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EXCLUSIVE!! Creator Of The Pussycat Dolls Speaks About Future Of The Band!!

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Now that the Pussycat Dolls as we know them are officially done, we've been anxiously waiting to hear from the band's creator, Robin Antin, on what exactly to expect when she reboots the girl group with brand new dolls, and what Nicole Scherzinger's role in the band may be!!

Luckily, the wait is OVER!!

Antin has released this statement EXCLUSIVELY to PerezHilton.com.

She says:

"I created The Pussycat Dolls in 1995 with one thought in my mind: "Inside every woman is a Pussycat Doll." It was my dream to spread this message around the world.

For the past fifteen years there have been many amazing versions of The Pussycat Dolls. We began with Christina Applegate and Carmen Electra sharing the stage with many talented women, many of whom went on to pursue dreams of their own. And today is no different.

Some of the girls who have shared the stage and spotlight with Nicole are ready to begin artistic journeys of their own and I support them completely.

And so, too, must I keep moving forward.

I am happy to announce the creation of a NEW Pussycat Dolls, with Nicole Scherzinger continuing on as lead singer. We hope all our fans will join us on a journey that will prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime dream for many girls around the world.

So…. get ready for the NEW, HOT, SEXY, TALENTED PUSSYCAT DOLLS!!"


Out with the old and in with the new!!

We're so thrilled that Nicole is sticking around!!

Hopefully the new girls, whomever they may be, won't be as obnoxious and ungrateful as the last batch!!

[Image via WENN.]

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33 comments to “EXCLUSIVE!! Creator Of The Pussycat Dolls Speaks About Future Of The Band!!”

  1. 1

    Nicole was really the only one with talent anyways.
    the others couldnt really sing at all.
    they didnt really have a look that made them stand out like nicole did either.
    the other four just seemed like a odd grouping with Nicole in front.

  2. 2

    Why are they being referred to as a "band?" No one in the Dolls plays an instrument, and from what I recall, the majority of the vocals were by Nicole.

  3. 3

    its should be just he since she sing and not other girls maybe dumb nicole and the girls make something better than this ugly bitch

  4. 4

    Ever think that Nicole may have been the problem? They were a group they all obviously had talent. Not as much of a voice as Nicole, but maybe Nicole got too divaish.

  5. 5

    Nicole is a cun*t. She's the rude one. She keeps trying to have a solo career and it aint happenin baby. Give that one up, you suck !

  6. 6

    There were too many girls in the PD. They should have just two or three more.
    Anyway, WtF is Nicole wearing?

  7. 7

    Meow! Thanks for the heads up! Good luck Robin finding right girls.

  8. 8

    Fuck Off Already. No One Cares For This 'Band'. Isn't She Getting The Message, No One Is Buying Their Album Anymore.

  9. exBFF says – reply to this


    i'd hang in there if they ditched Nicole. She's so incredible over-rated. Try (and I emphasize the word try) to listen to any of her "solo" stuff. Pure crap.

  10. 10

    now that you co hosted something with her u are nice to her. dickhead

  11. YUCK says – reply to this


    as you have pointed out in the past its not like nicole has so many viable options. she sucks ass solo, she really needs the support of other more talented ladies. didnt her album get shelved indefinitely. nicole is a loser that has crossed her expiration date and stick a fork in that bitch shes done, no matter how hard she thinks she can come back out.

  12. 12

    This wasn't a real group to begin with. All it was, was one spott light hoggin' chick with back up dancers. Then when she tried to go solo she flopped! Now they're just gonna bring in new puppets to stick in the background.

  13. 13

    Nicole with talent? Her voice sucks ! Melody had a great voice and she could hit high notes unlike nicole. Nicole also looks like a tranny. I used to love PCD but when they were on tour with Britney you could see the tension in their performance and Nicole sounded bad. Their "career" is over

  14. 14

    To me it was like Nicole was the artist and the others were back up dancers/ background singers.

  15. 15

    you headline has another spelling error. You left out the L. you must mean FUTURE OF THE BLAND….right ?

  16. 16

    bands sing, play interments & sometimes write music.

  17. 17

    Re: 4skin nv – LMAO!

  18. 18

    When I first saw the group,I thought they would change members after every album. There's so many apart from the group. I expected this.

  19. 19

    I hope the new Dolls are good singers like Nicole, so PCD could actually be a girl group. At least a little bit. Nicole still being the lead Doll, but the others getting some substantial lines, or at least them all singing during the corus.

    I think the reason their second album, Doll Domination, didn't do so well [at least compared to their first album] is because people were tired of it all being about Nicole.

  20. 20

    Sounds like a good excuse for another one of her crappy reality shows, such as the one they already had to find a 'new member' (who never ended up joining the group), and for that crappy group Girlicious she put together.

  21. 21

    UNGRATEFUL!!! The poor girls were tossed in background like props and pushed to dance on que, I wouldnt call that ungrateful. Nicole may have been the one with strongest voice but not all the girls were just dancers. Melody had a very nice voice as well. So did Ashley. Besides these girls signed on to be in a group not as extras they deserved to have more vocal recognition then they were given. Feel sorry for the next batch. Dont know why they keep dragging this thing, how about they just focus on getting a better solo ablum together for Nicole. That would save time, money and another group of talented girls from subjecting to a useless profit!

  22. 22

    OMG is this going to be a NEW SHOW?!? I'd hella watch it! watched the last 2 seasons and would love another! Of course N.S. will be in it, Without her, PD is nothing.

  23. 23

    Nicole does have a beautiful voice, to bad she is a stuck up snob!

  24. 24

    all they have to do is change the name of the group from PCD to just Nicole. she does all of the singing anyway. her solo album stunk because it was targeted to the wrong audience (hip hop) when all of her current fans are pop fans. she should just stick to the type of songs PCS already makes and ditch the backup singers. easy as that!

  25. 25

    - First of all Nicole the (tranny) must of been the snobby bitch of the group arranging private transportion on tour instead of joining the other girls on the tour bus. Every girl in PCD was talented obviously Melody Thornton best vocals and Kimberly Wyatt best dancer and I'm pretty fucking sure they are all grateful but not grateful for being pushed into the backround. Nicole is old already she should just go have kids and die already. And whenever I watch a PCD video I ain't looking at Nic, I'm looking at the real girls who look like woman in the backround. not a tranny looking chick who needs to change her hair already!!! This new PCD group is never going tobe the same ever!! singing Stickwitu, Buttons its just not going tobe the same… and I'm suprised none of these girls never bitch slaped Nicole out.. Ino I would…. GO Melody. Kim, Jess, Ash the real PCD's!! No wonder Carmit left a long time ago.. probably stood up to Antin/NiC and said fuck you hoes….

  26. 26

    so….what's the story? i don't get it.

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    At least the girls lining up to play 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th banana will know it beforehand.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    The departing girls should shop themselves as an almost ready to go group.

  29. 29

    first you dish nicole, and now after you met her, you kiss and lick her ass. wtf is that? you're a whore!

  30. 30

    Of course you're thrilled that Nicole is sticking around. You also adore Sliimy, Lady GagMe, Flamebert, and several others short on actual talent; you have no taste. Scherzinger needs to stay with the PCD because otherwise she'd have no career at all.

  31. 31

    Nicole is too insecure to share the limelight

  32. 32

    haha…it will be nicole & the back up dancers…again! still on team melody!!!!

  33. 33

    even though they didnt sing, i liked them. its going to be difficult forgetting them. i loved melody and kim. wtf how can they replace melody?! i love her voice. kim was the best dancer ever, always with 200% energy. w.e at least nicole is still in it. but i think the fans wont be happy.