females!

  9. 9

    Re: coqauvin – She does not! Oh, had you bothered to watch last week, you would have noticed that she had her teeth whitened.

  10. myjah says – reply to this


    Too bad she just rocked it!!! I LOVE CCR!

  11. 11

    She's wack, artsy fartsy will never make commercial music and thats what they want on AI

  12. 12

    she just did fantastic tonight! i wonder what her ailment is? i hope she gets better and can stay in the competition because this season feels dim compared to all the last, and she is one of the few who actually stands out. it would be sad to see her leave for medical reasons. all the best to crystal!!

  13. kashy says – reply to this


    Something similar happened on the Puertorrican version of American Idol. A contestant was picked then was in a really bad car crash and wasn't able to compete anymore. After she got better, she got a record deal and is now more famous than any of the winners we've had. So, hopefully, this girl will have the same luck!

  14. 14

    She was amazing! I'm so glad she wasn't eliminated. She's girl I could actually see myself listening to. She's a true artist.

  15. 15

    She's performing tonight, and she was in the hospital for diabetes complications

  16. Ammie says – reply to this


    My heart goes out to this girl. That's all I can say.

  17. 17

    i don't care for her singing.
    she's hard to look at .
    it's unbelievable that idol rearranged the whole show for HER. sounds like they've already chosen their winner. too bad..

  18. 18

    Aww that sucks, she was really good.

  19. DiDu says – reply to this


    She probably had an episode of DKA in which her blood sugar got very high and they need insulin via an IV and close monitoring. Worked with many Type I diabetics in the pediatric intensive care unit and they would usually stay there for about 24 hours until we got their blood sugar stabilized; most older teens and such were released, but some (new cases and younger kids) are in the hospital for several days. Just a tough reality of Type I diabetes; it's a hard condition to live with! Wish her the best!

  20. 20

    Bet it's diabetes! I am so sick is this disease. Strips, lancets, blood work! I hope they come up with a cure in our lifetime. Good luck to Crystal. I know exactly how she feels. This shit sucks! But, life goes on. She still can make it.

  21. 21

    Re: coqauvin – Seriously? How ignorant of you.

  22. 22

    She's a diabetic and I'm sorry if you're sick of the disease but so am I because I have it. There are two types, and the one she has is the one I have - juvenile diabetes. That's the kind you get for NO REASON, NOTHING YOU DID OR ANYTHING ELSE DID, YOU JUST GET IT OUT OF NOWHERE WHEN YOU'RE YOUNG, and it's literally the hardest thing to live with and deal with. If you don't know what the fuck you're talking about shut the fuck up okay? Enough said. This girl is suffering, and she did amazing tonight so good for her for living her life dealing with this shitfuck disease.

  23. FANG says – reply to this


    give her a bit of privacy

  24. FANG says – reply to this


    Re: fuckoff19
    MAYbe someone needs a lie down….

  25. 25

    Watched AI last night for the first time this season. This girl was the absolute best by a long shot. She looked ok and sounded even better. I figure this is as much the AI PR machine trying to create drama as it is about her illness. If it is diabetes like I've heard she may just have had some probs with her insulin and had an episode. This can be managed effectively without her having to drop out.

  26. 26

    Re: FANG – Maybe you need to get your butt kicked by a large gay man??? I think so.

  27. 27

    She looks high in that pic, lol

  28. 28

    She is one of maybe three of the women who is actually talented. Hope she gets better! The show is pretty bad talent wise this year.

  29. 29

    Faking it for the publicity and sympathy card.
    like that chick whose mom died, cat died, plant died to get publicity