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Howard Stern Not A Fan Of Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe

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Howard Stern showed no mercy for Gabourey Sidibe from Precious on his Sirius XM Radio show, ripping on the actress along with sidekick Robin Quivers.

Hate on Gabby all you want, but girlfriend is an Oscar nominee and she's just having a good time!

What do U think about Howard and Robin's comments?

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482 comments to “Howard Stern Not A Fan Of Precious Star Gabourey Sidibe”

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  1. 401

    DISGUSTING !! That's Howard Stern !! And that Robin Givens a frustrated actress wanna be !!….. Envy the worst sin !!!

  2. 402

    Howard is right! come on people do you think they would cast Gabourey as a leading lady for brad pitt, George clooney or Leonardo dicaprio? The answer is No! maybe as a supporting role, but no more leading roles for her.

  3. 403

    Re: WIBonnie
    Don't make generalizations about Howard's listeners. You can believe what you want to believe about what he said, but his listeners range from low lives to upstanding citizens (like any other radio personality, like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity). I'm very well educated, had an amazing career and now I'm a happy (and good) stay-at-home mom. I also happen to think Howard is hilarious, and I used to listen to him for 10 years. Can he be harsh? Yes. Sometimes too harsh, but take your frustrations out on him…not the people who listen to him.

  4. 404

    The Monkey Bitch is at it again….
    What kind of career is sitting on the most UGLIEST individual in SHOW Business's shoulder and chimping at every word.

    ROBIN QUIVERS is the worst example of a BLACK MONKEY whore bitch \\
    this comment is coming from a black man in the bronx new york who hates all monkey black bitches who wear knee pads for white men… as for howard's comments…HE is a phallically challenged albino skinned hooknose hasbeen who cares he wants too much attention so he makes madman attempts to recover what he lost XM radio who cares….FM or AM baby …my focus is that monkey bitch…..slow poison her when she gets to your resturarnts and diners…CV40 in her water….no trace …..6months ….monkey bitch dead….

  5. 405

    what an asshole!! what they said is not funny! they are insluting her and looking down to her, thats bad….

  6. 406

    What Howard and Robin said was both funny AND true! Howard Stern has done more for the LGBT movement than many of our closeted celebrities and MOST politicians. It would be wise not to make an enemy of him. HE has clout AND power!

  7. 407

    It is interesting that the extremely overweight characters in movies are usually in comedies and played by men (think Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry). With them, there is humor because they are men and not really overweight. Being morbidly obese is not funny or attractive. For Oprah to hold this young woman out to others as a shining example seems totally inconsistent with Oprah's own struggles about weight. Clearly weight has mattered to her. Also putting this actress on a pedestal conflicts with the First Lady's attempts to have children at healthier, fit weights. Maybe she can be a poster child of what we as a society are trying to prevent. I feel sorry for her because she is trying to justify that her weight is okay and she's happy with it. She's in denial.

  8. 408

    SHE'S FAT Perezzie! That equals target practice for Stern.

  9. 409

    Re: JackTheRipper – Yes; John Mayer hates black people.

  10. 410

    Re: boricuas4669 – What the fuck are you talking about? Robin GIVENS? Envy?
    Obviously you have never listened to the show.

  11. 411

    So she got a supporting "guest-starring" role on an upcoming Showtime series? Hardly a lead role in a big-budget film. Call me when she lands the female lead in Spider Man.

  12. 412

    If Howard and Robin can be a celebrity being as ugly as they are, anyone can! Besides, saying whatever you want make take some balls but require no talent!

  13. 413

    That's really mean to say, but unfortunately the roles for bigger people are extremely limited. I think she'll lose the weight and have an awesome career.

  14. 414

    I think that Stern has the perfect face for radio! Rather than berating Sidibe's looks, he should mentor her on to be successful in the entertainment business when you don't have the looks. He is clearly able to tell his firsthand experience of being ugly in the industry. As for Robin, maybe you should tell Sidibe about your maply syrup diet attempt. Why can't people just do them and stop worrying about everyone else. Whether Sidibe makes it or not, is her own personal journey. I get that "shock" radio makes money, but get right world!

  15. 415

    Okay, rude on Howards's part — BUT, from nothing more than a health point of view, Gabourney should consider losing weight - she's staring down a host of health issues.

  16. 416

    I hope she decides to lose weight, because if she doesn't, her life will be cut short. She is morbidly obese… there is no denying that. Oprah, go ahead and get Dr. Oz on her case. It is sad, but there are just not that many roles for very large women or men. Remember Michael Clark Duncan of The Green Mile?

  17. 417

    Likely that Tyler Perry will make sure she is cast in every movie he's involved in.
    But still, its a flat-out health deal - she will have a tough life if she doesn't consider losing weight. Now.

  18. 418

    Re: boiledchimp – Ah, well put - why isn't Oprah getting Dr. Oz on her case?

  19. 419

    Howard is absolutely right. I just hope everyone that is calling "Foul!" will be just as vocal when this woman dies of a massive heart attack or stroke.

  20. 420

    Race has nothing to do with this, being healthy is a choice, i see just as many morbidly obese white and black people, this is a national crisis and epidemic, saying its ok to be this size is very irresponsible and sends a bad message.

  21. 421

    It's true, it's fucking hollywood. Perez, you laugh and carry on everytime 'girlfriend's pickup weight. God, you disgust me.

  22. 422

    Re: Moniepenny – True, true.

  23. 423

    I think that it's so sad that this is the world that we live in! Just because someone is over weight, they cant be successful?? That's a load of shit!! And if you look on some of the first couple of pages of this website, she has a role on a new tv show on Showtime! So that just proves everyone wrong right there! The thing that gets to me is that fact these are two grown ass adults picking on a young girl!?!? And we wonder why there are so many kids out there with eating disorders..and we thought kids are mean to eachother, but no these two adults are saying hurtful things. I agree that she's unhealthy looking and she should lose some weight for HERSELF AND HER HEALTH but not to fit into the Hollywood "norm". And her weight shouldn't determine her career. She has talent, She was a great actress in "Precious" and she deserves her nomination. I wish her the best of luck in her future, and I hope she proves all you little bitches and assholes wrong!

  24. 424

    It's sad that Robin being a black woman that used to be overweight can agree with the things that howard stern says about Gabourey Sidibe. Instead of empowering young black females she parttakes in tearing them down. It's horrible to hear and for Howard Stern to actually say those hurtfull things, it makes me think of what his childhood must have been like. For him to have so much hate in his heart for overweight people, i think one of his parents had to be overweight and they had to abuse him. The hatred he has doesn't just appear whenever he sees a fat person.

    The devil has secured a special place for him and robin

  25. 425

    Don't really know much about Howard Stern (he's not big in Britain), but the guy has a point. People shouldn't be tellling her what a fantastic role model she is, they should be encouraging her to lose weight because she's going to be dead in 3 years if she doesn't

  26. 426

    I think what he said was completely disgusting!! Whats it to him how big or small she is he's not the one nominated for an Oscar and anybody else can be quiet if they think they could of played the role than maybe they should of auditioned just like she did Whatever in other news…….

  27. 427

    ugh this pisses me off SO MUCH. Yes, she is fat. Yes she did that to herself. BUT she also has ALREADY BEEN HIRED FOR ANOTHER ACTING JOB ASSHOLES. And she has a far better attitude than the assholes on this radio show. But if we're being honest….The black commentator on his show is FAT! So she really shouldn't be judging someone else for weight issues. Michelle Obama would be considered OBESE by the the press if she were WHITE! Why aren't you talking about them?

  28. 428

    It's Howard Stern, what did you expect. I thought Oprah's speech about Sidibe was just terrible, like she's the new best thing. She's not. If she doesn't start losing weight, she'll be dead before 30. When the skin of your upper arms is hanging over your elbows, it's time to do something about it.

  29. 429

    He t_r_d face with curls, needs attention so badly. Money can't buy him class.

  30. 430

    Re: wishperezwasgood4gays – Because she ISN'T white..? Besides, Sidibe is Michelle Obama times 2, at least. Obama isn't fat at all!

  31. BJT says – reply to this


    Im glad that a chubby person went in and played a part so well in acting i think you should be judged on the job well done and not the size are the color of the person should matter i see her on broadway soon she can leave these negative fuckers behind Mr.aka Skinny ass ugly tooth pick trash talking howard and stupid robin talking for a paycheck. what would want to be known for a great actress are a ugly ass trash talker when your dead think on this one.

  32. BJT says – reply to this


    I mean look at susan boyle what she did in music at 48 not looking the part she was on tops weeks on end. I think the entertainment industry needs a wake up call losing the weight should be personal not everyone buisness outthere being to skinny is judged as well not the character of the person. these girls have good souls and are super talented im sure a lot of people are in a jealous rage on them everyone would want to be on there fame level right now so there is going to be shit talkers that are going to remain lame not doing anything with there lives did you know how much courage these ladies have that in itself is a deserving a oscar in this crazy industry they are in on judgement. my hats go off to Gabourey and Susan Boyle. they let there bank account do the talking why the talkers are going broke. Howard/Robin do something Positive with your lives you will never win at what your doing KARMA IS A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 433

    Howard, is an honest person. Realistically, does anyone honestly think that this girl is going to have a long lasting career. She is enormous, if she stays at her current weight nobody will have to worry about seeing her or not seeing her in movies, she will be dead. Personally, I haven't seen the movie, I heard she was fantastic in it, but was her role really a stretch from her real life aside from the abuse. People, must have been horrible to this girl growing up, she is a fat slob. Howard Stern Rules!

  34. 434

    Howard said what's on almost everybodys mind.
    Good for him.

  35. 435

    okay so they were a little harsh on her weight… but it does limit her to the types of roles she's going to get. to be honest i havent seen the movie nor do i want to. something about sweaty dirty black women having babies at young ages and being abused doesnt scream "watch me". theyre right about her needing to lose weight- its not healthy to be that big and if she doesnt do something about it it wont end up well for her. oprah was rediculous and is way to optomistic about her career and just needs to hush up. but seriously she;s gonna need to do something or she wont have a future.

  36. 436

    To Archimmes
    I see you're just as big of a pig as HS. Sorry, I'm not big, ugly, black or any of your racist desctiptions. But you are right, I would not waste my time listening to him. Once was enough. Incidentally, what the hell do you care? You must not have much of a life.

  37. Panda says – reply to this


    Dear Perez,
    You are no longer fat so there is no reason to get all bent out of shape when fatties are mocked. You know you love Howard & Robin! They are just speaking the truth. Maybe you shouldn't go on Stern anymore?!?!?

  38. 438


  39. 439

    Re: redsonja1313

    She is not moderately obese, she is Morbidly Obese. Here is the definition just to prove my point. - According to the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH), the term "morbid obesity" is defined as being 50-100 percent above one's ideal body weight, or 100 pounds above one's ideal body weight.

    She is well over 100 pounds over weight and all your post reply did was prove my point. Obesity is the LEADING PREVENTABLE CAUSE OF DEATH in the WORLD. Why are you standing up for being unhealthy? It is a proven fact that it leads to many health problems, such as Heart disease, breathing problems, diabetes (which leads to losing limbs and being bed ridden) cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, non alcohol liver disease, sleep apena, I could go on and on and on. Another point of yours that is shit is that those fat celebrities died from drug use alone. They died from both; their hearts were weak from being so over weight that the drugs on top of that caused problems. (don’t get me wrong I am not condoning hard drug use) but look at people like Keith Richards, if he were a big fat ass like her, or Chris Farley he would be dead by now too. But he is not so his heart can take the drug use.

  40. 440

    Re: SRM – never have worked at a McDonald's but do work in a field where I deal with the CDC regularly… Shall you wish to deny the posted findings I suggest you take it up with the CDC as those stats are pulled directly from their information and that is the info your insurance, medical professionals and government are using to determine mortality rates in the country

  41. 441

    Re: Christie420 – I just said fat doesn't kill you in your 20-30 it shortens your life span…. I agree with on all those points except drugs absolutely killed Farley no one would have survived with the levels of drugs in his system and Keith should be dead he is NOT the industry standard. Obesity shortens your life span by as much as 20 years and it leads to a plethora of other issues that can and will most likely kill you but it aint causing people to drop dead in their 20 & 30. It doesn't even make the top 10 list of whats killing humans… YET

  42. 442

    Howard is perfect for this site…..and all the hateful perfect people on it….

  43. 443

    Re: redsonja1313

    Well now you are making sense. I am a believer in tough love, and while the things that people say about her are hateful, they are true and maybe if she reads some of this she will smarten up and get help so that all you lovers of hers can enjoy her acting for years to come.

  44. 444

    and he's hideous and looks like a beanpole. he wants ppl to hate on him for his looks?

  45. 445

    SHE’s HUGE. NOT BEAUTIFUL. This constant praise for Hollywood’s fattest black actress is detrimental to those with eating disorders. She is not healthy and will probably die of heart disease, diabetes, etc. Young girls should NOT look up to her! Being obese, and yes she’s obese, is not okay. Howard Stern is the only one with balls big enough to speak the truth.


  46. 446

    home girl already has two more roles lined up, one of which is a lead on another movie.
    suck it assholes!
    viva la sidibe

  47. 447

    Well, saying hateful comments about that poor girl's weight is odious and isn't a subject for humor, but a definite point was made…just what kind of big screen career could she possibly have? It was embarassing the way everyone totally sidestepped and oozed insincerity all over the place. Does anyone remember that poor lady who was nominated for the Johnny Depp/DiCaprio film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?"…neither do I.

  48. 448


  49. 449

    Ok yeah, girl needs to lose weight but why is it Howard's business? Plus he was a complete a-hole. He really shouldn't talk about other people's appearance anyway, he is ugly as sin. And wtf it makes no sense to say she will not get any more roles, if she got the one than why not another? She may not get a role playing Brad Pitt's wife but obv. there are other types of movies. Howard is an idiot.

  50. 450

    what a piece of shit. i hate them both. how can someone be so mean. i hate people like them. howard shouldnt be talking because he looks like a skinny almost dead piece of shit. someone that ugly only talks shit because they are not happy with themselves. as for robin she needs to stick a dick in her mouth.

  51. 451

    Gabourey must lose some weight. Not to model thin proportions of course, but some of those layers have gotta come off. She's so young, and shouldn't be that hideously obese. She could die way before her time if she's not careful :(

  52. 452

    who is this guy, never heard of him, obviously he just wants attention and to rain on peoples parades and there are some nasty, quite racist undertones to what hes saying

  53. 453

    yes she can have a career. but bottom line is her weight is a health issue. she's beyond obese and if she doesnt change soon she will die fast.

  54. 454

    and shut up Mancunian. dont bring youre pathetic white guilt into this. there were no racist undertones. and robin (the woman who is speaking) is black. secondly, i highly doubt youve never heard of howard stern before. hes one of the highest paid raido shock jocks and he is well known.

  55. 455

    What a jerk, I can't stand Howard,who is he to put anyone down !?!
    And Robin shame on you. Obesity is a very complex disease. Don't judge.
    She is a beautiful young girl,and very talented!
    Go get em Gabby !

  56. 456

    Howard Stern has no room to talk, he is one of the ugliest assholes I have ever seen. Next time you go out in public, be sure and put a paper bag over that disgusting, hideous face of yours

  57. 457

    Personally I don't feel that this should be such a big deal or even news. Howard Stern is known for his Blunt opinions. And he said " I did enjoy her performance…" So if you pay attention he isn't knocking her role or the movie. He is simply stating what others were probably thinking and just being the same old Howard stern. I mean yes she does have an obesity issue. You don't have to look twice at her to know that. And she should loose some weight. And yes in reality her luck at getting roles will be quite slim if she stays at the weight she is. Again you can't really knock Howard for being himself and even so he really won't care.

  58. 458

    I dont understand how somebody that look like a damn cave man can pick fun of anyone…. and that bitch Robin is not skinny…. so what the hell is really going on… and most of you setting behing the computer typing bull crap is big you damn self…. over 70% of americans are overweight including children so i dont see how one fat bitch can make fun of another who died and to yall you was skinny thats funny…..

  59. 459

    Oh my God honestly who the fuck cares? Why does everybody feel like they have to like her just because she's a fat ass black chick? OMG SHE'S SOOOO DIFFERENT WE ALL HAVE TO LOVE HER! No.

  60. 460

    Re: ruunyi – Does your Mom know you talk like that? You're getting SO worked up over Howard Stern on Perez Hilton. I think YOU'RE the one that needs to get a life sweetheart.

  61. 461

    Re: sockie – She would crush the pony.

  62. 462

    this is completely unacceptable on so many levels. it's people like Howard "i'm a douchebag" stern that make people feel so low about themselves. big people dont need to be TOLD that they're big, they live in that body every day. big people don't CHOOSE that lifestyle. so he can fuck right off.

  63. 463

    I didn't think his comments were meant to offend her, they were his truthful opinion about how the industry is pretending to be nice to her but thinking horrible things behind her back.

    I mean, you see the interviews that people like Mario Lopez does where he says "oh you look beautiful"… meanwhile he is hitting the gym up 5 times a day…. do you really think he's not sitting back calling her fat to his buddies? She has good acting skills but she really needs to take care of herself so she doesn't end up like so many famous actors and actresses.

  64. 464

    what a dick. this is just the beginning of her career. she has a lot more lined up ALREADY. hes a fucking asshole.

  65. 465

    I totally agree with him, I mean look at her, only if she loses weight she could get another part, she's soooo overweight, I'm mean its not like she's a bit fat, no, she's huge! She should lose weight for her health and to get more jobs and I don't mean she has to be super skinny but we know that she should be healthier looking, she should get to Mo'nique's size, that'd be good!

  66. 466

    Thats mean. he's ugly anyway. he's not even funny.

  67. Lin3 says – reply to this


    What the HELL is WRONG with these people?! Sidibe's an OSCAR nominee, and she already landed what seems to be a great job. I'll admit that it might be harder for someone overweight to succeed in Hollywood, but you can't ignore all the ones that have received success after all. You got for instance Queen Latifah (Oscar nominee with a good career), Jennifer Hudson (Oscar winner, still getting roles) and Christina Hendricks, who are all MUCH more astonishing than all the Speidis and K-Stews out there.

    Btw; pick up a mirror, Howard and Robin. Don't throw rocks in glass houses, ’cause none of you's even close to being all that!

  68. 468

    wow, he is a sad, sad excuse for a human being. i've never like howard stern anyway. whatever, i hope she eats him.

  69. 469

    This is so sick. These jealous assholes wish they had what she does! FUCK THEM!

  70. 470

    I always liked America Ferrera, but I thought she was too big to have staying power in Hollywood. But, boy, was I wrong.

    After "Real Women Have Curves," she went on to do "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" and got her own hit series, "Ugly Betty." She has lined up other projects, as well.

    Gabourey Sidibe is a large woman. She knows this. But she is a talented actress and she has won over many fans. Anyone remember "Bagdad Cafe" and the heavy Austrian actress, Marianne Sagebrecht? She, too, was beautiful and won our hearts on the big screen.

    Howard Stern has been irrelevant for the last two decades, and Robin Quivers is content to spend her career as a second banana.

  71. lolli says – reply to this



  72. 472

    he can honestly rot in hell.

  73. 473

    They're right about her career. Look at Nikki Blonksy, she's a great actress and a pretty girl, but Hollywood is a superficial place where you're imperfections work against you. They're being disrespectful about it, but there's truth to what they're saying.

  74. 474

    Typical. Sorry to say it but she is a fat ass and is gonna die in the next year if she does not lose weight. Its ridiculous how you can get that fat and be happy with yourself. We should send her ass to Hati….she could feed the whole god damn country

  75. 475

    Most people posting are missing the point … there are many talented - and beautiful / handsome - actresses / actors that are, candidly, fat. Those of you that have pointed to Monique, Oprah and Queen Latifah have made excellent points. Those of you that have acknowledged Howard Stern's poor choice of words have also made valid observations. BUT … what both sides have to admit to:
    Ms. Sidibe is neither fat or attractive. She is MORBIDLY OBESE. This makes her "ugly" on the inside - as she obviously has issues that she represses with FOOD. Furthermore, the "feminine sex" is lost once someone becomes that HUGE - making what we see on the outside unattractive. What lay beneath that rotund, sweating, stretch-marked body may actually be beautiful; but in its present state she only appeals to a small percentage of men within the area of "fetish sex"; also known as "chubby chasers".
    So, to sum up MY OPINION, Ms. Sidibe only fits into a very small niche' of "entertainment roles"; ones that are similar / identical to her starring / winning role. If you reflect on what most people enjoy watching for entertainment, there are not a lot of opportunities in her future - unless they are going to remake "Gimme a Break", and she can play Nell Carter's role; as people have observed herein.
    These observations and facts - gladly or grudgingly - fully support what Howard Stern has rudely said. Often the truth really does hurt.

  76. 476

    Howard is being Howard and is Robin no longer a fat black chick? I know she lost weight but then again, so did Oprah. I don't keep up with those guys. Gabourey could lose weight and even if she doesn't she could get other parts. I'm sure nobody thought Queen Latifah would have gotten the number of parts she's gotten since she's a big gal as well. Time will tell.

  77. 477

    That's one fat chick. She looks like a fat girl that's been blown up like a balloon to make here even bigger.

  78. 478

    Howard Stern represents EVERYTHING wrong with our society. He is nothing more then a soul sucking narcissistic repressed adolescent who is probably a closet homosexual. Yet, I have compassion for his ways because he will die a very empty and lonely man…..money and power do not comfort the uncomfortable - :-)

  79. 479

    oh shut up u fucking asshole…

  80. 480

    Re: La Garse – how the FUCK u can be talking abt the girl just being lucky wen u NEVER watch the film????????????

    SHUT THE FUCK UP…… u ignorant idiot, as in if u dnt have something intelligent to say then fuck off…..

  81. 481


  82. 482

    what he's saying is right but hes being an ass about it

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