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Fans Of Lost Should Expect To Be Lost, Too!

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Seems like poor planning to us!

The writers of Lost have revealed that they just don't have enough time to wrap up all the loose ends of the show! Co-creator Damon Lindelof explained:

"Now that we're [preparing] the finale, we're not at all having the experience of 'Oh, my God, we forgot to do this!' We're big fans of the show Top Chef. Those guys all run through Whole Foods and they have to pull all of this stuff down — they have to get stuff they might not use in the dish.

"When they get to the kitchen, they have to decide whether or not they're going to use it. Our process is kind of the same."

Co-creator Carlton Cuse continues:

"There's a lot of little questions that unfortunately we just don't have time to answer in the amount of time that we have left. Ultimately, the way we look at it is that if the characters don't care about that question, then we as storytellers don't care about that question."

What a BS excuse — the characters aren't REAL people! They're created by the said "storytellers!"

As for after the finale, that will be the end of discussion according to both of them as neither have plans to go in depth about the show after it completes its run.

"We feel like the show should stand on its own. We're actually not going to comment on the show after the finale. We want everybody to basically be able to continue the dialogue…

"We don't think it's really appropriate for us to say, 'Oh, here is the official definition for what we meant by any particular moment on the show.' "

Sounds like many people could be disappointed by the finale! What do U think, Lost fans?

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49 comments to “Fans Of Lost Should Expect To Be Lost, Too!”

  1. 1

    Much like the Soprano's finial..if they try to be cool and smart the comment man won't get it so they have to dumb it down way down

  2. 2

    I seen this shit last week on entertainment weekly, whythe hell do you keep on stealing old new from other people's site.

  3. 3

    Every time you comment on LOST I want to punch a baby in the face. This isn't 'news'. This is something that any LOST fan has known about for a while. LOST is an extremely complex show that most people can not comprehend fully. The genius and creativity that has gone into this sho will never be comparable. For the loyal viewers the final season has already been a treat. Sure it's a piss off that we won't ever really know everything… but we will know the big stuff… and I am A'okay with that. TEAM JACOB!

  4. 4

    They've known for a long time this would be the last season. LAME!

  5. 5

    I hear the Russian Guy from the Sopranos shows up on the finale :)

  6. 6

    Dear mother of God! They dont have a clear ending?
    Please! I dont want to watch this crap anymore! It started out great; but now its turning in to the X-files, too many loose ends. I just want an ending! Cant it just end!? For the love of Christ, let it end!

  7. 7

    I think most fans know this will be the case. Not everything is going to be explained though I hope they do get to the bigger questions. I have to say, I like this season but wish they would have approached it slightly different but with a story as complicated as Lost is, it needs to unfold just so.

  8. 8

    I still watch it but I'm really annoyed by it. It's not satisfying at all, only frustrating. But I feel I have to watch the last season since ive been watching since the first season. I very rarely understand what the fuck is going on

  9. 9

    A predictable cop-out. Shows they just threw a bunch of symbols and ideas around into the show without a solid basis for them.

  10. 10

    i've been watching this from the beginning and missed like one episode and have no freaking clue what is happening anymore. this show just got way too crazy. i have no patience for it anymore, unfortunately. :(

  11. 11

    Lame and disappointing. I tired so hard to get back into it and was excited for this season and have just been frustrated. After reading this I give up.

  12. 12

    BRILLIANT!!!! Life is full of unanswered questions…why should kate, jack, and hurley get their questions answered 100%?

  13. 13

    Old news and so what. I will just watch it to the end. What ever happens, happens. There was never a game plan and they just made things up as they went along. I assume that they will answer the big issues. It is only tv, not reality so it really wont effect my life in the long run.

  14. 14

    Actually really upset but kind of knew that it was going to be like the ending of the sopranos and now I feel I wasted so many years of watching and becoming so addicted to something that's not going to actually be finished!! I'm actually pissed off!!!

  15. 15

    if they didn't spend all their time writing those boring ass Kate episodes maybe they'll have time to answer questions.

  16. 16

    I love Lost. It's definitely one of my all time faves. That being said…I am a bit baffled and disappointed about this. One commenter said the show is just so complex that no one can fully understand it and that unanswered questions are inevitable. While I kind of agree with your statement, it by no means lets the creators off the hook. There are SO many unanswered questions, and some that really do seem significant, at least to the viewers, so I feel it would be a slap in the face if they left too many BIG questions unanswered. Especially for fans that have been so faithful to the show…So yeah, these comments from the creators is kind of irritating.

  17. 17

    It is what it is. As far as I'm concerned it's their story to tell. I never thought I'd get all the answers. I'm just glad they stood up to the network and got an end date. Otherwise ABC would have just ran it into the ground.

  18. 18

    We Wannnt Answers!

  19. 19

    Best show ever!!!!!

  20. 20

    You should not try to comment about the creative process, choices writers have to make, metaphors they use to make us understand a point. You sound so dumb. Hell, you ARE dumb.

  21. 21

    I didn't spend the last however many years watching Lost to have any loose ends…..I will be so freakin' pissed off if I don't gets answers, damnit!!!

  22. 22

    I think thats lame we deserve to know everything

  23. 23

    Don't tell me what I can't do. Just stop watching this show. It's as easy as it is. It's OUR choice. Let the writers continue have drugs and play with us like the lost characters have been played.

  24. 24

    top chef contestants? sounds promising.

  25. 25

    Its the best show on TV and its not for everyone, you have to get of your lazy ass, think and answer those questions for yourselves. This show has always been like this from episode one till now and to the end. So whoever does not get it or like it well than do not bother watching it. Its as simple as that.

  26. 26

    I have a feeling it's really going to piss me off. This is really fucking lame. I've been watching this since the first episode premiered. Ugh.. They need to add another season and actually answer questions.

  27. 27

    Re: NaughtyAngel – I could not have said it any better.

  28. 28

    the show is about good and evil and about having faith that is all!

  29. 29

    Well, it's been pretty obvious that they've been making it up as they go along, so why WOULD they be able to tie up all the loose ends? Honestly? They painted themselves into a corner and now they have to put up with angry fans that they could give two shits about. Why would you ever watch this show again? DVD box set sales will go straight into the crapper like the X-Files and The Matrix Trilogies. Both of which were supposed to be HUGE cash cows for years to come, but when fans found out the creators/writers didn't give a fuck (and it showed on the screen) fans said, "Fuck you". Same will happen with Lost.

  30. 30

    I feel I might want to Lynch this crew at Comic Con…. I still haven't watched last season but it is banked in my tivo hard drive and I have been saving this season. BUt serioulsy… IF Joss Wheadon can find out mid season that they are cancelled and still wrap things up nicely in the end. These guys should be able to as well !!

  31. 31

    The characters may be just characters to you because you're a talentless non-creative idiot, but to those of us who write, let me tell you that characters take on their own independence and tell us where they are going. If you knew ANYTHING about Hollywood which you claim to be a part of, you would know this and not write such valueless shit.

  32. 32

    It sounds like they made the same mistake that amature writers make which is THEY THREW ALL THIS STUFF OUT THERE WITHOUT KNOWING THE ENDING FIRST SO THIS LEAD THEM TO PAINT THEIR WAY INTO A CORNER AND NOW THEY CAN'T GET OUT! Sorry but that is the REAL answer!! Lazy writing.

  33. 33

    Who the hell said that they wouldn't have an "ending"? They said that a lot of LITTLE QUESTIONS won't be answered. I'm sure they're not going to try and explain in depth about the inconsequential things like the polar bears, or sharks, or something like that.

    LOST is the best show on TV - you need to be able to devote your time and efforts into watching it in order to understand any of it. It's totally complex, with storylines that are completely amazing. So shut your fat mouth Perez.. just because you don't understand it doesn't mean you have to twist their words about the last season.

  34. 34

    After reading all these comments I came to one realization: Most people are not intelligent enough for this show.

    This show was totally based on NOT knowing the answers. Even if this show went 10 more season, they could NOT possibly answer all the questions the fans have. Which is the reason the show is so good. Anyone who says they will quit watching it are liars. NO ONE who has followed it from the beginning could resist the last season. NO ONE!

  35. 35

    Damn- that sucks! I spent so many confused hours watching this show, and now they can't wrap it up!

  36. 36


  37. KateM says – reply to this


    There are so many backstories for so many characters (plus the flash sideways) that you'd have to be an idiot to expect them to wrap up every frickin loose end.

    This season is so good and I can't wait to see where's it's going!

  38. 38

    Im freaking pissed i watched allllllllllllllll the seasons to not have all the loose ends tied up? Bull ishhhh

  39. 39

    As a writer for the show "Lost", I am not allowed to spoil future episodes. However, I am quite intoxicated. Everyone will be happy to know that "Lost" does not end horribly as most have predicted. What actually happens is everyone realizes they are actually just off the coast of California. This is where the newest season of "The OC" begins. Its going to be great everyone, dont worry.
    PS - Youre welcome.

  40. 40

    I can't think of any right now, but there will be a lot of things that will bug me if not answered…

  41. 41

    this shows still going?

  42. 42

    A lot of people have been trying to understand this show for a while, I don't think it would be too much trouble for them to put out some book (I don't think it would hurt them too much if it came out within a year and a half of the show ending). It will give the writers time to complete it, and hopefully give people who enjoy Lost, time to finish watching the series.

  43. 43

    It was obvious from the second season on that they didn't know where they were headed. They pulled unexpected stuff out of the air to meet the quota of "twists" for the month.

  44. 44

    Many of you have bought into Perez's blabber. lindzfish and downthehatch have come the closest to making perfect sense. It is a thinking person's show where every episode is a piece of the puzzle. I know not everything is going to be answered, but the important stuff will. Will it make everyone happy? No. I've seen every episode several times and still have questions, but it will never all make sense, but I still love the show.

    If you asked 100 people if they liked the Seinfeld finale, I am guessing it'd get about a 50% approval. Just let it unfold.

  45. 45

    i think what they may be implying is making movies after the tv show ends. hmmmm

  46. 46

    hey i found out what happened to shannon's inhaler thats pretty much the most burnign question i had lol jk
    as long there is a good finale i am set

  47. 47

    this season is fucking annoying and the smoke monster is now officially lame, i almost don't want to kkep watching except for soem dead charactwers returning!! ugh, another good show gone to shit!!

  48. 48

    Yeah, I am struggling with this last series too. It just isn't doing anything for me unlike previous series when the storylines did my head in they were that amazing! Nothing like that this series and I am well dissapointed. It better improve or they will let the whole entire show down :(

  49. 49

    Straight up, I've seen every episode of Lost more than a dozen times each. I love the show and there's no way they could tie up the loose ends because that's what's the show's all about! Being LOST! Why do you think they're going into hiding? Wouldn't you? I'm sure it would be very annoying to be asked stupid questions like "Who's Adam and Eve…" and "WHAT DO THE NUMBERS MEAN?!?" Because really, it doesn't matter. The stories they've told so far have amazing and I'm certain, the answers that TRULY matter will be revealed.