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Alec Baldwin For Sale!

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Back when Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger loved each other, his brother Stephen commissioned a portrait for Alec to give to his wife as a present. And in the divorce, it went back to the funnyman.

It currently resides on Ebay! The listing is as follows:

Up for auction is this original portrait Alec Baldwin. This very large painting was commissioned by his brother Steven as a gift to Kim Basinger. Steven also had a painting of Kim done for Alec. Alec received this portrait (of himself) in the divorce. It has been in the family ever since.

This painting was painted by the portrait artist Dean Hansford in 1991. IT MEASURES 58" TALL BY 39 1/2" . The striking graphic image of Mr. Baldwin once graced his wife's wall. Now, it can be yours- the perfect centerpiece for your collection! We are starting the painting very reasonably to open up the bidding to more of Alec's friend.

And that tacky shiz can be yours at a starting bid of $200!

Would U want to hang that in your house (even if you were married to the guy)?!

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42 comments to “Alec Baldwin For Sale!”

  1. 1

    Thought it was John Travolta from Grease for a moment, LOL!

  2. 2

    Looks like The Fonz.

  3. 3

    I don't know what his brother paid for this, but he got ripped off. It looks nothing like Alec. Terrible "portrait".

  4. 4

    LOL NO doesnt even look like him!

  5. 5

    it looks awful xD
    i would never hang it on my wall!!!

  6. 6one9 says – reply to this


    $136.00 to ship the dam thing!!!!!!!!! LOL

  7. 7

    It looks awful! xD
    I would never hang it on my wall!!

  8. 8

    dude that is just plain awful looking. you couldn't pay me $200 to hang that in my house. lame.

  9. 9

    I feel bad for Alec. Kim is making his life hell. She's like a fungus you can't get rid of.

    I think Alec is basically a good guy getting put through the ringer by a woman who needs to find peace in her life.

  10. 10

    I agree it looks NOTHING like him! Definitely more John Travolta from Grease.

  11. 11

    poorly done.

  12. 12

    What's really sad is that Alec DID look like that once. Now he looks puffed up with hot air and like he's gonna blow any minute.

  13. 13

    Is it painted on velvet?

  14. 14

    I wouldn't hang it in Stevie Wonder's house

  15. 15

    Very, very scary.

  16. missB says – reply to this


    so who exactly is selling it

  17. 17

    Lol, looks like John Travolta

  18. 18

    It looks like a tranny!

  19. 19

    Gawd, that is AWFUL!

  20. 20

    i looks like they morphed Alec and Kim together for the portrait — i hope it was intended as an abstract

  21. 21

    it actually looks like Billy Baldwin

  22. 22

    Terrible. My 7 year old could do much better.

  23. 23

    Edward Cullen??????

  24. 24

    I can see it from the eyes up, but from there down, there's just something…OFF.

  25. 25

    Tee hee hee how vain and pathetic do you have to be to have wall sized pictures of you and your wife hanging in your own home???? Like nobody calls these people out? Can you imagine your friends coming over and seeing your head as big as a billboard in your living room? They would laugh until they sh*t themselves. What egos. What revolting egos to think of yourself as "art".

  26. 26

    I like how the ebay listing refers to his brother "steven".

  27. 27

    Whats up with his lips and why is he wearing eyeliner?

  28. 28

    Tina Fey should buy it and hang it on the set of 30 Rock!!!!
    Re: bongo – HAHA!

  29. 29

    Looks like Adam Lambert! Maybe he'll buy it!

  30. 30

    Alec is one of the few uber libs I will still watch on tv.
    His commentary on the TCM Movie Channel is first rate.
    He was superb in, "The Hunt for Red October".

  31. 31

    No I would not hang this "GAYFACE ALEC" On my WALL! It looks more like his brother Steven anyway!

  32. 32

    Re: boozette – ROFLMAO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAHA!

  33. 33

    that is one ugly painting. Is he supposed to look like a chick?

  34. 34

    Gosh, no! Gee, I can do better than that! That is horrible and tacky….

    It looks like it should be on black velvet and glow in dark paint. blah!

  35. 35

    Haaaaaaaaaaa, that is the funniest thing ever. Really, that was a gift? Maybe it was rubbish on purpose, maybe it was to cheer her up and make her laugh???

  36. 36

    ugh how VERY unflattering.. Alec is much better looking that THAT

  37. 37

    Not a great portrait of AB, but I do absolutely love him - IDK if he is a douche in his private life or not, but as an actor, love him - aside from his numerous brilliant movie roles, IMO, best host/actor on SNL

  38. 38

    That's a hot pic. He's def the best looking fo the Baldwin brood.

  39. 39

    ewww, it's horrible!

  40. 40

    bad painting, bad taste.
    It reminds me the huge fugly portrait that you have of your fugly dog Porkez.

  41. 41

    looks like young john travolta to me.

  42. 42

    I've seen better portraits done by 7 year olds…seriously this thing is hideous!