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Hurt Locker Sued Over Stolen Identity

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Creators of the film The Hurt Locker was just slapped with a multimillion dollar lawsuit filed by Master Sergeant Jeffrey S. Sarver, who claims the film is based on him.

Those named in the suit are director Kathryn Bigelow, screenwriter Mark Boal, film's distributor Summit Entertainment, producer Voltage Pictures and even Playboy magazine, where Boal was working when he wrote the story about the bomb squad in Iraq that inspired the script.

Sarver's lawyer states:

"Plaintiff, Master Sgt. Jeffrey S. Sarver, is, in fact, the film's main character "Will James" or "Blaster One" [which was Master Sgt. Sarver's "call signal" during his tours of duty in Iraq]." Also, "virtually all of the situations portrayed in the film were, in fact, occurrences involving Master Sgt. Sarver." The film represents "…nothing more than the exploitation of a real life honorable, courageous, and long serving member of our country's armed forces, by greedy, multi-billion dollar 'entertainment' corporations."

Due to an armed services press program, Boal was allowed to be embedded in Sarver's unit, but he allegedly used personal details from his life in an embarrassing way.

"We have no doubt that Master Sergeant Sarver served his country with honor and commitment risking his life for a greater good, but we distributed the film based on a fictional screenplay written by Mark Boal," said Summit Entertainment.


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13 comments to “Hurt Locker Sued Over Stolen Identity”

  1. 1

    Am I the only one who didn't think this movie was that great?! I mean yeah it was good but it wasn't AMAZING like everyone is saying.
    I reeeeeally hope they don't win at the Oscars.

  2. 2

    'Locker' has been showing for a full year, and now this dude realizes it's his story? I don't think so. It's about any and all detonation people working over in the Bush Wars.

  3. 3

    Boal ripped off a soldier.

    Why were we paying for this Boal to be over there spending our money so he could cash in and get rich?

  4. 4

    Boal should split his money among every soldier in that unit. He ripped them off.

    It's more than ironic that these soldiers risked their lives, and this putz Boal cashes in and gets rich off them. What a schlemiel.

  5. 5

    Re: RandolPants

    Nope I agree. Me and my husband both watched it when he was home for leave from Iraq actually.. He said it sucked.. We did not even finish it LoL.

  6. 6

    I actually thought it was a wonderful film, and I don't think it "exploited" anyone. If this soldier is actually awarded money, then I think the money from the film should be evenly distributed to every soldier that has served in Iraq, and the same for other movies about the war, because Im sure every soldier see's a bit of themselves in those stories.

  7. 7

    Wow. Sarver is a tool. Way to look out for yourself and represent yourself as a solider. I did what he did, I went where he went, and do you see any other tech's looking for money. Half the shit in the movie was "Hollywood"ed up and if you're an EOD Tech or ever worked with one, we all know this is true. It's a movie. It's not like Black Hawk Down, where this was based on realistic events and people. Sarver needs to get over himself and what a "badass hero" he is, and give credit where credit is due. At least the peeps from the film industry are giving some percentage back to the EOD community. What the fuck has Sarver done since…yeah, didn't think so. To all the EOD techs, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen out there…we all know what it's like; don't let scum bags like this continue to ruin the military image. And to all that do support the military, thank you! Because of you, my family, my daughter, my husband, my life, people like you, I believe and want to fight and serve. Fuck you Sarver!!!!

  8. 8

    The movie has been out for a year and he waits until a week before the Oscars to say "oh wait, this movie is about me!" Puh-leeze! Suspicious timing. Why wasn't he upset over this in the past year?

  9. 9

    The movie is so much bullshit. I was a scout, 3 tours, 1 Iraq, 2 in afghanistan. I was no fobbit either. The movie is bullshit and Sarver is a disgrace email him at Jeffery.sarver@us.army.mil

  10. 10

    At the end credits of every movie there are always disclaimers saying something along the lines of "any similarities to people living or dead was unintentional." So I think this guy already lost his case.

  11. 11

    Re: messygirl515 – hes not really a soldier. hes a die hard avatar fan

  12. 12

    Re: lol_sparta – lol i was gonna write tht

  13. 13

    Hopefully it still has a chance at the Oscars? First that desperate producer, now this!