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Jealous Much, Jon Gosselin?

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Sounds like somebody is jealous of their ex-wife!


Jon Gosselin is bitching over the fact that Kate will be appearing on next season's Dancing With the Stars, but is masking his jealousy as concern for the kids!

Like anyone would believe that for a minute.

"Jon’s angry because doing Dancing With the Stars will keep her away from the kids for days, and she still won’t let him have any extra custody," Jon a "source" complained.

Apparently they believe Kate is "obsessed with being a celebrity" and "doesn't stop to think about whether or not the kids will miss her."

The insider says nannies will be watching over the children instead of Jon, which is not surprising.

Sorry, Jon!

Your uber-douchiness is coming back to bite you in the ass!

Did you stop and think whether or not your children would miss you when you were vacationing in France????

Or how about when you moved to New York City?

Can U say hypocrite?

[Image via WENN.]

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70 comments to “Jealous Much, Jon Gosselin?”

  1. 1


  2. 2

    What a Douche!

  3. 3


  4. 4

    I can see his point on this one. I mean seriously. Kate has been on so many shows since all the shit with them went down. How many shows has Jon been on? Even if he hadn't gone on vacation, he still probably wouldn't have been able to see those kids. And Pennsylvania is only right next to New York, you make it seem like he moved halfway across the country.

  5. 5

    Please disappear from the surface of the earth! That goes for the both of them.

  6. 6

    She's going to be right upstairs for the most part. If she had a job working out of the house, she would be gone at least 10 hours a day. She'd still be there more than he would. He doesn't want extra custody, otherwise he'd have gone for it by behaving appropriately. Loser.

  7. 7

    Now the little pecker is worried about the kids?
    He should go take care of them while Kate's doing her thing.
    What a jerk….

  8. 8

    i hope kate finds a great man one day……… wait, most men suck so actually i hope she has a happy life with or without one

  9. 9

    sorry jonny boy you dont have a leg to stand on!

  10. 10

    He's not the hypocrite here. She is.

  11. 11

    A lot of parents work 8-10 hours each day and travel as part of their career. This is no different. It might not be the best choice, but it works and she is making money.

  12. 12

    Well said, Perez. Didn't he think about the times those kids were crying, missing him, wondering where their daddy was, while he was out there behaving like a horny frat boy? I bet not once did those children cross his mind as he was autographing women's breasts and trying to behave like a member of Motley Crue. Who is he to say anything?

  13. 13


  14. 14

    You continue to be an ignorant fuck, Pig Face. JEALOUSY is the fear of losing something you have; ENVY is coveting what someone else has, such as integrity, you toxic douche!

  15. 15

    Well not like he's wrong, um why is she going to be dancing prob about 5-6 hours a day NOT taking care of her kids and he doesn't get extra visitation? Can you say owned?

  16. 16

    umm Kate IS obsessed with being a celebrity..any half-wit would be able to recognize that..*sheesh*

  17. 17

    yes he is an idiot! but HELL friggn O did you see the show and how she treated him go figure why he is acting like an idiot. That's all he knows that's how she treated him for 10 years!
    Why is it ok for her to do things without the kids but not him? Her doe eyed I'm a victim and he has done me wrong interviews are growing thin she is a fame whore through and through! takes two to make and break a relationship. His faults are just aired more than hers are. Let him have his kids if he wants them shes the douchette in this case!

  18. 18

    This guy is seriously one of the world's biggest shitheads….ever.

  19. 19

    seriously are you kidding me ? would it be better if She - fucked the dr then picked up and shagged the neighbor and partied w/ Michael Lohan and spent months acting like a lame wannabee ……….oh and flew to Utah and faked a T shirt contract with a designer then came home and faked a robbery……………………………..FFS Goose get a life

  20. 20

    folks, she is only gone 2 days for filming, if she were working as a nurse she would be triple shifting it and possibly doing 4 days straight, she would NEVER see the kids. Also she reherses at home while they are at school! Jon just wants more time for the money situation not more time with the kids. All he can think about is where he can move next to find the remaining 3 or 4 stupid girls left desperate enough to date him.. He is such a loser…..it's probably best for the kids to see him on a limited schedule for now. Maybe someday when and if he becomes a man but he's caused enough damage for now, let them heal….

  21. freak says – reply to this


    Perez, STFU. You know nothing about a relationship between a REAL MAN, much less a woman. Not to mention children, THANK GOD.

    Kate is one righteous bitch. She'd rather nannies take care of her children while she continues to suck up her 15 minutes, instead of allowing them to be with their father, who no matter what YOU THINK fat loser…those kids love their father and need him.


  22. 22

    i am sorry but if Mom is away doing something then yes the dad should watch the kids instead of the Nanny. That is his job.

  23. 23

    om.qoshh !
    Jon needs to sit his ass down somewwhere! [like that chair right in front of him , there yu go]
    His clueless looks always makes me want to jump throught the tv or computer(&+]stuff his head in a toilet.

  24. MP says – reply to this


    I don't know why he can't watch his kids if she's not around, or is on the other side of the country. He is their father after all.

  25. 25

    No Kate is just obsessed with making money - and rightly so since Jon is not "showing her the money"" - I hope she kicks azz on the show and gets a killer bod in the proces - then Jon's going to be really jealous and well you know what stress hormones do to a body - look at Jon.

  26. 26

    If Kate is going to do Dancing With The Stars she should let Jon take care of the kids. They should at least be with a parent, not a nanny.

  27. 27

    Why should he be jealous of that smelly cun*t Kate? They are BOTH usless asshole who need to go away. Fuck them BOTH!!!

  28. 28

    can you say…………HATER!!!!

  29. 29

    Jon, you should have honored your commitment to your wife and children … there was nothing so wrong in your relationship that couldn't have been corrected or changed with counseling and therapy. Marriage is work but your family is worth it! Nothing is more important in life than your family.
    When you leave someone, you move on to another person who has another set of personality traits and habits that you have to learn about, adjust to, and live with.
    What's so great about your life now Jon? You don't know what you've got until it's gone. Quit acting like an immature ass. Be a man. Learn to live with the decision you made and the consequences.

  30. Hey! says – reply to this


    Hey Perez don't forget he was in Utah with his new girlfriend for over a month! This Jon is the biggest hypocrite I've ever seen, he has a double personality…..

  31. 31

    Kate IS obsessed with celebrity - she is a mega fame whore.
    Jon, on the other hand, was the parent who watched the kids while Kate flew around (she demands 1st class) to small churches where she robbed little old ladies, begging for "love donations" to feed her babies.
    And . . . Jon stayed home with the 8 kids. Call him a douche all you want - he's nothing compared to Liar, Liar, Bad Hair on Fire Kate.

  32. 32

    Re: LamChop – Have you not seen the show???? Therapy cannot change Kate appalling self absorption, critical belittling ways - any normal person would run for their life.
    She was semi-normal in the earliest episodes, but a mega-harpie after the first 1-2 years.
    I'm sorry, but some personalities are best left alone - and she's one of them. The only man who would be with her would be an equal fame whore - like Spencer Pratt.

  33. Hey! says – reply to this


    He was in Hawaii with Morgan!

  34. 34

    Didn't she say they were going to build a dance floor in her basement so that she could be there for the kids? At least she has a stinking job you douche.

  35. 35

    maybe he could get on one of those crazy "reality" shows for people like him who are famous for no reason. he can be like K-Fat and gain a whole lot of weight and join other H-listers to make fools of themselves on national TV. He should have thought about the public watching him while he was busy screwing around while his soon to be ex was home with all those kids and feeling heartbroken. maybe he's got some regrets about leaving his wife and family. ok he was p-whipped but hey.. somebody's gotta be the dom in the household and obviously he's not up for that…

  36. 36

    Kate had a nanny there when they were MARRIED as Jon got tired of being a sitter. Jon was at the local BAR,in bed with the school teacher, or drunk with YOUNG friends. The nanny will take better care of the kids than Jon. JON JUST WANTS TO MESS UP KATE'S LIFE AND POSE FOR PHOTOS WITH HIS KIDS OUTSIDE TO SELL TO PAPS.

  37. 37

    Well, he's a twit and she's a twat - so there ya go

  38. 38

    sorry, but this time I think he's right..she's trying to be a star-she should just be a mom -those poor kids.

  39. 39

    Re: penneyx3 – There is no such thing as 'triple shifting' at least not in New York and PA..it's illegal and dangerous. I don't know of any state in the U.S. that allows this type of practice so stop talking out of your ass already. And yes, I work in the medical field so I can be quite sure of it.

  40. 40

    Well if he wasn't out with girlfriends or bad mouthing his wife maybe she would give him more visitation rights. Oh and I forgot taking his kids off tv.

  41. 41

    i cannot wait until i never hear anything from either of them again!!! they both suck and really are not celebs!

  42. 42

    Hey you know what im on jons side. Kate is borderline creeeeeaaazzzy. And she should give the kids to jon instead of leaving them with nannies. Of course nanny fees are in the dwts contract so she can get more money. That is ALL kate is about is making the money and being a celebrity. I honeslty cannot stand Kate at all. and i would tell her so is i could.

  43. 43

    He should go on next. He could stand to lose a few pounds.

  44. 44

    Jon may had made some bad choices after the seperation but he was a good dad to his kids and a good husband to his that B***H Kate. She was rude, disrespectful and very demanding towards Jon and he ALWAYS took it from her. He never disrespected her in front of the cameras until they were seperated and he hooked up with the wannabe superstar…Hailey Glassman. Kate is a good mom and a good person when she's in front of the cameras. But we all don't know the real her when the cameras are off. Now if they both love their kids, they should be the best of friends and get along for the kids sake or work it out. Those kids are gonna grow up with some problems like every superstar who started young…like Lindsay Lohan for example. A parent should be with their child at all times and if Kate isn't working and she doesn't want Jon to have custody, then she should be w/ them. But we all know Kate…she's a superstar now. She has nannies to raise her kids. What a selfish a$$ B***H!! Let Jon be the parent while you're learning to dance and still trying to be famous you money hungry wanna be celebrity! And quit tryin to be the victim all the time and have the world feel sorry for your a$$. The way you treat Jon is the same way you treat your kids when the cameras aren't rollin. You're full of sh**!!

  45. 45

    She even admitted that he was a good father and now she doesn't want him to have the kids?!?!!! WTF kinda sh** is that?! She's the hypocrite…I know she's hurt and it's obvious that is why she doesn't want him to have the kids. No matter what, he's a good father and they should have joint custody of the kids…

  46. 46

    Re: freak – I agree with you…Kate was the one who pushed Jon away and usually with her bitchiness towards him on the show, women act like that towards their husband, boyfriend, mate when they're are cheating. They were all fine and dandy the first couple seaons and then towards the last couple seasons she was a different person. I know it's hard to take care of so many kids but damn…it's like she didn't appreciate Jon at all. It's her fault…Jon put up with her shit all the time and she still kept being a bitch to him in front of the whole world!! She was the one going on trips and going to her book signings and would come home and trip on Jon because Jon can't be good in bed like the man she's having an affair with…hahahahaa!! Kate, you know you did you…I hope your kids realize how much of a BITCH you are and how you pused their dad out of their lives. He loves them as much as you do so if anything, you're the one who kept their father out of their lives, not Jon!

  47. 47

    Jon isn't perfect, but he is DEFINITELY the more loving parent…Kate is nothing but a fame-whore who looks for any opportunity to be away from those beautiful children!

  48. 48

    OMG! Jon is a good Dad. Hands down. End of story. If you saw even one episode you would clearly see who the better parent was and is. She ended the relationship with him about 6 months before it went public he was "cheating" on her. HE NEVER CHEATED!! She ended it. She just has better PR people then he does.

    Why does she keep saying she would make sooo little if she went back to work as a nurse??? That just makes no sense. Everyone knows nurses make plenty of money. Yes they have EIGHT children, but learn to budget. The kids don't need a vacation every other week and name brand clothes. What they need is a mom who is not so self centered!! She is pure evil.

  49. @v@ says – reply to this


    She might be obsessed with paying her bills with big fat t.v. paydays, and he might be obsessed that t.v. land are no longer also paying HIS, more likely. With yet another lucrative gig, mom can afford a sitter. He isn't allowed to control what she does with her time; he messed around, and left.
    It's her time to do with as she pleases, not that earning a really, really good living is what she would choose if she didn't have to now.

  50. 50

    She's working. She wants to be a actree. Jon needs to grow up and think about this one. For someone that is so concerned about his kids and the mia parent thing then he's sure been mia quite a bit.

  51. 51

    ummmmmmm she HAS to do Dancing With the Stars so she can get $$$$ to pay the bills. He's the one that ruined their income by canceling their show. I don't see him out there making the big bucks to provide for all those kids. Girl gotta do what she gotta do. Plus she's making her basement a dance studio so she can practice at home.

    I actually agree with you, Perez! He's a total hypocrite. Moving to NYC and vacationing in France. Kate's the much better parent. She's at home as much as she can be. And she's doing what she can to make $$$, despite Jon's attempts to taint their name/brand. Go Kate!! :)

  52. 52


  53. 53

    Kate is taking her break by any means necessary. After popping out 8 kids, a husband who has been her bitch the entire time they were married….this lady is finding her own happiness. Hell she gave birth to them, they are older so why not pawn off the kids to nannies….they spend more time with them anyway. Would'nt surprise me if they call the nannies Mom. Jon oh well…..he was a bitch that finally found his manhood.

  54. 54

    Why are so many people questioning her about spending time with her children. There are millions of women out there that have children and work for a living. When did we go backward to a time when people think a woman should be in the home 24/7? What about all of the celebrities with children? And let's not forget all of the parents out there that are home but still don't pay a bit of attention to their children…you know them the one's who allow their children to sit in front of the TV playing video games or on the computer?

    Why can't this woman work without being ridiculed for it? I never watched their show but I give her alot of credit and will be looking forward to seeing her on DWTS. As for this guy…I don't understand where his mind is. Is he even working?

  55. 55

    He's douche, but she is a fame whoring bitch that would rather the spotlight than her kids.

    See your 8 kids on celebrity rehab in 10 years.

  56. 56

    I didn't really watch this show much and aside from what I have read I don't know a lot about these people. However if there has been no abuse of the children by their father and he loves and nurtures them when he is with them, then the best thing for the children is to be with their dad when mom is working. This woman may or may not have a legitimate beef with her ex husband but that seems to be between them. Carrying that over to the children is irresponsible and petty. It's so sad when parents think the only person they are hurting by this kind of action is the ex spouse. Who actually pays the price are the kids.

  57. Suze says – reply to this


    here's the thing though….the woman has to work and what else can she do at this point!! DWTS at least is a short term gig that will pay her a lot of money…..so basically she wouldn't *have* to work for the rest of the year if she didn't want to. There's nothing wrong with what she's doing. John's just a big baby.

  58. 58

    Go Kate—-and you haters need to stop being JEALOUS.

  59. 59

    Ok, ok. I have a tip for DWTS casting. They need to get rid of one of the male contestants, under some pretense, of course. Then, pick up Jon Goselin as a contestant. Can you imagine the fucking ratings? You're welcome.

  60. 60


  61. 61

    he's such a douche

    and i think she's doing it because she kind of needs money since he cancelled the show which was basically their job for the past few years. HE won't let her do the show WITH the kids.
    he's such a hypocrite.. shes been there for the kids much more than he has

  62. 62

    Maybe if douchebag got himself a decent job, Kate wouldn't have to leave her kids.

  63. 63

    One of the radio shows here in FL was trying to trash Kate saying she's a bad parent as well - I agree with you Perez, his douchiness is coming back to bite him in the ass KARMA BABY!!!! Does no one see thru his transparency except for you and me??? Say it like it is Baby!!!

  64. 64

    He is such a douche!!!!! At least she is trying to do something for the family. She needs the money to support all those kids since all he seems to be doing is taking money away from them. When the hell is he ever with his kids? If anyone is a fame whore it would be Jon. At least she raises those kids….and that is not cheap!

  65. 65

    ARE YOU SERIOUS PEOPLE? WHY DONT U BASH ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT DO TELEVISION! OMG! HOW COULD ANYONE EVER TAKE CARE OF THEIR CHILDREN IF THEY DO TV OR MOVIES!??!! PLEASE, SHE PROBABLY HAS MORE TIME TO BE WITH HER KIDS THAN A REGULAR JOB AT ANY STORE, BANK OR OFFICE. IF ITS MAKING MORE MONEY FOR HER, AND ITS FUN AND IT MAKES HER FAMOUS… WHO WOULDNT WANT TO DO IT.. THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH HER WANTING FAME, OR JUST CHOOSING THAT PATH OF LIFE BECAUSE IT ACTUALLY MAKES HER MORE MONEY FASTER THAN BEING A NURSE (she was that before the shows) Jon is a douche, hes the one who just wants to be famous for the girls and partying, and he doesnt take care of his kids cause he even moved away from them at one point! He just doesnt want to see Kate succeed and leave him behind, he doesnt want to be forgotten so he is doing anything he can to stay relevant, and saying that she is gonna be away from her kids more is a pathetic little excuse…

  66. 66

    stfu jon u already showed us how much family and children mean to you
    just go on another vacation with another college whore
    in the parking lot that iss

  67. 67

    why is this a post? this guy is done

  68. 68

    Shut the F@CK up Perez, and keep your fat ugly buttf@cking ass out of other peoples families and lives. You don't know dick about being a father or family man, and never will. You have never been, nor will EVER be qualified to pass judgement on anyone. If you had even half of one working rain cell, you'd know that his kids like him more than Kate, that he has ALWAYS been a better parent to them than she has, and that the ONLY reason the situation is at it stands now is because she is willing to whore the kids out to whoever paid her, and thus had TLC's money and lawyers to fight him with. She doesn't give 2 shits about the welfare of those kids, only what she can make off them to further her own famewhoring. If she won't take care of them he should be able to, as I'm sure those kids would like.

  69. 69

    He should fall back and let this woman earn her money!

  70. 70

    although, i dont understand what she's doing dancing?