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Poor Kourtney! Scott Disick Is Still A Dick

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Surprise, surprise - Kourtney Kardashian pops out a beh-beh and her boyfriend Scott Disick is still acting like a major douche!

The two have relocated to Miami for the filming of season two of Kourtney And Khloe Take Miami, and Scott is still acting like a unattached dude says In Style Weekly!

"In public, he tries to act like the perfect boyfriend because he’s paranoid about what people think of him,”"says a friend close to the couple.

"But at night, he is the same guy he’s always been. He still parties. He still flirts. He still hangs out with his guy friends. Nothing has changed for him."

While poor Kourt is stuck taking care of baby Mason all by herself!

The hard-pAArtying dad was most recently seen with his friends at STK while a "somber-looking" Kourtney and Khloe dined across town.

Bail on the bad dad, Kourtney!!

It's not like he's much help anyway!

[Image via WENN.]

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66 comments to “Poor Kourtney! Scott Disick Is Still A Dick”

  1. 1

    RoyallyObsessed.com check it out. It is all about american royalty

  2. 2

    You said it, he's a dick — to the tenth power. She should ditch him and go get herself a stinkin rich Football player or B-ball player likes her sis-es.

  3. 3

    even though i think he plays up the asshole role, he still is an asshole. i wish kourt would ditch him.

  4. 4

    Boohooo! There are so many women out there in the same position who do NOT have the money, family, friends etc., that this person has to help her raise this child. Many would give their eye teeth to be in the financial position this chick is in. She can buy "help" if she has too. She needs to grow a spine, look this guy in the eye, and just lay out the ground rules IF he wants to be in her and her sons life. This Scott person is not going to change and the only thing she can do is let go and raise her son to be a better man than his father.

  5. 5

    yeah whatever! I doubt it's true and if it is so what! BIG DEAL! Like would it really be a shock to anyone? exactly. Scott "STD" SICKDICK! HAHA

  6. 6

    I'm not trying to be mean, or wish bad on anyone, but it's hard to feel bad for a girl who keeps taking back a guy who has cheated on her. Once a cheater, always a cheater. Some women need to grow back bones. It may be hard after you dump him at first, you may miss him, you may cry, but you'll live. You'll be stronger for it. You won't ever regret it. Find a real man or woman who will be loyal to you.

  7. 7

    Re: Royally Obsessed – go the fuck away asswipe.

    i dont like kourtney but shes 30 and he's 25, i dont think he was ready anyways

  8. 8

    Re: omarie – I just created a login to post exactly what you have said. :)

  9. 9

    this guy has the perfect last name

  10. 10

    Stop acting like this girl, who was born rich, has done nothing to earn her fame but got it because her sister has a big butt, is some kind of victim. There are single mothers all over this country raising kids completely ALONE at least she has the resources to provide VERY well for that child. Secondly, she knew he was a jerk before she had the baby. It was her choice. Show some personal responsibility and deal with that choice. You lay down unprotected you get what you get…. A BABY!

  11. 11

    OK saying Scott Disick or whatever the hell his name is is a complete tool is news from 2008 practically! He is an idiot. We got the last 22 posts about him. He's not even relevant. And she isn't even famous enough to be on here! Go back to reporting "Celebrity Gossip" and stop highlighting the significant others of an annoyingly vapid self righteouss closet organizers sister for god sake. I don't think more than one person reading this even remotely cares about the Lardashians or their men or lack there of.

  12. 12

    there's no more poor Kourtney. she's making money off this…

  13. 13

    Re: MagicTurd.com – You are so right, the only reason her mother hates him is because he's not rich like lamar odom or reggie bush. Oh the mom just loves them. It's all about greed, neither of those guys have shown any responsibility or seem to pay any kind of attention to the other two girls but they're all good because they're rich. For the first time ever, a white guy is not accepted by the family and the black guys are. What a reversal of fate!

  14. 14

    Re: kittenish – LOL, amen about the black guy thing!

  15. 15

    She should dump that greasy haired loser! He reminds me of a sneaky used car salesman.

  16. 16

    After seeing that dickhead shoving a hundred dollar bill in a waiter's mouth because he was drunk off his ass…I thought she must be hard up to want to be with this asshole. Bruce Jenner should have kicked his ass. (if he COULD that is)

  17. 17

    Re: kittenish – Are you serious? The guy's an absolute asshole!

  18. 18

    Oh poor thing…. all by herself and her army of hired help and millions of dollars…. *tear*

  19. 19

    She's a dipshit who DESERVES all that's happened to her. You made your bed talentless Coat-tail Rider - now go shave your back & lie in it.

  20. 20

    Reversal of fate? Odom and Bush are not drunkards. Could it be that they have more character and more winning personalities than what's his face?

    I don't feel bad for Kourtney. She chose this drunkard to breed with. Her father was a lawyer, for Pete's sake, yet none of Ron Kardashian's girls have sought higher education and to achieve professional careers. They grab onto men, like leeches, and want to be carried through life. Kim K. stole money from singer Brandy's mother. What values did these girls learn at home–to ride someone else's coattails and enrich themselves at all costs?

  21. 21

    You'd have to be prettttty naive not to realize that 95% of this stuff isn't scripted! C'mon. Those pretend fights with Scott & Rob? Rob was laughing!
    The whole move-to-Miami thing was orchestrated as well. And do you honestly think that Kourt doesn't have a nanny for the kid???

  22. 22

    she jumped back into bed with him, knowing full well that neither was using birth control and surprise, became pregnant. It was her choice to have the baby, I am sure if it was up to Scott, he would have chosen something else. Since she chose to have the baby, and keep the baby, and the fact that Scott was not even her boyfriend at the time, she should not expect ANY TYPE OF HELP other then some financial help and she earns more than him. Some men are not made out to be fathers, husbands, etc. He is one of them and he should not be pushed into it. The child will suffer in the end. It is the child's welfare that must be considered, Kort, who cares, she made all the decisions up until now, LIVE WITH THEM MORON.

  23. 23

    Scott is biggest piece of shit. He had a child, so he should start being a dad instead of a deadbeat douche, Kourtney can do much better than you.

  24. 24

    what lovely words of wisdom can i add to this topic?? um, cheaters stink? once a cheater always a cheater? i dont know about that for sure. but, heres my take on this situation….and im old so please cherish my thoughts….haha.

    kourt love scott tissues. (i hate cheaters, sorry scott lol) scott love kourt…but he also loves the rush from hitting on other women. kourt will put up with his crap as long as she can and then one day, s.t. wont be around at all. she will raise their son and s.t. will send monthly checks.

    and thats how i see it. you cant change anyone. people change themselves when they want to. obviously, scott doesnt want to. sorry kourt. i love ya hun.

  25. 25

    Re: omarie – That is SO TRUE!!!!

    Re: Mimi the Magnificent – I agree 100% with this too! If my old man cheated, shit! HIS ASS WOULD BE DROPPED SO FAST HE WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HIT HIM!

    Re: crabbygirl81 – LOL

    Re: kittenish – And that is so true also Kris is evil greedy! I swear she breeds kids to pimp them out!

  26. 26

    I also USE to watch them and find them cute and funny. But not really anymore! Anymore they just get on my nerves, like for crying out loud they are everywhere on every brand. IT's BECOMING OVERKILL! THEY ARE OVEREXPOSING THEMSELVES and their FAME WON'T LAST that way! People are truly getting sick of them they need to just back off a bit! And let other people have some ADVERTISING ROLES TOO! THEY DON'T NEED TO ACCEPT EVERY OFFER THAT COMES THEIR WAY! Good grief!

  27. 27

    kittenish: Are you on something? Do you live in Never Never Land. You think that's the ONLY reason the mom doesn't like him? He cheated on her. He gets drunk and acts like a five year old. He didn't have a job before Kris got him one. He doesn't help raise his son. Would you want this for YOUR child? I mean use your common sense. If he only started acting out NOW, then I would say 'this guys intimidated by the other two, because they're so loving and can provide for their women.' But he's always been an asshole! Do you even watch the show? And btw a good black man always treats his woman like a queen. See how Lamar treats his woman, see hoe he tells her how beautiful she is every day? That's what Dipshit needs to do.

  28. 28


  29. 29

    Re: caroaber – kim stole money off brandys mother ? seriously? tell me more if you can! holy shit what a gold-digger!!!!!

  30. 30

    Awww poor Kourtney. Well news flash honey it aint all roses. My daughter is now 1 and her father does the same thing. Let me tell you … we are not together anymore cuz I had it wit his sorry A**. Believe me I found out being a new mom, that mommies do it all. So drop the looser and get over it. Reality check. And I am doing just fine. This will make you stronger. We moms are made that way thats why God chose us to be mothers!!! They don't show you that reality on TV now do they. Welcome to the real world!!

  31. 31

    She needs to ditch him before he cons her into getting married, then leaves along with most of her $$$…DOUCHE!!!

  32. 32

    At first I liked Kourt… but I think SHE's the biggest douche. SHE's the idiot who kept taking him back and worse of all, not being careful and to get pregnant by him.
    BAHahaha she gets what she deserves!

  33. 33

    She's not taking care of that baby all by herself and you know it. She has staff.

  34. wazup says – reply to this


    When will these women learn that you can't trap guys with a kid anymore. The 1970's are long gone.

  35. 35

    shoulda had that abortion when you had the chance huh? LOL

    she's so stupid i swear

  36. 36

    Poor Kourtney? No, this dumb bitch knew what a douchebag he was before she got pregnant. And while pregnant. And after having a baby. She is well aware of the situation and refuses to get away from him. Fuck her, Fuck him, they can be together and treat each other like shit for the rest of their lives and it's no ones fault but their own.

  37. 37

    just look hes dressed like an 80s bank teller

  38. 38

    "poor" Kourtney is the one who chose that a__hole whose behavior on their show video where he gets drunk before an important dinner - was enough for me to see he is a total moron. Chose to have UNPROTECTED SEX with him at that… i don't feel sorry for her but i do think she could do WAYYYYY better.

  39. 39

    Re: lobsterlover – u are all washed up lobster lover! have you never been in love?? can you control when it happens? No you cant. so either can she. oh brother. you must a little tyke. loves ya ne way

  40. 40

    oh and one or two more things. scoot is a loser, cheater, drunk, narcissistic, spoiled brat that has probably never had to be nice to anyone in his life.

  41. 41

    Really, Kourtney? You can do better. Scott must not care too much about what others think because that display of his in Vegas was horrible. Why would you want a guy who is so rude & immature? DUMP HIS ASS! Listen to your momma, Kourt~

  42. 42

    So what! He's young, he's not allowed to go out with his friends?
    Wasn't there just an article the other day about how Khloe said that Scott has been stepping up and taking care of the kid.

    I don't buy this …but thanks for submittig this article, KRIS JENNER

  43. 43

    Poor Kourtney please. First of all she has decided to stay with the douche when she could easily find a decent guy. Two she probably has a nanny doing most of the work. Three if she still would like to be with him (that is probably the best thing for their child if he can mature up) then she can still leave him and when he see's how much he will be paying in child support I think he will gladly choose to grow up and be a responsible relationship partner and parent.

  44. 44

    That man is a complete idiot. His wife is the sexiest and hottest of the 3 sisters….what a moron.

  45. 45

    Cry me a fuckin river!

  46. 46

    Re: Cool chick
    Yes I've been in love, but there's a line I draw between being in love and having self-respect.

  47. 47

    Just because Scott is the father of their baby, as Kourtney likes to use for excusing his ridiculous behavior, doesn't mean she has to put up with his crap! She could do a lot better for herself!

  48. 48

    she's young, she'll figure it out and dump his ass and just let him be a dad and not a BF.

    thank god she didn't marry that asshole.

  49. KBGD says – reply to this


    this is one of those cases where everyone else can see he's not right for her, unfortunately it's going to take more time for her to work it out. I bet one day she won't even remember what she saw in him.

    In saying that, who fucking cares… what did she think she could 'fix' their relationship with a baby?

  50. 50

    well, he is an absoloutely douche. But however, Kourtneys answer to EVERYTHING is "I'm done." "I'm done."

    Maybe the two should just.. i dunno… TALK?

  51. 51

    He looks like Christian Bale in American Psycho. Such a pompous ass!…no insult meant to Christian Bale

  52. 52

    How long do you think you could hang with KK before you went completely insane? Of course he goes out at night and hangs with the guys. That's a lot better than the alternative of having her bitch at him for hours on end, night after night.

  53. 53

    i love this woman she is so fuckin hottttttttttttttttt

  54. 54

    What does this Loser do for a living? besides wear bathrobes on Miami Beach? LMAO!! the biggest Douche Bag in the world, also constantly cheating on her!!!

  55. 55

    He's just like most of the Father's on that show '16 and Pregnant' except….
    most of those BOYS are 16 as well. Grow up Daddy.

  56. 56

    I don't feel sorry for Kourtney because she's STOOOOOOOPID! She is obsessed with this fool.

  57. 57

    can't feel sorry for her.
    she knew what type of person he was, and she still was stupid enough to get into a position where she got pregnant (unprotected sex with a cheating ex??).
    so f*ck kourtney.
    she's a dumbass.

  58. 58

    he looks like a poonce

  59. 59

    "poor kourt" ??? really? she's a moron! to think there are a ton of dummies like her in the world. instead of going around with her tonta face and big horns sticking out of her head she should use her "celebrity" status to turn her situation around… kick his stupid ass to the curve and be a positive strong example to other young women who find themselves in the same situation.

  60. 60

    Kourt, you are sooo much better than him, he's a pathetic looser… even tho you have a child you still can find a hot rich guy in l.a… dump him before he makes you pathetic as well

  61. 61

    Ya know, I have no sympathy or empathy for anyone who chooses to stay with a douche bag, cheater or abuser!! And yes I know the drill, "but i love him/her". Then accept your fate, love it and stop complaining!! You made the choice to stay, now ENJOY!!!!!!! I don't care what anyone says, there is always a way to save yourself!!! I know first hand.

  62. Sheer says – reply to this


    I guess she thought spreading her legs and popping out a kid would change him. Sorry Charlie but he's not going to change just because you think he should. Maybe you should have thought about that before you decided to get knocked up.

  63. 63

    The guy always has been and always will be a total knob. I have know idea what she she sees in him!

  64. 64

    Why does he have to be so mean to her she doesnt deserve her!!!:)

  65. 65

    LOL. Still don't know where she found this piece of TPT.

  66. 66

    When people write stuff like "who cares, she's rich," or "there are so many women out there in the same position," it's kind of like, DUDE. go watch CNN.