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Suing! Lindsanity Is NOT A "Milk-aholic!"

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Lindsay Lohan is suing Internet financial company E-Trade for using her first name in a commercial for a "milkaholic" baby! The commercial aired during the Super Bowl and her lawyer argues:

"Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit. They used the name Lindsay. They're using her name as a parody of her life. Why didn't they use the name Susan? This is a subliminal message. Everybody's talking about it and saying it's Lindsay Lohan."

A spokesman for Grey Group, who produced the ad, says that they "just used a popular baby name that happened to be the name of someone on the account team."

La Loca wants $100 million for her "pain and suffering."

Oh please, you know she just drowned her sorrows in some "milk!"

Check out the spot above!

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151 comments to “Suing! Lindsanity Is NOT A "Milk-aholic!"”

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  1. 1


  2. 2

    Dear Lindsay,

    Please die you worthless turd.

    Love, Earth

  3. 3

    This is bullsh**t! I hadn't even thought of her… which is maybe her bigger issue.. no one thinks of her anymore… leave the drunk baby alone!

  4. 4

    Oh please Lindsay!!! YOU'RE FUCKING GROSS!!!! There are a lot of people in the world with the name Lindsay!

  5. dd says – reply to this


    I don't see the connection, she is paranoid. I hope Lindsay loses and has to pay their legal fees.

  6. 6

    What a narcissistic and desperate attempt for attention. It might be believable if her name was Madonna or Cher. What's worse is that she may actually think that this kind of publicity would help what is left of her "career". Lindsay, get over yourself and get some help, because you really need it!

  7. 7

    The today show is talking about it right now, laughing about it. They are saying and they are right, if the commercial used the names, cher, madonna, that would be another story. But Lindsey?????? that name is normally on the top 10 or has been in the '80's , '90's etc and we all know a lot of lindseys. It is a very common name. HOw about everyone with the name Lindsey launch a lawsuit against Lohan for the embarrassment she has brought to the name, especially if the person with the name is a straight A student, a non drinker, non drug user, virgin, etc. Tell 'stories' of the embarrassment of how guys meet you and think you are a slut, drunk, etc. as opposed to a chronic milk drinker. what an idiot.

  8. 8

    LMFAO. She is seriously delusional. I never made that connection & I'm sure no one else did either.

  9. 9

    really? god. what a pitiful attempt to gain attention. i feel bad for the baby that's stuck being compared to such a pathetic excuse for human.

  10. 10

    Wow someone is full of herself to even think that. I have seen that commercial many times and not once did I think of her.

    Either Lindsey is extremely self absorbed, or paranoid or both.

    The character in the video acts/sounds nothing like lindsanity and I think its hilarious that she is so vain she thinks its about herself.

    Maybe her own demons are making her feel guilty about all the bad choices she makes and she is reading more into this commercial than most.

    Last i checked "lindsey" was not a trademarked name.

  11. 11

    $100 million?! Really Lindsey, really? I really wish she would just shut up, go away for a while and get some help.

  12. 12

    unfortunately, i was snowed in without power during the super bowl. :(
    but who's talking about this?
    this is the first i've heard of it.

  13. 13

    oh puhleez get over yourself!

  14. 14

    please tell me your joking and this a false story…please…

  15. 15

    as if she will win, she can't copyright her first name. $100m is also a ridiculous price!

  16. 16

    what a blathering idiot she is - like she's the only Lindsay on earth or in show biz. this is such a desperate grab for $$, you almost feel sorry for her - ALMOST, but not quite. delusional cokehead…

  17. 17

    I didn't make a link to her when I fist saw the commercial. It's sad that she did if the story is true. Anyway, this whole lawsuit sounds like BS to me, I doubt it's true.

  18. 18

    She wasn't even the first thing that popped in my head! This suit is complete BS. I think this commercial is too funny. Milk-a-holic, lol, cracks me up everytime :)

  19. 19

    Is she high?? Wait, the answer is probably yes.

    NO ONE thinks that the ad is referring to Lindsay. I can't wait for the judge to laugh in her face!

  20. 20

    LOL — probably the only way she'd get a paycheck today!! And, last I knew, she went by 2 names. You don't see Lindsey Davenport suing. Oh, that's right, she's not know for being a drunk.

  21. 21

    Thats some funny shit, and guess what it didn't make me think of any drugged out hasbeens either

  22. 22

    wow,,,is lohan fucking serious? she is seriously stupid.

  23. 23

    HOLY CRRRAAAP she needs to get over herself. No one thinks about her enough to make that connection. What. A. Hasssssss. Been.

  24. 24

    Sounds to me like Lindsay Lohan needs some money! I don't understand the connection with Lindsay Lohan, she was the LAST PERSON I ever thought of when I watched the commercial during the Super Bowel.

  25. 25

    Yeah Righ, She really needs to get her self together, If its true its not slander,, DUH

  26. 26

    she needs to get $$$$ somehow……

  27. 27

    You're kidding me, right? I've seen that commercial many times in the past couple of weeks and not once thought of Lindsey Lohan. And as far as I'm concerned, as are millions of others, she's known as Lindsey Lohan NOT just Lindsey. Get a grip, girl! The world doesn't care that much about you!!! Watch out Lohan! Lindsey Buckingham may want his name back!! He did have it first after all. ;)

  28. 28

    exactly she's known for two names "lindsay lohan" not one name only….god she's such a loser!!!

  29. 29

    omg that was hilarious!
    lovez it

  30. chang says – reply to this


    she's a douche and if they use Susan then I'm fucking suing!

  31. 31

    If the baby were trying to snort/inhale the milk, Lindsay might have a case.

  32. 32

    What a crock of shit. I hope she loses, and has to pay E-Trade's legal fees!

  33. 33

    haha you wish Lindsay!! no one ever even thinks about your skanky ass, go pretend to DJ somewhere

  34. 34

    first of all, lindsay lohan is not known by only one name. if someone said just lindsay in reference to her i wouldn't know who the hell they are talking about. second of all, they didn't use her full name, therefore she has no reason to be suing them. lindsay is a popular name. and lol she's suing for 100 million? she needs to get over herself.

  35. 35

    Miss Lohan does not touch milk, does not advocate the consumtion of milk, supports breast feeding and petitions for cessation of hormonal production of bovine product.

  36. 36

    Re: Brainbug – hahahahahah

  37. 37

    Why doesn't everyone else in the world named Lindsey go sue for $100 million for pain and damages too? What an IDIOT!!!!!!!!

  38. 38

    to be honest they prob did use her name for that reason but does that mean she has a case. I think not. lindsanity puts it all out there and she's famous..that was the goal right? to be famous (infamous at this point). her exploits are well known so there you go lindsey.

  39. 39

    Well, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. She must be out of money.

  40. 40

    ive seen this commerical a dozen times, and never once got the impression it was refering to lindsey lohan.

  41. 41

    Would not have connected the two. She's a sad has been - WHY would anyone refer to her? Hope she loses and is forced to pay BOTH sides legal fees for such a frivolous lawsuit.

  42. 42

    Wow I was hoping that Lohan would clean up her act but now… there's no hope. Lindsay is a common name. She really is dellusional.

  43. 43

    OMG Seriously?!?!?! What a moron!!! I used to like Lindsay Lohan…now she is just pathetic!!!

  44. 44

    just about done with the 15 minutes….desparate attempt to keep her name in the news.

  45. 45

    NOBODY thought of this famewhore until she made a suing stink about the commercial. What a douche. This giant freckle needs to disappear. PS ~ Kudos, Brainbug.

  46. 46

    is lindsay price suing too???

  47. 47

    hm. last I ch-ch-checked…Lindsay wasn't even a top 10 popular baby name. Sue the hell out of em LH.

  48. 48

    No…this has to be untrue she cant be that crazy. If it is true she must be having some hard times.

  49. 49

    oh… and is that sais "emplpyee" an actual "holic" of sorts? everyone relates to the "holic" as LH, so they are trying to be convenient. a–holes they are.

  50. 50

    oh… one more thing you people who have already posted… Lindsay IS NOT a popular name, or a common name… HOWEVER: it IS a well-known name currently in CELEBRITY MEDIA! dumb-a–es.

  51. 51

    Wow. Someone seems to think it's all about them.

    Not surprising.

  52. 52

    100 million dollars????! AHAHAHAHAHA, Well the girl needs to get the money somehow.

  53. 53

    Is she kidding me???? that means every lindsay should sue!!!get a life!!!!

  54. 54

    Pretty common name.

  55. 55

    Well, Lindsay's got to get her attention and why not try to grab some $$ while she's at it. She needs them both, ya know. She needs to deflate that big head of hers because this commercial is sooooo not about her. Lindsay, you are not the only one with the name Lindsay. Quit trying to make everything about YOU. Everyone is over YOU. You have become an alcoholic, pill-poppin' NOBODY. Nobody wants you in their movies anymore. No one wants to hire you because you can't get your shiz together. Drop your stupid lawsuit before you look any more ridiculous than you do already. And also, get your own career, you're not a DJ.

  56. 56

    Is she out of her mind???? Oh wait, yes she is.

  57. 57

    lol i've seen it before and never thought of Lindsay Lohan.

  58. 58

    My 3-year old is named Lindsay and we thought she was the one that was mocked in this dispicable ad — how do we sign up to be a part of this suit? Maybe all Lindsay's can join together for a class action suit and all ride the gravy train!!!!

  59. Suze says – reply to this


    OH Please. Lindsay is a popular name….and besides….what's this pain and suffering bs….Lindsay herself said she was an addict of sorts….girlfriend went to rehab THREE times and had how many DUIs??!?!?

  60. 60

    Are you fucking SERIOUS????? So can I sue Jessica Simpson because my name is Jessica too and I had it first? Give me a FUCKING BREAK.

  61. 61

    Is she fucking retarded? Does she know how many little girls were named Lindsay/Lindsey in the 1980s? This bitch is delusional and will be laughed straight out of court. At least now we know what she's doing for money these days.

  62. 62

    The irony is - she just gave eTrade FREE publicity. Dumb Freckle.

  63. 63

    PS ~ If my name were "Lindsay", I would sue Lindsay Lohan for tainting my name/reputation. So there! Team eTrade.

  64. 64

    The View pointed this out, now that Miss Lohan brought this up. All we're going to think of is that they're referring to her.

  65. 65

    SHE NEEDS TO GO KILL HERSELF!!!!!!! i really hate this attention whore

  66. 66

    Re: FatCatBurrito – Ummm what's an "emplpyee"? You should really spellcheck if you're going to leave a comment with a point…oh wait you're point was stupid, just like Lindsay.

  67. 67

    Only now that you point it out I get it.

  68. 68

    The original article attributes comments to LIndsay's lawyer Stephanie Ovadia. This is not Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, this is Michael Lohan's lawyer. Lindsay's lawyer is Shawn Holly Chapman. Why would Lindsay announce a law suit while she's in France at fashion week? I'm waiting to hear something from Lindsay. If she is indeed filing one it is a huge misstep. But I would not be surprised to hear that this is Michael Lohan's doing as I never saw Ovadia's name associated with Lindsay and only with Michael.

  69. 69

    Re: FatCatBurrito – Try going back 20-25 years when Lohan was born…lindsey/lindsay was a very very common name..I've seen that commercial a couple of times and it never entered my mind that Lohan had anything to do with it….a desperate try for attention…poor thing…she is now known only for bad stuff and attention getting moves..the Lohan brand is dead. That being said..it is a shame, cuz the girl has real talent.

  70. 70

    I bet Lindsay creamed her panties thinking about all that money she's suing for.

    Bitch please.

  71. 71

    bitch is so desperate for money she'll sue whoever she can instead getting a job and working for a living. go fill in some job applications at starbucks, burger king and 7-11, firecrotch. the world doesn't owe your rancid ass a goddamn living.

  72. 72

    Can you say frivolous lawsuit!? Here's my prediction - attorneys for Etrade will file motion to dismiss which will be granted and Lohan will end up having to pay their attorney's fees for having to even address this ridiculous lawsuit OR the lawsuit will be withdrawn before the end of the week!

  73. 73

    so now this is the only way she can earn any $$ ? this girl has gotten past the point of pathetic, but as long as there's a lawyer around to make something off of her———-

  74. 74

    I seen the commercial during the Super Bowl and not once did I think of Lindsay Lohan. She must be strapped for cash

  75. 75

    Lol what a dumb bitch. No one even thinks of her when they see the commercial, I know I didn't.

  76. 76

    Re: sillyrabbit123 – LMFAO!

  77. 77

    Hahahaha, Have another drink. The sad thing is that she will be part of the Oscar's 3 minute clip paying respect to those who have died.

  78. 78

    That's funny. "Pain and suffering"? Phaahahahaha

  79. 79

    It's a case of neglecting connecting current events with scripted words.

    I don't expect anyone on this site to understand this - your american, ha.. - but she has a case. In fact, many people in the public eye who are discrediting this know she has a case and are probably jeleous (a train wreck that has been beat down, generally has zero empathy for success from anyone who has ever exploited the wreck).

    Lets just say that she has a case. More so, now that everybody is talking about it. 100M? No, 3-4M, yes.

  80. 80

    Delusional. And, apparently, running low on funds…

  81. 81

    Lindsay Lohan and her people do NOT expect to win this case. They only did it to draw publicity and attention to LL. It's a very old and frowned upon publicity stunt.

  82. 82

    Funny. I thought they were referring to Lindsay Vonn.

  83. 83

    Whatever Lohan is smoking I'd like to get in on that! Apparently it makes reality better than it seems! I have quite a few friends named Lindsay, does that mean they can sue the company too? What a joke!

  84. 84

    Re: citizen – your comments show a supreme lack of understanding about the American legal system…

  85. 85

    something that is kinda obvious here, too—who in the world WANTS to be associated with Lindsay Lohan???? All she gets is BAD press–who want that?

  86. 86

    Lots of Linsays: Buckingham, Graham, Wagner etc. Besides she only likes girls I can't see her dateing a cute baby boy!! LOL

  87. 87

    No one refers to her using her first name. Its a common name. People refer to her as Lindasay Lohan. She justs wants the $$$$. Plus she is Not a star in which people call her by her first name only. Shes just famous for being such a trainwreck!

  88. 88

    Oh, come on Lindsay…REALLY!?! You're not that important sweetie

  89. 89

    Re: FatCatBurrito – Lindsay is a very popular name…maybe not as popular as 'Jessica or Jennifer" but it was definately in the top 100 back in the 80s…..it was #44.

  90. 90

    Re: gimlet123 – OMG! I said the exact same thing about Madonna and Cher when I heard about this!

  91. 91

    Re: st.love – I never made the connection either.She's stupid.She won't win

  92. 92

    how fucking dumb! i saw this commercial and "Lindsanity" was the last thing on my niind. Just cause she heard her name doesnt mean someones talking about her. i hope this one gets thrown out. this makes me like her even less. which i really didnt think was possible.

    PS i love these Etrade baby commercials!

  93. 93

    Re: FatCatBurrito – you're her idiot lawyer, right?

  94. 94

    Re: weezeeca
    American legal system? Ha. In Canada, 'somewhat' of a system exists - I can walk outside and not worry about someone planning on slapping a law suit on me.
    In America, that is not the case. Every ridiculous case somehow finds ground in America. Look at Mcdonald's 3.5M settlement, in America, for starters. This company did not do any public research before airing and that is their fault. Study law, you'll see my validity.
    On that note, do you even know what a book is? I can imagine how expensive books must be if tuition is $80000USD+ for one term. Here in canada, tuition is $5000 a term. Amazing how students are not living on debt for the rest of their life, eh?

  95. 95

    Re: citizen – well if you are somehow magically correct and this case is seen as credible then it is one of the greatest indictments against our legal system ever. we need to change laws that allow retarded, frivolous lawsuits like this to happen. and we need to bring the hammer down SUPER hard on worthless pieces of dogshit like lindsey lohan for this kind of stupid nonsense. it's a waste of resources and a waste of time for the court. let the bitch earn her money like the rest of us.

  96. 96

    I GUARANTEE that when they made this commerical they WERE NOT thinking of her - but it's funny she thinks it's about her. Love this commerical - Lindsay get a clue your a has been.

  97. 97

    Re: citizen – jeleous..like jello? tard.

  98. 98

    HAHA I know at least 5 lindsays. I love how she thinks she is that important. Shes just trying to find a easy way to get money. I guess when no one wants her shes gotta make the money somehow!

  99. 99

    I'll also add that there is a huge likelihood that they did, in fact, think of Lindsay Lohan while scripting this. The connection is to obvious.
    Bottom line, they will go to court and she will win. Regardless of how popular the name is, today, associated Linsday - in the press - with alcoholism is another slander attempt at 'her'.

  100. 100

    Oh please, she wishes they used that name based on her so she would actually be somewhat relevant. Lindsay, you are crazy! Get over yourself. No one thought of you when they saw this commercial, I know I sure as hell didn't. This commercial was funny and not because the babies name was Lindsay and was about you. She's only suing for this money because she knows it's the only way she will ever see a paycheck again. She will not win this case and if she does it's complete and utter BS.

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