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Kourtney And Khloe Refuse Take Miami AND Cash From Children!!

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This is pretty EFFED up, if you ask us!!

As we all know, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian have relocated to Miami once again to film the second season of their spin-off show, Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami.

The 'reality' show's staff writers apparently decided that the girls couldn't just go back for the fun of it, so they wrote a wonderful storyline that establishes that the Miami branch of their store, DASH, is in trouble and needs the Kardashian sisters' guidance.

You know, because of their exceptional amount of work experience and natural finesse for business!

God forbid they just admit they wanted another season, right?

We digress.

Either way, DASH is effing itself hard because nobody is going to want to go a store that TAKES ADVANTAGE OF A CHILD.

According to a source, Kourtney and Khloe were prepping for a filmed appearance at their store, and an 11 year old boy purchased a bottle of water that was priced at OVER $10!! When his mother realized how much he spent, she brought him back inside and politely asked if they could return the UNOPENED bottle and get a refund. Apparently this request was REFUSED with EXTREME bitchiness and some serious 'tude.


Let's ignore the fact that charging over $10 for a BOTTLE OF WATER is absolutely ridiculous! But you would blatantly refuse to refund a KID who just bought it and hadn't even opened the seal???

Way to be, guys!!

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161 comments to “Kourtney And Khloe Refuse Take Miami AND Cash From Children!!”

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  1. 1

    Umm though it's hard to ignore the fact that the water was $10 I'm not going to touch that part of the story. But it is not uncommon for a store to refuse a refund. A lot of stores do that as a safety precaution because unfortunately will live in a society full of NUTS. They can't risk taking the bottle back because once a person leaves the store even though the bottle was unopened it could have still been tampered with. And I'm sorry even at 11 y/o I knew that $10 is too much for a bottle of water. I wouldn't have even have picked that shiz up.

  2. 2

    it's a business…

  3. 3

    What would you expect fro those disgusting human beings, the whole family are a bunch of douch-bags..

  4. 4

    Who are these women anyway?

  5. 5

    I can't stand that bathing suit Kourtney is wearing!! And hasn't KIM worn it a few times?

  6. 6

    Am I the only who notices the photoshopped legs on the Kardashian wearing the gold bikini? (sorry, got no clue wo she is)

  7. 7

    Who the fuck cares about these nobodies! Why are you posting anything about them!?

  8. 8

    These Kardashians are the most unSTYLISH people I know, I have no idea why people find them fascinating.

  9. 9

    These girls are dirty, gross and stupid. Anyone who watches them should feel gross. I've never watched more than $5 minutes of KUWTKardashians. They look so stupid anyways.

  10. 10

    as a huge fan of the Kardashians, I found my way to the store when I was in Miami this past week. Assuming the boutique would be well worth the valuable vacation time, you can believe how shocked I was when I got to Dash to find there was not only about 20 items in total hanging from racks, but that the only item under 300 dollars was their overpriced bottle of water!

  11. 11

    Ok first of all when you are 11 you should KNOW BETTER then to touch ANYTHING in an expensive store. And what mother doesnt realize that the kid just took an item that was ten bucks.. Its like trying to return chewed up gum. WHO Cares.

  12. 12

    This is a real sign of the upcoming collapse of the American empire. Too many people creating wealth from smoke and mirrors. Cant sing or dance or act. Uneducated and stupid. The mere fact that these untalented, narcissistic, creeps who do nothing except "being famous" makes me want to vomit.

  13. 13

    10 bucks for a bottle of water is bullshit. I think the fugly wildebeast/ sasquatches known as the Kardashians are fucking disgusting excuses for individuals. With that being said, the kid purchased a beverage, not a shirt or pants or what have you. And some places will not make a refund on such items (which can only be for santiary reasons would be my guess idk). The mother should have been more aware of what and where her child was going, if it is not at the age to realize 10 bucks for water is too expensive. Don't blame them, blame the dumbass parent and dumbass kid.

  14. 14

    really?! nothing better to report on, Perez?? Who cares about this? Maybe this boys mother should be more concerned that her son is dumb enough to buy a bottle of water for that much money. 10 year olds know better. Well, most of em.

  15. 15

    One more thing Perez what the hell does this title mean! WHY is the REFUSE part in it!??? Kourtney and Khloe take Miami AND Cash from Children!! Wtf is the refuse part there for??????? Barbi lay the drink down! K. thanks.

  16. 16

    They suck! No one likes them except for Ryan Seacrest and their ugly self righteous bad example of a mother. Their father would not be very proud of the turn their life has taken over the course of the last 5 years.

  17. 17

    yes its stupid that the water is $10 however if your going into a fancy store owned by the most famous girls in Hollywood then u gotta pay high prices. If they dont allow returns on the water, they dont. its stupid as hell, but it is their right to make return policies. just sayin! lmao

  18. 18

    I'm sorry but to me these bitches look like badly waxed hairy apes. The fact that American men find these Armenian trolls with distorted asses sexy simply baffles me, and that American women wanna emulate them simply makes me wanna barf. I blame Paris Hilton for this mess.

    See kids, this is what happens when you dont follow the Instructions on the Gremlins box carefully, It clearly said on the box : Never feed a Paris Hilton After Midnight and absolutely never let that wonky eye slut get wet. But nooooooooooo! And see what happened? Kardashians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. t4nj4 says – reply to this


    And the problem is?!

  20. 20

    Re: TheRockChick – How do we know he TOOK the bottle of water!? It says that he bought it and the mother wanted to get her son's money back! What are you talking about? Do you know something we don't know? Are you Khloe? She reads these sites ya know! LOL!

  21. 21

    Re: StarCrunch – BRAVO!

  22. 22

    Re: StarCrunch – They are FAR from uneducated! All of the Kardshians have been through and finished COLLEGE! HAVE YOU?

  23. 23

    Re: #Cejers – hey now I like them! HA, I always have :) ! But , I agree!!! I don't think Robert would be happy with them at all! Especially Kris GRILLING Kim to do Playboy , WHATEVER! some MOM! LOL!

  24. 24

    once again, proofread your shit.

  25. 25

    WTF was the water from God's toilet?? Dayum…..

  26. jrok says – reply to this


    You hate everyone who makes money… Guess what perez, you do the same thing, cashing in on everything they do. You only like adam gaybert

  27. 27

    how airbrushed is kourtney?!? stoopid pair of bitches… i'd have thrown the water in their fugly faces…

  28. 28

    Re: Fashionista911 – gotta agree there

  29. 29

    i feel bad for the retouching they do on Khloe's they alway manage to make her look mannish then she is. Shes the only one who really look like their mother Kris in the first place (pre plastic surgery)

  30. 30

    Sounds like a fake story. Why does a clothing store sell water? Is it a Miami thing maybe? The clothing stores I've gone to here in Chicago don't allow anyone to bring in drinks and they definitely don't sell it.
    This story's bullshit.

  31. 31

    The Kardashians are assholes….surprise, surprise!!!!! Bottom feeding fungus like the Kardashians wont go away until people stop watching their show…which will probably never happen b/c we have a seriously fucked up culture

  32. 32

    Umm are you referring to the store that is all the way across the country from them that they left for other people to run? So it's not actually them doing it, you idiots. It's the people they hired who they are not happy with so that is why they're going back to Miami. To make the store better.

  33. 33

    Re: SammiDe

    Youre probably a Kardashian. ;-P

  34. 34

    I hate this TRASHY family. You can have all the money in the world and still be trash, which they are! They are no better than the Hilton family.

  35. 35

    Re: SammiDe – First of all, why do you care if Kim wore a bathing suit first? Dumb. Secondly, only Kourtney and Rob have pushed themselves through and finished college. Kim and Khloe have not. I love the Kardashians but seriously, check facts before you post them haha

  36. 36


  37. 37

    Re: Sexsai – I'm sorry, did you say $5 min? And call the Kardashians idiots in the same sentence? Haha…Why do you care. Also, you do not know them so it's unfair to make judgments about them for watching five dollar minutes of their show, whatever that is. And I do believe that while they act dumb, they all have businesses to run. So they're not completely stupid. They're just putting on a show.

  38. 38



    EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!

  39. 39

    Oh, how I wish that picture could be placed into a capsule (by someone wearing a Hazmat suit) to define "vulgar" for all future generations… Priceless. Thrillingly horrible.

  40. 40

    THE TITLE! HAHAHAHA WTF!??!…. Gosh Perez do you have monkeys working for you now or what??

  41. 41

    Re: StarCrunch
    Unfortunately they are not uneducated. Their brother and one of the sisters, if not all, graduated from one of the prestigious universities in LA or something like that.

    But it does suck to see that educated people can consciously be that stupid in their decision making.

  42. 42

    I think you're delusional. Fine you don't like them, but you can't say that they're ugly cause they're not.
    Get real.

  43. 43

    Re: PeaceLove :)
    I agree. Putting on a show.
    And laughing at the Perez people of the world who buy into their act and still watch the show.

  44. 44

    i dont know any store that would give that refund. its not taking advantage - the mother should have bee watching her kid. not to mention if the child has $10 pocket change available they cant be hurting that too bad for it.
    iv seen far crazier prices for stuff like this - im still pissy about the £15 charge for a bottle of water at a music festival after they confiscated all the refreshments we brought with us on the way in.

  45. 45

    Re: Kazekage Brink – LMAO.. He won't post ANYTHING negative about people who LICK HIS ASS like Gaga, Katy Perry or Madonna..

  46. 46

    Re: SammiDe – Babe, what I meant was one of them makes a vapid nasty sex tape. One has a baby with a moronic self proclaimed douchebag. And one is overweight and marries someone she knew for 4 minutes for MONEY and BLATENTLY admits it ::cough how much a month for "beautification" give me a break! lol… Oh and the person Robert should be MOST ashamed of is not any of them, I agree with you it is "Kris." She is worse than Dina Lohan. I don't recall Dina ever pushing Lindsay to do Playboy? That's all I was saying!

  47. 47

    I'm sorry, but mom should of been in there to supervise. I would not buy crap from those fat ugly hairy whores, and that Sasquatch looking beast Chloe especially is ugly. But still, i don't know if i would want to risk drinking that water or give it to my child once it had left the store. People are crazy, and unfortunately very ingenious nowadays, when it comes to tampering with products. Tylenol anyone?
    Anyway, the mom should have been there to supervise, put the bottle back down once she saw the price, and walked to a 7-11 for a Big Gulp for $1.59.
    And besides, what the hell was an 11 year old boy doing at Dash anyway without his mum around. Mom probably was a famewore who wanted to be on TV and heard they were filming.

  48. 48

    P.S. And besides, it's not like the kid purchased clothing or something. This is something another person is going to ingest—-not wear.

  49. 49

    I've worked at stores where YES you can return an unopened bottle of water! They should have let him return it.

  50. kaihr says – reply to this


    Seriously? Why the hell would you buy water from a clothing store? Go to the gas station, kid.

  51. 51

    Don't ever be surprised at how low these scumbag whores can stoop. Why are they even famous? Because dumb assholes like you watch their show. Figure it out….

  52. 52

    "According to a source"

    Perez, your "sources" have been labeled as bullshit a long time ago. For all we know your "source" could be the homeless guy that lives near the McDonalds dumpster. I don't believe any of it.

  53. 53

    these idiots have absolutely no right being in the media, they are talentless nobodies who became famous because their other talentless sister released a sex tape, fucking whores

  54. 54

    The whole K Trash clan are discusting and so is thier scripted mess of a show.

  55. 55

    I can't understand why these douchbags continue to get any coverage and hype, can't they just go away.

  56. 56

    What was a 10 year old kid doing running around miami alone?

  57. 57

    Re: SammiDe – I graduated from a university, not a college. Thanks for asking, honey.

  58. 58

    I call bullshit on this story. Sorry. If it's that bad to get some decent news, just don't waste our time by posting this lame shit.

    cejers, quite frankly, you're a moron. Who DOESN'T make a sex tape? Eh? I am assuming you watched her sex tape considering your comment. Interesting. Also, how many women end up getting knocked up by a douche bag? More than 80% of the women, easily. If you can't properly insult somebody, just don't do it.

  59. 59

    Re: #Cejers – Yeah I hear ya! I am just shallow when it comes to them! I like them for their LOOKS only! Not for what they do! *winks*

  60. 60

    besides the obvious, what kind of mother lets their 11 year old walk around with cash in their pocket?? that is so weird, when i was 11 i had a couple bucks in my piggy bank, i certainly didn't have "spending money" at 11

  61. 61

    Re: Ihaveanopinion – Gotta love folks who refute comments with misinformation. One, perhaps two of these trolls actually attended and graduated from a post secondary institution. I'll bet you daddy's connections got them in and through school.
    The only thing worse than these broads are the sad souls who actually make time to watch their show and follow their "careers".

  62. 62


    Re: DulceDesden – GOD I wish! My husband and I discuss all the time watching their show together that they are so spoiled and ALWAYS been handed everything! SHIT I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A DAY IN THEIR LIFE! LMAO!

  63. Rigs says – reply to this


    ripping off adults is one thing,,,ripping off KIDS is kissing the gutter lollllllllll


  64. 64

    Hope you FACT CHECKED this one.

    cause it's libelous if it's not true.

  65. 65

    Re: PeaceLove :) – I thought they all did! I heard Bruce Jenner bitching on one show that his girls Kendal and Kylie have to go through school and college then go into modeling to not end up like their sisters! And he doesn't want to go through that jealous sibling rivalry bs. MAYBE that's how the JENNER's are and not the Kardashians but I ASSUMED and they STILL are NOT UNEDUCATED was my POINT! THEY ALL HAVE FINISHED Schooling and go onto OTHER THINGS and not to mention their FATHER ROBERT INSISTED ALL THE GIRLS WERE ENROLLED SO WHATEVER! And second I DIDN'T come here CLAIMING to KNOW EVERY DAMN FACT ABOUT THE KARDASHIANS so the LOL is on you, for real for real HA!

  66. 66

    Re: StarCrunch – Wow for someone with a University diploma WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE KARDASHIAN'S SO MUCH FOR? AND WHAT I THINK OF THEM? Honestly all I said was they were HOT and that Kourtney is EWW swapping vag fluids with Kim by wearing the same suit, SICK! So now people want to attempt to attack me! HAHA Go ahead because it doesn't change me or my day to day! Its only putting a bundle in you peoples panties not mine! LOL!

  67. 67

    some how prenced this there annoying good thing they aint getting there own show

  68. 68

    Re: StarCrunch – The only thing worse than these broads are the sad souls who actually make time to watch their show and follow their "careers".


  69. 69

    Re: StarCrunch – "The mere fact that these untalented, narcissistic, creeps who do nothing except "being famous" makes me want to vomit."
    Agreed. These girls are actually famous because OJ murdered his wife.. their dad became famous for that trial..and they became famous exploiting their rich friends ie Paris.. who also do nothing. They are born into celebrity. It is a shame.

  70. 70

    SammiDe needs a life on some real shit….i'm not trying to be mean but this is ridiculous-you posted like 10 times trying desperately to protect the Whoredashians who get no respect by any real Hollywood stars and respectful musicians. go outside and make some friends please!

  71. KarlJ says – reply to this


    Has anyone noticed that they forgot to photoshop their reflections in that window. It's kinda scary looking.

  72. 72

    That family is so appalling. They're all superficial, materialistic, greedy whores.

    Kim is a dumb slut and a cougar. She needs to stop dating a man who's several years her junior. Reggie is way too good for her and he clearly doesn't want to marry her. He only dates you for your ass. Plus she looks somewhat masculine in the face, even with all that makeup caked on.

    Khloe needs to lose some MORE weight (you can tell they photoshopped her fat, ugly body), get some plastic surgery to fix the fact that she strongly resembles a man (more so than Kim), and enjoy her marriage while it lasts. What a publicity stunt.

    Kourtney simply needs to leave that asshole baby's daddy of hers. I have to give her props because she's not nearly as bad as her sisters. She looks a lot better than Kim too, despite the fact that Kim gets all the attention.

    Their mom is just horrible. She did a great job at turning her offspring into cash cows. She clearly gets botox, but she clearly still looks like she's 65.

  73. 73

    The first comment, from Fashionista911, is correct. There are just some things you don't accept refunds for bc it may have been tampered with. However, I've had customer service positions in the past and the store or company can actually do anything they want, refund anything they want. For customer relations, they should've just given the lady back her $10 and THROWN AWAY the bottle of water. These types of incidental losses should be built into the profit/loss of the business anyway. It's better to have good customer service and a good reputation than a $10 sale anyway. Sometimes you just eat it for the big picture. On the other hand, I've rarely seen customers rejected if they handle the situation correctly — most of the customers who are refused refunds and/or are dealt with in a "bitchy" way, are bitches themselves. Come in with a holier-than-thou, how are you going to satisfy me attitude and you *will* get stonewalled. That old saying about catching more flies with honey than vinegar is very, very true.

    Um, so I guess I'm saying we just don't know what went down in this situation? LOL. Long post just for that, sorry.

  74. 74

    Re: KarlJ – Haha I didn't realize that. That's so funny.

  75. 75

    Re: SammiDe – Should you not give it a rest, already? Geez…get a life! ! . Back ay ya ! Never mess with the Be-Atch !

  76. 76

    The girls are Fat, Ug-lee Whores. Full Stop !

  77. 77

    I pass by Dash all the time and although it is full of tourists I have yet to see anyone buy anything there. There is very little merchandise in the store other than the shelves of water. It is obvious the only reason the store is open is for the publicity and the show.

  78. 78

    i went to the dash store the other day and it is a hot mess i stay a couple block away from the store and it is so not up to part for miami…. i mean i get it is miami beach… so what miami suck and the dash store as while ….no one work's there and every body who does are very rude and selfish mother fucker….i love kourtney and khloe but the stores is a hot mess and it is so shameful….

  79. 79

    Sorry to be Cpt. Obvious, but this photo is WAY over photoshopped! Proof? Look how Kourtney's cleavage is covered by her hair right down the middle. Now look at the reflection. Not there!
    BTW - I was in the Miami Dash store a couple of months ago. The store is in the middle of nowhere. Not in a fashionable or nice area at all. And the bottles of water have their faces on them. Blech.

  80. 80

    LOL…a $10 bottle of water!

  81. 81

    its a business, they have policies, you don't like it, don't shop there. Lord Perez, your so stupid sometimes, your letting the $10 bottle of water get to your head. That is your issue here. No one forced the boy to buy the bottle. Does Neman Marcus apologize for selling a pair of jeans for $500? Does Bentley get all teary eyed when they sell a 300,000 car? It's all relative. Maybe it was a bottle of water in a fancy glass bottle or something. You never know. And besides its a food iteam, I wouldn't take it back anyway.

  82. 82

    Re: Be-Atch – AHAHA sure whatever YOU say!!! LMAO! :) !

  83. 83

    Re: RussianChick – BAHAHAHAHAHAHA even funnier :) ! Your cute too! LOL!

  84. KarlJ says – reply to this


    Khloe has a size 8 in the picture and a REAL size 13 in the not photoshopped reflection in the window. Their reflection is kinda rough looking. I still love the girls though.

  85. 85

    Re: SammiDe – Not true; only Kourtney finished college of the girls. Rob may have too.

  86. 86

    Something about this story doesn't add up. 11 year old boy goes into a women's boutique to buy water??? Perez - as usual - you exaggerate and exploit and often, just lie.

  87. 87

    Kourtney should be ashamed of herself….Trying to get fame off her son…..
    Next thing you know she is bitching and whining for the papparazzi to leave them alone….

  88. 88

    quit hating! they have millions of fans…if they didn't, they wouldn't be so rich!

  89. 89

    You have GOT to be kidding me. This is the most airbrushed thing I have EVER seen. You expect anyone to believe Khloe lost 45 lbs for this shoot?

  90. 90

    Re: SammiDe

    It doesn't say much for education and who actually sticks up for these degenerates.

  91. 91

    Re: RussianChick

    You beat me to it yea she is desperate sounding.

  92. 92

    hows kort. gonna do da show if shes gotta take care of her kidd?
    and its wow that the kid bought dat water like really?? $10- were u about to dehydrate or sumthing?? u shld know better then to know thats alot for a water,
    & well, its business, like Fasionista911 said it cld have been tempered with.

  93. 93

    Re: Ashleygirl31 – OK IDIOT, out of every post i have ever read on this website that comment takes the cake. They are rick because of their looks? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! They are rich because the one person in that family who hasnt had a brain transplant for a potato or sex tape is the man without Kardashian in his name. Bruce. He's worked day in and day out for 20+ years. Oh and sadly they got a nice amount of money from Rob Kardashian SR when he passed. They've economized because Ryan Seacrest saw how effed up and nuts the entire family was, but the only thing their looks has bought them is Kim Kardashians XXX video, and it did not make enough to even buy their huge new house!

  94. 94

    Re: Ashleygirl31
    they are rich because they were born rich you fucking moron

  95. 95

    Re: Fashionista911 – Totally agree

  96. 96

    i wish i was behind them in the picture so i can push them overboard and laugh while they drowned…

  97. 97

    I work in a grocery store, and any and all food or drink that is returned, even if unopened and still sealed, CANNOT be resold. BFD.

  98. 98

    Re: Ashleygirl31 – umm they're rich because their dad was a famous lawyer, eye roll.

  99. 99

    the image in the window of the boat doesnt match them standing , bad photoshop

  100. 100

    Re: jillbeans – When was I ever REALLY STICKING up for them?? I never started out sticking up for anyone BUT MYSELF! And if you people are that fucking shallow to judge people on WHICH CELEBRITIES they find ATTRACTIVE and like HA! Then go for it dude! :) More power to you!

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