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K-Stew On Her K-Stewness

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131 comments to “K-Stew On Her K-Stewness”

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  1. 1

    so not pretty

  2. 2

    I think you're just an asshole.

  3. 3

    She looked nice and thin and pale and…pretty.

    And she smiled! And waved! Then smiled again!

  4. 4

    This is one of her best interviews Perez. Leave her alone.

  5. 5

    you are so stupid perez!! i would rather listen to her talk any day. and she is beautiful she doesnt need to be made up to be pretty she naturally is. She could probably teach you a thing or 50!!

  6. 6

    Perez please stop that hate
    She look gorgeous on the oscar and on J Leno

  7. 7

    I thought she looked really pretty and did better than she normally does. I just don't like how she always stops mid-sentence, like she can't complete her thought. She definately needs to be prompted on what to say cause she can't carry a conversation. She's young though, she'll get better at interviews.

  8. 8

    I wonder when she is going to come out the closet!

  9. 9

    damn she has some nice legs! go K stew!

  10. 10

    Did you even watch the Video?
    She smiled about a hundred times.. I'm wondering why you hate her so much? Jealousy?

  11. 11

    Did you actually watch it? She looked so much more comfortable than other interviews she's done in the past, and she did smile and laugh a lot, you dick.

  12. 12

    I'm proud of you Perez. You didn't vigorously insult her this time. She's learning more and more each day, and I hope you'll start being more nice to her.

  13. 13

    She looked so great! It's kind of endearing how shy she is.

  14. 14

    She was really good in this interview and she does smile, you just refuse to put up those pictures on your web. She smiles at more picture than she does not smile.

  15. 15

    WE LIKEY !!! Leave the girl alone Perez !!

  16. 16

    Re: DSummerfan – Why does so many hates think she is gay? One other reason to hate her? Try to use something els to offend her because being gay is nothing wrong what so ever.

  17. 17

    So pretty. I've always liked her, even before Twilight. And I can't stop comparing her to Shane from the L Word.

  18. 18

    Aw, this is a great interview, she's gotten so much better at it. She was actually funny! And her dress is awesome, the whole outfit looks really great.

  19. 19

    Oh come on, she does smile! she even cracks a few jokes

  20. 20

    I don't understand why you seem to have such an issue with this girl? You complain she doesn't smile, yet she smiled throughout that interview..you moan she doesn't wear heals & dresses….she wore both, you whinge that she's awkward …so what.

    Surely it's refreshing for young girls to see different young women out there, and think oh actuallly I don't have to fit this specific sterotype?

  21. 21

    I like her! This was the first interview I've seen with her and she seems really nice! AND she does smile! I guess you didn't see the entire video Perez?
    I haven't seen the twilight movies so I really just know her from your website Perez!! =)

  22. 22

    She looked great on the show and has a very nice figure, which i see she tends to hide. I like her , however i can see how her shyness maybe misunderstood for arrogance. She seems like a regular girl who is slowly getting used to her stardom. You shouldn’t be so quick to come to a assumption without first meeting the girl in person.

  23. 23

    I thought this interview was endearing. She's trying. and at least she's honest about herself and not fake!

  24. 24

    You weren't that mean to her here, Perez! Are you sick or something? I don't love KStew, but I've never understood why you're so intent on disliking her.

  25. 25

    she's very skinny. other than that I think she's really pretty. It's sad but very understandable how awkward she is–some people just can't be in front of a humongous crowd and be able to act charming, engaging, etc. I'd like to see some of the haters try it.

  26. 26

    She's hot as hell and REAL/GENUINE. Unlike all those Hollywood tartlets. I don't understand why people criticize people for simply just being themselves. She's shy and a little awkward, SO WHAT? And she did smile you ass. Damn, she's got the nicest legs I've ever seen.

  27. 27

    I love Kristen because she's different to the usual super-groomed, image obsessed Hollywood actresses and celebrities. I think a lot of young people can identify with being socially awkward; there's nothing wrong with it. I think most people would freeze up if they had to present an Oscar.

    I hate Twilight though, but then so does she :)

  28. 28

    She's so boring. I don't understand why people like her.
    I don't care how she looks or acts, she's just NOT interesting.

  29. 29

    oh my goshh ! I never really thought of her one way or another but after seeing this I really like her ! Why the eff do you say such nasty stuff about herr!?

  30. losky says – reply to this


    this just infuriates me because what do you want from her. people are who they are thats just it. is there some fucking rule that means when your in movies you have to be idk like stepford wife. stand perfectly straight, robot, robot, smile, laugh, robot robot. i mean you watch some people and there is nothing there but with her you get her completely, its all kristen this is her on her day off. and i think being that open with everyone shows more class then just being a fake smiling bitch who on the outside looks like nice but really is a raving luney. i would never want this girl to change. and i think more people relate to that she doesnt seem so out of reach to young girls. i just dont get how one person can boast a person like lady gaga who is all about being awkward, "monster", not conforming to a specific mold, who when u watch in interviews isnt that enganging yet you love her but here is a 19 year old who is fresh, authentic, and laughs at herself, but you put her down. i am ashamed of lady gaga for even allowing you to be a part of her circle because you represent hate.

  31. 31

    "You fat ugly American!" Ha, that made me laugh.

  32. 32

    I fell asleep at my desk watching this. She should read books on tape of insomniacs. Totally.

  33. 33

    wow. she actually looks like she put effort into her oufit this time.

  34. 34

    shes very very wierd. not just awkward. i dont think ive ever seen a person like her.

  35. 35

    Why don't you let her be her..and you be you. I am sure you don't like yourself either (who would) but let the girl be herself and not what YOU think she should be.
    Roll with it, honey.

  36. 36

    she can be as awkward as she wants to be as long as she wears miniskirts like that and yanks at thing in quick succession like that tissue box! Talk about a one-two nut buster.

  37. 37

    i really like kristen, i kind of embrace or awkwardness, at least she is not trying to be something she is not…i can see why her and robert are a couple they suit each other very well…kudos kristen!

  38. 38

    She is so cute. This interview makes me like her even more.

  39. 39

    You're such asses, perez and co. If you watch her interviews pre-Twilight, she was shy but not so anxious in interviews. With fame came all the crazy Robert fangirl hatred and Perez hatred, everyone detailing every last feature about her body you all hate about her and how she does everything wrong. Of course that's gonna make her self conscious publicly, knowing how much you're every little gesture will be mocked. You suck perez. She's adorable and pleasant, just shy and awkward.

  40. 40

    And she smiled through the whole thing, wtf is wrong with you?

  41. 41

    after watching her do the hanky panky game and yank at those tissues so assuredly and quickly, let's just say I have the urge to play some hanky panky with myself now.

  42. 42

    The more you talk shit about her, the more I like her. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  43. 43

    "you fat ugly american" awww perez she even gave you a shout out. and of course i guess you didn't notice her smiling perez.

  44. 44

    I used to be a huge Kristen Stewart fan (now not so much) and this interview makes me want to like her again. She comes off as a really sincere person who loves what she does but has a hard time selling herself, like all the other A-list young Hollywood actors are so good at doing.

    She seems really cool, like an average girl that could be your best friend. Although I must admit that she is not the best actress…

  45. 45

    wow she is really beautiful. nice legs girl. I don't understand why people hate her. she is adorable

  46. 46

    "you fat ugly american" awww perez she even gave you a shout out. And of course i guess you didn't notice her smiling and joking throughout the interview rihgt perez.

  47. 47

    She is lovely!

  48. 48

    she's beautiful, she dressed well, she smiled, she was funny and embarassed and that's what i like about her: she's true and you can't make fun of her because she's not a whore as your lady friends perez!

  49. 49

    I found her to be charming, honest and endearing… C'mon Perez. You are far too critical of people that are not your favorites.

  50. 50

    Re: Evarisa – He hates her because he has a little crush on her boyfriend. You know, the way 8th graders start being mean to and spreading lies about the person they are jealous of….

  51. 51

    I think she was really funny. She is getting better at this.
    In few years she'll be a pro with these public appearences.
    And wow! Does she have a great figure or not!!

  52. 52

    She is adorable, love her.

  53. 53

    Yay you didn't insult her thanks!

  54. 54

    i have to ask why you're so aggressive towards the girl. You seem to find any way to discredit her, or humiliate her.

  55. 55

    LOVE HER! SHE IS QUIRKY AND AWKWARD AND HILARIOUS. I would love to roll a fat one and smoke with her any day.

  56. 56

    I really like her. She's refreshing.

  57. 57

    Her description of pubs made me snort out loud.
    'K-Stew' needs to get into the heart of London, then she'll learn the true meaning of an English pub. I can tell you now that she won't find anything remotely like little kids eating their dinner, LOL.

  58. 58

    she is genuine and kind, that should count for something, especially when there's alot of other celebrities I could think of with a way worse attitude… or fake ones. - the worst. so please, shut the fuck up.

  59. 59

    Even though as a viewer it is undeniably uncomfortable to watch her interviews, I think she's very likable in this particular piece. She smiled and was open and honest. And she's very young after all, I'm sure as her career moves forward and she gets more used to media and press and such, her skills at public speaking etc. will get better. I'm sure if I were thrown into the Jay Leno Show I'd be completely incomprehensible, so comparing to that sort of an idea, she did very well. Mario, don't be jealous just because Robert Pattinson likes her better than you.

  60. 60

    I thought she looked FANTASTIC and gave a good interview. I think she is starting to get the hang of the whole press thing. Remember, the kid is 19.

  61. 61

    first interview that done see to uncomfortable… congrat KS….love perez!!!

  62. 62

    I like her. she's awkward as hell just like lots of people so what. she does not seem like she has malice towards others or that she's a douche she seems nice and sincere and the aforementioned awkward so what you are gonna hate her because of that. if you do you suck.

  63. 63

    i watched this last night and thought she was cute. seemed very genuine but at times her halting speech made it hard to focus on the conversation…you could tell she was nervous with all the squirming around and sentences that ended abruptly. but she was funny.

  64. Gabyt says – reply to this


    I think that was one of her best interviews EVER. She look good and the hanky panky game was so funny! I love her she is awesome!

  65. 65

    She looks really pretty when she smiles, she should do it more often.

  66. 66

    She did great. She looked great. She wins. You lose.

  67. 67

    You gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous girl!! Best interview ever. And there is more.. So love her. Such an inspiration and a role model. Kristen is REAL. Pure love

  68. 68

    Re: trinigirl123 – Totally, Shane, or Katherine Moenning is gorgeous aswell

  69. 69

    love her! she's gorgeous and talented.

    keep on keepin on.

  70. 70

    I think that she's real and isn't fake like other celebrities, and I think people can relate to how she is.

  71. 71

    Liked it, very much. And just one word about her acting: I don't know if any of you have read the twilight books (perez certainly hasn't), but if you watch her you feel like watching Bella - clumsy yet amiable, not being good in public speaking etc. I think she is perfect for that role!

  72. 72

    Wow, I actually kind of like her in this interview. She should look and talk like this all the time. I might actually like her.

  73. 73

    You need to stop hating. She did good. Smiled a lot, even made the audience laugh and wore a dress with heels that I want. She represents those of us who are shy and get nervous talking in front of a lot of people. Leave her alone and move on. RPatz does not want your dick or anything to do with you. Go cry it off and then look for someone your own age. And leave underaged girls and boys alone.

  74. 74

    I like the fact that she's real, and she doesn't fake anything like other celebrities. Sure she makes mistakes, but no one is perfect.

  75. 75

    This relentless hate for some vampire movie girl is so boring.
    she's boring , your boring, it's all boring.

  76. 76

    I'm sorry how can you not love her? I don't think she's the most amazing actress, but as a person, I think she's pretty legit and really normal. It's nice to see someone who's nervous and twitchy like me :)

  77. 77

    So tired of everyone repeating robotically that the Runaways were the first all-female rock band. Not true. They were preceded by several years by a band called Fanny who released several major label albums and played live.

  78. 78

    Why did you delete everything you said?

  79. 79

    Fuck me look at those legs. I just want to wrap them around me and sink right in.

  80. 80

    She was very likeable in this interview

  81. 81

    she's awkward but it's funny

  82. 82

    I like her awkwardness. It shows she's real

  83. 83

    AW I LOVE HER :D She is so down-to-earth and humble! What a genuinely nice girl, no fakeness!

  84. 84

    just shows how real she is and I like It on the other hand you show your realness everyday with your stoopid blog and your not so likeable in fact you suck as a person, look what you do for a living…you should even thank her for giving you a shout you fat ugly american and might I add cocksucking bastard? enough said.

  85. 85

    Her awkwardness in kinda charming.
    Not everyone in Hollywood has to be super arrogant and cocky.

  86. 86

    I enjoyed this interview. After the first Twilight film she was instantly ridiculed by the bloggers & even fans of the saga. I could see how her first impression to some was viewed very negative, but now she is (in my eyes) changing the public's opinion of her into a more positive one. I feel that she was very timid & stand-offish at first not wanting to become another casualty of young Hollywood. I have seen her transform into a young, pretty, (a little bit above) average intelligent girl. She is learning to present herself in a more sophiscated actor that will in turn become a well-respected member of the acting world. I'm proud of her. Keep it up Kirsten, you deserve to good press. Her adaptation of Bella is spot on. Ask Mrs. Meyer & she will tell you Kirsten portraying Bella exactly as she should. So please, stop voicing your terrible opinion on her acting. We all know you have a personal vendetta against anyone who is in close proximity to a man you find attractive. If Robert Pattinson preferred men, do you think you would have a problem with her? I think not. I want to like you Perez, but as I have said before, you make it so d*mn difficult.

  87. 87

    she seems genuine! I actually really like her

  88. 88

    I think she did a good job in this interview… she carried herself well. She is definitely getting better. Props to kristen

  89. 89

    Love love love Kristen Stewart she did great!!!! She is so original and hot…
    Team Kristen!!!!

  90. 90

    She is one of the most natural 'celebs' I have ever seen interviewed. Not one layer of facade about her. Is that what you hate so much, Perez? You who encourage gay teenagers and gay anyone to 'be themselves and announce it loud and proud!' this young actress does just that by simply not doing anything?? She just is. Plain and simple. And you, you demon from hell, can't fucking stand it!!

  91. 91

    Fuck you.

  92. 92

    I think she did really well in this interview if i'm honest. She was herself and real and made people laugh. She knows how to take a joke and go with the banter, unlike others. She also looked really nice in this! Can't wait for Eclispe or The Runaways! Kristen

  93. 93

    still my favourite!!… she's not fake.. she's real!..
    she's just not good at interviews!.. but who really is???? i know I hate them!

  94. 94

    I think this interview made me like her a lot more… a lot of times her awkwardness comes off as stand-off ish and aloof….like she doesn't care to be there. This really just showed how "real" she is; she has flaws and embraces them. Good for you, Kstew =)

  95. 95

    aww, I love how shes kind of awkward. that would definitely be me

  96. 96

    that wasn't THAT bad! I mean yeah she still talks like she has terrets or something but it was like I'm a crackhead who needs to take a hit! Plus she looked VERY VERY pretty. I'm glad to see her hair is growing back and is a softer color because that shit she was rocking before was fucking ugly/wrong.

    6/10 not bad considering i usually think she's a straight 0.

  97. 97

    I hear a tinge of Rob's accent in her voice… :D

  98. lolli says – reply to this



  99. 99

    So I see comments of people bashing you Perez , for being mean to Kstew, but I don't see you bashing Kstew…So I assuming you figure out how much a douche you are and deleted what ever you said about her…

  100. 100

    I think this is the first TV interview that she actually finishes her sentences haha.

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