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Kate Glams It Up!

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While mommy is away, mommy gets stylin'!

Part of the whole Dancing with the Stars gig is doing a lot of press events, so it was no surprise when reality mom Kate Gosselin showed up with her dancing partner Tony Dovolani at the New York premiere of Discovery Channel's Life last night.

What was surprising was how amazing she looked! Someone finally got a hairstyle that works for her!


But is this all worth leaving your small eight children under the protection of nannies? Should we be questioning her priorities?

[Image via WENN.]

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160 comments to “Kate Glams It Up!”

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  1. 101


  2. 102

    she looks better but her hair is still so fake

  3. 103

    He looks like Peter Andre before the Photoshopping.

  4. 104

    This woman disgusts me. She's such a famewhore too lazy to get a real job. I wish she'd keel over.

  5. 105

    Re: Harv – Obviously, yes.

  6. 106

    Re: jsqtsa – Exactly. This no talent shrew has no place on tv or in the public eye period. Once a skank, always a skank.

  7. 107

    good for her for being on the show..
    BUT, get a DECENT haircut/style!! I just want to shave her head and tell her to start over.

  8. 108

    Wow, Kate looks stunning - work it girl!!!

  9. 109

    I love Tony I want to see HIM win.

  10. 110

    FFS of course she should go out, no matter how many kids she has …you dont stop living because you have a family, get a grip and cut her some slack for a change.

  11. 111

    I hope she trips in the first round.

  12. 112

    good for her, she looks great….hope she does well

  13. 113

    They built a studio in their home, so that she can dance there..and not be away from the kids too much!!! So NOT a big deal!! Moms do need to work as well!!! Especially when the dad is worthless!

  14. 114

    Damn that hair gets worse every time I see it! I think I liked the chicken hawk look better! She's not completely unfortunate in the face area, but her attitude SUCKS ballz. She needs to go back to nursing and stop pretending that she's some kind of star. Seriously.

  15. 115

    Re: EasyRider – Well said.

  16. 116

    Her priorities are fine! She's working! Her kids have caring responsible adults who make sure they are safe and cared for, AND they have each other to play with and have fun with. Those kids are MOSTLY with their family while she's out - they are with each other!!

  17. 117

    Re: Rican31 – Jon has the role of "Snooki" covered. :)

  18. 118

    Why give her shit for earning a paycheck? you can't take your kids to work with you and you cant earn money without a job. 8 mouths to feed and an ass for an ex. not everyone can be a stay at home mom!!!

  19. 119

    I am not liking her hair at all, it doesn't look right.

  20. 120

    Oh god, leave her alone. As if her going out for an event or being on a show is any different than the thousands of celebs that leave their kids with nannies like every day of the week. The fact of the matter is she's become a celeb to some extent so now she's living the same type of life as them, and that includes nannies, I don't personally support having other people raise your children, but it's what ALL celebs do, not just Kate. Good for her though, she seems to be doing good for herself and looks great! Love the hair!

  21. 121

    I still don't really like her hair - she needs to go back to a cool short hair cut. Not the funky sticking up in the back hair cut she had before! Ewww!
    it does look like mom hair - something not right - does'nt work. Oh well, she's definitely beautiful.

  22. 122


  23. 123

    Re: chelsea4382Re: AntonyRe: livingladolcevita150Re: WithinWithoutYouRe: wyobethRe: BunnynessRe: mycoco17Re: jsqtsaRe: Im_Just_Sayin
    This is how Kate is different from any other actress, musician, TV personality, Angelina Jolie: All those people are LEGITIMATE ENTERTAINERS who EARNED THEIR FAME, had kids and use nannies. Completely understandable. Kate Gosselin IS ONLY FAMOUS B/C SHE IS A MOM. Yet, she is not really a mom since she would rather be famous. You see the hypocrisy?
    Kate did not earn her fame. She has no talent. Her only talent is inseminating herself with the sperm of an IDIOT and FORCING her EIGHT (8) SPAWN on this already over-populated earth. Imagine some narcissistic, self-absorbed bitch getting married, having kids and feeling that b/c of this…she DESERVES to be famous. It's ludicrous. Especially considering that bitch couldn't even get pregnant on her own. She couldn't even do THAT on her own. I can't stand her and hope she dies.

  24. 124

    Re: Unbelievable! – I am so on board with you. She treats her kids as if they are disposable when she OWES them her fame. She is vomitious.
    The one silver lining? This narcissistic C.U.N.T. will get hers. She has EIGHT (8) spawn who will grow to hate her. Not one child, not two…eight. And that psychopathic Maddy will probably end up killing Kate in her sleep.

  25. 125

    Re: Rican31 – No you idiot…Kate is NOT "known for being a celebrity TV star"…Kate is known for being a MOM OF EIGHT KIDS. She is a "celebrity TV star" BECAUSE she is a MOM OF EIGHT KIDS. Yet, it is that very defining characteristic that she has DISPOSED OF once she got famous. Get it right you sycophant inbred. And to even compare Kate to Brad & Angelina (much as I dislike her) is LUDICROUS. Brad and Angelina ARE FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO ARE PARENTS…….Kate is a FAMOUS ONLY BECAUSE SHE IS A PARENT of eight brats (including the psychopathic Maddy).

  26. 126

    Re: Rican31 – No you idiot…Kate is NOT "known for being a reality TV star"…Kate is known for being a MOM OF EIGHT KIDS. She is a "reality TV star" BECAUSE she is a MOM OF EIGHT KIDS. Yet, it is that very defining characteristic that she has DISPOSED OF once she got famous.
    Get it right you inbred sycophant. And to even compare Kate to Brad & Angelina (much as I dislike her) is LUDICROUS. Brad and Angelina ARE FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO ARE PARENTS…….Kate is a FAMOUS ONLY BECAUSE SHE IS A PARENT of eight brats (including the psychopathic Maddy). Should all parents be "reality TV stars" and be on DWTS? Or only parents of EIGHT (8) artificially produced brats who are overpopulating the earth. Can you imagine if ALL PEOPLE WENT OUT TO INSEMINATE THEMSELVES WITH EIGHT (8) KIDS? Would they all become "famous"? Why is this C.U.N.T. being rewarded for her anti-social behaviour?

  27. 127

    KATE GOSSELIN is an expolitative "mommy dearest". Those kids will turn out badly. Why is she being rewarded?

  28. 128

    Those kids are fucked with such a narcissist for a mom.

  29. 129

    Re: Speidilicious – Wow! Gosh, that poor poor family who need Kate to support those eight little mouths HAD ENOUGH MONEY TO BUILD A DANCE STUDIO IN THEIR HOME JUST FOR DWTS? LOL ha ha ha. They are just seeped in poverty aren't they? Who knew that you could get rich by SIMPLY HAVING KIDS?

  30. 130

    Re: Dave Letterman - staff fucker – oops…I mean CAN KATE GOSSELIN BE FAMOUS AND THE PRESIDENT BE A FAME SEEKER.
    God, I hate everything that Kate Gosselin stands for and I pity those who are taken in by her "mom supporting her kids" shtick.
    There are BILLIONS of moms who are supporting their kids who… don't wear designer clothes, don't live in a million dollar home, don't have their kids' educations all paid for by the time their kids are 7 years old, don't have enough money for 7k weaves, don't have enough money to build a FUCKING DANCE STUDIO IN THEIR MILLION DOLLAR HOME, etc, etc. Why not help THEM out? Why not put THOSE moms on TV. This whole situation is vomitous. Apparently women are now having multiples in record numbers. It's truly sick, yet people still think "Oh the poor Kate Gosselin…she needs money to feed her kids". HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE AMERICANS ANYWAY?

  31. 131

    she looks like a drag queen. Really, the fucking hair looks so bad, just when u thought it couldnt get worse. Kate, Barbie called she wants her wig back. never watched the show but still can't escape these ASSHOLE NOBODIES, do feel sorry for the kids. it scares me that people buy into this shit there not even attractive people or have any talent GET LIVES PEOPLE Jon and kate included

  32. 132

    that hairdo, as you would say, is shiteous– put your glasses on

  33. 133

    I think she looks very nice here.

  34. 134

    Who cares? She can do whatever the hell she wants!

  35. 135

    she looks gorgeous!!!

  36. grits says – reply to this


    Perez the priority comment is completely hypocritical. You dont talk about any of the actress or actors priorities when they go out and about. Just because she has 8 kids instead of 1 or 2 doesnt mean she shouldnt have time for herself too.

  37. 137

    She looks great & "question her priorities?" If she has to,why doesn't everyone have to? Stupid is as stupid says. Men can get ahead & so
    can women—-so shove it.

  38. 138

    Can't stand her!

  39. 139

    This bitch couldn't get laid in a room full of cocks. Her tits are fake, her hair is fake, her smile is fake, her legs are gargantuan and her vag is probably as loose and wide as the eurotunnel. Make her go away. I can smell it from here.

  40. 140

    Re: runwithwind – You also forgot: her teeth are fake, and she can't even get pregnant without medical intervention. What the hell is her purpose on this earth? She's wallowing in mediocrity and feels she is "special". Bitch needs to die.

  41. 141

    Mommy has to make a living. Leave her alone…haters. Go Kate!!!! Have fun. You deserve it.

  42. 142

    OMG! she looks GREAT! didn't even recognize her! SO glad the chicken hair is gone. keep it up!

  43. 143

    There are milllions of women, especially women in Hollywood who leave their children with nannies. We never question them? Why is kate so scrutinized? She's entitled to a life outside of her children. Leave the woman alone!!! After Jon being such a friggin baby she deserves a little fun!!!

  44. 144

    Re: A&Cmomma – "Jon has the role of "Snooki" covered."

  45. 145

    You can put lipstick on a pig and its still a PIG…

  46. 146

    why does anyone care about kate gosselin? her only apparent talent is popping out 6 kids at a time. not interesting in any way at all.
    how does "dwts" justify reality nothings like jake and kate as stars.

  47. 147

    she should lose the bangs

  48. 148

    She needs to work at a job where she can still be with her kids part of the time. Her kids need a mother. Period. Kate has spent their entire lives trying to get others to take care of her children: volunteers, family friends, Jon (say what you will about him, but he was the one who bathed them, put them to bed, and played with them). Her kids are in therapy, for Pete's sake, and they are not even 6 years-old. When is this woman going to realize that she is effing up their lives in her quest for fame and fortune???

  49. 149

    you guys needs to get off her back about the whole nanny thing. what is the difference between her using a nanny and a regular mom leaving their kids at a day home or daycare? people do what they have to do to make a living to support their children. maybe if Jon wasnt such an absolute douche she would be able to stay home with the kids and not worry about money.

  50. 150

    No one's disputing that this "lady" needs a job……..but does it have to consist of being on tv? Seriously? She couldn't have used her nursing for something BIG!!! Using her "celeb" status and creating her own job would have been fabulous..instead she markets herself as a star……..ugh!!

  51. 151

    I really hope she gets her 15min and goes away. When you look at her smile…..and then her eyes…..you can tell it's the TV smile…..fake fake fake!! How come she needs a bodyguard when none of the real celebs do? Because she has people who HATE her…….she needs to ask herself why? Watch the show and you'll know why!!

  52. 152

    She is so pretty!! I'm excited to see her on DWTS she's stunning!!

  53. 153

    Hey, chill out! most people that have kids (even if they only have one!) leave the kids w/ a sitter from time to time and have a life! so congrats Kate!

  54. 154

    first of all- she looks awesome! and MEN leave their children all the time to work, why is it any different for her? since her douchebag husband isn't around, she has to do something to have an income for her and the kids. go kate!

  55. 155

    Kate looks wonderful!!!! She looks so beautiful!

  56. 156

    She looks beautiful. Let her be and mom has the right to go and enjoy herself and she's getting paid for it. With all those kids… she needs all the money she can get.

  57. 157

    Re: Antony – I agree!! I have to work 12 hours a day some times and i dare anyone to ask me where my kids are…they are home while i am out making a living for them! kate is no different, she is a single working mom. and she looks fab!!!

  58. 158

    Bitch needs a new weave, seriously. That shit looks so fake.

  59. 159

    What a fake smile and what a fame whore. Get a real job.

  60. 160

    Should she just sit at home with her 8 kids and wait for child support? Because we all know Jon has a lucrative career. She is the head of her household and the bread winner. Mothers have done what has to be done to take care of their children for centuries. She should definitely use her fame to make a living while she can. I don't consider it child neglect when you are working to earn money to take care of your children. And going back to nursing is not going to pay her bills. Does anyone question a man going off on business trips to support his family?

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