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Denver Archdiocese Defends Denying Children With Lesbian Parents Re-Enrollment At School!!

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Yeah! We're sure Jesus would have stood by THIS 100%!!


This effing sucks so hard.

The archdiocese in Denver, Colorado, has denied two CHILDREN re-enrollment in a Catholic school next year because their parents are lesbians!

So UNBELIEVABLY effed up!! They're KIDS - only in kindergarten and preschool!!

They've already started at a school, and now they won't be allowed back because the church suddenly decides it's not cool?

Archbishop Charles J. Chaput says:

"The Church does not claim that people with a homosexual orientation are 'bad,' or that their children are less loved by God. Quite the opposite. But what the Church does teach is that sexual intimacy by anyone outside marriage is wrong; that marriage is a sacramental covenant; and that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman. These beliefs are central to a Catholic understanding of human nature, family and happiness, and the organization of society. The Church cannot change these teachings because, in the faith of Catholics, they are the teachings of Jesus Christ. People with a different understanding of marriage and family life have other, excellent options for education and should see in them the better course for their children."


We're SURE every student in that school has married parents completely committed to one another and conform COMPLETELY to every single obscure Catholic teaching!!

Luckily, there has been a MASSIVE public outcry in the community to this blatant and hateful discrimination.

Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director of DignityUSA, says:

"The Archdiocese of Denver has acted very unjustly in singling out this child for exclusion. Until every student's parents are tested on Catholic teaching, this action by Catholic officials cannot be understood as anything other than discrimination on the back of a child. At a tender age, this child has learned that Catholic officials are willing to inflict pain on children and families."

SPOT ON. So unbelievably cruel.

How are young children supposed to feel when the school they are a part of suddenly decides they're not welcome anymore?!

Jarret Barrios, the president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, agreed:

"These actions by the Denver Archdiocese harm the student by taking the child away from friends, teachers and community. It's deeply troubling to see any school remove a child from their educational program simply as the means of rejecting that child's parents."

If there's any light in this shitstorm of a story, Boulder Pride - which is a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center - organized a protest outside of the church Sunday, supported by 30 opponents, most of whom were reportedly heterosexual allies of the gay community!!

We're sure the support was very much appreciated!!

We still can't even process this. Those poor children are way too young to have to endure that kind of discrimination.

So sad.

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122 comments to “Denver Archdiocese Defends Denying Children With Lesbian Parents Re-Enrollment At School!!”

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  1. 1

    Some fucking people man….
    Grow up people!! This is the most ridiculous shit I've ever read probably.

  2. 2

    so are they going to kick out every kid whose parents aren't married?

  3. 3

    The parents' orientation, gender, marital status, etc. should not be a factor in whether to educate a child. WWJD? He'd invite the parents and the child to a school potluck!

  4. 4


  5. 5

    Have they kicked out the children with single mothers?

  6. 6

    I'm sorry, perez, but that's what it's like when you have a private school. You can make up any rules you want. You don't like it? Then go somewhere else. It's not public school. If the school wanted to make a rule that no one could go to that school that had short hair, then so be it. It's THEIR school.
    I am by no means defending the premise behind this rule. I have LOTS of gay friends and I am very accepting of the gay community. But, in this case, it's not about gay/not gay. It's about a private school having their own policies. Get over it.

  7. 7

    This is a load of crap (are they checking to be sure every set of parents are married too?) but to be honest I have NO idea why anyone who is gay or lesbian would want their child to have a Catholic education given that they'd probably be taught by the school that their parents are unworthy sinners.

  8. 8

    Perez, i think the real questions here are why would the parents want to send their children to a school where they will learn that the relationship between their mothers is "disordered".What parent wants to create that kind of confusion in their children?

  9. 9

    Blah. This site has become a pro-gay rights shit-hole. Not that I hate gays, but I come here for gossip, not for this shit.

  10. 10

    I am so tired of these stories. It's the CATHOLIC CHURCH people!! Wake up! You all know damn well that they don't condone the gay lifestyle, and probably never will. AND, because they are a church, not a state institution, they don't HAVE TO! Catholic school is private school, they can deny anyone they want for whatever reason they want. You can picket until your feet fall off, it doesn't make a damn bit of difference. That's their prerogative. No, it isn't right, but it's well known and well documented.

    And, what I understand least of all, is why in the hell would ANY gay couple want their children to go to a school that teaches their kids that homosexuality is a sin and an abomination??? Do you WANT your kids to grow up ashamed of their family? Thinking their parents are evil and going to hell? What the hell are these people thinking? I would NEVER send my kids to people with those beliefs. Doesn't make sense.

  11. 11

    If I was still living in Boulder, I would have been there, too!

  12. 12

    google contact Archbishop Charles J. Chaput find the adress and Email him…
    Here's mine:
    Nice move, sicko re. not allowing kids with lesbian parents to have an education… shame you have very little substance whilst the Catholic church is busy paying compensation to choir boys who've had the misfortune to find a priest's finger up their arse.

  13. 13

    Honey, I went to a Catholic school for twelve freakin years. They are the most corrupt sons of b-words on this planet. And they really can and will do every and any terrible thing they want.

  14. 14

    It is a catholic school god why would a non straight couple think they would be welcome with open arms when the catholic church has made it clear what there point of view is on homosexuality if they want a private school choose one that isn't run by religion or public school easy as that.

  15. 15

    While this entire situation is really really unfortunate and being handled poorly, I would hardly call the Catholic Church's position on homosexuality an "obscure teaching." Whether you agree or not, the Church has been open and clear on this issue.

  16. 16

    Uhm, this is a private catholic school. They can do what they want. And obviously homosexuality is a sin to the catholic religion. Get over it Perez. You need to accept religion for them to accept you. It's a give and take relationship.

  17. 17

    Sure, a preschool kid with lesbian parents isn't allowed to go to this school yet a priest can have his way with him and get away with it. Such typical hypocrisy and a big part of the reason the Catholic church is becoming less relevant daily.

  18. 18

    If I were gay, I would not want to send my child to a Catholic school anyway. I mean the parents must know that at Catholic schools they teach against same sex relationships. I obviously do not agree with the archbishop, but I sort of feel like the parents set their children up for something like this. I mean, that's like if I was a practicing Muslim, I wouldn't send my children to First Baptist Day School. I don't understand the parents thinking!

  19. 19

    i am catholic….. and i think this is ridiculous…. these children should not be refused into the school…..if anything the church should be happy that the parents want to put the kids in a catholic school….. ughh…God & Jesus love everyone..

  20. DiDu says – reply to this


    I think it's quite appropriate that they were banned from the school. Yes, they are only children, but the parents knew they were enrolling their children in a school with a religious backbone and basis. What did they expect? There isn't equality for same-sex marriage in the majority of churches. A man and a woman make children; males can't naturally have children with other males, same with females. Just deal with it! I don't care who you love, but don't expect the rules to bend for you.

  21. 21

    Mario, why not start another site just for gay rights like you did for fashion.

  22. 22

    Re: nezzie – ok nezzie maybe your school was, but mine were fine and we had 3 day guys in my grade.. never a problem.. they weren't even harassed… I HATE when people like YOU GENERALIZE all CATHOLICS… honey I hope you know that Not all Catholics are how you see them… maybe you were exposed to some really extreme Catholics who take things out of context…

  23. 23

    "Let the children come to me, and do not try to hinder them, because they belong to the kingdom of God" - Jesus Christ.
    Maybe those followers of Christ should look it up.. Hypocrits!
    Im pretty sure Jesus was a nice guy, to bad these so called religious folks dont seem to understand his most important message.
    Organized religion should be banned.

  24. 24

    I went to Catholic school from k-8 and there were people there with divorced parents-that's against the Catholic church too! In h.s. people were having sex and they're not married! This ruling is straight bullshit and hypocracy. I also vividly remember that there was some sex scandal when i was little in the church(not my particular one) and guess what? The city didn't do anything because of separation of church and state and the church just moved the priest. The Catholic church is so backwards! I can only assume that that priest harmed more children! But you say no to some kids with gay parents?

  25. 25

    I have a question. How cruel are these two women that they would want to put their children in a Catholic school knowing that Catholic doctrine doesn't accept homosexuality? I am not saying that the school is right. I believe that God made us all and he wouldn't want anyone to hurt based on the way they were born but you wouldn't send a blue eyed child to a school that preached that blue eyed people are not accepted there. These women need to think about their children instead of trying to make a point. If they want them in a private school, send them to a private school just not to a school that one of their basic beliefs is against them.

  26. 26

    oh get off your soap box perez! Its a private school so deal with it bitch! Its a Catholic school too~dont expect anyone to bow down to gays, it is what it is, a persons sexuality should be kept private. If they woulda kept it private then there should not have been an issue. end story.

  27. 27

    It's a PRIVATE SCHOOL. They don't have to let anyone they don't want in. He's not even being rude about it, it's their BELIEFS and their RIGHT TO DO SO. HEY, WHERE'S THE WHOLE LIBERAL 'RIGHT TO CHOOSE' STANCE NOW?!?!?!

    Bunch of hyprocrtical libs on here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. 28

    Well said, Perez. Shit like this just shouldn't fly in this day and age.

  29. 29

    This isn't just the view of the Denver diocese - this is the view of the catholic church. Don't be outraged with just one guy - get pissed at the whole religion.

  30. 30

    It's alright though that the preists are molesting these young kids though, I assume that's right. Grow up people. Why not ban kids who's parents committed adultery, theft.

  31. B2R says – reply to this


    I'm from Boulder, and why the community is very pro gay I believe they should stay out of this. Why? First, the parents knew the rules of the school when they signed the children up for class. I believe they had to sign a paper regarding the rules of the school. Second, although I do not believe in Catholic beliefs AT All I do not want anyone telling church affiliated programs, including schools, what they can do. Why would a gay person even send their kids there. I feel bad for the kids. Their parents are wrong sending them to a school knowing they could be kicked out.

  32. 32

    Re: Unbelievable! – yes so true. i'm all for equality but let's be real here you aren't going to find it in relgious schools!

  33. 33

    It makes me sad to see how much the church is hated on these days. Honestly, the main point of the bible is that God is Love. And Christians are supposed to love everyone. A sin is a sin. If the catholics are not going to allow a lesbian couple to enroll their child in school because it's a "sin" they should not be allowing anyone to enroll because everyone sins.

  34. SAM<T says – reply to this


    Someday it will be a child with catholic parents applying to a pro gay private school.

    Things ebb and flow, and i agree, why would you be so persistent about sending your child to school that is going teach that your parents love is wrong….

  35. 35

    It's a private school - they can do anything they want. But then if the school wants to be so hypocritical, why not ban children's parents who are divorced, or single mothers / fathers? Yeah, they need to quit the crap. This is why I find myself distancing from the Catholic Church everyday…

  36. 36

    This is so gross! Really, I feel incredibly sorry for the people who believe this is the right thing, spiritually. The scary part is that this is the same church that has given a home to molestation, and a prostitution ring. So much integrity.

  37. 37

    THE DEFINITON OF A "PRIVATE SCHOOL " IS AS FOLLOW : a school that is established, conducted, and primarily supported by a nongovernmental agency

    ie:A primary or secondary school supported by a religious organization


    THE NERVE :(

  38. 38

    Why would anyone want their children to go to a catholic school when that exact religion does not support you as gay or lesbian? then why, why do you want your kids to grow up with a catholic education?

  39. 39

    Ok.. Yes There are priests who molest children. there are also Parents who molest children, & other authoratative figures that MOLEST CHILDREN.
    I agree it is DISGUSTING that a priest would do such a thing with what they are supposed to be representing, and they should be cast out, but then THAT would be against the Catholic religion because we are taught to forgive, not that I forgive someone who does that… , but parents do this all the time to children.. how bout you make a big deal out of that!

  40. 40


    NOT ALL PRIESTS ARE LIKE THIS, it's SO annoying when idiots get on here and blab like they know everything about a religion, when they know absolutely nothing or just what the MEDIA says, yahhh because we all know that the media is so trustworthy..
    NOT EVERYONE agrees with the GAY lifestyle.. and NOR do they have to… if that was the case then GAY PEOPLE should RESPECT the Catholic church and their reasons for their beliefs…If you want to get into about people accepting the "gay lifestyle" then GAY PEOPLE must accept OTHER peoples lifestyles and claim that people are being "discriminatory" against them…. DOUBLE STANDARD…. NOT everyone will get along, we are HUMANS…. we just need to TRY and be more loving and accepting, but we all know that that is hard!.. just know in the end it's how YOU lived your life that will determine your destiny.. and for those of you who don't believe that there is a place after earth.. I feel for you… because if this is all there is, then what's the point?!?!?!?

  41. 41

    It's a private school so they can allow who they want. There's no "rights" issue here.

    Move along.

  42. 42

    ..and this is exactly why religion is the biggest joke on earth. A priest says "Jesus loves you all" but then the next day he'll say "Oh, wait. There's an exception for you gays. You must be straight first to be accepted by Him. Don't get us wrong, we're not hating on YOU but on your SINS." Reminds me of the time when I told my oh-so-religious sister that I'm feeling blue lately and she answered "See. That's what atheists get. They get depressed."
    Haha. Whatever, you group of blessed people.
    Oh, plus church is damn boring and I don't understand why people should go there.

  43. 43

    I'm with you 100%, Perez. For the first time ever.
    This is why I hate the religious right. Well, one of the many reasons.
    What a bunch of fucking hypocrites. They claim to do everything in the name of Jesus. Well, Jesus would not have stood by the blatant discrimination that they seem so intent on spreading EVERYWHERE. Fucked. Up.

  44. 44


  45. 45

    As a parent I don't think I would want my kid to go to a school that didn't up hold my or my kids values. I wouldn't enroll my kid in a military school and expect them to let them wear their hair how they want. I gave up on Catholics when they said birth control causes affairs.

  46. 46

    That's insane. And one individual's crusade. I went and worked at Catholic schools and it has never been an issue. This has nothing to do with the Church's teachings but rather one individual's twisted interpretation. Sad.

  47. 47

    Tykes of dykes???!!!
    Send 'em to synagogue with my relatives' kids. There they'll learn to discriminate against everyone. Everyone discriminates. It's life.

  48. 48

    Although it's sad that the child has to be at the center of this, it is the catholic church! They are the way they are, and they aren't going to change! Their teachings have remained consistent for many, many years so the parents should have known this was to be expected!

  49. 49

    Of all the schools, the gay parents put there kids in a Catholic one ? yeah okay….

  50. 50

    OMG PREZ is SUCH A FOOL! its a CATHOLIC SCHOOL..one that parents PAY MONEY FOR ON TOP OF THE TAXES THEY PAY THAT GO TOWARD PUBLIC SCHOOL!!! therefore…the school is privately funded so they can admit and deny anyone they like..thats the BEAUTY OF AMERICA!!!!! EFFIN DOPES!!! Im sure a privately run school for Gays and Lesbians wount admit an admitted homophobe!!

  51. 51

    I'm thinking the kids are girls because if they were little boys the priests would be all over keeping them in school. Ain't that right Perez?

  52. 52

    hey Perez…if you like a man shoving it up your ass it's ok i'll respect what you do with your disgusting life but you have to respect people that want to educate their children among other children with traditional families and also respect everyones religion whichever it is…you talk about respect for gays and lesbians but you don't do the same in other matters. While I'm at it don't you think having two moms or dads might influence children in their sexual orientation? I mean at least with one mom and one dad they can choose from two diferent role models from both sexes? just a thought….what do you think you big dumbass.

  53. 53

    If you want to be part of a religion then you have to follow that religions morals and rules. The school simply does not want to teach these children that what their parents are doing is in the churches eyes an abomination. True the catholic church needs to modernize and sort out some of the filth that claim to disciples of god….this is an issue than they will not budge on for a while but people need to remember this is not the only religion that condemns gay relationships.

  54. 54

    Everyone has a choice to his or her own beliefs. The school is a catholic school. It has a choice to stand by it's rights. It's called freedom of religion. Why would they send their kids to a school that doesn't tolerate it anyways? Just because someone's views are different from your own doesn't make them wrong Perez. You using the fa**ot word only contributes to them.

  55. 55

    Re: Lunatic.me – Alright. I definitely can't stand that you attacked religion as a whole. This is not true of all religions. I belong to a church where acceptance is everything. Gays, lesbians, single parents, and who ever else you can think of come to my church and they are welcome. We don't even care if you follow our religion (there's a buddhist that comes all the time) as long as you respect it and everyone else at the church. Many Catholics are like that but not even all of them are. I don't find it fair that you attack a whole religion because some people aren't accepting.

  56. 56

    wow i never reply to anyone but what you said was really good and spot on.

    I might add that people react to the catholic church in a negative way cause it makes them look at themselves in the mirror and well not everyone likes what they see and be told they are walking the wrong way cause I believe that C. Religion follows human natural standars that have been working for thousands of years even people that don't practice it do things that are in the 10 commandments for instance like dont's steal or fuck your brothers wife, etc but when it comes up to things that you don't like that's when all the shit starts pouring out of peoples mouth againts it.

  57. 57

    exactly right, parents of these children new exactly what the rules of the school and of the Catholic church were before signing up - conclusion: that's exactly why they did it, to attach the Catholic church and raise a stink. Church or any religion is NOT a democracy where "majority" rules and everyone is entitled to "equal" rights. If you don't like the religion, leave it. Most of all, LEAVE IT ALONE.

  58. 58

    "The Church does not claim that people with a homosexual orientation are 'bad,' or that their children are less loved by God. Quite the opposite. But what the Church does teach is that sexual intimacy by anyone outside marriage is wrong; that marriage is a sacramental covenant; and that marriage can only occur between a man and a woman."

    thats some Logic there.
    1. We don't hate gay people
    2. Sex out of wedlock is evil
    3. Marriage is ONLY between Man and Woman
    4. Gay people cannot marry
    5. Gay people who have sex are evil
    Therefore -> They dont hate Gay people, just gay people who have sexual Intimacy.

  59. 59

    IM ATHIEST! and you can figure out from natural law that a man and woman belong to eachother. they complete eachother (sexually)
    there is an order to the world and any homosexual act is considered disorder.
    Instead of attacking the church, you should all focus on the facts!

  60. 60

    schools isnt about dating people its about learning but no one is goona kissed or something

  61. 61

    These lesbian parents knew exactly that this was a CATHOLIC PRIVATE school and what the rules were - that's exactly why they're doing it! To raise a stink and to attack the Catholic Church. Any religion is NOT a democracy where "majority" rules and everyone has "equal rights" to express their lifestyle. It is overtly obvious what the Catholic Church's teachings and beliefs are on same-sex marriage. WHY try to challange a 2000 year old system of beliefs. If you don't like it, leave IT alone.

  62. 62

    why anybody would want to send their kids to a catholic school is beyond me.

  63. 63

    perez you are one really fucked up human being really feel sorry for you hope one day you'll realize and hope it's not too late even though i'll keep talking shit about you here I sympathize with you…pooor thing

  64. 64

    who cares, these parents should take their money and go to a school that supports gays. Religion is the downfall of civilization.

  65. 65

    Attention dumbasses: It is a private school, not a public school. They don't have to follow your rules if they have their own.

    Sucks for the kids, but that is life. Not the school's fault that the parents don't comply with their moral/ethical code. If you don't like it start your own private school. . . .

  66. 66

    Re: Sir-Bangs-Alot
    As long as they have tax-exempt status they can't do whatever they want.

  67. 67

    Why would these parents decide to send their children to a school that has this viewpoint on homosexuality? There are private schools they can send their children to outside of the Catholic school system. I guess, I see sending your children to a Catholic school as wanting them to be educated on Catholicism as well.

  68. 68

    Take away their tax-emempt status. Then they can do what they want.

  69. 69

    Re: rhiannon3 – because that is their faith! just like u may or may not have a faith but that is your choice and your business, no one can tell u otherwise.

  70. 70

    While this story breaks my heart and makes me mad, I'm beginning to think it's better for the children to be kicked out now rather than let them stay for the long run and have their poor little brains washed into thinking their parents being the same sex is wrong and confusing them further. Let the kids move on to some where else where they'll be taught that it doesn't matter if your parents are the same sex or not, what matter is that the parents love them. Then when they're old enough, they can spit on the step of the church kicking them out and say "TAKE THAT!" I'm ready for the day where everyone is treated equally…no matter what a damn bible says!

  71. 71

    Denver isn't exactly a small city, so why, with all of the other education opportunities available, do these two women want their kids to be a part of a religious organization that doesn't accept them? Curious, no?

    Not that I think that the Archdiocese is right is denying *re-enrollment*, because I don't. But with a private school, they aren't bound to the same rules and laws regarding admissions that public schools are.

  72. 72

    right..but catholic priests can fuck little boys in the ass and it's okay.
    I would rather be gay than stupid.
    These days I am SO embarrassed to be straight.

  73. 73

    Quit your bitching, Chico! You, obviously, have no clue about true Catholicism, so quit commenting on it. Just keep on pretending you're gay.

  74. 74

    Christo/fascists and evil-gelicals. Yikes.

  75. 75

    Re: iSayEffU – The rate of divorce in Catholic familes is over 50 percent, So don't pull the moral card in defense of disgusting bigotry. Because if the Catholic church would play that game with divorced people,people who have kids with a criminal record,people who are pro-choice or people who are in this country illegally they would have no congregation for their cultish propagand whose leader is an ex nazi the pope. Gays as usual are an easy target for the most evil.

  76. 76

    Re: B2R – I'm not sure why the school is not kicking out divorced parents ,until they do this this is bs and you know it.

  77. 77

    Re: perezisadumbass – ONLy a complete asshole would think that the parents are wrong and not this school.

  78. 78

    Re: proudtobemom – They've been clear on divorces,war,death pentalty, abortion too and Im not sure anyone would get kicked out for any of the above.

  79. 79

    Re: Miss Moneypenny – Why don't you not viist this site if you don't like gay people,isn't that the more direct question,bitch.

  80. 80

    Re: jeremyandkristy – You are disgusting as usual.

  81. 81

    Well I hope this school recieves no government help. Some religous schools do. I'm sure this disgusting school has no problem with divorced people right.

  82. 82

    Sinead O'cconor was right.

  83. 83

    Will they be not letting divored parents re-enroll?

  84. 84

    If it's a school that caters to fair and educated people their reputation as a good school will suffer. Lot's of religous private schools in los angeles are liberal and have straight gay alliances and parents would never send their kids to schools that condone bigotry.

  85. 85

    Re: lovemylife – I love the irony when trailer trash republican bigots like you teach us the values of freedom and choice. If you werent such rightwing uneducated garbage you might even understand the irony.

  86. 86

    Re: knowitall

    Are you completely crazy or what?

  87. 87

    Re: knowitall – Please save no one is pulling any card the bottom line is it's a private school and it's their right who they let in or not even if you don't agree with it. Like I said there are plenty of other private schools out there.

  88. 88

    Re: Karolein

    that is EXACTLY what Jesus would do!

    also, to Perez and everyone who is reading this:
    please don't think all catholics are like this. i went to a catholic gradeschool and high school, and knew of three people with gay or lesbian parents (not to mention many people with parents who were never married/single). we all supported them. our teachers taught us to love EVERYONE and to never discriminate.


  89. 89

    i agree with another comment made..
    first, it is a CATHOLIC school, nevermind whether it is right or wrong. theyve got the right to turn someone away.
    second, they can pick and choose who they invite to attend their school. end of story. if it was a public school, it would be completely different.

  90. 90

    Re: hollahoedown

    Porky Perez fucks little boys in the ass and that's ok?

  91. bogan says – reply to this


    This sucks bigtime. On the other hand, why would lesbian parents want to send their children to a school where they are going to be taught that their parents way of life is "wrong"? Religious schools are bullshit anyway, they're just a way of legalising discrimination and segregation.

  92. 92

    These two are horrible parents and don't deserve to have kids, they should be taken away, not because they're dykes but because they knew damn well what they were doing when they enrolled them in a PRIVATE CATHOLIC SCHOOL!! They sacrificed the well-being of these children to make a stand against the Catholic church and the hell with the kids. Hooray for these loser parents they really changed everyone's thinking about gay and lesbians adopting children. But hey, "look, we made the news!" They're probably filling a scrapbook with all the articles about them while the poor children of these disgusting "lesbian, ahem, two mommies" are crying in their bedroom because they have no idea what the fuck is going on. Way to go losers. And if any of you think that's not what this was about, you're as fucking dumb as what I believe to be abusive parents. Shame on them.

  93. 93

    Ever think maybe they want their kids in a Catholic school so OTHER KIDS WON'T PICK ON THEIR KIDS BECAUSE THEIR PARENTS ARE GAY.
    Think about the kids, Denver.

  94. 94


  95. 95

    NEWS FLASH TO ALL BIBLE THUMPERS god doesn't exist:
    If you believe in the bible and creationism you believe that the world is only 6000 years old that means that dinosaurs are made up and never existed. Are all those dinosaur bones an atheist plot ? Please be real now! No one should be that unintelligent.
    google: tailbone and learn why you and every human being has one its because your ancestor was an ape.

  96. 96

    The parents obviously are not catholic so why would they want their child to go to a catholic school?Plus catholics do frown on homosexuality so would these parents really want their child going to a school where it would have to continually be preached to, the child is going to grow up very open-minded so they got lucky they dont have to send it to a school where it will be made to be extremely close-minded…

  97. 97

    # #
    "The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of sometimes honorable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can change this."-Albert Einstein January 3 1954
    # #

  98. lck says – reply to this


    i wonder if the diocese is checking to be sure all the students are living in households where the parents are married, i would almost guarantee that there are unmarried couples who have children enrolled. the next category to check would be divorced and remarried couples which is also against catholic teaching, unless an annulment has taken place, you know the kind the rich catholics can pay for like the kennedys.

  99. 99

    I taught 1st grade at a private church school and nobody cared who the kids parents were as long as they could pay the tuition.
    Yes, there were some lesbian parents. Their kids were just as happy and well behaved as the other kids!
    I just can't understand why it would be offensive…..

  100. 100

    Why would they want to go to the Catholic school when they know what the church teaches? It's a private religious school. They are allowed to make the rules. There are plenty of other great schools in Boulder that will welcome kids like this.

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