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Clooney's OTHER Date To The Oscars

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Packing some punch Georgie or have you just been hanging out with Kathy Ireland?

You may have thought George Clooney showed up to the Academy Awards yesterday with just his lovely, Italian lover Elisabetta Canalis as his date, but that just isn't so. He had another little friend hiding out under his clothes:

A flask!

Naughty, naughty Mista Clooney!

Did the Silver Fox need some liquid courage or just some sweet, sweet nectar to get him through more than 3 hours of Hollywood ass-kissing?

Maybe a little of both! In any case, it sure does explain some of the HIGHlarious facial expressions during his Academy close-ups.

You should be drunk more often!

[Image via AP Images.]

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51 comments to “Clooney's OTHER Date To The Oscars”

  1. 1

    dutch courage is my favourite type of courage…

  2. 2

    Ummmm hello he is from KY. He's probably got a flask of either granny's great moonshine or he's got the best top notch whiskey in there.

  3. 3

    If I had to sit next to that hag of a bitch Elisabetta and her pouting— you'd better believe liquor would be involved.

  4. 4

    Hmm. You have no problems reporting him as a drunk, but you took down your earlier post about Madonna's alleged fit about not having her favorite drink available at an Oscar party…What gives?

  5. 5

    Really you thought his facial expressions were HIGHlarious, no he looked like he was forced to be at the show he sat there looking like a dick, and someone must of slapped that man with an ugly stick.

  6. 6

    his girlfriend is horseface fugly!

  7. Low says – reply to this


    Looked like he didn't want to be there last night.. and he looked tired.

  8. 8

    George looks so depressed or bugged at the Oscars I am not sure what it was. That girlfriend of his seems like a total drag she was sitting there like she was pissed off about something. George get rid of her she looks to old for you.

  9. 9

    He did have a lot of facial expressions I've never seen him make at awards shows.
    I wish both him and Jeff Bridges could have won.

  10. 10

    Re: G0 Ask Alice – Hellllllloooooooo Miss Alice ;) I thought you'd left the graveyard

  11. 11

    this is funny because clooney showed no emotion all night until midway through he laughed at something and i said to my friend "he must be feeling pretty buzzed by now". it alllllllllll makes sense now.

  12. 12

    I wish Hollywood would stop planting these fake stories to protect the fact that George is G-A-Y!!! Perhaps there still is on old blue-haired lady in Bum-Fuck, Iowa who will believe it! George has been in a longtime relationship with the "husband" (Randy Gerber) of that BIG DYKE, Cindy Crawford!!!

  13. 13

    you are such a fucking idiot!! Did you know that her zipper broke before the show and he personally sewed it back in place. I heard that from the guy who did her hair!! They were late because of it. He wasn't drinking YOU FUCKING DISEASED ANUS MONGOLOID!

  14. 14

    Clooney was drunkity, drunk, drunk! That was the first thing I noticed about him! Hey, it was a night to celebrate!!! You go, George!

  15. 15

    Re: blacklily.of.the.valley – Here I am Miss Lily !! — I was away for a short bit, thanks for tending to the graves whilst I was away luv. So what have I missed? Has Mario grown a vocabulary?

  16. 16

    I like George, but I thought his facial gestures during the show came off as arrogant, not drunk. He acted like he'd rather be somewhere else and if that was the case then he could have just let someone else accept the award on his behalf if he won.

  17. 17

    Re: G0 Ask Alice – Oh I thought she looked a bit like a whiny bitch too! I thought it was just me, but seriously could she get anymore whiny.

  18. 18

    Re: KristinaG78 – i think he is pretty handsome, but totally agree with your take on his facial expressions last night….

  19. 19

    You have no idea why he had the flask. Perhaps it was to pull a joke on someone or perhaps he is fighting a cold! When my mom died, I lost a lot of sleep in a short period of time and then had to "conduct" her funeral with a terrible hacking cough! I took a flask with me because I knew I could get through the ceremony without having to stop to cough if I drank some right before the service started. Stop projecting your PERVY thoughts on everyone's actions

  20. 20

    His girlfriend is NO beauty.

  21. 21

    He took out the flask in the Associated Press interview on the red carpet. He was acting pretty drunk, it was right before the red carpet show ended.

  22. 22

    I'd imagine that a drink or two might make sitting there for 3 hours a little more tolerable–and that doesn't include the time it took to get ready and walk that endless red carpet of interviewers. I got a flask for Xmas myself–finally a friend who gets me!

  23. 23

    Re: slider64 – He did have a flask and was clearly drunk.

  24. 24

    Re: KristinaG78 – That's the impression i got too. He didn't look happy. His stupid girlfriend waving etc..

  25. 25

    Don't care what y'all are saying but good ol' boy "George" was definately "off" last night. He was not his usual happy self and didn't appear to go along with the jokes the hosts were dishing out. Also, during the red carpet interviews, he didn't appear too close with his girlfriend.

  26. 26

    Re: G0 Ask Alice – Let me see…
    caca posts every 6.66 nanoseconds
    the child army is still being trotted out over Europe (kind of like the Von Trapp kiddies except they were mildly entertaining dissidents)
    caca & granniedonna's fans are still cannibalising each other
    caca still covers her head with elephant poo & sequins
    mario's post have degenerated into an 11 yr old (who spells like a 3 yr old)
    pitching a fit for not being invited to the popular kids party (oh sorry, nothing's changed there)
    I have kept myself busy by lowering the whole tone of the place
    *Please Note - Justin Beaver fans are the new loons on the block - they got Beaver Fever

  27. 27

    Re: blacklily.of.the.valley – —- thanks for the brief synopsis. Beaver Fever — Bahaahaa. So I'm guessing we toast with champagne cocktails when Beaver's voice changes in about 5 months right? I've missed ya Lil * wink *

  28. 28

    Don´t kill me girls but and I think he is a lousy actor. Besides, he is an asshole. Till´now he plays doctor Doug Ross, even in real life. He simply can´t tell the difference anymore. Besides, the guy doesn´t have lips, for God´sake!

  29. 29

    Re: G0 Ask Alice – Miss Alice I was worried when you never arrived in all the usual sleazy dive posts…I thought there may have been an outbreak of myxomatosis down the rabbit hole
    and Yes, champagne, vodka & lemon sorbet cocktails for everybody

  30. 30

    Re: blacklily.of.the.valley – Never fear — this hole is myox-free. We sanitize with straight bourbon daily at about 6 pm.

  31. 31

    Re: G0 Ask Alice – BAHAHAHAHAHAHA…yes, Bourbon = Holy Water

  32. 32

    As a Italian myself, I was appalled that Elisabetta was and had a bored attitude towards the Oscar ceremony, she should not forget that she is just a starlet in Italy who posed and still do naked for calendars and used to fuck many soccer players before landing Mr Clooney and having a good life by traveling everywhere with him.

    Smile more Elisabetta, Giorgio can get bored quite easely with his girlfriends du jour.

  33. 6one9 says – reply to this


    OVER “RATED!!!!!!!! That's ALL I'm gonna say about this dude!!

  34. 34

    He looked like he was in pain. I think he had an accident that has created some problems in that area.

    I wonder if he is having some pain management issues. Hence the flask. It does potentiate the pain killers.

  35. 35

    Every time the camera captured GC's face, he just either pissed or severely annoyed - he looked like an ASS! Drunk? I doubt it. If he *were* drunk, he'd have had a better look on his face! THAT would've been more tolerable than his surly, ugly expressions. And that DATE of his?!?! What rock in Italy did he dig her out from? That woman seemed just DREADFUL! She brings NOTHING to the table - in fact, she lessens George's appeal (and his sour looks didn't help any either).

  36. 36

    OK so it was just not me thinking the way I did. While he is known for his wicked sense of humour and pranks when Alec and Steve poked fun at him he did look seriously annoyed - especially about the Toyota part - maybe he was joking maybe he was not?? Or maybe he and his gal had a spat - I just never saw George looking that way before - something was off - very off and no I don't think it was the flask - I bet many in attendance need one of those to pull off the night.

  37. rsvp says – reply to this


    I think he did a Sacha Baron Cohen. Surprised at how man fell for it.

  38. 38

    i LOVE george clooney

  39. 39

    This is a horrible, horrible, horrible man with a boring attitude. He treats his girlfriend with disrespect, something I didn´t notice before, but I saw how he left her alone during the red carpet walk to laugh and play with his friends while leaving her standing at a distance with no company. If any man ever does that to me, I´ll just walk away without a word. How can she stand being with such a bad, awful man?

  40. 40

    Does anybody else think this guy is a douche?
    I do not for the life of me understand the appeal of Mr. George Clooney. I think his acting is wooden although I enjoyed his movie Up in the Air a lot.
    Also, does he really think he is fooling people that he is some kind of lothario seducing women all over the place.
    I would bet a substantial amount of money this guy is "in the closet".

  41. @v@ says – reply to this


    A flask for the limo? Whoo hoo.

  42. 42

    I'm extremely tired of these over paid, over rated celebrities who act like the world revolves around them and then can't even manage to put on a "happy face" on Oscar night. He spent the entire night looking like he'd rather be at home watching re-runs of his old movies. The fans are the ones that made him famous, buy the tickets to his movies and watch the Oscars to catch a glimpse of him. He could have at least faked a smile or two….

  43. 43

    you're all STUPID. it was a JOKE between him and alec baldwin and steve martin!! they glared at him and he glared back! DUH.

    and it was pretty funny.

  44. 44

    WTF was up with his face? i thought they were going to pull a prank or something but nup just a shit face

  45. Scrib says – reply to this


    How do you know he had a flask? Prove it ya dumb evil fuck.

  46. 46

    Re: laurenanney – Thank god somebody is smart enough to get that!!

  47. 47

    He's hot.

  48. 48

    #1 God Clooney looked like he was on his period at the Oscars or something. I don't even look that gnarly when it's my turn. He's so played. I'm sick of him.

    #2 What's up with his flavor of the month? She's fugly. She's got man-face. PLUS it's one of those faces that you know only looks good from certain angles or in certain lights. You never know which side you're gonna get. YIIIIIKES. That's worse than just dating a straight up ugly person. She also has man hands. How old is she anyway? She looks 48ish. Also, she totally used to be a man.

  49. 49

    Re: chuangstein – THATS TOO FUNNY!LOLOL!

  50. @v@ says – reply to this


    Maybe he had a bad headache. He had them for a while due to something. Look at his eyes. It could be pain in them thar eyes.

  51. 51

    What's her name is NOT lovely, she looks like a hag