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Howard Stern Not A Fan Of Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe

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Howard Stern showed no mercy for Gabourey Sidibe from Precious on his Sirius XM Radio show, ripping on the actress along with sidekick Robin Quivers.

Hate on Gabby all you want, but girlfriend is an Oscar nominee and she's just having a good time!

What do U think about Howard and Robin's comments?

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482 comments to “Howard Stern Not A Fan Of Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe”

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  1. 201

    haha love Stern for telling it like it is!

  2. 202

    and I am not sure if she lost the weight that she would be attractive, Kirstie Alley still has a beautiful face heavy Ditto for Queen Lahtifa. Sorry this chick doesn't appear to have the chops in that area either. The supporting actress award is historically a toss away to "flavors of moment" I would be very surprised if she is not a footnote to a VH1 "where are they now" show in 5 years

  3. 203

    This is harsh, but at the same time very true. Being overweight is NOT healthy, you're in denial if you think otherwise (and most likely obese yourself) and this girl does not have much chance of another role, shes a one-trick pony.

  4. 204

    Re: RobPnMeShouldB – Yah - he's a pretty big man standing on that wallet of his.

  5. 205

    I bet her hygiene is horrible. Her enormously huge upper arms don't let her reach for anything….how does she wash herself?

  6. 206

    He's right, no reason for her to be that size because of a food addiction that affects so many people in this country now.

  7. 207

    He is completely right…..Howard tells the truth, and makes no bones about it. And Robin was correct in saying that she had to sit in the aisle in a special seat…the thing about her is that she says she's happy with herself, but you know she is miserable…..she needs to lose weight now so she can continue her career. Good for Howard…someone needs to wake her up.

  8. 208

    Re: La Garse – WHAT AN ANGRY WHITE PIECE OF SHIT YOU ARE SO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO GET SOME THERAPY, YOU BASTARD! If you were saying that crap out loud to anyone that would even listen to your insignificant drivel, you'd get your chops busted as you should! You're a waste of flesh and an irrelevant angry omega male, that will probably eventually kill yourself because you're filled with so much hate and bitterness that you've amounted to nothing and yet this fat black girl is BUSTIN YOUR CHOPS in that department baby! Howard's just mad that someone who falls out of his nice neat little box of what women should be, is totally MAKING IT! That's all.

  9. 209

    Um….he's right, Hollywood only hires annorexics.

  10. 210

    she may be a great actress an stuff but, thats the only movie she will ever be in
    or maybe she could play the fat part in another movie but, if she doesnt loose weight she will always be "that girl from precious" sad but true

  11. 211

    People who talk trash about fat people are usually one slip away from eating themselves into oblivion, they are terrified of being fat so they get all bent out of shape over people who remind them of what they could be so easily. Howard is a weirdo and Robin is fat her own self, they should just shut up.

  12. 212

    While I HATE Howard Stern I gotta admit he's right and it makes me sick that I agree on something with this douche!!! This girl is extremely unhealthy and she is not attractive at all… she needs to do something to help herself!!! Her attitude also makes me not really like her… I saw the movie and Monique was AMAZING!!! Mariah Carey was shockingly good and Gabourey was just ok… all the hype over her is overrated!!! All she did was walk around like a fat person and cry… that's it… not much acting… if I was as fat as her I'd be walking around crying too!!!

  13. 213

    You know what she may have more than 15 minutes of fame that's more than some will ever come close to. Fuck Howard and his entire show. How hateful!
    Bitch I will never listen to him again. This girl is young and she is smart nothing like her character. Hey at least she was up against Meryl Streep. Now I have not seen super skinny girls do that. BURN~!

  14. 214

    Re: Laury – I love you! Well said!

  15. 215

    She's already cast in another movie…I think it's called "Yelling to the Sky".

  16. 216

    Re: sandybanny – What the hell would you know about how she feels? You're completely projecting. You're the one that is miserable. You know nothing about her. All you know is what's inside of your petty little mind.

  17. Fabu says – reply to this


    I've never been a big (haha, that's not a pun) fan of Howard Stern, but ya know, he's 100% right about this girl.

  18. 218

    I think he's being overly hostile because no one really wants him on American Idol.

  19. 219

    It may sound hateful but Howard is telling the truth. On the Red Carpet, she told Ryan Seacrest that she wants to make a comedy with Tina Fey and Amy Pohler. I'd be very surprised if that happens but I'm sure Tyler Perry will be happy to give her a part in one of his movies. Especially since he's the only one that keeps the black actresses in Hollywood working these days.

  20. 220

    i heard they were doing a story about that serial killer whale who just killed another person at sea world and gabourey sidibe is playing the whale. so howard is so wrong.

  21. 221


  22. 222

    I hate Howard, but he is saying exactly what I have been.
    This girl is never going to be a big star. She's just Hollywood's excuse right now to show that they don't care about weight and looks (BS).
    She's never going to get good jobs again if anything. Being fat is one thing, but the girl is also ugly as sin as well.

  23. 223

    they're so right. she will never have a good role ever again

  24. 224

    Re: lollydoodles

    yea, no. every fat girl i've known as been miserable, but they give great head!

  25. 225

    Re: Russians_R_Olympic_Losers

    with a rag on a stick. obviously.

  26. Wrenn says – reply to this


    Well if anyone knows what it's like to be so hideous looking that you can't get but one job…it's Howard Stern and Robin Quivers.

  27. 227

    I love how people cry racism but if Gabourey was white do you think Oprah would say two words.

  28. 228

    so cruel all people care about is looks… its disgusting

  29. 229

    Howard's manner of delivery is offensive but some of what he said is true. Clearly she is in an unhealthy state that should not be seen as something to immitate. In that respect, she is not a role model.Also I think Howard was trying to show how hypocritical people are being. She may be beautiful on the inside, but those who say she is beautiful on the outside are not being honest. Yes, Howard perhaps should not cast stones based on appearance (some would say he is too skinny), but he is calling out people who are lying to be PC.

  30. 230

    howard sometimes speaks the truth…unfortunately i think he's right that she will have a terrible time finding roles b/c she is so big.

    but him and robin are both hateful douchebags so i don't spend too much time worrying about what they said.

  31. 231

    not that i'm a howard stern fan, but he actually is right. this girl did a great job in precious no doubt, but there really aren't any other roles for her, which is sad for her. i think howard and robin were a little rough about it but honestly they hit the nail right on the head.

  32. 232

    the people calling howard an asshole are all fat pigs lashing out wildy, angry about their own gunt.


  33. 233

    like it or not is there anything they are saying that isn't true?

  34. 234

    First off this movie is horrible I honestly think it was the worst movie i have ever seen. It has won sooo many awards and honestly I think its only because it stars all black people and was directed by a black person if it were all white people would anyone even care? nope prob not it was really sick and I think poorly directed. I have seen WAY better movies then that one!

  35. 235

    First of all, I don't think Gabourey's race has anything to do with her weight issue other than it's more accepted in the black culture of America. Obesity is obesity. It comes in all races. While I have seen a few interviews with her and thought she was well spoken and quite funny, I can't get over how unhealthy she is. Makes me sad because she is so young and has a lot of potential- which is clearly obvious. Take care of yourself girlfriend! You've only got one life and you're not living your best life continuing down this path. Wish her the best and hope she gets the medical AND psychological help she needs to get her health on track.

  36. 236

    wow! haha! i miss listening to howard. gabide said she would like to do comedy, so im sure some sort of "comedic" role may be made for her, but i dont see her lasting in hollywood either. its like the notorious biggie actor, right? he was perfect for that role, now what is he doing? impersonations? i laughed when robin said they stuck her by the end…..ha!!! its funny! and oprah…gee whiz! shes really making her a big deal. i saw the girl on the red carpet relishing the moment. well, good luck to her i guess! she is lucky that she got to attend and was nominated! thats great!!!

  37. 237

    The guy has three daughters. I hope to God none of them are overweight or try to achieve something in life that he sees as impossible, because with the kind of support he would give them, they are bound to fail. Way to bolster your own self-esteem by publicly ridiculing other people Asshole. Makes you look like a real winner. I hope Gabby goes on to have a great career, and shows people like this that they can succeed when others say you can't.

  38. 238

    Douche. Bag.

  39. Ammie says – reply to this


    That ugly old man is pathetic. Stern, leave the girl alone. You should be ashamed of yourself for going after her. Shame on Robin for joining in.

  40. 240

    Everything he says is spot on. Playing a morbidly obese black woman is a once-in-a-lifetime role. Do you see many other obese actresses working? He makes a valid point - she needs to lose weight to be healthy. She doesn't have to become stick-thin, but she will be dead in 5-10 years if she stays at this weight. I wish the best for her - she is talented. But now she has to get healthy.

  41. 241

    I think he is completely right and he just speaks the truth. Hilarious:-)

  42. 242

    While what he said about her weight may be true, some things are better left unsaid! This girl has enough obstacles in front of her and she doesn't need to be reminded by a man whose appearance isn't fabulous either!

  43. 243

    wow what the fuck. it doesn't matter what size she is, it's about the talent she possesses on screen!!! WHAT A DOUCHE. he's just pissed cause no one wants to see his nasty ass on tv. she is actually cast for another movie coming out in late 2010. so maybe he should look into the facts first. plus she dresses to her size, she doesn't try to fit in something that she knows will make her look bad. she is a beautiful girl and very talented.

  44. kaihr says – reply to this


    I don't think you can deny that she is an excellent actress, formally trained or not. But it is true that she can't possibly live a long life if she stays the way she is–the human body is not meant to carry that much weight. She's not healthy. Howard Stern is an asshole, but he has a point…he just doesn't make it very kindly.

  45. 245

    Wow. He can be such an asshole sometimes. At least she can lose weight if she wanted but he will ALWAYS look like a Jewish Lurch.

  46. 246

    I believe Gabby is awesome and beautiful inside and out. its a shame
    punk ass people talk shit about someone they dont even know.

  47. 247

    Re: Novel1 – lol my thoughts exactly

  48. 248

    Lol it takes a big man to talk about a persons weight.
    It's so cliche.."OMG you're fat!"
    So what? Is it more cool to be an egotistical bastard? A selfish superficial bitch?
    Everyone was created equal, no matter what.
    Not everyone can stop eating completely just to be skinny, and not everyone wants to.

  49. 249

    There's nothing in what Stern and Quivers said that wasn't true. Let's face it, we're all thinking it, he's saying it. I for one am happy that Precious didn't win an award for best movie or screenplay. Had it won, we'd be hearing about it for the next thirty years. Every fucking year someone would have to remind us about that 'black movie with the fat black chick.' If ever we dared to forget, we'd get shot in the face. I'm glad this hippopotamus had her 15 minutes of fame, now can we do as we did before and pretend she doesn't exist?

  50. 250

    Holy crow that made my day. It was kinda mean, but funny. And in all honesty they could have been a bit nicer about it but everything they said is true. What other movie can you see her in?? That thing he said about "look around you. Who do you look like?" All of those skinny beautiful people are the ones who are working. Not anyone like her. It is very sad to say but it is the truth…. there is no place for someone like her in Hollywood. I am glad she got to experience something like this because not very many people like her get to. Enjoy it while you can honey!!

  51. 251

    I cant believe how many ppl are AGREEING with Howard Stern and whatshername! So what if Gabourey is a big girl but to be flat out rude and nasty like that to some young girl who has yet to do anything questionable or worthy for such obscene comments is HORRIBLE! I dont give a F*&$ if thats howard being howard, its terrible.

  52. whoev says – reply to this


    Re: fruitloops – Hilarious!

  53. whoev says – reply to this


    I can't imagine why anybody cares about Howard Stern or his opinions.
    He's not interesting, intelligent or funny.
    He's like a little kid who still gets a thrill out of saying "nasty" words.
    Wonder if he has issues with his mother?

  54. pj88 says – reply to this


    Regardless if she ever works in this business again, she will always be an OSCAR nominee and no one can take that from her.
    I do agree that Hollywood will turn its back on her once the hype of Precious is gone, but I would have liked Howard to be a little more empathetic than critical. I would have liked him to take the high road on this one.

  55. 255

    howard stern is the greatest radio host in the world.

  56. whoev says – reply to this


    Re: Rican31 – Well said!

  57. 257

    Re: lovers – YOO HOO DUMMY! All he said was, Hollywood is so stinkin' superficial that how is she going to find another movie to do? The most popular actresses are character actors….they can do pretty much any part, anytown, any time….Gabby can't. Period.

  58. 258

    A few points

    one: this girl is a better actress than most of the 'pretty hollywood stralets'
    two: he is right. finding roles will be hard. it is all part of the acting bussiness.
    three: why is it seen as being a role model if someone is obese and in the public eye, but all hell breaks loose when it comes to being underweight? neither is healthy…

  59. 259

    Re: Nsquared – Exactly. You just helped make his point even more clear!!! Certain "unique" looks, like Howard, would seriously limit if not end a movie career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. 260

    Re: branbxoxo – Oh please! As if shes Meryl Streep! It was affirmative action Oscar nominating!

  61. 261

    although those are terrible things to say, he does make valid points. but i really hope she does prove some people wrong. i really like gabourey sidibe and hope she does well in the future.

  62. YUCK says – reply to this


    ok here is the real breakdown, I love howard and robin but this was really mean even though its more than likely true. the other thing though is that there have been so many desperate whores running around hollywood for years and most of them no matter how thin or beautiful they will never even get an oscar best actress nomination. so good for you gaborey sidibe but seriously try and get healthy for your own good. congratulations on your nomination.

  63. 263

    He has ZERO tact, but he's 1,000,000,000% RIGHT!!!!!!!!

  64. 264

    Howard Stern???
    Stop hating onn Gabourey Sidibe!
    I love her and I think that your just an asshole with a giant stick up your ass!
    Stop hating on people because there different than your norms.
    Go fuck yourself and have a nice day! i dont agree with you on this or when you hate on others!

  65. 265

    I can see what they are saying, but…there is a NICE WAY OF SAYING IT!!!!

    Meanwhile, is this because this is a woman?? I mean, we have had successful overweight male actors such as John Goodman, John Candy, that guy from SNL, Dom Deluise etc….

    and she has lost weight since the movie, open your freaking eyes Stern!! I can't stand it when people make fun of the people look, its just unnessessary…what they were doing was not a intelligent discussion, it was just plain cruel…and they were calling her names also.

    its disgusting what they said.

  66. 266

    Its not JUST that shes fat. She's not an actress! She was playing herself in Precious. Even Madonna could play herself successfully (I believe it was called Evita).

  67. 267

    Howard is a poor excuse for a human being. I think he's only that ugly because his ugly inside permeated to the outside.

  68. 268

    Re: CVictoria – you don't win shit hunny so chill…"he can't help being ugly"? no he can't but he should keep his ugly face shut and stop insulting WAY more talented people than himself…Gabby "could" lose weight but even if she doesn't…she is a MUCH better person than Howard could EVER hope to be…and I ALWAYS win babe…always

  69. 269

    Howard is obviously the last person to be commenting on anyone's appearance and apparently Robin doesn't have a mirror either since she's certainly no prize. He has strange standards, a vapid, retarded, gold digging, horse should get work but not a talented actor.

  70. 270

    Thankyou Howard Stern for saying what we were all thinking…come on the girl looks like she's gonna explode

  71. 271

    Re: Silver Slimer – wow, you are soooooo smart!! where did you go to school?? Up your ass??

  72. 272

    He is so right, it's hilarious.

    I love, "don't go into acting because, with all of those years you spent training, some fucking asshole comes in from off the street and takes your part." Oh wow@ truth.

  73. 273

    In an ideal world sex appeal would have no bearing on an actor/actress' success, but you people need to stop with the "She's so beautiful" crap. Let's face it, part of being beautiful is being sexually attractive. The whole inner-beauty argument is little consolation if you have to go your whole life never getting laid.

  74. 274

    Re: sayswho – How much do you weight?

    From that post, I think you could give Oprah a run for her money… lol @ run; I mean, a slow and wheezing waddle…

  75. 275

    Re: Russians_R_Olympic_Losers – are you fucking serious?

  76. 276

    Hah! Howard Stern is too ugly that he only has a radio show, at least Gabby, no matter how large she is an actress! a good one i might add…so maybe they might have to make "fat" roles for her, but you haters can just hate on her, cause she deserves being in the spotlight, no matter how fat you are, you can be famous! besides she is the true representation of American people no? obese people hahaha =)

  77. 277

    Acting is a ridiculous profession….. and this chick has done ONE thing so far. All of you championing for her and professing how much you love her ??? Please tell me, Why it is you love her ??? She has done one movie, even if she is an actress of Streep’s caliber how would you know yet. SHE HAS DONE ONE MOVIE !!! I am truly curious why it is or how it is she has curried so much favor with people??? Is it just America wants to defend the fat kid or the fat girl ??? Did you all defend Kevin Smith with such passion ??? at least he has a body of work to asses.

  78. 278

    well, I think he was rude, but He is right, She is ill, she'll die young if she doesn't lose some weight NOW.

  79. 279

    Re: barbygurl

    Well said!! he is a hateful prick and robin is a puppet

  80. 280

    I love Howard Stern, but sometimes I think he's too harsh. He doesn't have to call the girl enormous, all he has to say is she's very overweight. If I were overweight and he said those things about me, I would probably cry my eyes out. But I do agree with what he has to say, I don't know what movie roles she will get after this. Let's face it, Hollywood is all about being skinny and having a certain look. It's very rare that they use overweight people, especially women. I don't know if she will make it in the entertainment business, but I wish her luck.

  81. 281

    I fully agree with every thing they say. I think this movie is way over hyped and I hope to not see her in anything. The clip where she steals a bucket of chicken and runs down the street almost made my puke. Maybe she should have gone to Subway and stole a salad. Fat is not beautiful, it is unhealthy and we should not be telling young people fat is beautiful, cause it is not in more ways than one.

    Having said that, I am a Tyler Perry fan and I can bet you he will put her in another of his movies. The worst part about that movie is that Monique won a fucking Oscar, what a joke, she is the worst ever.

  82. 282

    and to all you saying she is gonna die… I aint buying that either. Dom lived to a ripe old age, Oprah seems to be living. Obsesity did not kill John Candy or Chris Farley drugs did. I don't see a whole lot of people dropping dead from being fat either. If that was actually true I think the population would have thinned out by now. Is an obsese person shorting their life span yep, but most likely no more so then anyone else who reguarly engages in questionably risky behaviors regularly.

  83. 283

    racist satanic jew,does not surprise me at all.

  84. SRM says – reply to this


    Re: JackTheRipper

    You obviously have not seen her in interviews. The character she played in the movie is NOTHING like the girl who played her. Sidibe is bubbly and very charming with both parents at home and no issues. Stereotyping is an ugly thing for ugly people. Maybe you should rethink it.

  85. 285

    I swear to God, the more I listen to this the more I want these two to get run over by a car and die!

  86. 286

    I would say this girl is either morbidly obese or close to it. anyone who gives a fuck about her should tell her. nothing that was said here is a lie. the truth hurts. Look at michael jackson. maybe if someone close to him told him he was a fucking lunatic instead of kissing his ass that wouldn't have ended the way it did…

  87. 287

    He's right though. If she wants to be considered for more roles then she is going to have to do something about her weight. She might be a great actress, but let's face it she's awkward to look at.

  88. 288

    Re: redsonja1313

    Have another doughnut fatty, if you do not believe that much of a fat ass can trigger a heart attack or cause so so so many other health problems you are just as ignorant as Howard Stern, at least he is right about what he says.

  89. 289

    he is 100% right the way he is saying it is very mean but its true she is not going to get another acting job and ppl need to tell her to get thin or out of acting

  90. 290

    Rich producers love taking somebody like her, making her "an example", lauding how kind they are for giving "somebody like her" a chance, build her up, and then forget about her. They could have chosen an equally good actress who didn't look like her, but then the movie wouldn't have been noticed. Gabourey is eyecatching in a way that Brandy or Zoe Saldana aren't. It's sick.

  91. 291

    wtf is wrong with people these days? that's just fucked up…

  92. 292

    I haven't seen Precious, so I couldn't care less for the movie or any of it's actors. To sit there though, and cast judgment, spout such dispicably HATEFUL diatribe, and tear at the very core of another human being simply because their outer shell doesn't appeal to you… that's far more disgusting than any morbidly obese person.

    So what if she doesn't land another role? So what if she goes nowhere beyond this movie? So what if she looks the way she does? There are ways to saying things without being so hateful, and belittling, and gross. And that's just the idiot and sidekick on radio. As for the rest of you, hiding behind your internet anonymity, jumping on his hateful little bandwagon with comments like "oh he's just saying what we're all thinking"…. shameful!

  93. SRM says – reply to this


    I hate when whoever moderates blog comments deletes harmless links. As if MSN needs promotion from PerezHilton.
    LIke I was saying before. Howard Stern and whoever agrees with him are fucking morons. Gabby Sidibe has already been picked up to co-star in a Showtime series alongside Laura Linney called The Big C.

    It puzzles me that ppl would think that out of the MILLIONS of stories there are that are made into movies that those parts should only go to drop dead gorgeous people. Seriously?! Cause that would suck for great actors like Willem Dafoe and Christopher Walken. Next time there is a hunchbacked, serial killer from Madagascar they should cast Brad Pitt. Fucking idiots!

  94. 294

    I haven't watched the clip cause I don't care but I was thinking about her the other day. She is obese. How many roles will she get by being that fat? If she is not interested in shedding the pounds for health reasons, then she should consider shedding them to remain in the Industry. Unless the role she auditions for is for an obese black girl/woman, how will she get any role??

  95. 295

    Unfortunately, they are right. She will disappear and that is that.

  96. 296

    Perez should post a picture of Howard Stern's ugly daughters so we can rip them apert!

  97. 297

    Re: Christie420 – not fat in fact very solid and work out with a personal trainer 3 times a week and do an hour of cardio 5 days a week. But my life insurance bracket is no diffrent from an overweight persons because I ride a sportbike. And sorry but if 50 % of the population is overweight and I remember hearing some staggering statisics on the grossly overweight how come more people are not dead. If being fat really did kill so many at a young age like I said before the population would have weeded out alot more by now this nation has been fat for more then a few decades now

  98. 298

    Howard and Robyn talk like they're the most attractive people on the planet. All I'm saying is there's a reason he hosts a radio show and not a tv show, its his fugly face.

  99. 299

    Re: Nsquared – Actually he is offered movie roles, he just turns them down.

  100. cam8) says – reply to this


    oh my godddddddd. i dont think i've ever herad something meaner. how do you guys know? she can lose the weight, and shes talented. so shut the fuck up.

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