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Lindsay Lohan Without Her Pants On

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Yawn. What else is new?

More pics have been released from Lindsay Lohan's spread in Purple Magazine by photographer Terry Richardson.

As per usual, she looks a cheap hooker HOT mess! Since when is underwear pulled halfway down one's ass or sexy? Or posing like you're taking a dump?!

Gross! Is Playboy next? She's getting closer!

[Image via Purple Magazine]

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193 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Without Her Pants On”

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  1. 101

    That's a hell of a lot of airbrushing! They could have just connected the freckles to make her look like she had a TAN! NO-ass-at-all……..Trailer trash!

  2. 102

    It doesn't even matter what these pictures look like to be honest because they're doing what they are supposed to: Having people talk about them and most importantly, giving her another 15 minutes of fame. That is, until she does something else crazy, weird or provocative or more or less something other then acting.

  3. 103

    There is only one word to describ this train wreak - WHORE! A dirty. disgusting, drug addict whore!

  4. 104

    WTF, dis shit is OOOOOLD NEWWWS!!!!!!!!!!! WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS SITE!??!?! I saw this first on the Sxephill show on youtube, lol, this website need to be closed, ferreaalll

  5. 105

    Why? She is beautiful and appears to have some intelligence then why the first pic - totally regretable - for God's sake please gain an ounce of self respect as that is ridiculous.

  6. 106

    Somehow I think that if GagGag posed wearing the same clothes (even though the bitch has no tits) and did the same poses you would give us at least one "Wife Looks Fierce!".

  7. 107

    I can smell her coke-laced farts from here. This is a JOKE ! Does she , or the photographer, honestly think that she is sexy ? ! Ugg ! Long Island White Trash. At least the Jersey Shores Trash know who they are .

  8. 108


  9. 109

    Re: anniebobannie – LOL ! That is what I thought !

  10. 110

    She needs to do Playboy and get it over with. Bet she will make some money.

  11. 111

    She should really work on getting her career back. She has talent. Doing this isn't going to help.

  12. 112

    What was she thinking when she did these? She is a pretty girl but soooooo messed up. The first shot looks like it was taken by a sleazy photographer in someone's basement for a cheap mag no one's ever heard of. Is this what her life has become? It's sad that her family members will see these.

  13. 113

    Just think of all the times Sam snorted rails off that skanky arse !

  14. 114

    And….all the rest of HollyWood. The Whore HAS been around !

  15. 115

    Her little sis must be so proud!

  16. 116

    Poor Lindsay-b/c she's been living & spending $ like an adult since the age of 13, it's obvious that she's going thru a "QUARTER-LIFE-CRISIS," which usually occurs during the early 20s to the early 30s. Characteristics of a "QUARTER-LIFE-CRISIS" include: insecurities concerning the ability 2 love themselves as well as loving/trusting another person, insecurities regarding current accomplishments, a lack of true friendships or romantic relationships, & disappointment w/one's job (just to name a few) but ALL elements that Lindsay is experiencing. In addition, a primary cause of a "QUARTER-LIFE-CRISIS" is the stress associated w/finances. Because Lindsay chose 2 spend her $$ & live in the fast lane, she is now regressing. She should have taken her sweet ass time in the slower lane, cuz she wouldn't have reached the end of the road yet.

  17. 117


  18. 118

    So many people in HollyWood have ALREADY seen/f#@ked/licked/smelled and/or wiped that skanky arse, that, well, in that town, these photos ain't no big deal. Just say'n ……

  19. 119

    WTF??? She way to desperate. Don't this people know that nudity never help anybody comeback.

  20. 120

    Lawd hammercy. What happend to the lindsay we all used to know and love

  21. 121

    She is so going to end up doing porn!

  22. 122

    pathetic. there is nothing aesthetic or artistic about these photos.

  23. 123

    Your Precious Lady Gaga walks around the streets like that all the time, why don't you call her a cheap hooker?

  24. 124

    Re: mathisol – and then after playboy comes hustler and then comes a career in porn.

  25. 125

    If that was a guy with his undies pulled down like that you would be all out of breath and hot, you dick licker. I think LL looks great in these pix, fuck off.

  26. 126

    Re: Be-Atch – your just as desperate as Lindsay is trying to get your point across OVER and OVER and OVER. Good grief, get a life!

  27. 127

    These photos are fucking disgusting. Did she think they were hot?

  28. 128

    Love that first pic.

  29. 129

    Re: MichelleP21
    Umm, since when does Lady Gaga pose like that?? There is a huge difference between being smart w/ur sexuality & being slutty w/ur sexuality, Lindsay representing the latter. Not to mention that Lady Gaga is actually a true artist, that lives & breathes the fame. What has Lindsay done lately, if at all, that has been on ANY level as Lady Gaga?! You can't even compare the two; and the fashion sensibilities between Lindsay Lohan & Lady Gaga rotate on completely TWO different spheres. Like I said in an earlier post, Lindsay is clearly suffering from a "QUARTER-LIFE-CRISIS!" When u get 2 the place where all u have left 2 promote is ur body.. then u know ur in trouble ~ Porn… here she comes! (No Pun Intended)

  30. 130

    i think she looks good

  31. 131

    Wow just look at the pics on the hip she is tanner then the leg area! If they were going to airbrush he COULDN'T they have made it all match? WTF? Cuz there is no way her butt gets tan but her legs dont! hahaaha to funny!

  32. 132

    Well I think she just put the final nail in the coffin for her career…who would want to be associated with her at this point, besides dirty magazines and drug dealers?

  33. 133

    I think it's hot when girls look like they're taking a dump.

  34. 134


  35. 135

    The third one is ug.. and she doesn't have an ass.

  36. 136

    LOL Perez I actually said in my head "what else is new" after I saw your headline and you wrote the same thing. LOLOOLO so fucking true

  37. 137

    she is a beautiful girl but she shoulda stopped after the first pic…. I mean after 2 or 3 of the same pose there is no originality or art going on… just porn

  38. 138

    Fuck up Perez. If this was Gaga you would be in love with these pictures. You are such a fucking asshole.

  39. 139

    seriously lindsay? you're a joke. i'm embarrassed for you.

  40. 140

    Last picture looks like she shitting a brick. Maybe she been watching to much porn and gots to express her nasty side lols. like the first one the other two are embarrassingly tarded.

  41. 141

    oh now now her dad has something to jerk off too…ew

  42. 142

    She looks like she has to take a shit.

  43. 143

    She just doesn't need to pose with her pants halfway down, it looks trashy, but she is

  44. 144

    put some clothes on. your just proving that your dad has some sense when he says your a mess.keep the clothes on lindsay, next time pose in a nice dress or jeans buttoned. you do have heterosexual female fans ya know who dont wanna see you half naked or naked

  45. @v@ says – reply to this


    Why would she be ok with this?
    Looks like attention mongering, no matter what it is, might be handed down.

  46. @v@ says – reply to this


    Say goodbye to dignity and integrity.

  47. 147

    Not a great photographer.

  48. 148

    Here, on this photoshoot for purple magazine, I think Lindsay is doing a great job. Purple magazine is like Nylon magazine. Edgy, smart, and a little underground at the same time. So she is doing what she should do, which is an Edgy, smart, and underground phtotoshoot…so good for her. I would do the same thing…Congrats Lindsay on these pictures…They look great…Hopefully the article following will also be SMART and edgy.

  49. Nuria says – reply to this


    this is disgusting, what bad taste.

  50. 150

    Oh come off it. When Gaga poses for pictures like this, you fucking jizz yourself.

  51. 151

    Re: SammiDe – No ! SHE reads Perez, and the more she sees what we think of her, the more…..um, er, she will continue to show off her skany arse … ? ALI, TOO !

  52. 152

    well Mario, ya should know that Mr Richardson only makes this type of pics… That's his style… go check any Vogue from europe

  53. 153

    I have to admit…..sometimes you are very funny!

  54. 154

    These pictures are neither hot nor attractive - they are just sad.

  55. 155

    thats nothing new, i think everyone in LA has seen that outside the club come 3am. I will say they did a nice job on the airbrush. She looks like she's 25, not 45.

  56. 156

    When is she going away?? Please, please Perez…this mess should be sent somewhere to fix her life.

  57. 157

    Since when is underwear pulled halfway down one's ass or sexy?

    exactly my thoughts. that's just NASTY. desperation isn't sexy. when you look like you want to desperately be sexy, that is NOT sexy.
    and her ass is full of freckles so obviously she's been photoshopped and has on tons of makeup.

  58. 158

    dear me what unfortunate angles. very sad as she is expecting wonders, so i hope her fragile self can handle it as she will be the laughing stock. but yet again she has done it to herself. please get help.

  59. 159

    Re: anniebobannie – And she looks like she's relieved by farting on pic #2

  60. jham says – reply to this


    she looks more and more like her mother. she's so pathetic

  61. 161

    She's fabulous??? Jellotime are you retarded?? Have you been huffing Perez's ass fumes?
    "I wet my pants."–Pose
    "Ahh, yep, I peed."–Pose
    "OMG, I peed now I'm totally constipated! I need some Exlax!!!!"–Pose


  62. 162

    In that last picture,her face is so tragically crap

  63. myjah says – reply to this


    Her facial expressions are so so so bad.

  64. 164

    I know its nasty for you cauze ur not attracted to women. Bet u would love it if it was a nasty hairy (rob patt.) type ass. That would get u excited, for the rest of us crazy disscustin straight men out there just put the pics of that sexy girl up and keep the HATE TO A MINIMUM. Thank You!!!

  65. 165


  66. 166

    Must've airbrushed out all the crabs leaping out of her crotch

  67. 167

    WHO FUCKING CARES???? Once a slut, always a slut. No wonder, though, that the ugly blood sucker SAMAN was attracted to her!

  68. 168

    she looks hot, i think. yes she's a mental patient and has wasted away her talent but who cares if people are interested in her.
    pretty sure the're not real "jello".

  69. 169

    Really sad hooker pictures.

  70. 170

    … She doesn't look "hideous" and frankly the photos being poor is the PHOTOGRAPHERS bag, not Lindsay's. I'm not saying she's the most "together" individual in Hollywood, but she's not as "hideous" as everyone gives her flack for. Compared to mot girls I see at the bank, she's an 11.

  71. 171

    i would pay NOT to see her in playboy..

  72. 172

    Every other site had these days ago

  73. 173

    Yikes. She's still pretty though.

  74. 174


  75. 175

    big feet…interesting blog i read about photog terry richardson…psuedo occult

  76. 176

    She has killer legs. I don't care what you think about her, she is still a HOTT woman. Most men would agree too!

  77. 177


  78. 178

    is it just me or are her feet freaking enormous compared to the rest of her?

  79. 179

    perez of course you had to post this, but scrolling through this just made me lose my appetite. it looks like she is about to take a dump. ew

  80. 180

    Gotta admit…why not get paid for doing what she does all the time anyway?!

  81. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: jimmycameron6052 – @ #148 - I've seen 'edgy and smart', but this just looks skanky. Sorry.

  82. 182


  83. 183

    Actually the pictures are really good.
    Stop being such a fugly bitch, Perez.
    You only make it obvious that you hate yourself.

  84. 184

    So airbrushed. That chick is in such bad shape in every way. She needs help not magazine covers…

  85. 185


  86. 186

    There are actually descriptions of the clothes she's wearing next to the pictures in the magazine. Lindsay's big into fashion, I'm not sure how this connects. French magazines are full of these types of pics, magazines like Photo and this one, Purple. However, many of the girls look more like her sister Ali, long and lean and very slender, than Lindsay who is thin but not so long (Ali's 5'9" vs. Lindsay's 5'5"). I don't know what the theme is, she wears lots of white and is in various states of undress. Is being associated with Purple magazine in this photo shoot opening some doors for her? There's an angle and a reason for this photo shoot, I'm just not sure what it is. One thing the public needs to realize is right now Lindsay is far more interested in her line 6126 collections, where she derives much of her income, and in the general fashion world than she is in promoting her acting career. She also seems to be looking to get Ali into this world also.

  87. 187

    haha she kind of does look like shes pushing out a wee poop

  88. 188

    she just seems really horny and lonely

  89. 189


  90. 190

    She looks damn good!!!! Ya know if this were GaGa you would say how beautiful she looked… Lindsay looks HOT!!! suck it up and deal with it…

  91. 191

    "Since when is underwear pulled halfway down one's ass or sexy? Or posing like you're taking a dump?!" IF YOU WERE A MAN YOU'D KNOW THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS!!

  92. 192

    wow. that is just gross. really really gross.

  93. 193

    well anything as long as shes not snorting coke or drinking herself silly.

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