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Little J Needs To Brighten The Eff Up!!

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We can't believe we're even saying this, but we truly think Little J is worse than effing K-Stew, Mushy, and ASSlee combined!!

UGH. What is WRONG with you, you sour, self-righteous little bitch?

The 16 year old crack-eye'd runt, otherwise known as Taylor Momsen, was too bothered to appreciate even being invited to attend the BMI's Industry Insider Series: How I Produced A Record panel and spent the majority of her time in the spotlight scowling and looking like a blonde Jennifer Connelly toward the end of Requiem For A Dream.

We can't wait for this twit's career to come to a screeching halt when Gossip Girl is over and everyone realizes that her BARELY mediocre acting isn't worth the headache of her boney, entitled ass and piss poor attitude.

We can only imagine what would have happened if she HAD been cast as Hannah Montana!!

Disney has a hard enough time with Slutty Cyrus's antics, think about all the kids this mess would be traumatizing!!

[Image via WENN.]

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158 comments to “Little J Needs To Brighten The Eff Up!!”

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  1. 1

    she looks absolutely miserable. she needs to cut the emo shit out.

  2. 2

    yes. ranting about a 16 year old makes you a big strong man, perez.

  3. 3

    she's 16. this is what 16 year olds do. they think they know everything and act as though every aspect of their life is boring the heck out of them. its refreshing to see a 16 year old celebrity act normal nowadays rather than a sexed up cash cow.

  4. 4

    holy sit your a little harsh on this one

  5. 5

    attention seeking whore.

  6. 6

    She's such a pretty girl…hopefully she grows out of this stage. On a side note, her knees look weird.

  7. 7

    You know what Perez, it doesn't matter whether or not you like her attitude, Miley's attitude, Kristen's attitude or whoever..where do you get off calling a 16 year old a bitch or a slut!!!! For god sakes a hole, have some class the one thing you accuse so many others of not having. If you want to report on gossip about celebs fine, but keep your mouth shut when it comes to berating a kid. She's coming into her own in whatever way she chooses too and you're a fucking moron for thinking it's alright to tear her and other teen start down just cause you don't like how they come across. It's people like you that cause teen start to hit the bottle, do drugs or commit suicide. Leave them be in the name calling arena and have a little cooth!

  8. Laury says – reply to this


    Geez, Perez, now tell us how you REALLY feel…

    She's 16, you asshole, all teenagers go through that rebellious phase. Why can't you let people be???

  9. 9

    Seriously, she's a bigger waste than LiLo. At least LiLo's done more in her life. This beyotch needs to crawl back into her mascara bottle. She's the worst example of teen celebrity out there. Ho hum, I don't care about anything but myself, ho hum, I'm miserable.
    What a ahole.

  10. 10

    Harsh words to someone who is underage and NOT your daughter! Same for Miley Cyrus - I read the comments you write and wish to hell someone with some serious pull would ruin your career! Leave the underage people alone! and that includes Taylor Lautner who probably cringes when he reads how you lust after him, as he would with girls as well! MORON

  11. 11

    She was so cute as Cindy Lou Who too… what the hell happened. She was fine when she started Gossip Girl and now she whines about everything to the media. Annoying! She'll learn when her career dies and she needs a revival.

  12. SuzyP says – reply to this


    wow…nice comparison to Jennifer Connelly in Requiem. spot on.

  13. 13

    Mario you sleezebag. Leave the little girl alone. YOU ARE A BULLY, you fucking fruitcake

  14. 14

    Sorry she's not wearing a pink frilly dress PEREZ. She's just going through a phase… Just shows how *mature* you are for picking on a 16 year old.

  15. 15

    Wow hate more Perez? You'r pathetic. i know you wish you were her. Haha

  16. 16

    Damn Perez, you need to take it down a notch. You're calling her a "bitch" because she isn't the stereotypical teenage actress? So she dresses in jeans and a t-shirt and doesn't have the bubbliest personality, big deal. I think this girl is a bit of a poser with her "punk" band, but at least she's original and her own person.

  17. 17

    LOL these poser chicks crack me up. Black eye liner…check…ripped clothing…check…miserable attitude…check! Ugh it's like she dove into some rocker wannabe kit & decided to wear it all. Rock/Punk is just something you are. It has nothing to do with the way you dress or the lbs. of extensions & black eyeliner you layer on, it's in your core beliefs & how you do to express them. She's just ridiculous.

  18. 18

    If teenagers realized how stupid they look during this "teen angst" phase! They think they look "dark" and "hardcore", `but in reality they come off as whiny, pretentious wanna-bes who have seen one too many Marilyn Manson videos. I know, because I myself was once one of these kids.

  19. 19

    For christs sake leave her alone she's 16. She didn't even do anything wrong and you're hating on her anyway.

  20. 20

    She's 16 and was at a record industry convention. She was probably bored to death. But I guess she's just another young female on whom you can spew your misogynistic rants.

  21. 21

    Out of curiosity,
    What you address do you not think is a slut, untalented etc etc. :S
    Yes she does not look happy in these pictures..
    But I wonder, was she happy in between shots?
    I myself don't grin from ear to ear 24/7.. doesn't mean I'm not happy.
    I like Taylor, She isn't fake and pretending to be a goody goody.

  22. 22

    you should be banned from talking shit about anyone under 18.

  23. 23

    Also how is she a slut?
    She is wearing a t-shirt and jeans…
    Not going around with bum cheeks hanging out like GAGA

  24. 24


  25. 25

    omg ahahahhaa i laughed so hard when i saw these pictures

    she looks like she is trying so hard to be cool

  26. 26

    No matter how many of you retards come on here bitching about Perez and what he says, he's totally right on this one. Why do you people come here if all you do is try to insult Perez? He doesn't read any of these comments. Seriously just STFU.

  27. 27

    Perez, please refrain from calling children bitches. You're a grown man over 30 and she's 16, a child to you. You could have gotten the same message across without calling her a bitch.

  28. 28

    She´s got attitude… Love it :D

  29. 29

    Good LORD she does look miserable! HAHA and self righteous bitch WOW perez such STRONG WORDS you have for her!

  30. 30

    Taylor should tone down the makeup in the eyes if she doesn't want her eyes to look like dried prunes by the age of 20! :(

  31. 31

    she's pathetic!!! such a pathetic useless celebrity… the whole fame thing is wasted on a try hard loser like her…

  32. 32

    Re: Heather89 – But I wonder, was she happy in between shots?

    I wondered this as well :) !

  33. 33

    Taylor Momsen is basically that annoying-ass scene girl that incessantly whines about being edgy and cool, yet she shops at Hot Topic and listens to shitty music.

    Except, you know, this girl is a celebrity, so she's even MORE annoying. I know I'm picking on a 16-year-old, but if she wants to whine about being an adult, she better be able to shovel shit like an adult.

  34. 34

    I totally agree! And what's up with Gossip Girl going AWOL? That show hasn't had a new episode in months! BTW checked out another cool site called www.FindTheBest.com the other day that has tons of cool celeb stats and gossip under their Celebrities App. Check it out!

  35. 35

    I agree with your opinion but not gonna lie - that was harsh! Give her a bit of slack as GG was probably her first ever acting gig. I understand that she sees highly of herself (obviously) but seriously - Gossip Girl is HUGE and to be part of the cast full-time is an honor in itself. But that doesn't dispute the fact that she's not in any way shape or form as famous as she thinks she is.

  36. 36

    Re: Jamietron – yeah Ive tried to rant on about that! I agree! But obviously some just have no lives!!!!!!!

  37. 37

    isn't picking on kids a little off limits?

  38. 38

    Is this the girl who when asked about the earthquake in Haiti said "Like I`m like totally not into that, I like have an album coming out" LOL!

  39. 39

    'Individuality' mother fucker! Ever heard of it?

  40. 40

    This was pretty mean.. and way too harsh

  41. 41

    She tries so hard to seem dark and its purely obvious she is going out of her way to try and seem emo and hardcore. Its so pathetic, lame and extremely sad. I don't dislike her, I am not just saying this to say shit about her like alot of people do. Regardless of your personal opinion of her, this is the fucking truth and its so fucking lame.

  42. 42

    perez you are officially my hero for saying that shit about her.. THANK YOU!!

  43. 43

    Re: Jamietron
    "Why do you people come here if all you do is try to insult Perez?"
    What do you mean "try?" I think we do a good job insulting him without trying too hard. He's not reading your retarded kiss-ass posts, either.

  44. 44

    Did a raccoon do her make-up?

  45. 45

    Re: Naomid – Um no.. ? :S

  46. 46

    Kid is a bit too young to start looking "rode hard and put away wet."

  47. 47

    If she wants to dress that way, why not? She's not being destructive or being slutty. Everyone has their own style and that's hers.

  48. 48

    oh wow…she's so hardcore!

  49. 49

    I will come to the defense of Perez this time because she is a bitch. Have you heard her interviews and read statements from her? She's rude, always looks like she does in that picture, and ungrateful at the opportunity she has. No one says you have to be a role model but there are plenty of other people waiting for you to screw up to step in your spot. These people that are saying she's acting like a 'normal 16 year old' need to get help for their kids if they act like her at 16! I can't believe anyone would even say she's acting like a normal kid her age.

  50. 50

    She's a beautiful girl!
    She does need to lighten up, :) she should be happy that she is living the life that she is.
    I'd like to see how miserable she would be if she wasn't in the public eye.

  51. 51

    Does she have enough eye-shadow on?

  52. 52

    shut the fuck up perez
    if shes happy with her style and who she is
    than thats good enough

  53. 53

    Hey, don't insult Requiem for a Dream, Perez!! That's a great movie.

  54. 54

    She's only a kid though, albiet a spoiled and bratty one. Ugh though, she needs to lose the emo act and heavy eyeliner!

  55. 55

    Question: Were you even there? You're judging someone over two pics? Where's the footage of her spend the majority of her time doing this? Finally, do you even know what being SELF-RIGHTEOUS means?

  56. 56

    I find it kind of sad that a grown "man" is ripping on a 16 year old girl.

  57. 57

    who is a bigger freak show than Perez??? Ripping apart a 16 year old what a loser. Perez is worse than Kanye.

  58. 58

    I don't know who she is but she looks a bit like Avril at 16.Go get em kiddo.The reward?Tormenting the hell out of this lard ass woman hater for the rest of his pathetic life.
    PS:You may have to sell 35 million records to get him really mad at you.Or do a film or something.It doesn't take much.

  59. 59

    Perez was such less of an ahole when he was fat.

  60. 60

    Why bring Miley into this? She isn't a mess like Taylor. Miley didn't do anything. And did she do anything to call her "Slutty Cyrus". No, I don't think so.

  61. 61

    Wow, did you serious call her a sour, self-righteous bitch? She is 16 years old. You're what, 30? Real cool, Perez. This girl is awesome.

  62. 62

    but ke$h-ass looks like this and it's ok? whatevs

  63. 63

    The only time this ugly, stupid bitch is happy is when some guy is spending money on her. I hope reality slaps her in the face real soon.

  64. 64

    Re: Jamietron – THANK YOU!!!! Dont come to his blog if you are just gonna write shit about what he says

  65. 65

    Doesn't your boyfriend Adam Lambert dress similar to this??

  66. 66

    If it was an underaged boy… ah! that would be so perezlicious!
    When will someone investigste Perez and check his hard drives!

  67. 67

    This is what teens do!
    They have stages!
    Perez, you are one fucking dumb piece of shit.
    Love the blog though!

  68. 68

    Who the fuck is this nobody and why is she infesting my computer screen?

  69. 69

    I think she's extremely pretty. I don't understand why people dislike her. I'm sick of everyone sitting around sucking each others dicks. I much prefer someone who is pissed off and doesn't give a fuck.

  70. 70

    Re: YoungTaurus – Umm, I don't think Jamie was ever referring to Perez, so it wouldn't matter at all if Perez checked his comment or not, since he wasn't referring to Perez, but you. So Jaime accomplished just what he wanted, he got YOUR attention. Seriously, don't treat a debate like a stroll through the grocery store. Not everyone on teh intwarab is a fucking moron.

  71. 71

    oh shes so positive who would want to be with that.

  72. 72

    lolz shes so hot…

    but uhm?! perez?! O_O y are u so angry about her lol? shes just in that phase lol! nothing to get worked up about

  73. 73

    This is what 16 year olds do… annoying as fuck.

  74. 74

    Ohhhh she is sooooo deep and hardcore. Bitch get over it, your just like every other shitty angsty teen out there. What the fuck do you have to be upset about anyways? GTFO!

  75. 75

    Perez your a bully. She is 16. you must be a big man to take this piss out of all these young stars like her and Kristen Stewart. Stfu and learn to be a human being. Btw this blog is below mediocre and you are talentless so before ranting about them take a look at your fat, ugly, hypocrytical self.

  76. 76

    Maybe, she got caught up in something she can't get out of, and its making her miserable. You, know. Like perhaps a contract, to a show, that maybe she's no so keen on being in. Perhaps, she'd like nothing more, but to lead a normal life, but is held to what she is being told she HAS to do. Your assault on her personality, is as vile as someone gobbing on someone else. Give the KID, a break.

  77. 77

    Oh she looks like shit.

  78. 78

    Dumb as hell and hot as hell.
    What a damn waste of a woman.

  79. 79

    I love her! :D

  80. 80

    yeah, I'm sick of it too. She acts so ungreatful, and mopes ALL the TIME….Hopefully this is just a phase for her. That pound of makeup really helps too, Taylor!!!

  81. 81

    who is that?

  82. 82

    She may not be pleasant, and she certainly wears way too much makeup, but really? Calling a 16 year old a little bitch for the whole world to see?! Interesting. And you want to be a judge on American Idol (a family show.) Like I said, interesting.

  83. 83

    harsh much?

  84. 84

    And when she decides to commit suicide we know who to blame.

  85. 85

    She's lame. Stop featuring her on the site.

  86. 86

    Perez Brother, could you please spend your time on ADULT stars? Leave the little girls alone. A girl from my state hung herself after being mocked too much. You I know care for those who were picked on as a kid. give the young ones a break please.

  87. 87

    while ranting about a 16 year old may seem lame, lets all remember that taylor momsen "is sooooo mature". so she deserves it.
    perez, this made my fucking day. thank you.

  88. 88

    For once I agree with you, Perez, I can't stand this b!tch. She's a selfish, unappreciative brat.

  89. 89

    Re: Heather89 – um… yes

  90. 90

    all teenagers go through a rebellious stage … they get over it. however, that make-up can't be good for her skin =(

  91. 91

    Right on.

  92. 92

    Re: Lucien
    I really don't consider this a debate, at least not on some highly intellectual level, but rather just entertainment, as should other people, so the pointless comments from people who feel the need to monitor and dictate response etiquette on here are what usually get my attention. I appreciate your concern, though.

  93. 93

    SHE'S 16! my god

  94. 94

    Fuck you Perez, Kristen should not be in the same category as those bitches, shes way above them

  95. 95

    So i read in Miley Cyrus' book 'Miles To Go' That Taylor Momsen was one of the finalist to play the role of Miley/Hannah on Hannah Montana. Thank god they chose Miley Cyrus. People think she is a bad role model… imagine if Taylor was chosen to be the role model of millions of children watching disney haha

  96. 96

    Re: Nephy1
    If people didn't come to his site to write shit about the shit he says, he wouldn't have much of a site left.

  97. 97

    Yeah..she looks pretty bad here.

  98. 98

    When I was 16 I went through a rebellious stage. Earlier than that actually. But I didn't go through a sour puss, pretentious know-it-all stage. She needs to grow down a little bit, and stop acting like she's a badass. Spoiled brat wouldn't know badass if it came up and punched her in the nose. She's probably got no idea what real life is life because her head is so far up her own ass.

  99. 99

    okey perez shut the fuck up!!! shes 16.. u cant call her slut or bitch. i hope someone hits you of that!! you fucking retard

  100. 100

    Lol she looks stupid in these pics.
    But even though i dont like her, i still think that calling her a bitch and a slut is a little much for a man your age perez. Shes 16.
    And what happened to kissing mileys ass?
    Ohhh thats right, she won't kiss yours.
    The only bitch i see is YOU.
    Check your attitude before you comment on someone elses.

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