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Steeler's QB Accuses Of Sexual Assault - AGAIN!

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Once just wasn't enough for Ben Roethlisberger.

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has been accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Georgia at a club in Capital City. No formal charges have been filed, but the young girl has been treated at the local hospital and police have already interviewed Ben.

This is the second time the QB has been labeled an abuser. You'll recall last year that a woman from Reno made a similar claim and is suing Ben for tons of $$$.

Strike two, Roethlisberger? Or just another gold-digger looking for a piece of your action?

For your sake, we hope it is the latter!

[Image via WENN.]


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44 comments to “Steeler's QB Accuses Of Sexual Assault - AGAIN!”

  1. 1

    while i think he is absolutely innocent, it is disconcerting that he is in this position again so soon

  2. 2

    hey fat fuck….shouldn't the title say "Accused", and not "Accuses"?

  3. 3

    I truly hope for his sake & the sake of women everywhere that these claims are not just for the cash. Not saying I hope they happened, but there's too much of this false reporting going on making truly abused or raped women hard to believe…

  4. 4

    Totally false, these women are just after his money. Cant wait to hear the news conference right now.

  5. 5

    The first accuser was uncovered as a complete kook who had made similar(all dismissed) accusations against 2 or 3 other men. But, a second accusation against Big Ben … well, Reptile's word "disconcerting" is perfect for these circumstances.

  6. 6

    just one wrong letter in a headline and the meaning is completely changed.

  7. 7

    You can't cheat an honest man.

  8. edna says – reply to this


    What do you expect from black football players. . . they can't keep it in the pants. . .like OJ and Tiger

  9. 9

    Hmm, may be innocent or may be guilty but disturbed. A bud of mine catered a superbowl a few years back. Ben was in attendance at the shin dig my bud was catering and Mr. Ben felt up, hit on my buddy the whole night, especially after a few cocktails.. Oh, my bud is a gay dude… e thinks if ben is violent, it is frustration at having to be closeted..

  10. 10

    Re: edna – Ben is white stupid ass.Probably one of Tiger's hos accusing him.

  11. 11


    A few corrections for you-
    Ben was AT Capital City (the name of the club) in Milledgeville, Georgia.
    We're so proud that Milledgeville has finally made a name for itself… haha

  12. 12

    Uhm actually it happened in Milledgeville, Georgia. The club at which it happened is called "Capital City". Big Ben's father lives about 30 minutes away. Milledgeville is a college town where Ben and the boys probably knew they could find some trashy girls on a Thursday night. Awesome moral fiber, this guy.

  13. 13

    This guy is one fugly mofo. I don't get it.

  14. 14

    Actually, everyone- I go to the same school that girl goes to in Milledgeville and am friends with her. She has bruises all over her and as much as we all wish she was making it up, she's not! Tough break, Roeth. Maybe getting sued once isn't enough for him to start thinking with the right "head" on his body!

  15. 15

    Who knows? As a woman it is sad to say that lots of bitches are after money and fame and will lie and manipulate famous men to get it. But on the other hand - if he is an abusive man - he needs to be stopped and be accountable for his actions. Where there's smoke, there's fire?

  16. 16

    Re: xsouthernqt21x – If you have evidence - report it to the investigators. Ben is a great QB, but if he is doing stuff like this, be has to be stopped.

  17. 17

    she's is obviously looking for bigfat paycheck!!!…..

  18. 18

    another goldigger for sure..

  19. 19

    two women

    can be skanks….Tiger had 15

  20. 6one9 says – reply to this


    I wonder “IF “` the woman is Tila Tequila?? I wouldn't put IT past “`the bitch!!
    She loves her some football MAN attention!!

  21. 21

    Yes, it was in Milledgeville, GA at a club called Capital City. And for the record I think its disgusting that people automatically assume a 20 year old YOUNG GIRL would accuse a QB of rape. Just because Ben has a couple of Superbowl rings we let him slide with a HISTORY of behavior like this. I can't stand to see all these comments about this girl looking for money because it really discredits women who this actually happened to (and this girl is most likely telling the truth). Think about if it was you, or your sister, or your mother and everyone was accusing her of lying without any of the facts when a man has been accused MULTIPLE times of sexually assaulting someone, and she is a young college girl who got FOLLOWED INTO A BATHROOM. Disgusting.

  22. 22

    Hope this isn't true. Then again, football players think they can do whatever the fuck they want!

  23. 23

    honestly… he may be a player but he isn't an abuser. love ya ben

  24. 24

    Milledgevillle is the name of the town, Capital City is the name of the "bar." Poor Roethlisberger…didn't know what he was getting into when he bought into the redneck Mecca!

  25. 25

    guilty. pure and simple.

  26. 26

    well actually this took place in Milledgeville Ga — it was a college girl — and the night club is called capital city — and he is being charged — I live and go to school here*

  27. 27

    i'm from pittsburgh and i've seen him out at the bars in town, he's a huge prick. there was a local woman that worked with my mother that dated him for a while and she said he really came on strong and was aggressive.

  28. 28

    so wait, did he get accused of it or did he accuse someone of doing it? because you know, your title says he "accuses" … LEARN TO PROOF-READ GHOST WRITERS. i kind of feel bad for perez that he has a bunch of incompetent morons writing his crap now.

  29. 29

    AGAIN! Unbelievable. First time, the accusations seemed a little flimsy, given that she didn't report it. Also, you would think that other women would come forward if it had happened before. I don't think men suddenly whoosh into being abusive. There should have been at least some signs in his previous relationships. Nothing is worse than being falsely accused. I hope the truth will come out.

  30. 30

    When are these idiot male athletes going to learn to keep it in their pants? NOTHING good can come out of it in this day and time. Just because the girls are flinging their vaginas at you does not mean that you have to take them up on the offer! Just ask Kobe and Tiger Woods!

  31. 31


  32. 32

    He does seem a bit like a meathead!

  33. 33

    Doesn't anyone find it odd that she contacted authorities RIGHT after (as in minutes) it happened, yet gave police his EXACT height and weight that's listed on his bios/Steelers website? Someone did a little research.

  34. 34

    That's right..AGAIN! ummmmm

  35. 35

    Re: edna – Sports 101: Tiger plays GOLF. It's NOT THE SAME as football.

  36. 36

    Does Gloria RedDress rep this slut also ?????

  37. 37

    Adding to an ever-growing body of evidence that this dude really is as dumb as he looks.

  38. 38

    Why would you say that?? Do you know this man personally? Do you know him so well as to say that he is not the type of guy that could sexually assult a girl? Do you know the girl who is making the allegations?? Is she the type of person to falsely accuse someone of rape to get money? I am really interested on hearing your insight, sense you seem to know so much that you can make a snap judgement like that!

  39. 39

    While I hope the allegations are not true, it would not surprise me if they were. It seems to be a common problem with pro athletes and celebrities these days that they think they are entitled to whatever they want and some of them are obviously not willing to take no for an answer. for all you people who are saying that he is definitely innocent I just want to know if you know this man personally, because if you don't you shouldn't trust what just what the media says about him. It is his manager's job to make him look like a good guy and it's clear that when he doesn't have his babysitters around he is capable of getting himself into serious trouble. Also I am curios if you know his alleged victim personally, because if you do not how can you say she is the type of person to accuse someone of rape just for money or fame?

  40. 40

    I could handle him!

  41. 41

    how about for the sake of the potential victims?! while he may be innocent, there is an equal chance that he is guilty. to quote something that many people say to victims, maybe he should stop putting himself in those positions for people to accuse him of assault. he must be doing something!

  42. 42

    To be honest, it really makes me sick that people think that this girl is after his money. Knowing her personally, and knowing what a sweet, genuine girl she really is..to hear people talk about how she's a "gold digger" and "just wants his money" is ridiculous and rude. Like someone else said- what if this was your sister/mother/daughter that this happened to? Would she just be after the money then and blowing it out of proportion to the media just to be able to get some cash? Being sexually assaulted is NOT something to be taken lightly, and is definitely not something this girl would make up. She's a better person than that and is dealing with a lot right now because of all of this. She didn't ask for this, so people may want to start taking it from her view too. Just because you don't know her like I do, doesn't mean that she's automatically a gold digger.

  43. 43

    **********To correct perezhilton.com - "Capital City" is the name of the club. Capital city is located in Milledgeville, GA. ******************* Let's get our facts straight!!

  44. 44

    With sports fame come the frauders. The best way to avoid trouble is to stay out of the clubs. Charges like this will follow you like a bad penny.