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Kerry Katona's Ex Is A Despicable Excuse For A Human Being!

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Yeah, Kerry Katona has had her fair share of hard-pAArtying troubles, but her ex Mark Croft is the real douchebag here!

Croft has admitted to reporters that he was paid off by paparazzi by tipping them off to Kerry's whereabouts!


His justification for his actions is even douchier!

Says Croft:

When I did earn money by tipping people off she went mad, I would tell photographers where she was going and get paid for it. Kerry went mental when she found out - but it didn't stop me, I don't feel guilty.

She said: "Don't fucking do this to me. It makes me look stupid." I told her we get stuff out of it. It is a bit shitty but it was worth a few hundred quid. If I hadn't done it somebody else would have done.

If that wasn't sickening enough, Mark has revealed that he doesn't want custody of their two children ("I think kids should be with their mum") and believes that Kerry is "used goods" and that "divorce is inevitable."

Mark finished his interview by telling the reporter he used to tease and taunt Kerry, who is bipolar, until she was at her wits end.

"I could push it to the limit… I know how to wind her up to the point she would start screaming at me," Mark proudly bragged.


We bet he's the one who secretly taped and sold the video of Kerry snorting coke!!!!!!

[Image via Steve Searle/WENN.]

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36 comments to “Kerry Katona's Ex Is A Despicable Excuse For A Human Being!”

  1. 1

    Wow what a jackass. He should have to pay her all the money he made from selling her out. I mean she may be a mess and was snorting coke, but he's a real class act right? Who the hell gives an interview like this anyway?

  2. 2

    He is a FUCKTARD. but whats amusing is he admits to being a FUCKTARD. and kerry katona is getting pretty beefy, either call that old coke dealer or get your ass back in the gym.

  3. 3

    Perez, why would you use **** so not to spell "SHITTY", but you have no problems spelling "FUCKING"? It makes no sense.

  4. 4

    uh….who are these people?

  5. 5

    WHO IS KERRY KATONA and why do you keep talking about her?

  6. 6

    I think the word "retard" — pronounced "ra-tard" like the guy in The Hangover — should be reserved exclusively for people like this.

  7. ELL says – reply to this


    LOOK PEREZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHE IS ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz not A ZZZZ zzz z z z z z z LIST IN UK, so why post ???? not even we care about her borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

  8. 8

    YOU SIR, YOU ARE A FUCKIN ASSHOLE! LOL! That is all I can think of saying to this dweeb! How dare he? Wow! I feel bad for her now! Seems she didn't have ONE PERSON in her camp on her SIDE! Fucking SELL OUT is what you are CROFT! A fucking SELL OUT!

  9. 9

    What are these people famous for?

  10. 10

    Remember when Roseann did the same thing to Tom Arnold ??

  11. 11

    I didnt' know that hey had broken up? It's about friggin time..

  12. 12

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! SICK I just looked back in the archives to see who she was! OMG, I got to the article of her pulling stuff out of her ROTTING NOSE! THAT WAS JUST DISGUSTING! I am SCARRED FOR LIFE!

  13. 13

    poor girl!

  14. 14

    Who are these people?

  15. 15

    He's probably a good part of the reason she's a mess. That's the sort of man no one needs to have around. He needs to go to hell.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    What a prize. Good luck getting women now, douchebag.

  17. 17

    I don't know why you keep defending this fat tart - she and her husband are both losers and I wish they'd both fall off the face of the earth. This woman is a mother of 3 (or 4??) young girls - what the fuck is she doing snorting coke anyway?? Frankly, if the mother of my children was snorting coke and dumb enough to allow that to be filmed, I would release the film as well - but to child welfare services.

  18. 18

    Ack, Shes so vulnerable, Needs someone decent, She needs to get him charged for abuse or something.. play him at his own game arghh Shoot him.

  19. 19

    This is a direct message to Perez/Mario. I am not a tween or a young girl. I am 40 and I just want to say this to you.

    The fact that this girl, Kerry Katona is a drug addict is because she has serious problems on top of that she was in an abusive relationship. The douche has admitted to effing with her until she would explode. That is abusive. Everyone that has addiction problems has deep seeded issues, drugs is their way of covering up that hurt, guilt, whatever feeling it is they are trying to numb.

    I read your website occasionally because occasionally it is funny, but most of the times it is cruel and hurtful. Lampoon the ones that deserve it, leave the addicted ones alone. Kerry Katona, Lindsay, Mischa, Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse etc all have addiction problems and all need urgent help.

    I know you don't care about their feelings, but the world will come back to bite you, you are a dark, spiteful and sad human being.

  20. 20

    this is just disgusting!! Very sad.

  21. Emesa says – reply to this


    What a complete wank stain that man is.

  22. 22

    Hey fat ass, just wanted to say that I signed on 2 weeks ago and was told my avatar would take 24 hrs or less. You are such a failure on all counts.

  23. 23

    Despicable Excuse For A Human Being? Mario is her ex? Poor Mario, pathetic in every sense of the word

  24. 24

    look at his body laguage. there is no love there. she is his item, his belonging, possesion, that's all. he's clearly antisocial - psychopath. there is no doubt. the world does not need being like him. i truly feel sorry for her, and she needs help. now.

  25. 25


  26. 26


  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Not only is he cruel, but he can't be too bright as he doesn't even have the sense to keep his moronic mouth shut about his dastardly deeds.

  28. 28

    How about news of Neil Fifer and Jennifer Aniston?!

  29. 29

    Re: patticake1601 – You know he has an email right?

  30. 30

    Well rid of that loser kerry, please find urself a nice man

  31. 31

    wow. that really is one huge asshole.

  32. 32


  33. 33

    The saddest thing is how low is her self esteem to be with this guy? She has KIDS with this man. All her friends warned her, every MAGAZINE warned her! This is just sad- hopefully she gets some real therapy and help….

  34. 34

    such a scumbag, every one knows he taped her doin coke and sold it and every thing eles that went wrong he did it all to her …. even the way he spoke to her hes so vile, i pitty him ……. took her longer enought to cop on ……….. feel sorry for his kids havin that 4 a dad

  35. 35

    hes a loser but so is she!! i guess every woman named Kerry , Carrie, no matter how its spelled means nasty skanky coke whore!!!!!!

  36. 36

    That's really horrible - I've known quite a few bi-polar people and they're all pretty co-dependant.. she probably really relied on him, and it really seems like she was fed to the lions. At the very least - I hope that every attempt he makes to abuse another is met with "Hey, I've heard about you before.. fuck off" or something to that affect. What a douche.