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Howard Stern Not A Fan Of Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe

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Howard Stern showed no mercy for Gabourey Sidibe from Precious on his Sirius XM Radio show, ripping on the actress along with sidekick Robin Quivers.

Hate on Gabby all you want, but girlfriend is an Oscar nominee and she's just having a good time!

What do U think about Howard and Robin's comments?

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482 comments to “Howard Stern Not A Fan Of Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe”

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  1. 101

    All true. The big fat beast will never ever get another role. She'll never be let in to the Hollywood circle. She'll never date John Mayer either (snicker)

  2. 102

    Sorry, but this girl is fat and I don't know where her beauty hides. I haven't seen it yet. No one who is 200 lbs overweight is beautiful. Sorry. Is it because she is black? That's why she can be as fat as she wants??? And good luck with finding roles. Face reality all you pc people.

  3. 103

    Hilarious! And true. I laughed my ass off when I heard it yesterday. All you humorless unfuckable broads who are here ragging on Howard for saying what we're all thinking can go fuck yourselves, because like Gaboray, no one else's fucking you.

  4. 104

    howard may be ugly but have you seen his wife? apparently he's doing something right…….

  5. 105

    Re: chelsea07 – FOR REAL. Howard and Robin are not nice — but GABOUREY WILL DIE!!!! She should go on the Biggest Loser or Celebrity Fit Club — those are NOT CURVES, we have CHARITY WALKS for heart disease, not parties about embracing TERMINAL DISEASES — and the saddest thing is, YES you might be genetically predisposed to obesity, but everyone has a choice about what they put into their bodies — do you have a choice about leukemia?? I DON'T THINK SO. It's a travesty that everyone is turning a blind eye — it's an illness, she will die in like 5-10 yrs…or become immobilized, lose a foot, this is not about Gabourey's race OR being Hollywood-thin — it's about normal people not thinking that kind of mass is acceptable, because it is DEATHLY.

  6. 106

    while i do think that howard stern is a little harsh, he is being truthful….she is never going to get leading roles or be a sucessful actress unless she loses weight, she isnt just a big girl, she is morbidly obese and it is extremley unhealthy. She needs to become the next jenny Craig star, lose 150lbs and then she will be able to continue in hollywood. She is an oscar nominated actress, she obviously has talent, but she will never be able to get the good parts if she stays as unhealthy as she is.

  7. 107


  8. 108

    As mean as it seems..I think what they are saying is pretty truthful. Look at Hollywood really how many overweight actresses are out there?

  9. 109

    Re: Swear to ME! – Go fuck yourself. Signed, everyone sane.

  10. Theo says – reply to this


    I agree with them…she will be dead in three years if she doesn't get help and no one else would say it. She is a good actress…but you have to be beautiful…is that a revelation?

  11. 111

    he may have said it in a rude and harsh way, but it is true. this girl is a one hit wonder, heck maybe she'll get really lucky and make a second good movie, but her career is going to be short lived

  12. 112

    Well Miss Sidibe is talented, and while she could lose weight - apparently Howard and Robin are ugly to da bone forever. No talent trash talking hacks. Karma people.

  13. 113

    Got side tracked from a bigots posting. I love Howard Stern. he can be an ass in certain areas. As for making jokes on the size of thi girl, thats where I draw the line. ot a nice thing to do. But, the rest of what he was saying is so very true. This young lady, as good an actress as she might be, will not get tons of mainstram movie roles. There's not that many obese, because she is extremely obese, not plus sized, roles out there. Not many african american girls her color gets roles. She is extremely black. Even a cast of all black actors tend to lean on women that are lighter skin, fake hair and thin. I really hope for the best for this kd, but I cannot see it happening. Maybe Tyler Perry will cast her in several roles, but even he has light skinned, thin beautiful women in his cast. And she should lose some weight.

  14. 114

    here hate full people..showing there ignorance

  15. 115

    Re: CVictoria – Bingo! No movie about a fat ugly white girl would be made, or if it were made, nobody like Queen Oprah would champion and all the white-guilt wimpy liberal idiots wouldn't get behind it and lie about "how great it was". I saw it, and I'll say the TRUTH. Precious was BORING, depressing, dank and suprememly unenjoyable on every level.

  16. 116

    Its mean what they said but c'mon, somebody had to say it. Everybody at some point thought that. I have to agree with him when he said that any asshole can come off the street and be nominated but Meryl has been working the majority of her life! That would be a slap in the face to me if I was Meryl Streep!

  17. 117

    I hate to say it, because she is great and seems like such a nice girl, but life is harder when your that big and people can be cruel. I hope the best for her in her career. I know she has a couple of movies lined up right now. How many movies has Howard been in??? Is he an expert??

  18. 118

    Howard says what most people think to themselves. How is that hateful? Politically incorrect yes, but who cares?

  19. 119

    Re: Bungle22 – But it is NOT him or Robin's position to make callz on someone else's career. They need to be worried about their own fucking careerz and if the jackasses plan on making asses out of themselves until they are in their 80s and 90s. Fuck Howard Stern and that self hating black bitch for bringing other people down. Epecially a very sweet and talented yound woman like Gabourey. People like yall are whats wrong with society and you should be exterminated like the disgusting pests you are!

  20. 120

    I completely agree with howard here… Her weight is NOT normal and NOT healthy and if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress she's going to have to get to a more healthy weight so she can play a wider range of parts. He may be an asshole, but he has a point.

  21. 121

    He, like Perez doesn't research things before he says/posts them. She's already shooting TWO other movies. Fuckin hater .. I'd rather be fat like her than look like Howard or Perez ! Ugly fucks !!

  22. 122

    Howard is a jackass & needs to shut his ugly pie hole up!! When is he ever going to just be a class act instead of an ass!!

    I guess some peoples lives are really that pathetic that they really dont have anything positive to ever say about anything or anyone!! Have a nice trip to hell!!

  23. 123

    he's ugly inside and out. hes such a joke, i dont get why people like him.
    people just need to leave her alone. shes such beautiful person inside & out (unlike howard)

  24. 124

    someone as ugly as howard talking shit..wow he must have a small dick,small man syndrome,picking on a women…he will pay

  25. 125

    Re: ash!!!COLON!!!* – I don't think I was clear: There aren't many roles for obese women. When you whittle down the desired ethnicity for what few roles there are (there will be some roles calling for white obese women, and some for hispanic, etc.), her opportunities will be extremely slim. I don't think I expressed my thought clearly. You're right, though; it does seem that there are more obese black women who get roles than other races … I wonder why that is.

  26. 126

    Howard is a UGLY motherfucker! Fuck him!

  27. 127

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – Howard doin something right with a pretty wife?? Have ya heard of $$$?

  28. 128

    its the truth.hope she does well but wont be in movies.hollywood is harsh.

  29. 129

    Re: jonaslover17 – I agree with everything you said. What a bunch of heartless, hipocritical, self hating bastardz.

  30. 130

    And his ridiculously large Jew nose is any better??? No matter how many roles she gets, she was nominated along side MERYL STREEP as best actress for her very first role, and considering she is a girl who never even considered being an actress, it just kind of happened, that is impressive. How many Oscar invites has he, Robin or any of the people hating on Gabourey here gotten? Probaby not very many…and I can assure you none of them will EVER be nominated for best actress, within their first year of acting.
    SOOOOOO say all of the hateful things you want, she is laughing all the way to the bank, while he is STILL just doing shock jock radio. THAT is all that matters. :)

  31. 131

    Her TWO NEW MOVIES are… Yelling to the Sky & The Big C.. Before talking shit, do your homework Howard & Perez !

  32. 132

    Re: archimmes – Shut the fuck up!

  33. 133

    HOWARD IS BUTT UGLY…BUT UGLY…I have nightmare-anti-wet dreams about him! Where I wake up and need a hot shower! He is a fucking loud mouthed mutant and if he accepted that ugly looks spelled doom for career, he'd be nowhere. But here's wishing he was nowhere because he hurts my eyes and ears.

  34. 134

    Everyones entitled to their opinion, however I dont think they need to be so ridiculously mean spirited. Howard is a big mouth and his sidekick Robin is a nobody. I do agree if Precious were about an obese white chick we wouldnt even be reading about it. I havent seen it yet but monique looks like she rocked the role and deserved the Oscar….Sidibe will likely always play therole she did in Precious unless she loses the wait. She seemed like she has a very healthy self esteem, she should do it for her health, not for Hollyweird.

  35. Suze says – reply to this


    while it's not fun to hear, Howard Stern is right. The girl will have a very difficult time being a working actor in Hollywood. It's just how it goes. Hollywood rejects women for being a scant 5 lbs overweight…..being morbidly obese makes it that much harder.

  36. 136

    How the hell can Howard or Perez talk about anybody being fat or ugly. They are two of the most unfortunate looking mutha's I've ever seen in my life ! For all the people saying she's ugly and fat, post your pics on your profile so we can see what you look like.

  37. 137

    What an ignorant shit. I like that Howard Stern has the nerve to act like an authority on her future - the man can't even pronounce her name properly. I think this is less about Gabourey and more about what a bigot Howard Stern and his equally repulsive side-kick are.

  38. 138

    Re: Rican31 – Spoken like a true Spic. Go throw your useless self under a bus; as you can see from other posts, there are those who agree with what I said. I don't have to wallow in a whine-fest to know from the clips I've seen (the ones rammed down our throats during awards season) that I don't think much of what she did. I did, however, think well of what I saw of her co-star, you dumb-ass piece if shit. Like I give a flying rat's ass what YOU think, asshole.

  39. 139


  40. 140

    also how can people say she WILL NEVER GET LEADING ROLES, when she JUST WAS NOMINATED FOR BEST ACTRESS, FOR A LEADING ROLE. Oxymoron much? I can assure you, she will make her mark. She was noticed obviously. Let her and her doctors worry about her health, for goodness sake let her enjoy her moment instead of letting your own insecurities try to take away from it!

  41. 141

    What an asshole, he is sayin that because of her weight and color, why he's not saying that about Carry Mulligan, oh yeah she's white and skinny, that's all.
    Talent is talent no matter how you look like she can have a very long career ahead of her or she can vanish after this movie, but not because of her looks.
    And Perez how can you post this without rippin him a new one????
    Fuck you Howard Stern, you're despicable!!

  42. 142

    I'll be laughing when Gabby has another hit… it may not be an oscar winning movie but I'm sure she'll work again. She's very talented. If you've heard her interviews, she is nothing like Precious and that's what a true actor does. He's such an asshole but who's really surprised by that? He's ugly in and out. This is how he gets his ratings… let him have them. She's better than him already.

  43. 143

    yeaah she probably wont get another part in a movie but that was really harsh.. Sure we know shes overweight but they took it to far, it was hurtful.

  44. 144

    Howard Stern is a pig and not worthy of my typing. But Robin….more dispicable…As a woman and a black one to boot, she should be ashamed of herself. She needs to take a good long look in the mirror. Gabby is laughing all the way to the bank, and I seem to recall the day that Robin was a fat cow and the only thing that got her out of the brink of despair was the grunge that is HS. Seems to me, she should understand compassion.

  45. 145

    They are a bunch of asses. I know it's shock radio, but where is their heart. He is soulless. What is wrong in this world that it is ok for them to be so mean. It's evil.

  46. 146

    He just needs to make himself relevant so he spews hateful/controvercial junk into the airways. He's really no better than Rush Limbaugh in all honesty. He's actually incredibly pathetic (movie stars go to TV to die, those who were never famous hang out to radio with a death grip)… Does it make you feel like a big man, Howard, when you make fun of overweight women? The truth is…i don't give a shit about Howard Stern, his ship sailed in the late 90's and the only people who listen to him now are dudes who live in their mom's basement and nerdy teenage boys who get excited when Stern says boob… And that Robin chick… she is the most pathetic of all. How does it feel to sell your soul to a greasy womanizer?

    Re: La Garse – … wow…So you didn't see the film, yet you decided that because she is black and fat, she didn't deserve her Oscar nod? Ugh. That kind of logic makes me fucking sick…. If you saw it and didn't like the film that is one thing, go ahead and rip it to pieces, but since you didn't see the film, I am forced to conclude that you are a prejudice against over weight people and a tad bit racist….

  47. 147

    howard sucks, cant stand him. but this is true… she is gross, and will be a hasbeen

  48. 148

    These two are the biggest fucking douchebags I've ever listened to, but unfortunately I think he speaks the truth. Hollywood does not have any acceptance for overweight actresses. It's a shame, because I think that Gabourey Sidibe is hugely talented and could be great if the industry would let her.
    That said, insulting her because of her weight is just immature.

  49. 149

    Howard Stern and Robin basically said what I was thinking the whole time.

  50. 150

    maybe he needs to tell Mo'nique and Queen Latifah that they shouldnt be getting any roles because they are overweight.

  51. 151

    Re: branbxoxo – Yea he does have a big ass Jew nose!

  52. 152

    Re: fulana – I'm not the only one who feels that way, hun. And, after traveling the world, I think my horizons are just fine. I'll wager I've seen far more than you have.

  53. 153

    Does anyone REALLY care about what Howard Stern says? He stopped be relevant over 10+ years ago.

  54. 154

    um wow…that is pathetic. And FYI she has already finished her second film. I think she is too cute.

  55. 155

    All of you losers high-fiving Stern and his Uncle Tom sidekick Quivers are so stupid and lazy and bitter. You're just simply morons. I know you didn't see the movie, let alone read the book so you have no idea what the whole Precious/Push thing is about. Just keep watching your porn/reality shows…just keep letting mainstream media probe your tiny little pea brains so they can figure out how best to sell you shit. Stern and his cronies will keep laughing all the way to the bank. Idiots.

  56. 156

    Re: PerezTheBlogNazi – Beth has her own money…..she didn't/doesn't need stern

  57. 157

    She is actually just finishing up a movie called Yelling to the Sky and she is suppose to be in a showtime series called The Big C so she does have some work lined up. I actually just saw precious for the first time this afternoon and I thought she was pretty damn good especially for having no prior acting experience. He is right about Hollywood and her size and all that shit but she is getting some work.

  58. 158


  59. 159

    Re: bebsies12 – how much more seriously can you be taken? being nominated for best actress in your very first film is being taken as seriously as one can be taken. The only ones not taking her seriously are the ones that can't stand to see someone other than the "standard" hollywood actress succeed.
    Did it ever occur to you that maybe she can change the game a little bit? If you watched the movie you would have seen she's incredibly talented…unfortunately the simple minded people (here especially) can't get past her physical imperfections to see that.

  60. 160

    Listening to the rest of this, it's pretty much four minutes of immature insults directed at Gabourey. Grow the fuck up, Howard Stern. And that bitch Robin who's laughing along with him.
    Also, what is with them saying Gabourey's had nothing but despair in her life because she's overweight? If they'd ever watched an interview with her, they would know that she's not unhappy. At all. Jesus fucking Christ, this makes me mad.

  61. 161

    To all the people who use the word "black" as some sort of insult, you are sad excuses for human beings.

  62. 162

    To everybody who keeps calling her a young girl; she's almost 27. She's an adult. Its not like we are picking on an actual 16 year old here.

  63. 163

    Re: Gary78 – Please she aint shootin shit… That is her PR team trying to make her more appealing. Guarantee you never see any promotion or even hear about these so called 2 new movies.

  64. 164

    Re: jecter82 – she can do the two more movies she's filming. Do your homework smart one. So obvious Howard NOR you are right on this one. If appearance is so important why hasn't Howard fixed that ski slope he calls a nose yet or cut that Slash knock off hair style?

  65. 165

    Love him or hate him but she is not just overweight, she's obese, and I say this with a heavy heart cause I've been in a similar situation. He may not be the person who should say it nor the person she would want to hear it from but she does need help. She's too big to become a major leading role actress. I LOVED Precious and I love her but if she wants to really be in this industry she does need to lose weight and I say that with love.

  66. 166

    it's harsh for sure but so is hollywood and the movie industry and I don't think they are too off the mark. for one she's really unhealthy and does need help…is it right for them to mock that? absolutly not but howard says things that really other people think but would never say. we are a culture obsessed with beauty and one does not have to look much further then this very site to know that. not fun or nice but honest.

  67. 167

    I hate to say this…but he's right.

  68. agape says – reply to this


    Why would anyone be surprised at his or Robin's comments? They have made a living making fun and being hateful to innocent people. This is the junk that they produce and what is more appalling is that they actually make a great living off of it.

    I am not shocked at all with his comments. His comments are typical considering that they coming from a dirty rotten, low-life, egg suckin dog who loves to make fun of people and creates NO substance whatsoever.

    I don't know, Howard, perhaps you may try to create something that is masterful instead of "shock jock" comments. Any idiot with a microphone can make derogatory comments against heavy set people. Perhaps you should do a movie and show us YOUR acting talents. Oh wait, you already did didn't you? Now what was that movie called? Oh well, can't remember it. Perhaps there is a reason for that. You are insignificant Howard and so are your no talent "jock shock" comments.

    You see Howard, when you look back on YOUR life, you will see a life full of boring "shock jock" moments that mount to nothing in this world. Gabourey will look back and be proud to know that she was as Oscar Nominee. Big difference.

  69. 169

    wow. harsh even for stern

  70. 170

    I completely agree with Howard, Oprah is so incredibly full of shit. That`s her whole gig, she`s just a complete phony.

  71. 171

    He's Right.

  72. 172

    I hope gabourey does lose some weight!! cause we all know how cruel hollywood can be, They don't like using big people on leading roles unless is queen latifah, nia vardalos or rene zellwegger gaining weight.

  73. 173

    What an asshole!!!
    Talent is talent and she can have a very long career in movies or tv shows or theater or she can vanish after this movie but that doesn't have anything to do with how she looks like.
    I know his "thing" is being politically incorrect and shock people, but his comments about her were totally uncalled for.
    He's a dick!
    And i'm quite surprised Perez didn't rip him a new one!!!!
    Fuck you Howard!!!!

  74. 174

    R those 2 still on and alive? They are sooo 90's. I'm sure they are still doing the same bits titties and beer.

  75. 175

    he is sadly mistaken…guess what? Gabourey Sidibe just landed a new role in Laura Linney's Showtime comedy call, 'The Big C.' I do agree that she should lose weight though.

  76. 176

    I hate than man… what a disgusting human being. He makes his living being as crass as anyone can be. He makes me wanna puke. Only trash comes out of his mouth. How repugnant…

  77. 177

    It is true what they are saying it may not be the nicest thing to say but it is the truth. Hopefull she will lose some weight and get herself healthy.

  78. 178

    i hate to say it, but he's right. honestly, she could be the best actress in the world, but she is GROSSLY overweight. there are only a certain few roles that call for such a body type, and the reality is: she got lucky. she found a role that fit her body. howard and robin are right: look around..how many actresses do you see that are her size, and have a persistent career? none. hate to say it, really. because shes such a sweet girl. but i honestly anticipate seeing her on "celebrity" fit club in the future.

  79. 179

    Not only is she an unfortunate looking fat girl but she is TALENTLESS and precocious beyond any normal reason. She was just shameless on the red carpet - comparing her dress to a Porn Money Shot! Telling people she wanted to take Justin Timberlake to the Oscars. Her reality is — her toothy mom was her date. Probably always will be. Her performance in the movie was not award worthy. What was remarkable was her ability to move her fat ass up to a run with that bucket of chicken (talk about stereotypes) and that was about all!

  80. 180

    I dare, and I mean double dare any of you to step to a black person and say half the things you are saying on here. You thing Howard Stern is a coward, try looking in the mirror….Oh yeah and Gabby, is laughing her fat ass all the way to the bank……………..Baha hahahahahahaha. Now………..sticking tongue out while she grabs a couple out of the ATM….

  81. 181

    Dont't be mad, Stern was just saying what we were all thinking, and everybody here knows it

  82. 182

    You know what..screw them. It isn't like she isn't aware of her weight and the issues it brings her. Maybe it will be her only movie but save the hate for someone else that deserves it.

  83. 183

    Howard and Robin hit it right on the head with this one.

  84. 184

    All these people are commenting and saying "Howard's an idiot! Gabourey is an amazing actress!" Howard never said she was a bad actress. What he did say is because of her weight, she will never get another movie role again. And he is absolutely right, that's how Hollywood works.

  85. 185

    Howard needs to STFU. Gabourey is working, she did The Big C which is a tv series and also Yelling to the Sky which is in post-production. I do not disagree with the fact that she needs to lose weight for her health and well being, but why do you have to be rude about it.

  86. 186

    OMG I will never ever ever support anything he does again. OMG I can't believe this. That is just horrible. Howard is the ugliest thing on the planet. And Robyn isn't pretty herself either.

  87. 187

    I like how he has the balls to say all that. Bravo. She struts around thinking that being a human bowling ball is something to be proud of. She has alot of un-founded confidence which makes her incredibly annoying. Fat is not beautiful. Hit the gym.

  88. 188

    First of all Howard Stern is a biitch this is in a girl body with his insecure ass, he talks down on others to give him a boost, so fuck you Howard and your little side kick donkey Gabby DO YOU AND FUCK THE HATER!!!

  89. 189

    This girl is not simply 10-50 pounds overweight, she is morbidly obese! extremely unhealthy, if someone truly cared about her they would try to get her help, howard is a mean person but he is speaking the truth, Americans need to stop pretending its ok to be Morbidly fat!!

  90. 190

    Why is she free from ridicule?! All people in the spotlight have to endure it. Whether a person is black or white or skinny or fat, they're all the same!!

  91. 191

    Re: JackTheRipper – will you date him you dum bitch fuck bitch she may be fat but at least she in hollywood and made a movis bitch can you

  92. 192

    OMG. LOL Talk about brutal honesty. Damn, she does need help thought. I know she's happy with herself, but she'll die young if she doesn't get help soon.

  93. 193

    Re: The Big
    How the fuck is Howard being racist? Because he called her a "fat black chick"? Big deal, so what now black people are not allower to be reffered to as black and vice versa when it comes to white people? Like you have to call me Irish American or some shit? Fuck off, not everything is a race issue, she is fat and black thus a "fat black chick", theres nothing racist about that.

  94. 194

    Perez, u are such a simpleton. I will say that Howard Stern is beyond most people's understanding. He is NOT hating on her he is calling out the H'Wood community because they are all loving her today but 2morrow Stern knows they will turn their back on her for being overweight and not conforming to the ideals and standards of H'Wood, think Julia Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock. He is absolutely right!

  95. 195

    sorry but this girl is MORBIDLY OBSESE !!! She will not be some major star unless she loses at least 1/2 her current weight and she is quite young to be this overweight. Robin was exactly right take a look around that room and list one reapeat nominee that is her size !!

  96. Peeka says – reply to this


    You know what–movies are a reflection of reality and yes there will be other parts for her! Nobody is complaining why we let this long haired, long face, long nosed racist speak! Howard Shut the Hell and focus on talking about something that people actually care about…Get a life…How low are ur ratings that you have to publically humiliated a child damn near! Grow up!

  97. 197

    this was pretty mean. i hope she never hears this.

  98. 198

    Re: Moogle80 – Yes. It does. :)

  99. 199

    she can act with Eddie Murphy without having to wear a fat suit!

  100. 200

    She may be fat but she can go on a diet. Howard? Well, ugly is ugly and nothing he'll ever be able to do with that.

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